Top 9+ Best Alternatives for MovieTube (2023)

Do you consider yourself a film buff or a movie maniac? Then your browsing zone also should not be limited only among different streaming channels. With the bliss of the internet, you can quench your thirst from several other platforms as well. The era of the internet has provided us with many online sensations. Where some people have come up with sheer talents whereas the others have just become an overnight sensation in just a flick of an eye.

Some have made this a meaningful purpose whereas some have just grabbed this opportunity to increase the number of likes and followers. The number of viewers has also increased with the increase in technology. Apart from tablets, smartphones, and computers, there are a large number of viewers among smart tv users as well. So either you have a cable connection or not you can always access anything and that too free of cost.

MovieTube (2023): Best Alternatives To Watch Movies Online Free


What is MovieTube?

MovieTube is a website where you can enjoy the online streaming of movies. If you are a cinema lover then you must have heard about this site or you must have also accessed through this site. This website has always remained the most searched by film lovers but there has been a subsequent fall in the number of viewers in the past few days. Though the site has also changed its interface and has come up with all new unique features  , it will take some time to again the boost of the viewers. 

Viewers get accustomed to a site and the same happened with MovieTube as well. In a very short period, MovieTube had been able to attract a large number of audiences. This turned out to be their USP as the content of the site also had updated ones. Many people even changed their preferences and tried out a movie tube.

Apart from its sudden downfall MovieTube is considered one of the best among the other leading websites.

Website Features

You would not like to try anything that is a stereotype. So be it a website or be it any product there should be very easy and attractive features to attract more viewers to the list. There are so many sites available in the market and different sites have a different purpose rather if your search matches your search zone then your search becomes valued. The following points will make you understand how to consider the best features.

  • Availability – You might have intensely searched for some movies but have not succeeded in searching out but what if you hit upon that particular one suddenly. You will start valuing it. The same happened with MovieTube as well. This became popular because of the available content.You will get all types of movies here. The most recent and updated ones are on the list.
  • No seats – You must have been angry for not getting a movie ticket for your favorite one. You will get to see huge crest and trough in the Friday market. Some films do good business whereas some just get washed away and you have to face either an economic shock due to the price hike of tickets or after several trials you cannot get through any sites to purchase a ticket as well or the theatre has already been booked. So to avoid this you can access through the internet and download any movie of your choice and can enjoy a good cinematic ambiance.
  • Language specifications – Many sites have their specific features but language plays a very vital. The website is searched by people all over the country so to cater to all the expectations of the people from various parts of the world.You will be able to enjoy uninterrupted services as the website has a selection bar of its preferable languages and also you can view the movies in your specific language.
  • Search filters – The home page of any website shows only the most viewed one but if you want to search according to your requirement then your work will become smooth if there are several parameters to fulfill the task. The search filters include separate areas to input your preference.
    1. Genres
    2. Languages
  • Special features – If you have browsed any movie or you have enjoyed the online streaming once then you will receive notifications from the site authority whenever any new movie is uploaded to this site. If this movie serves your taste then you can enjoy it otherwise you can always scroll through and choose some other one.
  • Prime member – If you have already been an ardent follower of this site then you can become a prime member as well. This prime membership will help you even to watch some of the most popular movies that are not yet available in the market.

Steps for installing MovieTube

You need to know the proper steps to install this so that you can enjoy the free streaming of online movies. Though there are various guidelines to install this as online streaming is enjoyed on various devices. So the following steps will guide you to install it in your android devices and Ios and smart tv devices. Though it is not required to install this in your laptop or PC there are few steps by which you can enjoy hassle-free online streaming.

1. Steps for downloading MovieTube in Android

You cannot download this straight away from the google play because this is considered as a third party one. There are different steps to download a third-party app. You need to download the APK file first and then download it to install it in your device.

  1. The security setting needs to be changed for android users.
  2. Then you have to choose the administration setting and do the needful.
  3. To install a third-party application you need to enable the settings as the default mode does not appear similarly for such apps.
  4. If you have completed with the installing process then you can easily download the APK file to enjoy uninterrupted streaming

2. Steps for downloading MovieTube in Ios

Androids and Ios have a different database so downloading APK files will not serve your purpose. For enjoying Online movies and tv serials in Ios you need to rely upon the following steps

  1. Ios users must be aware of the application called V player.
  2. You need to install the V player application on your smart device to enjoy online streaming.
  3. If your device has completed the task of installing the V player application you must search for the MovieTube.
  4. Now you can install the MovieTube to enjoy the entertainment procedure.

3. Steps for downloading it in your Laptop or computer

MovieTube is not a legal site so you cannot access it by using it.EXE as an extension file. If you cannot download this on your computer then you can always sync your smartphone device to enjoy the experience of watching movies and tv serials on a better resolution.

4. Steps for downloading it in your smart tv

Cable connections and dish tv’s are becoming an obsolete trend. People are getting accustomed to smart tv devices.

  1. You need to search through the settings of your smart tv.
  2. If the setting is already enabled then you can download it otherwise you need to enable that manually to download the app.
  3. After the download is over you can install it and start enjoying all new experiences.


