We all love to watch movies. But. Users can’t go to the theatre or buy DVDs every time we want to watch a video. Now, you do not have to worry about that you can now easily download your favorite movies on your phone, computer, and laptop through MP4MANIA.

Now, you can easily download any of your choice, Hollywood or Bollywood movies and watch it on your phone or laptop. It is effortless to use.

You can also get Hindi or English dubbed movies on this site. You can binge-watch all your favorite videos by downloading them from MP4Mania.  

MP4Mania (2024): Top 6+ Best Alternatives & Similar Websites for MP4Mania


What is MP4Mania? 

If you do not get the time to go to the movie theatres or you cannot find the movie you want to watch on any of the film streaming apps, then this site is for you. MP4Mania is one of the most popular pirated websites.

This website helps you to download videos without having to pay any penny. It is a free movie download website. You can easily download any movies that you want to watch, be it Bollywood or Hollywood or in any regional language. This is a website that supports too many movies.

Not just movies, you can also download TV series and web series. The vast collection of videos, web series, and Tv series of this site will surely amaze you.

But, this is a torrent site, so you have to make sure of the fact that you keep on changing the VPN, as the government tries to ban this site once in a while. You can start by downloading the app, or you can just visit the website and get started.

What are the features of MP4Mania? 

Before you dive into downloading this app or using the site, you might be curious about what features will MP4Mania provides you with. You need to know the primary benefit that a product offers you before you invest your time and effort into it.

There are a lot of features of this site that will help you easily download the movie you want to binge-watch. Lets, get to know the feature – 

1. Easy to use – 

The essential element that we all look for knowingly or unknowingly is how easy is an app or website to use. This site is designed to make it easy to use by all people, no matter their knowledge about the technicalities.

This means that you do not have to be a master in computer to use this website. You can download any of the Bollywood or Hollywood movies just by following some of the easy steps.

2. Huge Library – 

The collection that this website has of all kind of movies will blow your mind. You are sure to find any movies, tv shows, or web series here.

The library is enormous; it is categorized in an organized manner. This helps to find any content easily. So, feel free to check the availability of any Mp4 content on MP4Mania and get surprised.

3. Filters, sort by and bars – 

As the site has a vast library, it has made it easier for its users to find out any content easily. You can find out the content you are looking for by just filtering out the specifications you prefer, and you will have your desired answer.

When you start by searching some content on this website, and you are produced with a long list of video or Mp4 content, you will surely not like to scroll down the whole list. To help you avoid scrolling thousands of results, MP4Mania has bars that will help you to reach your desired results.  

4. Great home page – 

Just like a teaser of the movie helps the audience to understand its essence, the home page of any website to help us to have an impression on that website. Here to MP4Maina will win your hearts.

There is no denying the fact that MP4Mania has a great home page. You do not have to search for uncountable minutes to get the movie, tv-series, or web series that you want to watch. It will help you to handle the website easily.  

5. Filters of various kind – 

Coming back to the screens of the website, there is a wide variety of filter that is used on the site. These filters are based on the genre, language, animation, 3D, Tv shows, and web series.

The list is long, which further helps you to get the content you are looking for. You can just set the filter according to your preference, and in just a few seconds, you will be provided with the result you want.

6. Other Features – 

Another great feature of this site is that it does not charge you with any kind of fees. Whatever you download from this site is available for free. You no longer have to pay a monthly or per content rental to any video or movie streaming app.

You can download any content without paying any penny to Mp4Mania. Even downloading this app is free, you don’t have to pay any fee all through the process. 

How to access the website? 

Accessing the Mp4Mania website is as easy as accessing any other website. You just have to search on the browser, and you will get this website.

But, as this is a piracy site, the government bans it often. It faces bans in many countries. Many of the states are unable to use this site for this issue if you too are facing the same problem you can follow these rules –  

For Laptop or Computer – 

For smartphone – 

How to download Movies, Tv-Shows, and web series from Mp4Mania?  

Before you start by downloading a movie from this website, you need to know that it is a pirated site, and the contents of this website are illegal as well.

