Movierulz (2020): Best 16+ Alternatives & Similar Sites


The movie is something which is preferred by almost everybody at their leisure time. Some of the people like to watch a movie and for it, they can do anything. For those fanatics, Movierulz is a site from where they can download any movie for free and can enjoy their favorite movies in the best quality. This site is completely protected and free from any type of fake claims. Whatever this site promises, the same one can get here in the form of movies, web series, tv shows, and drama in HD quality. People are tired of visiting fake sites where they are not able to download a movie or they may contain a virus, which can hazard the system from which you are trying to download the movie. In order to get rid of all these things, one can download their favorite movies from this site in their desired resolution, se. 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p. 

What is Movierulz?


Movierulz is a free movie downloading the app from where people can download their favorite movies for free at any point of time. One can find a particular separation here between the genres if of the movie like Hindi, Tamil, English, etc. movies from around the world can be searched and downloaded here simultaneously. Apart from movies, one can also search and download some of the famous web series, tv shows, dramas, and documentaries. If we consider some of the reports, then Movierulz can work on almost everywhere like pc, iOS, smart tv, etc. one should be kept in mind by the users that they cannot download movierulz directly from google play store or any legal site. One can download this from the third-party source because it is not legal. Another important thing which is important to know about this movie downloading site is that it will work properly only when there is a WIFI connection. Without the connection of WIFI, this movie downloading site may not work because it consumes a lot of data and the improper connection can cause trouble in the speed of downloading.

How to use this?

Movierulz is a movie downloading site from where one can download his favorite movie or web series for free. Users need not to trouble about their favorite as they can download it anytime and anywhere. This movie site work very smoothly and conveniently as the user can open this site by the third party and can watch or download their favorite movie. This site doesn’t require any charge or fees as this is free but illegal. This was once banned by the Indian government. This site is operated by many people handling it from different locations. The unknown user is operating this site by using different ads network. One can watch online videos and other web series directly on this site. 

What type of movies and web series can you watch in Movierulz?

Movierulz is a site which allows its users and visitors to watch or download any type of movie or web series. This is one of the top movies downloading site trending in the society. A large number of users are there who are using this site for downloading movies and web series. Other things can be also downloaded from like dramas, documentaries, tv shows, tv serials, etc. earlier, only Telugu movies were available on this site for download, but now a large variety of movies are available for the users. Recently, movierulz leaked some of the new movies of Bollywood as well as Hollywood. Other trending web series are also there which was leaked by the movierulz. One of the most important things which users should note down is that they must not indulge in downloading movies from this site always as this is not safe and one can be in trouble if they are caught in downloading movies from this site. Rest everything is alright and almost every type of movies can be downloaded from this site. 

Downloading Movierulz APK

Movierulz is a free movie downloading site which is used by a large number of users around the country. This site allows the users to download any type of movie as this site is segregated in all the categories. This site is completely user-friendly and anyone can use it in their way. in today’s world, there is nobody who is not a movie watcher. Some prefer to watch movie in theatre and some like to watch it by downloading. The problem always comes when people try to download any of the movie and encounter fake sites. This problem is faced by almost everybody when they try to download the movie. Thus, they can try movierulz for downloading movies as this site is running at the top presently and one can get almost everything from here. Whether they are looking for a web series or they are looking for a Telugu movie, everything is available here. From Bollywood to Hollywood, from tv shows to tv serials, everything can be downloaded from here or can be watched live. Movierulz can work equally well on pc, iOS, smart tv, etc. one thing is supposed to be told about the movierulz and this is, that the site is completely illegal and the Indian government has once banned this site. Therefore, one who is using this site can be in trouble as they are downloading movies illegally. The handlers of this site are unknown and they handle this site from unknown locations. Movierulz works well only when there is WIFI connection as downloading movies from this site can consume a large amount of data. 

