Tamilrockers (2023): Top 27+ Best Alternatives & Similar Sites TamilRockers

With the changing time, everything is changing very swiftly. One of the major reasons behind this change is the need of the people of the world. Once upon a time, there was a situation where people failed to watch their favourite movies due to the lack of time and if they have missed any of the movies, then they couldn’t watch that movie again. But, in today’s world, the scenario has been changed and people can watch their favourite movies by downloading it from different websites present on the internet. 

One of those websites which helps a user in downloading their favourite movie is Tamilrockers. This is one of the frequently visited websites which was developed in 2011 by unknown developers. This website is used by the users to download their favourite movies and other favourite videos which are trending in the society. Millions of users are there on this website and the main reason behind a large number of users is its free service which is given by this website to its users.

Tamilrockers (2023): Top 27+ Best Alternatives Sites with FAQs Regarding TamilRockers


What is Tamilrockers?

Tamilrockers is a movie downloading website that is used by users from different parts of the world. This website was formed in 2011 and initially, it was dealing in the Malayalam movie but later it started dealing in Bollywood, Hollywood, and other movies in different languages. This website is under surveillance by the legal authorities and cyber cell that’s why it is unsafe to use this website for a longer period.  Tamilrockers website has become a platform where users get all the latest and new Malayalam, Punjabi, Bollywood and Hollywood movies in HD quality.  

Instead of movies Tamilrockers website also offers web series, TV shows, desi drama and documentaries for illegal download. One of the most important things about this website which should be known to all the users is that this website is illegal and those who will be aught using this website can be punished by the legal authorities for using an illegal website. Despite severe action taken by the Indian government, this website continues to operate with impunity. 

The reason behind its smooth run is that the website keeps changing its domain name extension which can be accessed via proxy sites that lead users to the website. In the year 2018, three suspected were arrested in charge of operating this illegal website. In 2019, more members of this website were arrested from Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. Users must be vigilant and careful if they are using this website.

How does it work?

This website is designed in a way so that it can work smoothly and without any problem. People who are having the least knowledge about computers and the internet can also work on this website and download their favourite movies and videos. The best part of this website is that’s one can download movies from here in different HD resolutions, which is 720p and 1080p. there was a time when the website was only uploading movies from Malayalam, but now movies from Bollywood and Hollywood are also available here. One can also look for different videos, web series, tv serials, comedy shows and other important videos from this website. Apart from all these things about Tamilrockers, one thing should be known to all the users that this website is completely illegal and the Indian government has already banned this website. But still, this website is running with impunity.

Tamilrockers domain and server details

One should Keep in mind the dangers of torrent websites before using that website for downloading movies. If you are going to visit the Tamilrockers website, then you should know that you can be checked by the legal authorities and also you can be caught at any point in time by the legal authorities. You should know that the website can leak your personal information from your mobile or PC while you are using that website. The website earns money via advertisements. A large number of tutorials are available on youtube which demonstrates us about how we can proceed downloading from any of the torrent websites. 

One of the easiest options to use this website in India is VPN technology, which helps you to bypass the country restrictions. These websites usually spend much money on the domain so that it can reach a large number of people and they can use it to download their favourite movies and videos.

Tamilrockers app

If you are going to use this website for downloading movies, then you should know that the app of this website is also available with the help of which one can download their favourite movies and stream videos live. One should be highly vigilant before downloading the app of this website because there are threats and risks of downloading. One can be questioned and punished by the legal authorities for using this website for downloading movies and any other videos.

Important information about Tamilrockers

If we talk about the features of Tamilrockers, then this app has many features and after using it, you will see the difference. There is a difference between the website & app of Tamilrockers. The download speed of the app is faster than the website. The app is comfortable to use because it doesn’t carry any kind of pop-up ads. It’s more comfortable than the website it is recommended to use the Tamilrockers app. The app of this website has been already downloaded by numerous users and the reason behind it is that it is easy to access and provide a Tamil movie download link on your single click. 

Tamilrockers app is available for Android and iOS, Smart TV and PC, so you can enjoy it on the favourite medium. Before you use the Tamilrockers app, you need to make sure that you are using Wifi as it consumes a lot of data. Other serious problems are also thereof using the app of this website like you can suffer from the problem of slow performance of your phone and in some cases, the processor of the phone got slow.

