Following the triumph of Thetan Arena, Wolffun Game’s CEO, Mr. Nguyen Dinh Khanh, revealed a fresh venture named Thetan World. This initiative focuses on a Web3 gaming platform striving to become a key figure in the GameFi sector through inventive approaches and industry advancement.

In 2021, Wolffun Game launched Thetan Arena, causing a significant impact on the Game-Fi industry. Within its initial week, the game attracted a staggering 2 million daily players, setting a remarkable record. Presently, Thetan Arena boasts a player base of 35 million users.

Mr. Nguyen Dinh Khanh, CEO of Wolffun Game, shared a video on X (Twitter) and official channels, unveiling a new project called Thetan World. He mentioned:“Thetan World outlines a 5-year long-term vision. For the past 2 years, Wolffun Game has worked hard to bring positive solutions to both Thetan Arena and the Game-Fi industry as a whole.”

Wolffun Game aims to transform traditional games copy

Thetan World is a cool new gaming platform that wants to fix some big problems in online gaming. They’re tackling issues like prices going up too fast, not having enough fun games to play, and making it easier for players to have fun. With Thetan World, players can buy special digital items called NFTs that let them earn rewards by playing different games.

One of the things Thetan World is doing is trying to keep prices stable, so things don’t get too expensive too quickly. They’re also working on bringing in lots of fun games for players to enjoy, either by making their own games or teaming up with other game makers. And they’re making sure the platform is easy to use, so players can jump right in and have a good time. Plus, with the play-to-earn feature and NFTs, players can earn rewards just by playing their favorite games, which adds a whole new level of fun and excitement to the gaming experience.

Thetan World’s actions to fight rising prices catch the attention of the GameFi group. Mr. Khanh said:“We have the Inflation Control Center. The main task of this is to coordinate inflation in real-time.” Additionally, Thetan World plans to offer users various tools for content creation and value generation. The project aims to establish fairness, diversity, and a stronger economy.

Thetan World helps diversify the Game-Fi world by integrating its SDK feature. This feature is highly awaited. Mr. Khanh said, “Creating a web3 game is challenging. With nearly 10-years experience making traditional games, we understand this very well”. Thetan World’s solution lets web2 developers join Game-Fi quickly and affordably. 

They can also use their current game resources.

Thetan World made it easier to do transactions and link stuff. Now, users just need one account for everything. They can use it for all Thetan World services, switch between games, and pick NFTs for their favorite game.

In a recent video, the CEO of Wolffun said that Thetan Chain will launch soon. It will give many benefits, like better security and lower costs.

Wolffun Game aims to transform traditional games copy

This project pledges to introduce Game-Fi with lots of new ideas that have been tested and got lots of attention.

The upcoming release of the project also keeps the promise to supporters of Thetan Arena. “In Thetan World, we will continue the story of the nearly 30 characters from Thetan Arena, expanding it with more intriguing stories in multiple worlds. Plus, this will surround THG, the major token in Thetan World,” the CEO mentioned.

As a result, there’s expected growth for Thetan World’s NFT in the future. While not confirmed, some sources suggest Thetan World might start pre-registration and sell its first NFT batch by the end of April this year.

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