Features of Movierulz

There is absolutely no doubt about this movie downloading site that it is undisputed in the market right now. There is no other site in comparison to movierulz which can work great than this. besides having a lot of features, downloading movies or web series from this site is not suggested as there some of the legal issues regarding this one. But we have some of the qualities of this movie downloading site listed below.

  1. One can watch and download their favorite web series or videos for free while using movierulz. 
  2. The new improvement has been introduced to the site as an update. One can download the new version and can experience its smooth running. All the previous bugs have been fixed.
  3. Fast servers are added to the site which can help the user to watch online videos without any hindrance.  
  4. Any of the users can access this site as this is user-friendly and the process of downloading a movie is easier than other sites.
  5. The size of the movierulz apk is very small and it consumes a very small size or your phone’s space. Another important quality of this site is that it can be downloaded on any of the android phones.
  6. This site has a large number of movies from Telugu, Hindi, English and other languages which one can download and watch online. 
  7. This site has a personalization theme, views and most importantly, everything is in Latin. 

In the world of downloading movies, movierulz is a name which can complete almost all the desires and preference of the users. One can download any of the movie in any of the languages. One can download the apk of this website and enjoy downloading movies throughout. 

Is it safe to download movies from Movierulz?

this website is not safe for downloading movies. This website was banned by the Indian government due to some illegal issues. The website illegally provides some of the new movies to be downloaded by the users which is wrong. Using this website for downloading movies or watching videos online is not suggested as the user can put himself in trouble as this site is banned in India. According to the sources, this site was made in Vietnam. Once upon a time, this site was used by 98 million people for downloading movies which was later declared illegal by the American government. If we neglect the legal issues of this website, then there are some other issues which can cause problems to the users while using this site like the problem of virus. Using this illegal site can cause the attack of the virus in your phone and in result, your phone will start working slow and even it will crash. Using this site can take you to some of the other unprotected sites which is a threat to your pc or android phone. The processor of the pc or android can get damaged while using this website for a longer time.  Overheating can be another problem which you can face while using Movierulz apk for downloading and watching videos of movies online. Considering all these things in mind, one should not indulge in activities like downloading movies form this unprotected and banned website. 

No, this website is completely illegal for downloading movies or live streaming of any of the video. This site was banned by the Indian government because of the legal issues. There are many handlers of this website and they are totally unknown. They handle this website from different places and according to reports this website is run and managed by the handlers from Vietnam. Once, this website crossed 98 million user which is very high and again as a threat this site was declared as an unprotected and illegal website. Motion picture of American said that this is the notorious site which provides all the HD movies for free download. Recently, Movierulz has provided some of the new Bollywood movies for free download to the users. That’s why this website is proved to be illegal and the users are not advised to download movies from this website as this can put them in trouble. 

Best Alternatives & Similar Sites to Movierulz

There are some of the best alternatives to Movierulz which can be used by the users for downloading or live streaming of the videos or movies. 

1. Netflix


Netflix is one of the top-used websites where one can watch web series, movies, videos, documentaries, etc. for free. They can enjoy the service for free if they have a Netflix account. One can watch videos or movies without getting any break in between. This is one of the most trending websites used by the people nowadays. Some of the famous web series can be downloaded from this website as they are available on Netflix.

2. Amazon Prime Videos

Amazon Prime Videos

Amazon prime videos is an American internet video service which is operated by Amazon. This video service is preferred by many users who like streaming videos inline. In UK, Germany, Sweden, and Austria, one can access to prime video through a video-only membership which doesn’t require a full prime subscription.

3. Hotstar


Hotstar is very much famous for watching live cricket matches. Besides being a top-rated website, this website has many significant features for which people like this. this is owned by the Novi Digital Entertainment service. Visit this website to watch movies and live streaming in different languages like Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Marathi, etc. The headquarters of this website is located in Mumbai, Maharashtra. One can use this official website for watching and downloading movies.

4. Mx Player

Mx Player

Mx Player is one of the most used application by the users of mobile phones. This application is helpful if you want to download some of the movies or want to watch the live videos. You can also download some of the renowned web series and other documentaries. This website is top-rated by the users and the first preference of mobile phone users.

