Waptrick (2020): Top 8+ Best Alternatives & Similar Websites For WapTrick

Get Lost In A World Of Games, Videos, Songs, And Animation

Have you been itching to spend time by keeping yourself entertained? Are you tired of making your way to malls and parks to keep yourself busy? Are you in the middle of a business meeting all bored? Then the chances are that you are looking forward to a small escape to a world of videos, games, and more of unadulterated fun. Delve into a hub of online games, popular videos, trending music, and mobile applications at a phone’s click. Finding an online platform that encourages people to find ways to keep themselves busy is rare.

Sometimes one would like to indulge in a mindless activity by playing mobile games. You can also visit a website to play similar games where you can either connect with multiple players, or you can play a round of the game just by yourself. In our times when almost every being has a mobile game installed on their mobile phones, it is not necessarily a bad thing to play an online game. It saves one space on their mobile phones, thereby allowing them to keep more of the phone memory empty for other applications and important things. 

Waptrick (2020): Top 4 Best Alternatives & Similar Websites of waptrick


In today’s times, people also enjoy watching viral videos and forwarding them to their loved ones over an instant messaging service. One will also need platforms from where they can procure videos which are in a downloadable format. On the same note, one should be allowed to enjoy watching the videos online as well. 

When it comes to applications on one’s mobile phones, most people depend on their local app store where they can either download an application for free or buy a particular application. However, not all applications are available on these app stores. In this case, some other websites need to step in where they provide you with apk files of applications which either require a purchase or are off-limits for some people due to their geographic location.  

If you are looking for music for offline storage, certain websites allow you to download an mp3 version of a song so that you can keep it in your songs playlist. This gives them the liberty to access these mp3 formats of the songs when they are out of data, outside the limits of a stable internet connection, or want to access their own customized playlist.

Waptrick has been designed to combine all these features together and present to people a one of a kind website that allows the users free access to its gallery and playlists. It is one of the websites that is used through and through to download content that does not need any purchases to be made. Waptrick sends people notifications when there is a new application or song up on their website so that people may never have to miss out on new content. Waptrick has been growing day by day and has become one of the most accessed websites for people who are looking for unique content on the Internet. 

This article deals with the Waptrick website, which gives people the opportunity to download interesting content and amuse their friends and family.

What Is The Waptrick Website All About?

The Waptrick website is a platform where one can find free games, video content, applications for mobile and tablets, and songs in mp3 downloadable formats for you to consume on the go. This is truly one of the best websites that have been developed in recent times. Waptrick is not only popular among youngsters but also very helpful as it acts as a third party website that sources out interesting videos and songs for people. It is indeed a website that is used very frequently by one and all.  

The reason behind the frequent usage of Waptrick is that it provides free access to all people irrespective of where they belong and what their financial position may be. This is because Waptrick does not charge any money for downloads. People can use their mobile data to download mobile applications on their mobile phones without any hesitation. Regular visitors on Waptrick can receive notifications from the website so that they can keep themselves updated on what is being uploaded on the website from time to time. Waptrick has been growing ever since its inception and has been successful in reaching out to people who love to stay connected with the entertainment world. Waptrick is undoubtedly one of the best websites for free entertaining content for all age groups.

Website Features Of Waptrick

If people think that they have enough idea of what Waptrick is like in reality, then they are mistaken as Waptrick serves for a brilliant website which has an outstanding user interface. The user interface is smooth enough for people to navigate through it without much of a problem. Furthermore, people do not have to go through a painful tutorial to understand how the web page interface works like. It is easy for people to locate all the options and find what they are looking for. 

One will be surprised to discover all the interesting features that this website named Waptrick packs for all its users. Some of the features of Waptrick have been mentioned below.

