MovieNinja (2023): Top 17+ Best Alternative Sites Like Movie Ninja

Movieninja is the perfect website for you to download Hollywood and Hollywood dubbed latest and old movies. It provides great content for Hindi speaking people because this is the best site if you love watching movies dubbed in Hindi. It has emerged as a popular movie downloading site as the site offers not only Bollywood and Hollywood movies, but also a great number of South Indian movies as well. Despite being an illegal torrent website, similar to other downloading sites, Movieninja website continues to be used by millions of people, because of its quality service. If you are unable to stream your favorite movies through Movieninja, then using a credible VPN like Surfshark can be really helpful. Keeping in mind that Surfshark offers quality features, it’s perfect software for online browsing. Users also get unlimited devices, clear web browsing safe from phishing and malware attacks, and high-level encryption making it a perfect VPN to begin with.  

About Moviesninja 2023

Movieninja was created online just a few years back. Since then it has been used immensely by movie maniacs for downloading and streaming movies online in High definition quality. Initially, it only provided limited movies. But now, its collection is huge consisting of innumerable old and new Telugu, Tamil, Bollywood, Hollywood dubbed, Marathi and Punjabi movies. Not only that, but one can also watch and download web series, tv shows, documentaries, desi drama, etc. in HD resolution for free. Before going any further, know that movie ninja is an illegal site that provides pirated content. 

If you are caught browsing through Movieninja, the police have every right to arrest you and punish you under the anti-piracy law. To stop the piracy business of these illegal torrent sites, the Indian government has banned these sites. Also, Google has blocked the main domain of these websites. But still, they continue to operate and function smoothly. These websites continue to operate by changing their domain extensions frequently. Even if these sites cannot be accessed through Google directly, they can access the site by using the VPN technology or via proxy servers. 

MovieNinja (2023): Alternatives To Watch Latest Movies And TV Shows Free Online


Moviesninja website

Movieninja is notorious for releasing all Bollywood and Hollywood movies in HD resolution within hours of their theatrical release. They make the latest films available to viewers free of cost. As a result, people have stopped visiting theatres to watch movies, as the arrival of such illegal torrent sites have made it easier for people to watch movies sitting back at home. Not only is this the reason for its rising popularity, but also the fact that it provides an undeniably large collection of Bollywood and Hollywood movies. But owing to its frequent changes in domain names, people have become fed up and are looking for better alternatives to Movieninja. 

Moviesninja 2023 categories

Movieninja provides movies of various categories. A few of these categories are listed down:

Upon visiting the homepage of the Movieninja site, you will find plenty of movies shown. You can search for your desired movie and continue watching.

Moviesninja Domain and Server Details

Before browsing through Movieninja, it’s good to have detailed knowledge about the site. Visiting the website is illegal by law and can put your privacy at stake. The moment you visit any such pirated site, your information is put at risk. They can be stolen at any time. Such kind of pirated websites usually invests after the domain. Needless to say that browsing through such sites can also land you up in jail and you may get charged a huge amount by the court if found guilty of violating the anti-piracy law. 

Is downloading movies from Moviesninja 2023 Illegal?

It’s course illegal to download movies from not only the Movieninja site, but also from any similar torrent sites. Even if you are browsing through such sites, you are supporting the piracy business. And if you are ever caught red-handed, you will be charged and punished as per the anti-piracy law. Any person found guilty 

Best Moviesninja Movie alternatives

Though it can be dangerous to download movies from Tamilrockers website, we are sharing some of the alternatives that you can rely on:

Here are the best Moviesninja Movies alternatives in 2023

1. Cinemavilla


Another illegal site offering pirated content is cinema villa. The site provides Malayalam, Tami Telegu, Marathi movies in an illegal way since the site doesn’t have copyright for uploading any of the films. Apart from movies, one can also get web series, TV series, documentaries, and everything. The site provides free streaming of movies and downloading services similar to other illegal torrent sites. 

2. Madrasrockers


This site too, doesn’t have any copyright for realising movies, and hence illegally releases movies. So if anyone is caught browsing through this site, the person might be jailed. The site provides an array of movies from all categories, like Punjabi, Marathi, Bollywood, Hollywood, Telugu, and Tamil. Similar to other torrent sites, one can download and watch movies online for free in HD quality. 

3. Filmywap


Filmywap is an illegal torrent websites, that allows viewers to stream and download movies of any category in HD resolution for free. The site has an innumerable collection of old and new movies and hence id preferred by people the most. Categories of movies found here include Hollywood Dubbed, Bollywood, Marathi, Gujarati, Telugu, and Tamil. Apart from movies, the site also uploads desi drama, web series, tv programs, songs mp3, etc. 

