Soaper TV used to be a well-known site for watching shows and movies, but it closed in 2023. We looked around the internet and made a list of good options like Soaper TV that we tested.

After trying out over 40 websites, we’ve found SolarMovie to be the best alternative to Soaper TV. With its extensive collection of TV shows and movies and user-friendly interface, it stands out as our top pick.

Remember, some free streaming websites have copyrighted stuff. If you stream copyrighted things for free, it might be against the law where you live. Also, there’s a higher chance of getting viruses.

For safe browsing and device protection, try a Virtual Private Network. NordVPN offers top anonymity and fast streaming for Soaper TV options!

Why consider an alternative to Soaper TV?

Lots of folks are wondering why Soaper TV isn’t working anymore. Soaper TV unexpectedly shut down in June 2023. But don’t worry! There are great alternatives to Soaper TV, so you can still enjoy your favorite movies and shows. Depending on your taste, some alternatives might be a better fit for you than others.

Remember these important points while browsing our list:

Stay safe while exploring alternatives to Soaper TV by using trustworthy antivirus software. This helps keep your device free from harmful threats like ransomware, spyware, and adware.

Additionally, using a VPN (virtual private network) is crucial. VPNs not only block ads but also ensure your privacy on free streaming sites. Now, let’s dive into the recommendations!

Soaper TV became popular due to its excellent streaming quality, user-friendly interface, and vast content library. We explored over 40 free streaming platforms to discover the best alternatives to Soaper TV.

If you’re moving away from Soaper TV, have a look at these other websites!

Soaper TV Top 15 Alternatives That Work In 2024


Searching for an alternative to Soaper TV? Look no further than SolarMovie! With a vast collection of content from over 35 countries, SolarMovie is compatible with mobile devices, desktops, and streaming platforms

During our testing, we easily accessed recent Oscar-winning films like “Oppenheimer” and “Poor Things” with just a click.

Each movie or TV show on SolarMovie is labeled with its format/quality, whether it’s HD, CAM, or TS. However, it’s important to note that SolarMovie may not have the necessary broadcasting rights for all its content, which could pose legal concerns depending on your location.

While the site does feature some pop-up ads, we recommend using NordVPN to block ads and ensure your privacy remains protected.


TinyZone operates swiftly and offers free movie streaming akin to Soaper TV. Its sleek interface coupled with NordVPN effortlessly eliminates all pesky ads.

soaper tv

While boasting a vast library of over 250,000 titles, not every desired movie may be found. However, the platform still offers a diverse selection of recent releases, ensuring a satisfying streaming experience.


MusicHQ may sound like it’s all about tunes, but it’s actually a fantastic free streaming option, similar to Soaper TV. It’s user-friendly and has a familiar interface! You can easily find trending movies and top TV shows from services like Disney+ right on the homepage or by using the search bar.

Just like SolarMovie, you can rely on quality indicators to find high-definition streams of your favorite movies and shows. We enjoyed watching Dune: Part Two in flawless HD on MusicHQ with no interruptions.

And for Android users, there’s even a dedicated MusicHQ app available for seamless streaming on the go.


YesMovies stands out as an excellent free movie streaming platform. With its extensive and regularly updated library of movies and TV series, it serves as a reliable alternative to Soaper TV. 

Offering a mix of both CAM and HD movies, YesMovies ensures access to the latest blockbusters at no cost, albeit with occasional ads. However, navigating these ads is relatively straightforward, allowing for uninterrupted viewing pleasure.


123Movies was once a go-to spot for free movie streaming. Now, the main site is gone, but some copies remain. Yet, not all of these are trustworthy.

Using 123Movies means dealing with tons of ads. But if that’s okay with you, there’s a vast selection of movies available.

To stay safe from pesky ads and harmful links, NordVPN is your go-to solution.

soaper tv


Tubi is a real, free streaming service. It shows movies and shows from big networks like MGM and Fox. It’s free and safe to use. One problem is that it doesn’t have new movies. Also, only people in the US can use it. But, you can use a VPN to make it work. NordVPN has lots of servers in the US to help you watch Tubi.