5. Sony Liv

Sony Liv

Sony Liv is can be one of the best alternatives to Movierulz. People use this website for the download of their favorite movies and tv serials. Every famous tv serial, movie and web series are available here. Those who are very much desirous of watching movies and tv serials can download the application and enjoy their favorite tv serials. 

6. HDO

HDO is a website which can be used for watching and streaming Hollywood movies and videos. Lovers of Hollywood movies can watch and download their all-time favorite movies. This is a legal website where one can download tv shows and allows the users to watch the movie for free. This is an American website. Those who are desirous of watching and downloading Hollywood movies can go to this website and download their favorite Hollywood movies.

7. LookMovie


The website is in the category of renowned and legal websites where one can watch Bollywood movies and videos. One of the significant facts about this website is that viewers and users can watch HD movies and videos here. Use this website as a substitute for Movierulz. Various movies are available here which can be downloaded by the users and enjoy watching. 

8. YesMovies


YesMovies is a website where one can watch movies and stream service videos live. It allows the users to watch videos and other episodes from any of the web series. Quality will be completely HD of any movie or video. This website is full of facilities and the users can watch HD movies from Bollywood and Hollywood. Use this website to watch old or new tv shows. Instead of using Movierulz, use this website for a better experience of watching and downloading movies. 

These are the best trending alternatives which one can use for downloading movies or for watching live videos. These alternatives are completely safe and protected in comparison to Movierulz.

9. BigFlix


Finding local and independent desi movies can be challenging. But with BigFlix in the Picture, you will not have to worry about it any longer. If you are into watching local movies, then this streaming platform will be your savoir. Whether you want to stream movies online or are looking to download something that you can watch later in the day. This platform will be your best option. This streaming platform boasts of having an extensive collection of movies, and with over 10,000 titles, we will have to agree with that assessment! Enjoy movies from the comfort of your own home, and have an eventful evening. With this streaming platform, you can watch the latest Bollywood movies at an affordable rate!

10. Spuul


Bollywood movie aficionados are going to love this streaming platform. Although the subscription fee may be a bit costly, this streaming platform delivers what it promises. You can not only stream movies online but download them as you go. Whether you want to watch a movie on your phone as you are commuting to your workplace, or you want to have a movie night with friends, Spuul lets you have access to it all! Watch movie titles which are not featured anywhere else and build up your movie collection with this amazing streaming service. With this streaming service you can gain access to those movie titles which many people may not know of, and hence are not available on other popular streaming platforms.

11. Airtel TV

Airtel TV

Love to watch regional movies and TV shows but can’t find them online? Not anymore! Airtel TV is a dedicated streaming platform that users can access to get their movie fix. You can not only access movies and TV shows but watch LIVE channels as well. The biggest selling point of Airtel TV is that it features regional content as well. Regional content can be challenging to find since all streaming platforms like to cater to a wide audience, and hosting regional content is not feasible with this model. But Airtel TV recognizes that sometimes people want to watch content, which is their regional language, and thus allows their users to select from a variety of languages!

12. Zee5


Zee is one of the biggest Tv networks in India, so it is only natural that they should have their own streaming platform. With this subscription, you can access Lice Zee channels as well as some live content.

12. Moviemad


For movie lovers, Moviemad is an online platform that is the best because the site provides a plethora of movies, of various languages for free downloading and streaming. All contents are available in HD resolution, free of cost. The site provides downloading links at a single click, unlike the fake sites. Apart from Bollywood and Hollywood dubbed movies, the site also offers old and new regional films. Not only that, but dubbed versions of origins films are also available so that people can stream in any language of their choice. The site is an extremely well-designed one, enabling everyone to browse through it easily. 

