Televisions, computers, mobiles, and such other gadgets are considered to be the mode of entertainment for people of every age. Visual display or visual entertainment is the most liked mode of entertainment, as a result, there has been an increase in the number of tv channels as well as different websites.

Access to the internet has become so easy that even people are not installing any other external service providers for enjoying the different tv channels. 

Nowadays there are different sites and link that helps you to reach such channels as well. As a result, many tv channels have crept upon. Not only tv channels but even personals channels are also becoming popular rapidly. Even this has become a platform to showcase their talent.

What is Primewire?

The extent of the internet has already crossed the threshold of industrial civilization.Internet is flooded with several various websites for various purposes and one such popular site is prime wine.It became popular in a very short period because of its high demand. Later its domain name got changed to 1channel but still, the changed domain name could not make the site work accordingly. So, later on, primewire got closed down despite becoming one of the most popular sites.

Cybersecurity organizations have stated the reasons for not functioning primewire because there were many security issues and also primewire had some pirated contents within its websites. As the motto of the cybersecurity cell is to ban and abolish piracy so prime wires’ action was largely taken into account and necessary measures were taken to control that.

Though this is very alarming for the film buffs and the movie critics as well still to maintain the decorum in the world wide web this step will be a threat to the other websites. On the contrary, this has also been a bliss. Many other websites have replaced the position that primewire had. Some meaningful such .coms or .ins are impressing the audience with its new content.

Website features

The generation in which you are residing in a very fast-moving one. Time here happens to be a very precious thing so if you want to watch anything of your choice. Then click on to the website and various links and gift yourself a one-stop solution to this problem.

Steps for installing Primewire

It will be better if you install a VPN before downloading anything. This will provide an added security benefit and will risk the damage of you your personalized gadgets. You have to download this with the help of Kodi as recommended.

The guidelines to be followed while installing primewire or 1channel Kodi

Categories and movie types

There are varieties of movies available on the internet to serve the taste of various audiences. Not only the genres but you will find movies of diversified languages with subtitles. You will find a different search option and checkboxes for different genres and even for different languages. 

Alternative Websites 

There are various websites that you can browse to get the most popular movies. The other websites somewhere or the other have some better features than primewire. Apart from the content of the websites the alternative websites also have better security than primewire.As primewire is restricted in many countries for several privacy issues. These alternative websites don’t need a VPN.

1. Putlocker 


Putlocker is one of the most wast watched sites. Million have chosen putlocker as one of their favorites.If you have not yet visited putlocker then you need to have a look about its diversified database. Unlike primewire like sites you will find here video contents according to genre, countries, year of release, recently added, cartoons and anime.

2. Solar Movies

Solarmovies Alternatives

Solar Movies is another site like primewire and in the coming days, it might solidify its position also. This site only doesn’t provide online movie streaming but it also helps you to browse among the latest tv serials as well. The site also contains filters, like a year-wise filter, genre filter and another such type of reachable filters.

3. coolmoviezone


This alternative site is a cool place to hop upon, unlike the other primewire sites. Here you will able to browse movies of the late ’80s and the 90’s and can also quench your thirst with those movies. Even searching for some movies over the internet does not give a positive result but this site will help you reach every movie.

4. 123Movies


123Movies is a similar site and you should be aware of this site’s interface and database because the Ui is very clean and minimalistic so the interest to search movies and spending the maximum browsing time over this site increases the interest zone of the audiences. Even you will get to see the ratings and the reviews of different movies and serials and other web series.

5. Popcorn Flix


The best part of popcornflix is that it has several directories.You can check over the directory and find the suitable one for you. This site among the other alternatives is one of the best appreciated by film buffs. Even you don’t have to pay a penny to even watch or download any movie or tv serials.

6. Hulu

Hulu Live

Disfunctioning of primewire is helping Hulu and Hulu like sites t become popular. You might even think of skipping your cable connection and completely rely upon these sites. These sites provide the best movies and tv serials.