Why it is not safe to download movies from Tamilrockers?

Downloading movies from this website is completely unsafe because the website is banned by the Indian government. The website is illegal also because of the contents they are uploading for download is of copyright issue. These websites are leaking movies of Bollywood and Hollywood before their release of just a few days after their release which affects their earning. These websites are illegal also because the users will be punished by the law if they are caught using this website, anyhow. That’s why one should not use this website for downloading movies or streaming videos live because it is spoiling the career of those who are indulged in movie making. If we consider all these points solemnly, then this website will seem to be illegal and a sensible user will stop using this website immediately.  

Why Tamilrockers is famous amongst the users?

Tamilrockers is famous among the users just because of its features. People visit this website in large numbers so that they can get their favourite movies for download. Millions of users and visitors are there on this website. One can download movies, videos, documentaries, dramas, tv serials, web series, etc. for free here. This website doesn’t require any account or sign up process to download movies. In just one click users can get their desired movies in their preferred format of 720p or 1080p. 

A large variety of movies are available here on this website from South India. But now one can get movies from Bollywood, Hollywood and other Indian movies here. Movies in different languages are also available here like Kannada, Malayalam, Telugu, Tamil, Panjabi, English, etc. this website is known to all because it leaks newly released movies to its users in free. This illegal website was banned by the Indian government and some of its members were also arrested but recently it has been unleashed once again. 

The admin of this website was arrested from Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. People who are looking for the movies which they have missed by mistake or in the lack of time, those movies can be downloaded by them with the use of this website and that will be free. All these things are there about this website which makes it famous among the users and perhaps this is the reason why millions of users are there on this website.

Best Alternatives for Tamilrockers

A lot of alternatives are available for this website. One can get rid of using this illegal website and select any of the following legal websites for downloading and streaming videos live. They are,

1. Amazon Prime Videos

Amazon Prime Videos

There are many alternatives to Tamilrockers, where Amazon Prime Videos is prominent. This is one of the most visited websites with excellent features that can be accessed by any of the users easily and conveniently. Just take the prime membership and go for any of your favourite movie or video. Instead of using Tamilrockers, visit this website for desired results.

2. Netflix


The best substitute for Tamil rockers can be Netflix. Netflix is one of the top-rated websites where one can watch some of the most popular web series for free if they have an account on Netflix. This website can be accessed by any of the users and remain safe. Netflix is used by almost everybody in India for the live streaming of videos without having any break. This website is undisputed in the market and famous web series are available here for fun and entertainment.

3. HDO

One of the best choices and websites for Hollywood movies. HDO is a website that is the first choice for movie lovers and users. You can search this website to watch all-time famous Hollywood movies. Besides being legal, the website allows users to watch and download movies in the best quality. Using Tamilrockers can be risky and why to take the risk if you have the option in the form of HDO.

4. LookMovie


Why going for other illegal websites if you have a better option in the form of LookMovie. This website is legal where one can watch movies and stream videos. One of the striking features of this website is that it allows the user to download any of the movies and in different formats. Use this website as a substitute for Tamilrockers. No need to worry because if you are selecting this website, then you watch and download your favourite movies and web series.

5. YesMovies


YesMovies is a movie downloading website and streaming service where users can watch online videos, web series and movies. Movies and web series on this website will be absolutely HD. The website facilitates the users to download movies from Bollywood and Hollywood both. One can also watch old and new tv shows here. Use this website as a unique substitute in place of Tamilrockers.

6. Hotstar


This website is famous because of its mobile application which consists of all things. Hotstar is one of the top-rated streaming service owned by the Novi Digital Entertainment service. This is a subsidiary of star India. One can watch live streaming here in different languages like Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Marathi, etc. The headquarters are located in Mumbai, Maharashtra. This website is used mostly for watching cricket matches.

7. Sony Liv

People who are fond of comedy shows and tv serials can use this website. Sony Liv is a trending website that can be the best alternative to the Tamilrockers. One can use this website to download movies and tv serials. Almost all of the famous tv serials and dramas are available on this website. Almost all the Indian tv serials are available here and segregated in episodes. There is no need to go for any other illegal website if this website is available.

8. Mx Player

If you are using an android phone, then you are not required to download the Tamilrockers application. One can download the application of Mx Player and can enjoy the same features which they were enjoying on Tamilrockers. This website is mostly used by those who are using mobile phones mostly. People who are using mobile phones prominently can use this website for the best results.