13. Movie4k


Movie4k is an online illegal torrent movie streaming site where people can not only stream movies but also download them in any format of their choice. The site hosts a wide variety of movies, ranging from Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Gujarati, Punjabi movies to Bollywood and Hollywood dubbed ones. Apart from movies, the site also offers trending web series, documentaries, short films, tv functions to be enjoyed. All services are offered for free. Despite being illegal, the site continues to function through proxy servers. The site has gained popularity because of its attractive features, which have made this site easily navigable. Additionally, the site provides high downloading speed and good audio quality. 

14. Bollyshare


Are you in search of a free movie providing site? Bollyshare is one such online platform that brings to you the latest movie collections within a few days of their official release. It’s a pirated site that leaks pirated contents and is hence illegal, but people prefer using this site because it offers all services for free. You can stream and download a wide range of Hindi and Hollywood dubbed films and regional ones too in HD resolution. For accessing the site, you don’t have to register or give your card details. All downloading links are available at a single click. The movies are selected from all genres, covering romance, horror, thriller, crime, comedy, and whatnot. 

15. Moviezwap


In recent years, a lot of movie streaming sites have come up to cater to people’s need for entertainment. People in today’s busy world hardly get tome to go to theatres for watching films. They hence prefer these movie streaming sites online where they can stream and download their favourite movies of their choice anytime. Movieswap is on such a service providing site. All services are provided for free. The site’s interface is extremely user friendly, allowing everyone to navigate through it easily. Also, the site’s movie contents are classified based on their genres, year of release or language, making it easy to find out your desired movie from the lists. It is because of all these reasons, Movieswap has become so popular despite being an illegal site. 

Other alternatives are the following:

Use google tricks for downloading movies

Using Movierulz for downloading movies is quite dangerous and it can put the user in trouble. Nut there are some of the Google tricks which should be followed by the users with which they can easily download videos without any trouble. This command line is very easy to remember and following this, one can download movies from this website for free and without any trouble. 

Read more:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Regarding Movierulz

Q1. What is Movierulz?

Movierulz is a website from where one can download HD movies for free. This website enables the user to download a large number of movies for free and watch live videos online. This is one of the most trending sites for the downloading of movies.

 Q2. Is it safe to download movies from Movierulz?

Not, it is not safe to download movies from Movierulz. This site is completely illegal and it consumes a large space of ROM of your PC or android phone. It might put your system in danger or fault that can happen in the processor. 

Q3. What are the features of Movierulz?

Not all the things about this website are negative. Some of the positive aspects are also there of this website as one can download HD movies from here. Movies from Bollywood and Hollywood are available in different resolutions.

Q4. What are the other alternatives to Movierulz?

Other alternatives of Movierulz is there in the form of Netflix, Amazon Prime Videos, and Hotstar, etc. these alternatives are safe than Movierulz.  

Q5. Is there any problem if we download movies from Movierulz?

Yes, the problem can happen to the users if they download movies from Movierulz as this is an illegal website which is banned by the Indian government. This website has illegally provided users to download HD movies for free.

Q6. What are the latest movies leaked by Movierulz?

There are some of the latest movies leaked by the movierulz illegally. Some of them are Dream Girl, Super 30, Pagalpanti, Bala, Bahubali, Avengers Endgame, 2.O, Comali, 96, Bigil, etc. 

Movierulz is trending besides being illegal because it provides a wide range of HD movies for download. This website is also famous for the live streaming of the videos. Users can access any of the videos at any point of time.

Q8. Why one should not use Movierulz for downloading videos?

One should not use Movierulz for downloading videos because this can put the users in trouble as they are downloading from an illegal website.  

Hence these are the important things which one should know about the Movierulz. Before downloading movies from this free movie downloading website, one should be highly vigilant and observant because this website is illegal and banned by the Indian government. Trouble might can happen to the user and damage can also happen to their PC or android set.


We are not intended to promote any of the online website or torrent website by writing this article. This is only for the kind information of the readers and making them aware about the free movie download website, Movierulz. The users are suggested to stay away from such websites if they are going to download movies. 

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