4. Tamilyogi


Tamilyogi is again a pirated website that can be browsed to watch and download the latest English, Tamil, Malayalam, Marathi, Punjabi movies. In today’s world, there is hardly anyone who doesn’t like watching movies. People prefer to watch movies sitting at home instead of managing time to go out and watch movies in theatres, paying huge ticket prices. All this has led to the rising demand for these sites. 

5. Movierulz


Movierulz is one of the well-known torrent sites that people browse to watch and download movies for free. All its contents are in High Definition quality. Despite several restrictions imposed on this site, the site continues to operate and function smoothly. There is a huge collection of latest and old Telugu, Tamil, Marathi, Bollywood and Hollywood movies. Not only that, but you can also watch TV serials, web series, etc. 

6. Khatrimaza


Khatrimaza is another public pirated site that offers similar services. It allows viewers to watch the latest movies of their choice free. Not only that, it provides free downloading services in HD quality as well. It has become popular ever since the site released Amazon prime’s original web series The Family Man and Mirzapur. 

7. Worldfree4u


This site is famous for downloading everything illegal. The site enables users to stream movies and download movies for free in High Definition resolution. The site doesn’t ask for any of your details like credit card number, atm pin or anything. There is a huge collection of movies and web series that one can find on this site. 

8. 9xmovies

9xMovies 2020

this site leaks all Malayalam, Telugu, Tamil, Gujarati, Bollywood and Hollywood movies and allows users to stream and download them for free in HD quality. Surely this torrent site won’t be a disappointment. You can get any of your favourite movie, web series, and tv programs here. 

9. SolarMovie


This is one of the most amazing alternatives to Movieninja. This website can be viewed through the phone as well as the computer; this does not affect the quality of the video. Solarmovie also has a brilliant app that can be used on Android devices as well as iOS devices. The collection of movies that this website hosts keep growing every day and the number of TV shows that is available for users to cruise through is also massive. There is a bast collection of old movies as well that any movie buff will enjoy. With its simple interface, it is no doubt that this page will attract more people every day. 

1. Viewster

Viewster is a broadcast flow site with entrance to thousands of films and TV shows. Thought, almost of these schemes are programs, individualistic presentations, and anime. The site also has an entrance to a lot of indigenous web content and momentary movies. You will find a short alternative of favoured British display, including Peep Show and The Inbetweeners. If you ought to vision the top shows and films from crucial transmit networks and film studios, you will require to look somewhere else. The chief leader of Viewster is the variation of network series and anime. For fans of these categories, you should pursue the content obtainable on Viewster.

2. Tubi tv 

Tubi TV supplies entrance to free films and television shows from any tool. You can download the Tubi TV application on your mobile, tab, or run the tool. After downloading the application, you can outlook thousands of plans. Signing in is free and permits you to synchronize your line overall tools. This lets you improve your show or film where you port off even when changing to other tools. The plans obtainable on Tubi TV are not inexpensive B-movies or individualistic movies. Most of the newest films are working movies from crucial Hollywood studios. Though, you can also observe hundreds of standard titles in different categories, counting drama and comedy.

3. PopCornFlix


Popcornflix was set free in 2023 with a choice of individualistic movies. It is presently obtainable in North America and works on a variation of platforms counting gaming comforts, streaming tools, and web crawlers. Most of the placate that was firstly obtainable on the site were all alone manufactured. They also provide a lot of web sequence. Though, they have started adding standard Hollywood movies from a variety of categories. These A-list movies are ad-assisted, which means that you require to watch commercials to view a whole film. Popcornflix also brooks TV shows, counting old cartoon shows and a short choice of British shows.

4. Retrovision Classic

this is one of the online sites used for streaming and downloading movies. It has a limited stock of selected classical movies. Viewers Don’t need to create an account to avail of its services. You can search for your favourite movie here and start watching it. This site provides you with old classical movies of different genres. It has most of the movies from the 1930s to 1960s based on horror, romance, action, and sci-fi. Apart from these, you can also find some episodes of old television shows like jack benny show and the dick van dyke. Mainly this site is good for people who tend to like vintage movies and shows. 

5. Classic Cinema Online

this site similar to the other ones offers free legal services to viewers and doesn’t require people to get a membership or sign in to avail of its services. You just need to browse the site and look for your desired movie. It provides its users with a large collection of movies, the majority of which are featured movies from the 1940s. There are some other sets available here, that belong to the 1960s and 1970s time. Since most of its movies are placed through different sites, so quite probable to face some broken links. Other than this downside, Classic Cinema Online is a quite suitable website to stream older films.