9. PopCornFlix


PopCornFlix is a website to watch and download movies online free. It contains many old and latest released movies or various genres like action, drama, horror, thriller, comedy, romance, mystery, documentaries, etc. You can stream the films and videos without even logging in to the site. You can also watch TV shows without incurring any expenses for its subscription. It is effortless to use the site PopCornFlix. The menu of the site is hidden away to the top of its screen to make a more prominent place for finding and streaming movies. You get to see the movie list within its genre, without any option of sorting them.

10. MovieNinja


MovieNinja is a site free of advertisements and streaming movies without even signing up for the site. The site offers an excellent viewing experience to its users for watching TV Shows and HD Movies free of cost. Movie Ninja presents the most popular movies all over the world, and you’re able to enjoy the film without sharing your details on your credit card and any pop-ups. MovieNinja has effective options on filters for the attest Hollywood releases and timeless classics. You also get to see the essential attributes of different movie suggestions.

11. Moviepublish

You can get all kinds of movies that are released in the Bollywood industry on MoviePlush. Apart from that, it caters to the audience who like to watch and enjoy movies in their regional language. The unique feature of this website that it allows you to look out and download dubbed movies as well. In case you wanted to watch a Hollywood film, but you do not understand their accent, you can just watch its dubbed version. In case you cannot get your movie, then you can even make a request on the website. This is what makes MoviePublish different from other websites. All you need to do is to give out your email id, and when your favorite movie is uploaded, you will be notified.

12. Popcorn Time

The last but not the least alternative site that you all can go for is Popcorn Time. It is a different kind of website if you will compare it with other sites. The interface is excellent, and it has got a collection of almost all movies and series of all generations. You all can find all these things easily in here without any trouble or time taking.

When you all are opening the Popcorn Time, you can see that the site has the torrent links. It means you need to download the torrent files to your device, and then you all can watch the movies and series. There is no need for the creation of the account here as well and can easily access the torrent files and can search for the particular movies and series as well in the search bar.

As you will visit here, you all can see that the user interface is excellent here. The search bar helps you in searching for the things you need quickly in here. There are no ads in the movies and series after you download it, and the quality is always right here.

13. afilmywap


Who doesn’t love to watch movies? If you too are a movie maniac, then this site is the right destination for you. Instead of going to theatres, you can easily binge-watch or download your favourite movie to enjoy it at home. All these services can be availed for free. Also, the contents are available in HD resolution. The site’s interface is extremely user friendly allowing people to navigate through the site easily. The site contains original movies as well as their dubbed versions, allowing people to watch it in any language of their choice. 

14. Pagalworld


This is one of the most popular pirated websites that leaks pirated content without proper permission. This site enables all users to download and stream their favourite contents without having to pay a single penny. All contents are available in HD resolution. In short, this is a free movie downloading website, that provides you with all the major old and new Bollywood, Hollywood, Tamil, Telegu, Marathi, Gujarati and other movies. Not only movies but also viewers can Stream and download web series, documentaries, short films and award shows for free too. The site’s amazing variety of collection is sure to amaze anyone. 

15. Cinemavilla


One of the trending websites allowing viewers to stream and download their favourite movies is Cinemavilla. This site has become one of the most preferred ones by viewers because of the huge library of movies it brings to viewers. All latest movies, videos, web series, documentaries, etc. are found on this site. Similar to other torrent sites, Cinemavilla too provides its services for free. This is one reason why it attracts huge traffic every year despite being an illegal one. Additionally, the site has a good user-friendly interface. To surf through the home page of Cinemavilla, one doesn’t have to be a tech guy, another reason why everyone prefers using it.

16. Madrasrockers


Another popular movie streaming and downloading website used by viewers all over the globe is Madrasrockers. This is a pirated site that leaks pirated contents without having proper permissions for them. Hence this site shouldn’t be used. Nevertheless, it continues to be used by people because they get to watch and download their favourite contents free of cost. Apart from offering a large number of Bollywood, Hollywood dubbed, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Marathi, Gujarati, Punjabi movies, the site also hosts web series, tv shows, mp3 songs, trending videos and whatnot. This is an ideal site for anyone who’s a movie freak, but cannot make time to watch movies at theatres. 

