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RdxHD Movies (2020): Top 8+ Best Alternatives & Similar Websites of RdxHD




There is hardly anyone who doesn’t enjoy watching movies. Movies are a medium of relieving ourselves of stress. In today’s busy world, people remain stressed about their workloads, hardly getting time to relax and rejuvenate themselves. People can rarely make out time to spend with their families, nowadays. Keeping in mind the public interest, a lot of online movie streaming sites have emerged that have made spending time with family easier. These sites allow viewers to watch and download movies of their choice. Some of these sites are legal, some illegal. What is most interesting is that the illegal movie downloading sites leak the latest releases on the first day of their official release, in HD resolution. 

Hdxhd is one such illegal movie streaming and downloading site, which has gained popularity in no time, because of its unparalleled services. Read below to know more about the RdxHD site. 

RdxHD Movies 2020: Top 8+ Best Alternatives & Similar Websites of RdxHD



About RdxHD Website

RdxHD movie site is one of the illegal torrent sites, that leaks all the latest movies, videos and other Contents in HD quality. Movies of several dialects like Tamil, Telegu, Marathi, Punjabi, Gujarati, etc are available here. Not only that, the site mainly has a huge collection of Hollywood dubbed and Bollywood movies. One will certainly get amazed to see the amazing collection of movies on this site, that are available for free streaming and downloading. Besides providing viewers with the latest movies, the site also has a plethora of web series, tv shows, award functions, documentaries, etc. Contents are available on this site on aby format, like 320p, 1080p, 720p, dual audio, and other video formats. All hit movies since 2017 are available here. The site also has got some collection of old Bollywood, Tamil, Telugu films that aren’t generally found anywhere. The website’s interface is completely user friendly, allowing users to browse through it with ease. 

Similar to other illegal movie downloading sites, this site has been banned by the Indian government for long. The site’s domains have also been de-indexed by Google and other search engines. Yet it is sad to know that all such illegal sites continue to operate despite all laws and steps taken by authorities. As a result, sites like RdxHD have caused losses to our Indian film industries because when people are getting to stream and download the latest releases on their first day for free, they aren’t spending bucks to visit theatres for watching movies. This is seriously affecting the box office collection of movies. The Indian government needs to take more stern measures to curb such piracy business. 

Features of RdxHD 2020 

Before going into further details, below enlisted are some of the unique characteristics that have made it popular among viewers. Because of these features, the site attracts millions of traffic every year, despite all acts and laws of the authorities. The salient features of RdxHD site are as follows: 

  • There is a huge collection of movies and other contents available on this site, ranging from web series, tv shows, award functions, news to documentaries and short films even. 
  • Films on any language are found here. 
  • Films are uploaded in various formats, allowing users to stream download in the format of their choice. 
  • All movies have been cleanly categorised on several bases, like the year of release, genres, etc. allowing people to find their desired movie within seconds. 
  • With every type of content, comes a short piece of information, that enlightens the viewers about the type of video. It contains its date of theatrical release, plot, genre, etc. so that viewers don’t have to Google to know. 
  • Every movie has been dubbed in various languages. As a result, viewers can stream and download it in any language of their choice. 
  • RdxHD site’s interface is too user friendly and simple. It can be accessed from PCs and laptops. 
  • The site offers fast downloading speed and good audio quality. You need to make sure that you have a steady internet connection. 
  • While streaming movies, you might have to come across several unwanted advertisements. They are a source of income for such sites. Have patience and keep closing all unnecessary ads. 

How to download movies from RdxHD?

You don’t have to be well versed in computers and mobile devices for downloading any movie from the RdxHD site. Follow the simple steps mentioned below, and your work will be done. 

  • Visit the active domain of RdxHD. Currently, it is, it, however, keeps changing frequently. 
  • Search for your desired movie on the search bar. If you don’t know the name of the movie you are searching for, click on the category it belongs to. 
  • When you click on that movie, you will be redirected to another page, where you get two options: stream or download. 
  • Choose accordingly. If you want to download the film, click on download. A new page will appear showing several download links. Click on any link. 
  • That’s it. Your desired movie will get downloaded. 

RdxHD movie site allows its users to register themselves. If you, however, aren’t a registered user, no worries. You will be able to avail of all its contents but might come across unwanted advertisements now and then. 

Categories of movies available: 

Various categories of movies are available on the RdxHD site, like: 

  • Tamil HD movie download
  • Hollywood dubbed the latest movies
  • Bollywood latest HD movies free download
  • Telegu movies free download
  • Old Telugu movies
  • Mp3 songs and videos
  • Bollywood dubbed movies free download

Best Alternatives

As has been told, RdxHD is an illegal torrent site that has been banned by the Indian government. The site has activated other domains for its functioning. We have also mentioned the dangers associated with browsing through such pirated sites. As a result, people are now looking for legal alternatives, that provide similar services. The list has been given below. 