Thus, you must download a VPN or VPN extension and change your location. Here are some easy steps that will lead you to download movies from Mp4Mania –

  1. Open the website by searching in Chrome. You will automatically see a video that is recently uploaded on the website.
  2. Go to the search bar of the website and type the movie, tv-series, or web series you are looking for. You will automatically get the result as you press ‘enter.’
  3. You will have to face the problem of pop-up ads. But, it is easy to bypass them, you will be shown 5 pop-up ads, you can cut each of them one by one, or you can install ‘Ad-blocker’ to avoid this issue.  
  4. You will notice the thumbnail of the movie you want to download, but clicking on it might start the online streaming of the film if you do not wish that you can easily download it.
  5. You can download the movie by pressing the download button below the content. Your work is done here; your film will get downloaded in just minutes.


To make it even easier for you to search for movies, and another content MP4Mania has groups you can go to these categories and search for the video you want to watch.

This facility is of great help for those who do not decide which video to watch beforehand and like to check the options the website had to offer. These categories are as follows –

1. Content quality – 

One of the best features of this site is that it has categorized contents according to its video quality. You can easily find content under 480p movies, 720p movies, and 1080p movies. You can also get another category of 700mb HD movies. 

2. According to language – 

This is an essential feature for any downloading movie site. The category where the content can be found organized under different languages makes it easy to find.

You can find movies under – Telugu movies, Tamil movies, Telegu dunned movies, Bollywood, Tollywood, Pakistani movies. Punjabi Movies, Malayalam movies, Kannada movies, New South Indian movies, and much more.

3. Genre – 

This is the most important category. However this site has categorized it in the most fines way, you can easily click on the genre you prefer and get a movie that you would love to watch – 

  1. Action & Adventure
  2. Adventure
  3. Animation
  4. B grade movies
  5. Bollywood Movies
  6. Romance
  7. Comedy
  8. Crime
  9. Drama
  10. Horror
  11. Thriller

This is another category that will help you with the best movies that many people have watched. This genre sometimes consists of the movies that have been awarded globally, and many people have loved watching it.

Best Alternatives of Mp4Mania

However, if you are not satisfied with this website or it has crashed or will not open on your device, you can try out websites that are similar to this and can be a better fit for you. The list of alternatives of Mp4Mania are – 

1. YTS.am 


This is a great website that will quickly provide you with the right movie recommendation and make movie downloads easy for you.

2. 1337x 


This is also an excellent Mp4 downloading website. It has a clean interface that helps you in fast downloading.

3. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay

Even if you are new to downloading movies, you must have heard of this. It might crash as well, and it gets band often, but it supports easy movie download.  

4. SSRMovies

SSR Movies

This is also a great alternative to Mp4Mania. You can easily download movies from it. 

4. Movierulz


If you are bored from Mp4Mania or it won’t work on your device, you can check this site; the interface is clean and comfortable to get along.  

5. Fmovies


This site brings a wide variety of movies for streaming and downloading. It doesn’t charge any amount for availing its services. Viewers don’t need to subscribe or register themselves for accessing this site.

Neither do they need to share any personal information like their debit card or adhaar card number? A variety of filters can be applied while searching for your favourite movies.

Categories are based on their language, genre, animation, year of release, etc. Apart from movies, web series and documentaries are also available here. You don’t have to pay a fee for availing its services. In addition to all these, all contents are available in HD resolution. 

6. Tamilrockers


Another site that needs to he mentioned as an important alternative to this site is the tamilrockers.

This site has a vast library of movies and other content, where you are sure to find your desired content. You can find out your desired movie by simply applying filters that define your specifications.

The unnecessary ones in the list will automatically be filtered out. Not only does the site gives you an amazing variety of movies.

But also it brings to you the popular and trending web series, tv shows and documentaries. While streaming and downloading the contents, you might face some irrelevant ads, which you only need to keep closing.  


1. How does the MP5Mania fund? 

This question might arise in your mind as to how this site is funded. But, it is easy to crack; the ads that you face while trying to fetch any content from this website are the ones funding this website.  

2. Is there any other alternative to use this site without having to download a VPN?

Yes, there is a way that will let you access the content without having to install a VPN. You can use the proxy server; this will help you fetch the content for you; it is like a third party server.

3. Why does it crash? 

It is nothing new; this is caused because the government bans this website now and then. This is why sometimes, when you try to access any content or the site itself, a blank page comes up.  


Now you do not have to pay money to any movie or web series streaming app or go to the theatre now and then. You just need to cautious while using this kind of site. If you are using this website, you should be aware of the fact that not just download you can online stream your favorite movies as well.

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