17. Bollyshare


The interface of Bollyshare is extremely user friendly. The site has been designed function and mechanism smooth. People can search for their favourite movies without any hassles. They can either search for their desired movies on the search bar or find it out from the categories. Once found, they can stream or download them in their desired formats. The site offers free services to all. Users don’t have to create an account on this site or give their card details. The site’s contents cover all genres like romance, thriller, crime, horror, comedy, etc. The site even notifies its users regarding its latest uploads. 

18. 1337x


In today’s busy world, it’s extremely tough for people to make time to go to theatres to watch a film. In the recent past, a lot of movie streaming sites have evolved, offering a large number of the latest movies to people for online streaming or downloading. 1337x is one such site. 1337x offers a large variety of Bollywood, Hollywood dubbed and regional films. It should be remembered that the site is an illegal torrent site. Despite all restrictions it people still use this site because they get all services for free. Moreover, you are sure to get any movie of your choice on this site. The site is sure to never disappoint its users. 

19. RdxHD


Another torrent movie downloading site, RdxHD is known for the different types of movies it has in store for its viewers. Also, not only are the movies varied on genre and language, the site even provides the users to choose from a list of video qualities as well. Some devices do not support every kind of video quality. Hence, even though the site has High Definition videos, it still has a separate list of video qualities that others can choose from, according to the supporting capacity of their devices. The varieties of the genre that the site has to include comedy, drama, action, thriller, biographies, documentaries and much more. 

20. HDmovieplus


HDmovieplus is another alternative that you could opt for. It has pretty decent reviews from its viewers. It too has a great collection of movies from around the world. It even provides its users with High Definition video contents, but has a list of other video qualities too in case Hugh Definition is not supported in some device. 

21. Todaypk


Todaypk is again an illegal alternative of 300 MB movies which is an online movie streaming and downloading site. Similar to other torrent sites, Todaypk too provides its services for free. It leaks pirated contents without having proper copyright permissions. The site being illegal was taken down by the Indian government but continues to function through proxy servers. People prefer this site because it offers a huge library of films, web series, documentaries, short films, and whatnot. Everything you need for your entertainment can be found here. The contents of this site cover every genre like romance, comedy, horror, thriller, etc.    

22. 123movies

123Movies Download

Are you in search of a free movie providing site? 123movies is the best platform for your entertainment. It brings a huge library of films and other videos that are diversified and unique. The contents on this site are categorised based on their genres, language, year of release, etc. The site’s interface is extremely user friendly which makes it easy for people to browse through this site. Not only that, but you can also get web series, documentaries, short films, award functions for free. The site has been acquiring traffic all through these years because of these features, which have made it convenient for people to access this site. Moreover, people don’t have to register on this site or give their card details. 

23. Yomovies


Yomovies is an online movie providing platform that lets people stream and downloads their desired content for free. On this site, you can get movies of every genre, language, culture, theme, and era. The site, with its huge directory of contents, is sure to provide you with the best entertainment. You can download old and new Hollywood and Bollywood dubbed movies along with the latest regional films. Yomovies’ interface is extremely well designed and simple which makes exploring this site easier. Aldo fro the convenience of the people, the contents have been classified based on their language, year of release, and genre to let people get their desired content easily. 

24. Jalshamoviez


If you are looking for movies to watch after a good Sunday lunch with your family, then this is just the site you would want to log in to. This site consists of films from all eras of the Bengali Cinema, starting from an award-winning Satyajit Ray movie or maybe some other light-hearted Bengali Comedy. It has varied video qualities for you to choose from according to the supporting capability of the device you would be using. It even provides High Definition videos as well. However, it predominantly provides Bengali movies and hence is a site mainly Bengalis can tune into. However, for others, there is a whole lot of movies to choose from, from the set of alternatives provided in the article. 

25. 7starhd


This site is currently the best and most reliable website on the internet, for streaming and downloading movies and series. This site offers an exclusive search option, enabling users to find out their desired content easily. Apart from movies, you also get thrillers, documentaries, tv shows, trailers, and everything you need for your entertainment. With the well-managed interface and well-classified contents, you will never face any difficulty in finding out your favourite contents. This site, however, is an illegal Tottent site that offers free services. So, many times you have to face unwanted and irreverent ads that you must keep closing.

