Lordhd:  One-Stop Solution for Your Cravings to Watch Movies

Movies are probably the best way to find an escape from the boring and busy reality of our lives. Want to make it the cheapest escape too? Just reach out to some torrent movie downloading site over the web. But then again there are so many sites over the internet. So how do you know which one to choose? Simple! You just opt for the site that keeps the latest updates, has the best of the movies from all times, and is at the same easy to use. If you are still confused as to which site to opt for, then let us choose for you! If you have not heard of the site before and this is your first time hearing its name, well then you were utterly deprived till now! Read along to get a clearer idea about the site and how to use it. 



The site has some very brilliant features. It is for these features that the site has been able to make and keep a stand on its position in the market. There are so many sites in the market right now that it is very difficult to keep a loyal audience to oneself. The site hence must have unique and varied features of its own to keep its users satisfied. Lordhd has been able to put up with the other competitors in the race and here is how. 

1. Latest movies available:

The site has all the latest movies that are released in the theatres within days of their premiere. If you are a movie geek then this would be the best choice for you to watch movies online and that too sitting on your couch. Movies are available on every site. However, when they are made available is the focus here. If by the time the movies are available on the site, they have already premiered on the television then what is the point of it all? Lordhd makes sure that that never happens. 

2. Different types of content:

The site does not only have movies but also television shows. It has all the latest on going TV serials of the moment. So if you have missed one episode of one of your favourite serials then you can always catch up with it. All you have to do is to reach out to the site of Lordhd and search the serial you are looking for and enjoy the episode.

3. All kinds of video formats:

You can watch videos or movies in all kinds of video qualities. Of course, the site has Hugh Definition videos but not all devices can support the format. So if your device is one of those which cannot support videos of High Definition then this site has got your back. It has many other video qualities from which you could choose.

4. Varied genres:

The site has movies from all genres. Starting from romance to comedy to horror to thrillers, Lordhd has all kinds of movies available on the site. You can be a fan of documentaries or biographies or action movies and be sure to find a movie of your choice on the site. 

5. Movies of different languages:

The site also has movies about different languages. You can be a South Indian or a Bengali or a Marwari or have some other mother tongue and yet be sure to have a movie in a language that you are fluent in. The site contains subbed and dubbed versions of movies as well. 


The site has movies of every genre. Let us take a brief look at some of the genres that Lordhd provides for its users:

1. Comedy:

There is nothing like some good laughs. But to have some good laughs you must have some great comedy movies in hand. Lordhd provides you with some of the best comedies of all times-old, new and latest. 

2. Documentaries:

You can never read full-length books and novels about great people and phenomenal events given our present hectic lifestyles. Lordhd has numerous such documentaries to make sure that you do not miss out on anything that happens around the world.

3. Romance:

The dreamy land of romances is great getaways for many. If you are searching for some of the best love stories of all times starting from different versions of Romeo and Juliet to Another Cinderella Story, Lordhd could be your destination.

4. Thriller:

There are always some people who like to be kept on their toes and the edge of their seats always expecting a thrilling turn of events in the movies. If you are one of the thriller lovers then Lordhd brings to you a set of the most popular movies from the thriller genre that you are sure to enjoy.

Alternatives for Lordhd:

It is always safer to keep some options in hand. You would like to have a backup in case Lordhd is not the site for you. Well, in this case, you have ten!


The site does not promote or encourage plagiarism. Rather the site condemns individuals who act along with the act itself. Plagiarism is not only a legal offense but also morally wrong. Stealing someone’s original content without their permission or without paying them proper tribute is ethically wrong too. The site encourages its users to stay away from the act. 


Is Lordhd legal?

No, Lordhd is an illegal site. It is banned in many places all over the world as it is a torrent movie downloading site that lets you watch movies for free.

Does Lordhd contain ads?

Well no, Lordhd does not contain Google advertisements. However, it does contain pop-ups from where they earn their money. 

How to get rid of annoying pop-ups while watching movies?

The site has pop-up advertisements that can sometimes disrupt your movie-watching experience. But you can also install an Ad Blocker and use it to block the pop-ups. 

Does the site let you watch movies for free?

Yes, the site is a torrent movie downloading site. It lets its users download top quality and latest movies for free. 

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