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Yesmovies is one of the most popular websites on the internet where a large number of people visit to watch a variety of video contents such as movies of various languages, web shows, TV shows, and a lot more. The best part about the website is that all the content that is available here on this website is free, and absolutely no cost is charged from the users for watching them. A person can watch the video content by downloading the movie or whatever content that he or she wishes to see. 

Another thing that people can do is stream the complete movie of any language or any kind of show on this website. The website has also got an application. Due to providing free video content, the people who produce movies or are involved in the making of movies keep looking for such websites so that they can take them down. Some time ago, the website completely got off the web because the website is based on the protocol of torrent to stream movies. This itself is quite ingenious but the sad part is that it also attracts the attention of people who are involved in the movie industry. 

There are multiple reasons for the growing popularity of websites such as Yesmovies. Although there is a wide range of options which provide the user a chance to watch video content. Some of the most popular video streaming applicators are Hotstar, Amazon Prime Netflix, Video, etc. The problem with all of these alternatives is that there is some kind of restriction. For example, on the popular video streaming apps such as Hotstar, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, etc. there is a huge directory of movies in various languages. There is also the alternative to go to the movie theatre to watch a particular movie, but there are also restrictions there. (2023): Top 12+ Best Alternatives Websites


A large group of people doesn’t have the money to buy a ticket and watch a movie in the theatre while there is also a group of people who have got the money, but don’t have enough time to go to the movie theatre and watch a particular movie in just one go. It’s more convenient for them to download the movie on their device and watch it in bits and parts, whenever they find the time. The website, such as Yesmovies provides these people the chance to do download their favourite movies and watch them in their leisure time. The users don’t have to even register on websites such as Yesmovies, which is another added advantage for the users as it saves time. 

What is Yesmovies? 

As mentioned earlier, Yesmovies is among the most famous online websites which is used by the people to download various kinds of video content such as movies in different languages such as Hindi, English, Telugu, Tamil, Punjabi and a lot more. Movies of various genres such as romantic, horror, thriller, comedy, suspense are available on the website. In addition to movies, various other kinds of video content such as web series, tv series, award shows are also available on these websites. There is also an app for the website. It is used to stream online videos. This app is also completely free to use just like the website. The movies are ordered in various categories on the app. 

Due to this reason, it becomes very easy to search for your favourite movies and other video contents as well on the app. One major point that you need to keep in mind during using the website or the app is that the video available on the website and the app are of standard quality. This works in both good and bad ways for the user. The user cannot get to see Hight Definition quality videos, but on the other hand, the standard video quality will also save a lot of data in your data plan as standard quality videos consume very less amount of data. 

The application of Yesmovies is completely in English and the catalog of the site is also completely in English. One of the major disadvantages of the website is that it doesn’t have movies in the Spanish language. One of the important points to keep in mind is that bandwidth consumption. Apps such as these consume a huge bandwidth. 

Features of Yesmovies

Before you start using the Yesmovies website is also available as an app, there are certain features of these which you should be well aware of. There are some unique features of the website as well as the app of Yesmovies which will be loved by all the users. So, here we will tell you about some of the most salient features of the website as well as the app for you to know.

  1. The website of Yesmovies can be used to watch your favourite movies as well as web and tv series online. 
  2. If someone is living in a place where there isn’t free wifi, then they have got the option to download the complete video at once and then watch it peacefully without the need for the internet. 
  3. All the latest versions of the app, as well as the website, come with major bug fixes to make sure that the website as well the app doesn’t crash when you use it for a long period.
  4. On the app, some super-fast servers have been provided so that the user can stream the content of his or her choice online without facing any kind of lag. 
  5. One of the most salient features of the website is that the user interface of the website is really clean as well as simple to use and can be easily understood by the users.
  6. The apk size of the app of Yesmovies is comparatively very light and does not consume a lot of storage of CPU.

How to download movies from Yesmovies? 

A person doesn’t have to make any kind of payment to download a particular movie. All the content that is available on this website is completely free of cost. The user has to follow the steps given below to download their favourite movies as well as other video content. 

  1. Open the website of Yesmovies. After opening the website you need to search for your favourite movies by writing its name in the search bar of the website. 
  2. Once the search is complete, you need to click on the link provided to download your favourite movie. 
  3. Once you have completed the above two steps, there will come 5 – 6 links, using any one of which you can download your favourite movies. 
  4. You can switch between the links if some of them don’t work for you. 