26. Playtamil


Innumerable movie streaming sites have come up in recent years for catering to people’s need to entertain. Playtamil is one such site. As the name suggests, this site provides old and new Tamil movies mainly but has expanded its collection of contents and brings to people all regional films, besides Hindi and English. The site is an illegal one that operates through VPN servers. Similar to other torrent sites, the site doesn’t charge subscription fees from its users, which is why a lot of people who are unable to avail the services of the legal alternatives prefer using this site. 

27. Filmyzilla


This site is an illegal torrent site that hosts innumerable movies and videos. The site’s contents comprise south Indian films, Hindi and English ones, web series, short films, trailers, and music videos to name a few. The site’s interface is extremely user friendly, which makes Browsing through this site easily. Apart from that, finding your favourite contents from the huge collection won’t be difficult as you can simply search for it on the search bar or find it out from the list of categories. Trending movies, latest releases, romantic movies are some of the categories found on this site. Apart from these, movie categories are also based on their genre, language, and year of release. 

Other Alternatives are the following:

Using Google tricks to download movie

There are some of the Google tricks which can be used y the users to download their favourite movies and web series. There is no need to visit these illegal websites which is risky and unsafe. Follow some of the google tricks and download movies easily. Here is the list of movies which is leaked by tamilrockers and movierulz:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Regarding Tamilrockers

1. What is Tamilrockers?

Tamilrockers is a website from where we can download and watch movies and videos for free. It is used by millions of users in India. The website is completely illegal and the users can be punished legally.

2. How Tamilrockers is hampering the film industry?

Tamilrockers is hampering the film industry by leaking and uploading movies for download before their release dates. The film industry bears a loss of 1800 crore every year due to these websites.

3. What types of content are available on Tamilrockers?

Tamilrockers provide contents from Bollywood, Hollywood and South India for download. Previously, it was only dealing in Malayalam movies, but now it is dealing in all movies.

4. What are the other alternatives to Tamilrockers?

There are several other alternatives that one can choose to download or watch their favourite movies. Some of the alternatives are Sony Liv, Netflix, Amazon Prime Videos, etc.

5. Why Tamilrockers is not secure for downloading movies?

Tamilrockers is not secure for downloading movies because this is illegal in the eyes of law. The government of India has banned this website but recently it is active once again.

6. Who is the admin of the Tamilrockers?

Recently in 2023, some of the handlers of this website were arrested in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. But still, this website is active and people are using this for downloading movies.

7. What is the reason behind the large number of users of Tamilrockers?

Tamilrockers is famous amongst users because of its facilities and features. This website is providing new movies for download for the users.

8. What are the features of Tamilrockers?

The website contains a lot of features like it gives movies in 720p or 1080p format. you can download movies of Bollywood, Hollywood, South India, etc from here.

Here are some of the important things which should be known by the users before they are going to download movies using this website. This website is illegal and there is a risk for the users if they choose this website for downloading process. Instead of using this website for downloading and other things, one should use any of the above-mentioned alternatives for the same.

9. Is it possible to download free movies from Tamilrockers mirror and Tamilrockers proxy websites?

Yes, it is possible to download all the movies free of cost. You can even download all latest and recent release of music, videos, and films through its torrent client also.

10. Who runs the site Tamilrockers?

Though it is tough to say who administers the site Tamilrockers, police had arrested five individuals who belong to this site on 15 March 2018 as piracy is illicit in our country India. The website, Tamilrockers started in 2011 in Tamil Nadu and is believed to be created by four friends, Prabhu, Johnson, Suresh and Karthi.

11. How the owners of Tamilrockers earn money?

Tamilrockers don’t come up with any advertisements since ads are prohibited in prohibited sites. Still, the owners of Tamilrockers earn in Lacs due because of other ad companies such as content ads, pop-up ads, etc.

12. How many users does Tamilrockers acquire on their site?

Tamilrockers 2023 site has been visited 1-2 million times in a single month which is huge. Because of this massive traffic, Tamilrockers earn large amount despite having no such agencies of advertisements on their website. Previously this site was a hub of all South Indian movies but has now expanded the site to countless movies of various languages.


This article is written for the acknowledgment of the users who are using this website for downloading movies. We are not intended to promote any of the torrent websites. The article carries a motive to aware of the users with the truth and consequences of using Tamilrockers for downloading movies and watching live videos.

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