Ocean of Games (2023): Top 5+ Best Alternatives for Ocean of Games

The popularity of PC gaming has not changed for the past two decades. Especially among teenagers gaming is the absolute must even to fit in some social groups. We all have an affinity to spend our time playing or doing some kind of Timepass either on mobile or in PC. Gaming is the best way to spend your time in a way that is engaging and can enlighten our virtual tactical skills without having to spend hours physically. Gaming can be a very easy and obvious Getaway from your current situation and you find yourself in another world fighting in a way that is refreshing for your mind and soul. Gaming increases our impulse and our reflexes which can be better in our day to day life. PC gaming can increase the impulses we receive in the form of audio and video. There are many PC games out there but downloading any of those or finding them can be a bit tricky. There are multiple websites which provide the pirated version of the game which you can download and play for free on your PC. One of such websites is the Ocean of games.

What is Ocean of Games?

Ocean of Games

Ocean of games is an online website which provides the pirated version of various PC games and also shares some hacks. All the games shared by Ocean of games are free of cost and can be downloaded in any of the three operating systems like Linux, Mac and Windows. The games work well with all three operating systems. The website is famous for its unlimited categories starting from fighting to Sports. Developed by the British software company Ocean software this game provides a large variety of games as well as networking features in the website. Whether it’s a single player or multiplayer game both are available on the website. This website is very popular among users because of its attractive user interface as well as the large variety of games. This website is very popular for downloading all the pirated games which you can play individually or with the local multiplayer or with your friends. This website provides a lot of options for every type of Gamers.

Website features

The website in spite of being pirated has a very authentic look and feel to it. You can download games and find a free of various games on the website. The features of the websites look very pleasing to the eyes and are functional as well. Some of the features are mentioned below.

  1. The first look of the website displays a picture of a war zone on the background with a Warrior fully armed and geared up.
  2. The website has two broad panels of black border on the two sides of the page giving it a dimension.
  3. The website has categories of games which are categorised on the basis of their nature and aesthetics.
  4. The categories start with the home page icon followed by f, action, adventure, Arcade, fighting, Horror, puzzle, racing, shooting games, simulation, Sports, war strategy, mystery, fantasy, Sci-Fi, RPG, survival and trainer.
  5. On the hack section you would find hacks off many games and many other features.
  6. Ocean of games website is developed by the British software company Ocean software.
  7. This website provides a unique networking features where all the players can meet new people and chat through its community forum even during gaming
  8. This website allows single and multiple players games both.
  9. The very first homepage of the website features all the new game setup which have been added recently and are very popular.
  10. The right panel of the website displays many ads or some featured articles.
  11. The website has a search bar on the top right corner which allows the users to find the games directly which they are interested in.
  12. The website habits social media handles attached to it in case anyone wants to have a look.
  13. This website is compatible with Mac, Windows, and Linux
  14. It also provides great streaming features.
  15. The website has more than 673 pages displaying all the games it has in stock.


This website lets you download various games through third party links. It has different categories and link of games provided under those categories which are

  1. Hack
  2. Action
  3. Adventure
  4. Arcade
  5. Fighting
  6. Horror
  7. Puzzle
  8. Racing
  9. shooting games
  10. Simulation
  11. Sports
  12. War strategy
  13. Mystery
  14. Fantasy
  15. Sci-Fi
  16. RPG
  17. Survival
  18. Trainer

These categories allow the users to choose the games of a specific nature even if they know the name of the game or not it is easier to figure out the game through its nature. The hack section contains games related bypasses and some tricks which are worth learning when it comes to trying any game. 


There are many alternatives to oceans of games which are readily available to the users if they want to find something which is an alternative to oceans of games.

1. Good old Games

As the name suggests good old games that website does have some very good old games. This website has the cold winter feel  to it. This website is operated by GOG Limited and is a digital platform for both video games and movies. You can either download or purchase those movies online. Pet website the game is always updated now and then and you can install the game you choose but you would need a special client software to run the games or download the games. This website saves the game in the cloud so it is no way possible that it will lose the game. In case you don’t have an Internet connection or you don’t have access to the internet at the moment you can still play the games in offline mode and later back it up. the unique feature about this website is in case you do not like the update on the game you can always return back to its original version or the version prior to it according to your choice. It is always compatible with Mac, Windows and Linux. Though it does not have a multiplayer gaming feature still the variety and categories offered by the website is more than enough. The website often conducts many sales which can be appealing to some of the users.