6. Vimeo


In 2004, almost a year before YouTube initiated, Vimeo was developed. Quite identical to YouTube, Vimeo is also used by users as a video sharing platform. Through this users can post their authentic creations online. Anyway, in comparison to others, Vimeo was the first site to assist both streaming and uploading HD videos. Earlier, because of Vimeo, many self-supporting filmmakers were able to present their own created films to a huge audience. Vimeo has a huge collection of movies and short films online. All these contents are available in HD quality and are made by both professionals and beginners. Most of its contents are freshly created and uploaded online by small film studios or self-supported filmmakers, with genre ranging from comedy to experimental. Excluding this, Vimeo also has a collection of older classic films and vague foreign films.

7. FilmChest

Film Chest, a media company, who are mostly concerned with reconstructing and keeping a backup of older films. This website is quite user-friendly to surf around with a simple interface. It has a collection of over 2,000 films, among which most are accessible on other sites too. Including those, Film Chest also reconstructs these films. Film Chest provides you with some films with better picture quality in comparison to other websites. Mostly, the site provides classical films. 

8. YouTube

YouTube never lets you feel a shortage of content. The website is filled with thousands of home videos, films, documentaries, web series, daily hacks, and other videos. Almost every big television channel nowadays, have their own YouTube channel. YouTube can be considered to be one of the most visited websites in the world. It also has e subscription-based premium service that offers you access to live television programs. 

How to download movies from Moviesninja Movies 2023?

All one needs to do is search for his favourite movie on Movieninja. Upon finding the desired movie, you will be redirected to another page. Choose from the options of either streaming or downloading the video and click on it accordingly. That’s it. Enjoy. Meanwhile, you might face some pop-up advertisements. Keep closing all irrelevant advertisements. 

Why escape downloading Movies from Moviesninja movies 2023?

The Movieninja site too comes with its pros and cons. Though it provides movies in HD resolution to viewers for free, it provides pirated content. This is the principal weakness of this site. It is an illegal torrent site that supports the piracy business. Browsing through such sites might prove to be troublesome for people. If a person is caught, the offender will mot only be jailed for violating the rules, but also will have to pay a huge amount. Moreover, surfing such illegal sites might steal anyone’s data and information. 

Movieninja has adversely affected the Indian film industries by releasing all the new movies within hours of their release. Sometimes, they leak movies even before they hit theatres. As a result, people are preferring to sit back at home and watching the new releases without having to spend a penny. According to reports, such illegal sites have resulted in a total loss of Rs. 180 crores lately. Knowing the amount of hard labour it takes to produce a new film, we should respect the dedication of the people associated with film making and hence should stop visiting such pirated contents. 

In past few months, Movieninja has released many blockbuster movies a few hours back before their official release. Producers and actors who have already established a huge fan base don’t get affected because their hardcore fans go to theatres no matter what. The struggling and debutant actors get affected the most. As a sincere citizen, we should abide by the law and respect the fact that people have put after making a complete film. It’s time we start watching the legal sites like Netflix, Lookmovies and others at a normal subscription fee. 


1. Why do Movieninja keeps on changing its domain?

Since the main web address has been blocked by Google, Movieninja keeps changing its domain names so that people associated with the site don’t get caught. 

2. What can happen to a person if found guilty of using such pirated sites? 

If a person is found browsing through any such illegal site, the culprit will be arrested and might be charged a sum of $ 150, 000. 

3. Why is the main domain name of Movieninja blocked by Google? 

Being an illegal torrent site, it shouldn’t be accessible to people. So Google has blocked the web address of Movieninja. But the site has changed its domain name and continues to operate freely. 

4. Recent films that Movieninja has released

  • Joker
  • The Irishman
  • Parasite

5. What kind of movies do you find in Movieninja?

The different kinds of movies available to download from movie ninja. The best way to Cruise through all the different titles is by selecting the different categories available on the website. There are hundreds of different genres as well as movies from different languages available on this website. 

6. Is Movieninja safe?

Yes. movie ninja is safe, but there is the problem of downloading copyrighted materials what users should not have to worry a lot as it is the distributors who mostly fall into legal trouble. Using a VPN and an ad blocker is advisable to be safe from trackers.

7. What is Movieninja?

Movieninja is a movie downloading as well as a streaming website that allows users to access HD quality movies from different languages. People do not have to register to the website to download the movies which are available free of cost. 


The information provided in this site is mainly for educational purposes. The site neither aims nor intends to encourage people to support the illegal piracy business. The site understands and respects the laws of the Indian government and strives to abide by them.

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