Categories of movies in Yesmovies 

There is a wide range of categories of movies available on the Yesmovies website. The similar kind of movies is categorised together so that the user 5 can find them conveniently and doesn’t face any issue regarding that. Some of them are mentioned here:

  1. Hindi dubbed movies download 
  2. Tamil HD movies download 
  3. Old Bollywood movies download
  4. Hollywood movies download 
  5. South Indian Hindi dubbed movies download 
  6. Punjabi movies download 

Best Alternatives of Yesmovies

There are multiple alternatives to the Yesmovies website available on the internet which are legal as well as popular too. As we have warned you earlier that websites such as Yesmovies are completely illegal and hence when you download something from this website there are multiple kinds of risk associated with it. Apart from the risk, you would be promoting piracy of content, which itself is an offense. This is because websites such as Yesmovies are an illegal way to download and watch movies and another form of digital content such as TV series and web series and various kinds of award shows. 

There are many alternatives available to websites such as Yesmovies, which are legal and don’t promote piracy in any form. Moreover, with these legal alternatives your phone or whatever device you’re using will remain safe too, as there isn’t any chance of getting some malware or virus from these legal websites. These legal alternatives will provide you with all the content that you can get on websites such as Yesmovies. They too provide the chance to download as well as stream online, movies of various languages as well as another form of video content such as tv series, web series, award shows, etc. 

One thing that needs to be mentioned here is that, although there are a large number of alternatives to websites such as Yesmovies, the number of alternatives that have a clean as well as user-friendly interface are only a few. So, here we will tell you about some of the alternatives of Yesmovies which are legal as well as host a wide range of content including movies in various languages, tv-series, week series, award shows, etc.

1. FMovies


If you are a fan of dark colours and dark themes then this might be the perfect website for you to check. There are multiple handy features of the website. Using one of these 5 features you can darken everything on the website except the media player. Due to this feature of FMovies, this website becomes very easy on the eyes of the viewers. The media player can be controlled very easily be just memorising a fee keyboard shortcuts. In addition to all this, there are multiple streaming options provided for the majority of the movies as well as the TV shows. 

2. IOMovies

The look of the IOMovies website is very interesting. The website looks like some paid video streaming website. It has got such a clean as well as a helpful interface. The looks might be of a paid video streaming website, but this website is free. Right from the movie recommendation section to the built-in comment section and the optimized media player, you will get the feel of a paid video streaming website. 

3. Housemovie

You can watch unlimited video content on this website for free. There are links to content which has been submitted by the users. The website is supported entirely by the revenue generated through ads. If you wish that such a website survives a longer period then there’s one thing that you can do. You can disable the ad blocker on your phone because that’s there the only source of income. 

4. Rainierland

This is one of the most famous video streaming websites amongst users. A person who uses this website will seldom go to any other website to watch any kind of video content. There are multiple benefits of using this website. It has got a very simple layout, super-fast servers as well as a search functionality which is hugely relied upon by the users. There is also a sister site of this website known as It is recommended to check out both these websites. 

5. The Internet Archive

Internet Archive

This is another great legal alternative to Yesmovies. This website is a non-profit digital library. Users can get free access to collections of various kinds of video contents such as movies of different languages, tv series, web series, etc. Currently, there are near about 5 million videos on this website. This list includes every kind of video content including animation, classic TV as well as the government created educational movies. 

6. Putlockers


You will find many websites that will tell you that they are the original Putlockers. These websites have got more or less the same content. The only thing in which they differ is the look of the website. The website we will recommend you is the one which is the latest and modern Putlocker. This makes sure that the website runs great on smartphones, as well as other devices. 

7. Primewire


This is one of the most recommended online sites ever. This website has been around for quite a long period. This is one of the prime reasons for the popularity of the website amongst 5 users. The website has developed a few issues in recent times. Despite this, what’s matters is the content that this website holds. The website holds one of the largest directories of movies as well as TV shows of various languages. 

8. Moviewatcher


This website is more like your personalised movie theatre at home. This movie theatre is situated right in your web browser. The only difference that this website has from a real movie theatre is that the content available here is for free. All the movies which are available on this website are available in High Definition quality. The high definition movies will look pretty good, even when you watch them on the big screen.