2. Origin

The website origin is developed by a company which have previously designed many successful Global games and is called Electronic Arts. Being a digital distributor this website promotes online gaming. The look and feel of this website is very cartoon like. This website has a very different approach. It showcases its product in a different way. This website provides users with many exciting features like networking with friends in the form of chatting or video streaming via TwitchTv, and also profile management. In case you want to share your gaming library and integration of the community through any social media websites you can do that. A variety of games are available on this website like FIFA, Plant versus Zombies and many more. This website provides a great streaming feature andaza unique on the house special feature that allows players to play some games which are paid for free of cost. The website seldom provides many sales like 75% off and many more. It does not have a very extrinsic array of  games option but does include all the popular ones. The games are displayed in a grid format with every game title. The basic interface of this website is very easy and can be found and figured out by anyone. The language preference in this website is more than 20 languages at the same time. It works on the operating system of Mac and Windows. You can find many deals and sales on the website. This website can be a tough competitor for Ocean for games.

3. Steam

Developed by the operations stream is one of the leading websites for downloading games. This website has a very different and professional look and feel to it. It has more than thousand games from India to action games, almost everything a player can ask for. This website stream operates in 28 different languages for better user friendly operations. The games which are uploaded on the website allow both single and multiplayer gaming so it is a great way to have fun with your friends and challenge each other for a game. Along with challenging someone who is online you can also challenge someone who is the local multiplayer. The great thing about this website is that it allows you to stream videos as a demo or tutorial or episodes or in the form of a movie. This website has various categories starting from anime, comedy, horror, drama, Sci-Fi and actions. Streaming this game is available on Windows, Linux, and Mac as well so no matter what operating system you are using you are free to buy and play games from this website. The social media platform in this website allows you to connect to millions of people while gaming and chatting with them at the same time to their community. Though some of the games are pretty expensive in the website tell it is one of the great alternative for ocean of games

4. G2A

Being the fastest growing global Marketplace for all the digital supplies this website has over 12 millions customers and 2 million sellers all over the world. This website does not sell or purchase any games. This is a platform where buyers and sellers come together and self and by the product and deliver the product through the platform. Because this website is just a platform for buying, selling and delivering it provides all sorts of platforms for its customer light Xbox, stream, Apple, gameforge, battlenet, uplay etc. This website also sells gift cards on various platforms. It contains many genres like action, games for children’s, puzzle, arcade etc. A unique feature about this website is it also allows the users to buy legendary weapons from their favourite gaming characters. If you can promote the product of this website to other Gamers and sell it you can also make some real profit in the name of promoting. You can do this without carrying on any registration process or further investment. Along with gaming this can be a potential source of money making. The website can be accessed in more than 20 languages which makes it very easy for understanding.

5. PC games

As the name suggests this website is an online gaming website from where you can download various games by purchasing it from the website. EA Games official creators and the operators of the website. The website welcomes you with video promo of many games that attracts the Gamers. The look and feel of the website is very simple but intricate and looks professional. This contains many genres of games such as action, arcade, puzzles, simulations, song games etc. The community forum of this website is available 24/7. This website has more than 18 pages displaying different types of game. There are more than 20 language preferences and countries specified on the website. The games work well with Windows and Mac operating systems and have a very extrinsic collection of games. It also features many platforms like PlayStation 4, Xbox One etc. To browse the games you need to click on the games icon and look through the browse game section. There are some games which are featured as free to play games on this website. They also have live streaming and event and news categories where you can get updated every now and then. Many upcoming events are mentioned in the website which would be displayed and played on various portals. The basic interface is very user friendly perhaps not the simplest one but still is worth giving a try. Not the strongest one but still this website provides a tough competition to the website ocean of games.

There are many more alternatives which are worth mentioning when it comes to game downloading websites. All the websites are very user friendly and are licensed. These websites are very easy to use and can be a trusted portal for downloading the games. All the websites are a tough competition and a licensed alternative for the website ocean of games.the websites are written as follows-

  1. Softpedia
  2. Skidrow reload
  3. Battle.net
  4. Epic Game store
  5. Microsoft games
  6. Game jolt
  7. Itch.io
  8. Rpgmaker.net
  9. Game top


1. Is the website paid or free to use?

Since this is a Pirated website so the content or games on the website is free to use. Most of the games on this website are updated on a regular basis and can be used to download all the latest games.

2. How do I play game files I have downloaded from Ocean of Games?

There are many YouTube videos regarding how to play the files which are downloaded from ocean of games. It is recommended to go through those videos and follow the instructions provided on the website.


This website is a pirated website so downloading games from the website is not recommended. The game might have a virus attached to the gaming setup which can affect the Gamers system. Proper care needs to be taken while downloading the game.

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