Onlinemoviesgold is one of the movie streaming sites available on the internet. The site allows you to stream your favourite Tamil, Telegu, Marathi, Urdu, Kannada, Hindi, English, Malayalam, and other regional contents. You can even download them as and when you want.

The site makes every content available in various formats so that you can download them in any one of your choices. Also, it gives you a satisfactory movie watching experience by its hassle-free accessibility and user-friendly interface.

The site’s huge collection of contents will surely amaze you. You get movies, web series, documentaries, short films, trailers, and music videos on this site. The contents available here cover various genres like thrillers, romances, comedy, crime, etc. 

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Some features have made this site more popular. Some of the major features have been listed below. 

With every film, users are provided with additional information like their year of release, IMDb rating, synopsis of the content, etc. This helps them to get an idea about any unknown content they decide to stream. 

To make it easier for users to find out their favourite contents, they are classified according to various specifications. You just need to click on the category to which your favourite content belongs. Contents are classified on their year of release, language, genre, theme, era, and culture too. 

The site provides free services to all. Anyone who cannot afford to pay subscription charges of the legal alternatives can use this site. 

In case a downloading site doesn’t work, you can try out the other ones. Besides providing multiple downloading links, the site offers fast downloading speed too. Also, the video and audio quality are great! 


Films are classified into various categories here. A clean and comprehensive classification of movies is another reason why people love to visit this site. Let’s see the main categories

As we already said, movies and other content are classified into several groups based on various specifications. Under this category, you get movies of different languages. To make it easier for people, this category is even subdivided into the following: 

If you love watching English content, this is sure to be your favourite category. You will get movies of your favourite actors, making everyone go awe of their performances. 

The latest Hindi blockbusters can be found here. 

Many love to watch regional movies and series. If you are one of them, you must check out this category. Even award functions of the south film industries can be found. 

This category is for the ones who love to watch films of the 90s. You will get such rare and unique movies here, which are hardly found anywhere else. 

As the name suggests, this category consists of movies that have critical been acclaimed. All movies which have received Oscar, Filmfare awards, and others can be found here. This category is full of blockbuster films, which are sure to give you the best entertainment. 

This category comprises movies based on popular choices. Trending movies, which people enjoy and love to watch are found here. This category keeps on getting updated with changing preferences and trends. 

This category is especially for kids, but adults can also watch. There are some interesting thrilling anime and manga series, which anyone would love to watch. 

Keeping in kind the convenience of the users, the site uploads dubbed versions of several movies. Now, you can watch your favourite film and web series in your preferred language. 

If you don’t get the movie you searched for, you can request the site to upload it anytime. Once the movie is uploaded, you will be notified. You can then stream or download it whenever you want to. 

List of 10 alternatives

People don’t prefer to watch illegal sites these days because they are unsafe. Below given are some alternative sites to Onlinemoviesgold which you can prefer


This article was solely meant for informational purposes. There are hundreds of movie streaming sites available nowadays. Some are illegal some legal. Through this article, we intended to make our readers aware of illegal movie streaming sites.

The government is trying its best to curb the operation of these sites. Nevertheless, the illegal ones are still functioning through proxy servers. We as responsible citizens should stop using such sites because they cause losses to our film industries.

People nowadays choose not to watch films in theatres, but at home on these online illegal sites, where they can access their favourite movies for free. It’s high time we stop doing these. There are ample legal and safe alternative sites available. We must use them instead.  


People have asked several questions regarding the Onlinemoviesgold site. We have listed the most asked ones along with their answers. If you too are looking for answers, read below. 

Is the site illegal? 

Yes, Onlinemoviesgold is a piracy site that is involved in the piracy business. People are advised not to access this site because it is extremely unsafe. 

Does the site charge money for accessing its contents? 

No, one can avail of free services from this site. Unlike the legal alternatives, you can stream and download unlimited content for free. 

What are the dangers associated with such sites? 

Whenever you visit such sites, you put your device’s information and data at stake. They can be stolen anytime. Besides, if you are caught browsing through such sites, the government has every right to imprison you and charge you a sum of 3 crores as compensation. 

Is the site ad free? 

No, Onlinemoviesgold isn’t an ad-free site. You have to face frequent interruptions as these advertisements keep popping up now and then. You have to keep patience and close all irrelevant ads. 

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