Even you can avail of the premium membership and get access to Hulu’s other services. The offers and subscriptions are also very cheap and lucrative. With this premium membership of Hulu, you can also enjoy HBO, Cinemax and similar channels like Showtimes which are add-ons.

7. Movie25

This is another good alternative and provides almost similar services with higher quality. In some aspects, it is also considered better than primewire because it allows you to watch HD movies and tv serials without an interruption.

8. 9xmovies


This is one such website that allows people to enjoy streaming and downloading movies. Movies here include Bollywood, Hollywood dubbed, Malayalam, Gujarati, Tamil, Telegu movies that you can stream and download in any format for your choice.

All services bare available for free. If you a movie maniac, this is the ideal site for you, providing you with a plethora of movie categories to choose from. Also, the movies found on this site cover all genres like horror, thriller, crime, etc.

This is a pirated website mainly that leaks the latest movies, web series and documentaries without proper permission. Despite being an illegal site, people are still using it because of these attractive features. 

9. 7Starhd


There are multiple websites available on the internet that provide movie streaming and downloading services to people. If you are a movie lover and searching for an ideal movie streaming site, search no further than 7Starhd.

This is one of the best movie providing sites. The website hosts a wide collection of Bollywood, Hollywood, Malayalam, Gujarati, Tamil, Telugu movies. Not only movies but also the site has several web series, documentaries, short films, TV shows, etc.

The site being illegal was banned and blocked by Google and other search engines but continues to operate freely through other search engines. The site’s interface is extremely user friendly and provides good downloading speed and audio quality. 

FAQs Regarding Primewire

This is not a legal site as said by the Association of the America Picture. They have stated that these types of sites have become popular because maximum films have been downloaded from this particular one.

They have also stated the contains of the site are all operated and do not have any copyright against it. An average of 98 million users over a month have been registered and the site got developed in the parts of Vietnam.

2. Is it safe to use a primewire?

As primewire has been stated as an illegal state so it is not safe to use a primewire on your mobiles or laptops. These sort of sites neither have any privacy policy nor they have any security policy.

So when you are assessing through these sorts of sites you can always lead yourself to trouble.

You can receive several virus threats which can cause a problem to your gadgets. Extensive use of this website can even damage your mobile phone or computer after a certain interval of time.

3. How to get protected yourself from DMCA?

There are quite a few VPN services to keep yourself from protected from DMCA notices and copyright infringement notices. Some of the examples of the best VPN services you can use from staying away from copyright sharks are

Surfshark, Pure VPN, Express VPN, privacy VPN, Cyber ghost.

4. How to unblock primewire?

VPN helps you to protect from different things. Based on the Internet Service Provider the use of a VPN needs to be used. The internet service providers are always aware rather scared of the government authorities who always monitor and keeps an account of piracy.

So you can use protect it with the use of a VPN.Many countries have restricted the use of primewire from the ISP level. Among them such countries as Norway, Russia and the United Kingdom.

Nord VPN is the most popular among online streaming enthusiasts.This got launched in 2012.

5. How to download and install a VPN?

To enjoy uninterrupted services you need to download the VPN.NordVPN works on Android, Windows, Mac OS, ios, android tv, chrome, and firefox.


It is important to keep in mind that any sort of entertainment or refreshment should not become a cause of discomfort for anybody so to avoid that sites with proper authentication should be used.

Piracy is considered t be a crime and none of the government organizations will tolerate such illegal practice. Promoting these sites or using this site can also lead a person to danger and the authorities if required can also take strict action against that individual.

Many such sites have stopped using any privacy content. Other reputed sites have also implemented high-security issues to maintain their site’s brand value. Piracy leads to economic malfunction also. Before the proposed release date the content gets released as a result the producers and the investors face a huge loss.

Piracy has been mentioned as a punishable offense. Decorum and proper management should be maintained. So live and let others live. Download movies and enjoy the online streaming of movies with the proper sites that are available.

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