9. CMovies

This is another good alternative of Yesmovies just like Fmovies. If one of the sites is not working then the other one is working. This website is one of those websites which are r rich in user-friendly features. You can easily filter out movies and search for your favorite movie. There is also a category of the top-rated IMDB movies here. You can look for some of the best movies out there using this category of CMovies. 

10. Khatrimaza


This is one of the most popular movie sites on the internet where viewers get to access a large number of movies, web series, documentaries, short films, TV shows, etc. The best part about the Khatrimaza site is that people can avail all services for free, without having to spend a single penny. The site’s collection of contents is diversified and rich and contains some unique films that are rare to find anywhere else. You can either stream or download the videos in your preferred format. The site is sure to never disappoint its users. If you are looking for a great movie site that will offer you a good movie watching experience, this is the one. 

11. DVDplay


DVD play is the best site for those who don’t have to money to subscribe to the legal movie streaming and downloading sites and apps like Amazon Prime, Netflix, etc. Dvdplay is a pirated website that leaks pirated content without having proper permissions. The site hosts hundreds of Hollywood, Bollywood, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Gujarati, Malayalam movies in various formats. Dubbed versions of original films are often found here. All the services are available for free. The site’s contents cover a wide genre of movies like horror, crime, science fiction, romance, thriller, etc. Viewers don’t have to create an account on this site or register themselves. 

12. Madrasrockers


Madrasrockers is one such online movie streaming site that is used by hundreds of people for watching and downloading movies. They are sure to get their desired movies here. The site offers an amazing and diversified collection of movies. Not only are movies available on this site, but also are web series, documentaries, short films, etc. Movies of various genres like comedy, thriller, romantic, crime, etc. are found here. Besides streaming content, you can also download them in any format of your choice for free. Viewers don’t have to create an account or register themselves for accessing its services. The site provides good audio quality and downloading speed. 


1. What is Yesmovies? 

Yesmovies is one is the most popular websites for downloading movies of various languages as well as genres and other video content for free. Although, the website has been deemed as illegal by the authorities but is still very popular amongst people. 

No, the website of Yesmovies is not legal. This is because of the reason that the website hosts pirated copies of the latest movies so that people can download them for free.

3. How does Yesmovies work? 

The thing that Yesmovies does is incorporating popular movies that are across the web to to watch videos of legal platforms such as Hotstar, Netflix,  Amazon Prime Video, etc. without hosting any of them.

4. Is using Yesmovies safe? 

No, using the website of Yesmovies is not safe. There’s always a chance that you will get some kind of malware or virus on your device. 

5. What happened to Yesmovies? 

It has been taken down by based on its illegal nature. 

6. What kind of movies will you get in YesMovies?

Many different kinds of movies are available for streaming and downloading in YesMovies. There is an extensive collection of movies from Hindi, English, Telugu, Tamil as well as Punjabi languages; ranging from a variety of genres like comedy, action, Sci-Fi, animation, drama, romance, documentary, kids, historical, adventure, thriller to musical. 

7. Do you get HD movies in YesMovies?

Yes, all the latest movies in HD quality is available for downloading in YesMovies. No matter what the language or genre is, YesMovies has the video is the best quality. Movies of other quality like 1080p, 720p or 420p are also available for users to download. 

8. Is YesMovies Free?

Yes. All the content that is available for downloading from YesMovies is free. This due to the fact that almost all the movies that are available for downloading from YesMovies are pirated, making it illegal. Users do not have to pay a single dime to use access and use the website of YesMovies. 

9. What should precautionary measures be taken before using YesMovies? 

Downloading an ad-blocker as well as a VPN should be downloaded before opening YesMovies to protect privacy. The VPN will block the IP address so that the government cannot track the device whilst the ad-blocker will prevent unwanted advertisements from flooding the screen. 


Piracy on any kind of content is a punishable offense and we must not support any kind of piracy as it lays waste to the hard work done by a lot of artists for several days. Due to this reason, we must boycott all such sites, including Yesmovies which promote piracy of content. In addition to this, this kind of website is also a danger to your device as there’s always a chance that your device might get malware or virus. 

Lastly, we will like to say that, the final decision regarding whether to use the website or not completely rests on your intellect. These kinds of websites definitely provide free content and that lures a large number of people into using these sites but one should always consider the hard work that has been put into creating these contents which is available on these kinds of sites for free.

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