  • Waptrick serves as an instant messaging service where users can interact with one another. People who are using this platform can get to know each other via a messaging facility incorporated in the interface of this particular web page. Thus, apart from being a platform that provides free videos and music to people, it also functions as a full-time social networking site. People who wish to engage with other Waptrick users do not even have to make an account to login to the portal. They can easily access the website from their web browser, and that will be enough. It works as free to use the website for one and all. 
  • Waptrick provides a free online playlist where you can play the songs online instead of downloading them to your device. You can create playlists on the Waptrick interface and access it time and again. You can pause, play, select songs according to your wish. Thus, this saves your phone memory of the immense amount of space that music files take up.
  • If you like to hoard themes for your mobile phones, look nowhere else as Waptrick serves the purpose well enough. It is normal for one to get bored with the themes that are present in the mobile phone already. Download stylish and cool themes for devices from Waptrick so that you can flaunt them to your friends as soon as possible. Users can also find live wallpapers on this website. Live wallpapers make all mobile phone home pages look super cool and interesting.
  • Waptrick is the place you will also come across pictures of all moods. Waptrick functions like a mini Google Images where photos are categorized according to their tags. You can use the photos available on this website to send them to your loved ones. Furthermore, people do not even have to download all the photos that are available on Waptrick to their device. They can use the online photo gallery to store images and access them whenever they wish to. The Waptrick user interface also has a Photo Viewer incorporated into the interface so that one can browse from one photo to another without much effort.
  • Waptrick is the place one will find amazing games that one can play for hours and hours. You can either download them on to your mobile phones, or you can play them online according to your wish. The games available on Waptrick are of various themes. You can use a single-player mode or a multi-player mode depending on how much you want to engage with people.
  • If you are looking for a place to download movies from, Waptrick solves this problem for everyone too. Starting from full-length movies to small video clips, Waptrick stores every kind of video that can keep people interested. You can choose your video according to the watch time length, file size, and purpose. Films have a separate category where there are Hollywood, Bollywood, and regional movies available for downloading purposes and watching online as well.
  • It is not always possible to find the mobile application that you are looking for on your Google Play account. This is so as many mobile applications tend to be paid or subject to availability according to country. You can download mobile applications despite all these barriers. 
  • Some people like to keep their sound effects interesting by downloading unique sounds from the Internet. However, it is difficult to find a credible source. Waptrick makes sure that people can find fun sound clips, sound effects, and a free sound FX library to take things a notch further.

Waptrick makes all the features accessible to one and all without any further charges implied.

How To Download Photos, Videos, And Sounds From Waptrick

As discussed earlier, Waptrick has an extensive gallery of great videos and sounds for all kinds of people. It can entertain various people no matter what their tastes may be. However, in order to guide people through the download process, let us take a look at these few steps.

  • Before you proceed towards the download step, make sure that you have a stable internet connection along with a trustworthy and functional web browser on your computer system.
  • In the address bar, type the web address of Waptrick that is http://waptrick.com/en. You can click on Go. The home page of Waptrick loads on the web browser.
  • Scrolling down the home page, you will find various categories exhibited on the home page itself. They are listed one after the other, starting from Waptrick Games, Waptrick Music Mp3, to Waptrick Horoscope. Select which category you wish to explore further.
  • You can look for the content you wish to download once you enter the category on the website. On clicking the link attached to the option, it takes you to a download page.
  • The download page gives you an option to download the file on Waptrick. You can click this Download button to make sure that the download starts immediately in the background.

Waptrick does not require any intelligent software or smart moves to let you download stuff. You can simply access the website without any need to create an account. Explore Waptrick further to find what you like.

Categories On Waptrick

By now, you should know that the categories on Waptrick are extensive. One will find almost anything and everything that they wish to find on a download website. Waptrick serves the purpose of multiple people by providing them with innumerable options. Let us look at the categories present on Waptrick to head towards it before you blindly search for them on the Internet.

The categories on Waptrick are as follows:

  • Waptrick Updates 
  • Waptrick Games
  • Waptrick Music Mp3
  • Waptrick Videos
  • Waptrick Applications
  • Waptrick Photos & Pictures
  • Waptrick Themes
  • Waptrick Live Wallpaper
  • Waptrick E-Books
  • Waptrick Animations
  • Waptrick Sound Effects
  • Waptrick Photo Gallery
  • Dropant Online Games
  • Song Lyrics
  • Horoscope

The categories on Waptrick are further subdivided into sub-categories.  One will find more than one sort of animation like Funny Animation, Cute Animation, Sports Animation, Nature Animation, etc. At the same time, you will also find different types of Sound Effects such as 3D sound effects, Animal sound effects, Ringing sound effects, etc. In the case of Applications, one can find sub-categories like Antivirus or Security Application, Tools and Gadgets Application, Phone or SMS applications, Miscellaneous Applications, etc. Browse and choose your type of Games from the various subheadings. However, Music does not have any subheadings as one can search for what music they are looking for an download them accordingly. A Search bar is available for the download of music present on the music gallery of the Waptrick website.

