oFilmywap: Destination for All Entertainment

All torrent sites will provide you with movies that too for free, but how many will guarantee you the latest movies every time? If the movies arrive at the sites late then the audience could very well just watch them on television after they premiere there. If we are getting a service then why not opt for the best one?! Movies provide you an emotional retreat, an escape from the harsher realities of life. They hence play quite major roles in our lives. Don’t you feel aspects of such great importance calls for only the best services? If you are new to the site and its proceedings, do not fret and just read along as you find out all that makes oFilmywap a worthwhile torrent site to download your next and subsequent movies from.  Just for your knowledge, the sit earlier was named as Filmywap. 



To make and keep a firm grip on one’s position in the market it is obvious you must contain some specialties. Especially in such a dynamic market of torrent movie download sites, where every other site has something good to offer you must provide your audience with something better. Here are some of such better features that oFilmywap relies upon to make and hold onto its users. 

  • Latest movies:

It provides its audience with the latest movies. The movies are available on the site not long after they are premiered in the theatres; rather many times it so happens that they arrive on the site even before they are available in the halls. The video qualities sometimes get affected for the same but otherwise; you get to watch the movies even before the people who book tickets for the first day first show after much struggle. 

  • Varied kinds of contents:

The site not only contains movies but also other kinds of contents such as songs and music videos. The music videos too are brand new and would reach you before any other legal media. The site also contains other entertaining content such as television shows and series. The site hence is also known for its versatility in this aspect.

  • Easy user interface:

It has one of the most simple and easily understandable interfaces. It makes sure that people from every generation can have access to the movies and other content on the site. It must cater to every aspect of its audience and does so quite efficiently as well. 

  • All kinds of genres available:

Apart from keeping all kinds of contents, the site also consists of contents from all genres. Starting from romance and comedy to action and tragedies to horrors and thrillers and even biographies and documentaries, the site has all kinds of movies you could ever want to watch. The site proves its versatility and universality in this aspect too. 


As discussed earlier, the site is known for the pallet of movies from different genres that it brings to the table. It is one of the reasons behind its ever-increasing popularity amongst torrent users. Here are some of the categories of movies you could find on the site:

  • Horror:

If you ever feel lonely you could watch a horror movie so that you feel the presence of someone all the time! But again it must be some top-notch horror movies for you to feel that way. Well, let’s just say oFilmywap does not let you feel alone after a horror movie ever!

  • Romance:

Romantic films take you off to a world of happiness where you can jump over clouds when you are happy and yet not have a care in the world. oFilmywap has a range of such movies you could turn to whenever you are unhappy and in desperate need of a mood lifter. 

  • Documentaries:

It is next to impossible to read whole length novels or books about great events and biographies of great personalities amidst such busy schedules of our lives. oFilmywap makes sure that you miss none of such great phenomena across the globe. It brings to you an amazing collection of documentaries and biographies of events and people worth knowing about worldwide. 

  • Comedy:

There is nothing like some good laughs especially when you are always surrounded by strikingly tragic issues such as world hunger and economic crisis. Fret not as you could anytime tune into oFilmywap and catch up with some good classic comedies or the latest comedy that released recently.

Alternatives for oFilmywap:

It is always good to have more options and backups. In case of any issues here is a list of alternatives that you could turn to instead of oFilmywap:


The site in no way encourages the act of plagiarism. It believes the act to be ethically and legally wrong. If and when caught in the act, the person will have to face subsequent legal charges and proceedings. The site condemns such acts and encourages its users to stay away from such activities of plagiarism as well. The site further believes in paying due tribute to the original content creator of the content being used. 


Is oFilmywap legal?

No, oFilmywap is not legal. It is a movie piracy site that lets you download movies for free. oFilmywap particularly has some of the latest movies available on the site, sometimes even before they are released in theatres. 

Is it easy to download movies from oFilmywap?

oFilmywap has a simple and easy to use interface. The instructions are simple and anyone from any generation can download movies from the site without much difficulty.

Is oFilmywap free?

Yes, oFilmywap lets you download movies for free. It is a torrent movie downloading site and illegal and banned in many countries for the same reason as well. 

What kind of content is available on oFilmywap?

oFilmywap provides its users with varieties of content. It consists of movies, songs, television series, and award shows, and many such contents as well. 

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