GOKU offers free streaming and downloads with a vast library. You’ll find TV shows and movies of all kinds, from horror to romance. Looking for top Netflix shows? GOKU has them!

The site is easy to use, and most content is in HD. Subtitles are available for international movies, though the selection isn’t as broad as some other sites.

Want global entertainment access? Use a VPN to change your virtual location anywhere in the world!


Cineb is a streamlined alternative to Soaper TV. It’s well-organized and user-friendly. During our testing, we found Cineb to provide boasting smooth streams, vibrant colors, and impressive audio quality, it offers an excellent streaming experience.. Additionally, it offers a diverse range of content from various countries. 

Android users can enjoy an optimized experience through the dedicated Cineb app.


Crackle serves as an official alternative to Soaper TV. While less popular, it offers free Sony Pictures movies and some major studio content. Expect frequent ads, but enjoy fast and stable streaming across various devices, including smart TVs. Customize your experience with options like parental controls and closed captions without the need for account creation.

soaper tv

2K Movie

2K Movie is a solid alternative to Soaper TV. It’s user-friendly and offers free streaming with a wide selection of new releases. Plus, there’s a section dedicated to upcoming TV shows and movies. 

Despite the ads, you can enjoy high-definition videos on 2K Movie and customize your viewing experience by adjusting the resolution and subtitles. To enhance your streaming experience further, NordVPN provides an ad-blocking feature and safeguards your device from malware through its Threat Protection function.


If you’re into new movies and TV, YTSMovies is a solid alternative to Soaper TV. We tried it out and had no trouble streaming “Mission: Impossible: Dead Reckoning” and “Drive-Away Dolls.”

One great thing about YTSMovies is that it mostly offers HD content, not lower-quality stuff like TS or CAM. Plus, it’s user-friendly and ad-free. We did encounter a few broken links, but it’s still a reliable Soaper TV substitute!


Kanopy might not be your first choice for a Soaper TV alternative, but let us convince you. With just a US public library or university card, you can enjoy top-notch movies and documentaries for free! Watch acclaimed titles like Lady Bird and Everything Everywhere All at Once with no concerns about harmful software. Give it a shot!

Pluto TV

Pluto TV stands out as a distinct streaming platform. It offers a legal way to enjoy movies without subscription fees, making it a top pick! Our experience with Pluto TV was delightful as we streamed  “The Killing of a Sacred Deer ” and “The Lighthouse ” with classic rom coms such as “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days” created an engaging streaming experience on Pluto TV.

Given that Pluto TV is restricted to the United States, utilizing a VPN service allows you to access it from anywhere by obtaining an American IP address.


HiMovies is a free streaming website where you can watch new popular movies and find any other movie or TV show easily. You can filter by genre, country, top IMDB scores, and more.

We had smooth streaming when we tried HiMovies. Sometimes there are pop-up ads, but it can be different each time you visit. If you’re lucky, you might not see many ads at all!

Go Movies

GoMovies is impressive! It’s ad-light and user-friendly. You can easily spot the format of movies and shows. However, downloading content isn’t an option.

Our experience with GoMovies was positive. You can organize titles by genre, country, and more. Plus, there’s an Android app available for convenience.

soaper tv

Top VPNs for Soaper TV Alternatives

When you’re watching movies for free online, it’s important to keep your device safe from harmful software and your online identity private. NordVPN is the top pick for safeguarding your device while using free streaming sites like Soaper TV. We’ve extensively tested and recommended it for reliable protection.

NordVPN encrypts your internet traffic, keeping your online activities private from your Internet Service Provider and others who might try to spy on you.

Additionally, NordVPN’s Threat Protection tool safeguards you from bothersome pop-ups, ads, and potentially harmful malware often found on free streaming websites.

What’s up with Soaper TV?

Soaper TV, a widely-used website for free movie streaming, has suddenly gone offline. The exact cause of its shutdown remains undisclosed by the Soaper TV team, leaving users met with an unexpected message.

Soaper TV likely closed down due to various reasons. Global anti-piracy groups, including Netflix and Hollywood, exerted continuous pressure on the site. They obtained court injunctions to block Soaper TV domains in Australia and UK.

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