Alternatives To Waptrick

In today’s times, when one can find a number of sources on the Internet to flatter themselves with, it is not impossible to find an alternate solution to a website like Waptrick. However, it may be difficult to locate all of them under the same website, but the quality website is abundant, which can be used as alternatives to Waptrick efficiently. Some of the alternative websites are:

1. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is probably the most popular website for various video and audio content online. The Pirate Bay is a speedy website that loads and downloads within the nick of time. It allows high-resolution videos and audio files that are free to download. You need accompanying downloading software for Torrent files, but once you have it installed, it is a smooth sail there onwards. 

2. Mp3Skull

Mp3Skull is one of the most used websites for the download of music files. You can choose to download the various music files present on the website in various file formats. There are multiple options for bit rates as well. Choose according to your requirements, and enjoy the music of great quality.

3. Google Play Store

Google Play Store is the hub for various movies, applications, e-books, comics, and music. Google Play Store comes automatically with every Android mobile phone as a part of the Android user interface. You can choose to download a lot of the content for free from this website. There are some paid options as well. This mostly pertains to movies and e-Books on the Google Play Store. You can browse through various listings on the Google Play Store to find out what is good or not. This platform provides awards to certain applications on it. Furthermore, to make things easy, most of the content on the Google Play Store comes with reviews so that people can make the right decision.

4. Tubidy.Mobi

This website called Tubidy.Mobi lets people download not only music files but video clips and audio files as well. It is a great alternative to Tubidy.Mobi, so that you can download what interests you for free.

5. Gratisindo.com

In today’s busy world, people try to get relief from their stressful life by indulging in playing games, watching videos and films. This site allows you to immerse yourself into a hub of online videos, games, trending music and whatnot at your phone’s click. This is one such rare site that enables people to Refresh their mood in their busy schedules. You can play alone on this site or Interact with other players and form squads. Playing online games refreshes your mood simultaneously keeping your phone’s storage free as you have to play online, without having to download the game. Needless to say, all these services can be availed for free. 

6. Redwap.com

It is one such website that people have been using intensively for their entertainment without having to make any type of payment. This site’s mechanism is quite good. Every time a new song or video is uploaded, people are sent notifications on their devices, so that they never miss out on their favourite contents. Thus, site has been evolving into a better one, providing a better collection of contents and has been attracting millions of traffic every year. This site, in short, allows people to play games and interact with other users, stream and download music and videos for free. 

7. ketomob.com

This site is a platform where users can access free videos, games, applications for phones and tablets and mp3 music that can be downloaded for free. One of the best sites that have been developed, this site also outsources the latest, trending music and videos for people. The reason why it’s used by one and all is that it allows everyone to access it for free. What more do people need than entertaining themselves without having to pay a price? Regular users of this site reduce notifications that keep themselves updated about the newly uploaded contents. 

8. Wapkid.com

This site is a brilliant website having an amazing user interface. The interface is user friendly, allowing people to navigate through the site easily, without facing many issues. Also, people don’t have to follow the tutorial pages to know how this site works. People can roughly find all online games and trending music and videos on this site. People who intend to avail of services from this site don’t have to log in or register themselves. Additionally, this site provides users with a free online playlist where they can play songs without having to download them. You can customize and create your playlist too. 


  • Is Waptrick For Free?

Yes, Waptrick is a free website where you do not have to pay for what you download.

  • Can We Use Waptrick On Our Mobile Phones?

Yes, you can use Waptrick on your mobile phones. Waptrick is accessible from all devices and platforms.

  • Is Waptrick User-Friendly?

Yes, Waptrick is user-friendly as it has a smooth user interface and neat categories present on the home page.


Given the Waptrick makes content available on the website for free, you might realize that most of the videos and animations present on this platform are pirated. This means they have been sourced from another website or a parent website. Make sure to check the legal issues of using this website in your country before it’s too late. However, Waptrick tries its best to make sure activity on its platform is made secure, so users do not have to face any harassment.