1. Snagfilms

Snagfilms are popular for uploading documentaries and independent movies especially. The collection of contents on this site is unique. It has quality content that never disappoints its users. In addition to the amazing films, it offers for all, which makes it even more preferred among users is its free services. All content6 available on SnagFilms can be streamed and downloaded for free. SnagFilms is also available in an app version that can be installed in android and iOS phones. Movies on this site belong to a wide variety of genres like thrillers, science fiction, horror, drama, etc. 

2. TeaTV

This has especially been developed for Android phones where viewers can download and stream content for free in HD quality. The website directory is amazing. Almost all the latest movies, web series, tv shows, award functions, documentaries are available here. Movies come from various genres like animation, romance, comedy, drama, science fiction, etc. 

3, Moviezwap

The site allows viewers to stream Malayalam, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Bollywood, and Hollywood dubbed movies for free in HD resolution. This is a legal site unlike RdxHD providing you with similar services. The site understands that cinemas are an effective medium to educate the masses and make them aware. So, the contents found here are mostly informative, less commercial. Contents related to social, political issues, global issues are found here. 

4. LookMovies

Lookmovies is essentially an online video streaming site, that lets users stream their favourite contents online. In spite of the internet being flooded with several other legal sites, Lookmovies gathers huge traffic because of its simple streaming service. Upon entering the site, you can find a plethora of movies, from various genres and directors that have nearly classified for ease of navigation. The interface is amazing, user friendly and engaging. You can create an account on this site. Doing so will help you in streaming movies without interventions. Others who haven’t registered themselves on this site will have to face unnecessary, irritating ads in between. 

5. Zmovies

The best legal alternative to RdxHD is Zmovies. The site is similar to other alternatives when it comes to the type of service it provides. It, however, requires its users to create an account on the site for availing its services. Contents are available in regional languages, coming from various genres. This is a complete site where one can find movies, web series, tv shows, award function and what not is several formats. All contents have been grouped into categories, making it easy for viewers to search for their desires movies. 

6. Putlocker

One of the less known legal alternative sites to RdxHD is Putlocker. The site isn’t as famous as the rest, but provides unmatched services. This site can never disappoint anyone. The site has movies from all genres, cleanly categorised, so that users don’t find it difficult to search their desired movies. Putlocker has a good collection of regional Indian films like Tamil, Marathi, Telegu, etc. 

7. Moviewatcher

Another popular alternative that is generally preferred is Moviewatcher. Besides providing people without diversified collections of movies, the site has amazing visuals. One can get over 10 thousand films, tv shows, award functions, web series, documentaries and short films here. All contents are available in HD resolution. The site is justified to attract millions of traffic because of the huge collection of movies it provides. Every type of content has been classified, for ease of navigation. All services are offered for free. 

8. Vumoo

On Vumoo, a diverse collection of videos and contents are available for viewers to stream and download. Any movie, old or new is sure to be found here. All the latest web series, trending tv shows, documentaries, short films, etc. can be found here. The site offers services for free, in HD resolution. Contents can be streamed and downloaded in several formats, from various servers. All the description of contents has been kept precise on this site. The interface is good, like other legal sites, allowing users to navigate through the site easily. 


1. What are the different categories of movies that you can watch on RdxHD

The various movie categories have already been mentioned. Some of them are Tamil HD movie download, latest Bollywood releases, old Tamil movies, etc. 

2. Is it safe to download movies from Sdmoviespoint website? 

We have already mentioned that it isn’t safe at all to browse through the RdxHD site because it’s an illegal one. Doing so will land you up in jail, besides putting all your device’s information at stake. 

3. Why does RdxHD keep changing its domain names? 

As the RdxHD site is an illegal one, the government tries its level best to track it down and stop its operation. It already has banned several domains. Every time one domain gets blocked, the site activates another domain for functioning. 

4. What might happen to an individual if caught browsing through RdxHD? 

Any individual if caught browsing through RdxHD, wl be imprisoned for 3 years. The person might also have to submit a hefty amount as compensation. 

5. Is RdxHD a legal online movie downloading site? 

We already have mentioned that RdxHD is a pirated site that illegally leaks all copyrighted contents. 


Piracy business is a serious crime in India. If an individual is browsing through such pirated sites, it means that the individual is supporting the piracy business Knowingly or unknowingly. Piracy has become a serious threat, in today’s world to Indian film industries. We must understand the seriousness of this situation and stop using such sites. We must pay respect and abide by the laws of the Indian Constitution being responsible citizens. We shouldn’t do anything immoral. Hence, we urge every individual to stop using such sites because of the grave dangers they possess and how they affect our industries’ growth. We also urge all citizens to make everyone aware of this. Kindly use such sites and apps and help our film industries to prosper. 

Mary is the Junior Writer at GadgetFreeks. She has previously worked at Alnsights, ExitEvent, and InterpidMedia. She loves to read stories of startups and share it with the Audience.

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