20 Top Sockshare Alternatives in 2023

It did not take too long for Sockshare to gain a lot of popularity. Its clean and smooth interface paired with the fact that all of the movies were free, was enough to capture the hearts of so many people.

However, despite the love and support that it received from the masses, the site eventually had to shut down due to issues revolving on copyright.

Fortunately, lots of good sockshare alternatives were able to take its place. Check out our list of sockshare free movies alternatives below.

1. GoStream

Among other sites like sockshare, this one is the most clean. The interface is simple and easy to navigate. Most importantly, you get to watch movies without the interruption of ads. You can start streaming without a registered account.

It has an excellent library of classical and newly released movie titles. The list is also constantly updated to suit the satisfaction of users. The video quality is also pretty good.

2. IoMovies

The interface of the website is pretty good. It’s minimalistic but still attractive to the eyes. IoMovies has an extensive list of Hollywood movies but the genres that dominate this platform are mainly Indie films. It is a site that both film students and explorers would love.

You can start streaming without creating an account. You will experience some ads as you explore the website. The video quality is superb. Based on our test run on this platform, it still makes the cut as a good sockshare alternative.

3. Tubi TV

Even though it is a free streaming website, it is considered to be a premium platform. The web design of Tubi TV copies the same professionalism and expertise of top streaming service providers like Netflix.

Most of the titles you will find here are lesser known. However, the quality of the film in terms of plot is just as good as Hollywood-made titles. The video quality is also impressive. Most of the titles are in HD. Everything else is in standard quality.

You don’t have to create an account to start streaming. However, it is necessary if you want to be able to add movies into your list of titles to watch. There is a mobile app that you can download on your android phone or iOS device.

Due to the beautiful presentation of this platform, we consider it as an alternative sockshare.net favorite.

4. Putlocker

Putlocker used to be one of the top competitors of sock share. But as new free streaming platforms emerged, Putlocker became infested with ads. The loading speed of the website is also not the same as before.

Even so, it still remains to be the go-to site for most school kids. Based on our research, the reason for this is the rich supply of movie/TV show titles. When it comes to movie varieties, Putlocker still tops the list.

5. 123 Movies

The interface of the website is reminiscent of Putlocker. Similar to the latter, you also don’t have to create an account to start streaming. Most of the movies are presented in HD but the site is also filled with ads.

Despite that, we consider 123Movies it to be one of the top alternatives for sockshare movies due to its offering of vast movie selections. Apart from movies, it is also known for its supply of TV shows and documentaries.

6. 1 Movies

The interface is pretty average compared to other streaming platforms. It’s relatively easy to navigate the site. Most of the films are in HD. Some have standard definitions. You don’t have to create an account to stream.

One drawback is the multiple ads. If going through ads is not a problem to you, you will most definitely enjoy the rich supply of Hollywood films.

The site also offers an exclusive VPN service that will protect your identity and location as you browse their platform.

7. C Movies

The interface is a bit scattered compared to other Sockshare alternatives but this did not get in the way of proper organization of the movie titles.

Movies are organized per category making it easier for users to browse the genres that they want to watch.

You might click on ads from time to time as you choose between various titles to watch. There is also some lagging in the homepage.

But as soon as the movie starts playing, you will experience little to no buffering. You don’t have to create an account to start streaming for free.

8. Movie 25

Even though the site can still improve in a lot of ways including web design, loading speed, and organization, Movie 25 does not disappoint when it comes to supply of titles to watch. Its library consists of both newly released and classical movies.

You don’t have to create an account to start watching. You may experience ads and notifications popping up every now and then. There is a feature that lets you request movies/TV shows that are currently not featured on the platform.

9. Yes!Movies

After exploring the platform, we can conclude that the administrators created the site with a millennial audience in mind based on the web design and movie titles featured in the platform. The genres that dominate the site are fiction, horror, and animated movies.

You don’t have to create an account to start streaming. There are little to no ads on the platform. There is a What’s Hot section that lets you know what titles are scheduled to be posted next.

10. xMovies8

We love the variety of this free streaming platform. Its library consists of both Bollywood and Hollywood movies and TV shows. Interruptions are set to take place due to the pop-up notifications and ads. The good thing is that all the titles have superb video quality.

You don’t have to create an account to start watching. The titles are organized in a way that you’ll know where to go if you are looking for movies or TV episodes. xMovies8 updated its movie list regularly. Some of the movies there are currently playing in the theatre.