Movies released in bunches every Friday, Not only they release in different languages but they also have different genres. The purpose for your kid can be fulfilled as well as your purpose of something mature and intellectual kind of stuff can also be fulfilled.

  • Dated movies – The world of entertainment emerged many years ago and since then films have become an inseparable part. No matter whatever movie you prefer or from which arena you will get all sorts of movies here. Be it from the late ’80s or to the very modern movies that have made a buzz among the audience.
  • Type of movies – The type specifically describe the different genres
    1. Animation and cartoon
    2. Actions
    3. Documentaries
    4. Romantics
    5. Patriotic
    6. Mystery
    7. Comedy
    8. Horror
    9. T.V shows
    10. Mythology
  • Recommended Movies – Recommendation of the movies generally depends on the number of searches and the popularity that the movie has gained during its screening time. Many movies are not very popular among the audiences but do carry a great message. You can view among the off beats movies as well.
    1. Godzilla vs. King
    2. Mulan
    3. Winder woman 1984
    4. The flash
    5. Green lantern corps
    6. Cruella
    7. Dune
    8. No time To die
    9. Onward
    10. A quiet place part II

Best Alternative websites

Some various other alternative websites and apps can provide you with similar entertainment experiences. There is a list of following such websites that can give a tough competition to MovieTube.

1. MoviesBox

This is a similar app like MovieTube.Though the interface is different the features are almost the same. The content may also vary but the quality of the content is almost similar to that of MovieTube.

2. PayBox HD

If you have a fetish of watching high definition movies and videos then this is the best place that you can go for because you will be able to watch all updated online streaming contents at one go.

3. HD Movie Center 

You must have visited many sites to get the best quality HD videos but if you have not yet browsed then you should not wait anymore because the interface of this is very user-friendly and you will be able to watch many movies and that too free of cost. You can watch the leading tv serials and the web series in this similar platform as well.

4. MovieFlixter 

You don’t have to think about paying for online streaming nor will you have to get yourself registered. Movie Flixter has become the one-stop solution for cinema lovers. The interface is so alluring that you will feel like browsing over it for the entire day.

5. Butter Project

Yes the name says how well this can perform. It works as smooth as butter. You don’t have to get yourself accustomed to the new interface because it is delicately crafted for entertainment lovers. So you can use this and feel like you have been using this since you started knowing about such different websites.

6. Khatrimaza


Another illegal torrent web page providing viewers with Bhojpuri, Hollywood dubbed, Bollywood dubbed, Tamil, Telegu, Punjabi, Gujarati films is The site has been in operation for quite some time now, attracting millions of traffic every year. The two most important reasons have contributed to its rapid growth. Firstly, the site makes all the latest movies available in HD resolution. Secondly, viewers can access this site for free. They can browse this site at home, and stream and download any movie of their choice. The site gained massive popularity for leaking Amazon prime’s original series Mirzapur, making it available to people for unlawful downloads. 

7. 9xmovies

9xMovies 2020

9x movies has become notorious recently for leaking all the latest movies within  few days of their official release. Movies of all categories are available here. One can get Bollywood and Hollywood dubbed movies along with south Indian movies too. Movies from every genre are covered in this site. Along with movies, the site also brings to viewers several web series, TV shows, documentaries, etc. for free streaming and downloading. Just like other torrent sites, 9x movies too change its domain name frequently as a result of which people have become fed up and are searching for better alternatives. 

8. Movierulz


Another website in this list is Movierulz. The site has an extremely user-friendly interface. All movies are categorised into groups. The movies found on this site cover almost every genre like romance, science fiction, horror, crime, thriller, detective, etc. The site is again a free site providing movie streaming and downloading services in HD resolution. The site was initially banned by the Indian government. Its URL has also been blocked by Google and other service providers. The site continues to operate via proxy servers. It’s hence not safe and recommended to use this illegal site. There are hundreds of legal alternatives that have come up. Viewers are requested to use them. 

9. Tamilrockers


Another illegal free movie streaming and downloading site are the Tamilrockers. Similar to other pirated sites, it provides the latest releases for free in HD resolution. One of the most popular pirated sites, this site’s URL has been blocked and banned by the Indian government. Despite this, it still operates smoothly. The site can be accessed via proxy servers and vpn technology. If you a looking for a site that provides other contents too, apart from movies, the Tamilrockers is the best site. It offers a wide range of web series, documentaries, short stories and tv shows that can be streamed and downloaded for free. 


MovieTube is not a legal place to access but still, there are innumerable viewers and audiences because a large number of people have browsed or browse daily. The number of downloads has also been maximum. This has made this a very popular among the people but authorities have stated this as an illegal one. 

None of the contents present in the website have copyrights. This website or particularly these similar apps don’t have any legal or authentic documents to substantiate their content. The reason for this being, not a legal one is about the copyright issue. Copy right is considered a criminal offense because film owners and other stakeholders tend to face heavy losses if the fils get released in any platform before the proposed time. People no more buy tickets to watch movies rather download from such places which makes the film suffer a drastic loss.


If you haven’t planned anything for yourself then you can also you can experience a very wonderful weekend bu scrolling down the content of these sites. If you are a novice movie maker and you have an urge to watch new films daily then these places are the best that you should look for.

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