11. Tiny Zone

At first glance, Tiny Zone looks a bit like YouTube. But instead of featuring music videos and funny clips, what you’ll find here are TV shows and movies of various genres. The titles are organized in a seamless way so that you can easily locate the movie you want to watch.

The interface is clean and modern making it easy to navigate the website. There are some ads in the platforms but the superb quality of the videos make up for that drawback.

12. FlixTor

This site lets you watch movies for free without having to create an account. However, there are several sections that are reserved only for VIP users.

The titles are regularly refreshed. This lets you enjoy all your favorite series without missing a single episode. There is a recommendations widget that provides you with a good list of movies to watch. Using its pre-set algorithm, it is able to find titles that you will surely enjoy.

13. Cineb.net

There’s something about the logo of this platform that screams “youth” but upon exploring the site a bit further, you’ll see that it has a good collection of both mature and juvenile-type movies.

You don’t have to log in to stream movies. The video quality is pretty good. The administrators also refresh their episode list quite frequently making sure that you don’t miss your favorite TV series. Another great thing about the site is that it has absolutely zero ads.

On top of that, the titles are also available for download free of charge. If you are looking for a good VPN to use, the platform recommends an exclusive VPN service that the creators developed themselves.

14. Subtitles

Subtitles is, in some way, superior to Sockshare because it has an impressive list of movie and TV show titles from all around the world. This is also the same reason why the titles that you play come with a subtitle.

The video content is also updated on a regular basis. Streaming comes free without the need to create an account.

No ads pop out as you explore the site or play a movie or two. The video quality is also outstanding. Even though the site is pretty simplistic in design, it still packs a great punch.

15. Popcorn Time

From all the sockshare alternatives we listed in this post, this is by far, the most unique. That’s because Popcorn Time requires you to download and install its software before streaming.

Even though that requires additional time on your end, you will still be the one to reap the benefits of a fast loading time, ad-free movie watching, and endless list of titles to watch.

After installing the software, you don’t need to create an account. Popcorn time also recommends that you subscribe to its VPN service to protect your privacy and location as you watch your favorite shows.

16. Lunch Flix

Even though the administrators update their movie library, they don’t do it as frequently as Putlocker or SolarMovie.

You don’t have to create an account. Just head over to your desired title and start watching. Although you will encounter some ads before the movie starts playing. But after that, you will experience little to no buffering. Most importantly, the video quality is superb.

17. Watch TV Series

The web design might lean on the simplistic side but no one can argue how all the titles are organized in a systematic manner. The forte of this platform is TV episodes as clearly mentioned in its name.

You can watch for free without logging in. It has a complete collection of TV episodes from almost every premium show. Pop-ups may interrupt your browsing from time to time. Despite that, the quality of the movies are pretty good.

The release year of the oldest TV show on this platform was 2013. The site comes with an advanced filter which lets you streamline your search results better. You can also look for TV shows per TV network.

18. FMovies

Fmovies is one of the oldest free streaming platforms around. Apart from the vast array of collections, it also supports anime titles. The site is completely free to use. There is no need to register an account to stream.

There is also a section where you can request titles that you want to become available on the platform. The appearance of pop-up ads are pretty moderate. The video quality is also good with little to no buffering.

19. AZ Movies

Its name is a good representation of its content because the site has a complete library of movies/TV shows ranging from A to Z. You can mostly find any title that you are looking for including classical films.

The site has a good web design which makes it easy for anyone to navigate through the platform. All of the titles are free to watch and you don’t need to register an account to be able to do so.

20. Cinecalidad

This is a site that gives access to an endless collection of movie titles for free. The platform was created in Spain because opening the site the language of the entire platform is in spanish. But that’s something a Google Translate browser extension can fix.

It doesn’t have subtitles but you can choose to have your audio at either English or Latino. It isn’t necessary to register an account to stream your favorite shows. Apart from the free streaming service, you can also download the video content free of charge.


What Is Sockshare?

Sockshare used to be one of the leading free movie streaming platforms on the web until it had to shut down due to copyright infringement.

Since the platform centers its operations on providing free access to copyright video content, it’s considered illegal.

Do These Alternative Sites Charge For Streaming?

No. All the Sockshare alternative sites lets you watch movies for free.

Is It Safe To Surf These Streaming Platforms?

To ensure data protection, it is highly encouraged that you use a VPN service while streaming and browsing the said platforms.

We all need a break from our daily grind. What better way to do so than to marathon your favorite shows in one of these Sockshare alternative platforms?

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