The popular business networking site is adding gaming features. Bosses might like this because it can help workers improve the company’s rank. Additionally, these games could boost team collaboration and morale.

LinkedIn became important for many small business owners and big company managers who want to hire people. Also, job seekers like it. Now, the platform owned by Microsoft wants to make people stay longer by adding a new thing: online games.

It’s difficult to think about LinkedIn making its main job better: helping many workers and businesses connect and achieve their job and business goals better. In a way, it’s similar to TikTok but with mostly professional users and no videos or dances. Even though it already has over a billion users, LinkedIn wants to make them stay longer by adding online games.

Recently, office workers who used to sneakily play online games when their boss approached them now find themselves encouraged to make work more like a game by a leading business networking site. Before, memories of hastily closing game screens to hide playing digital games like Pingu-Throw or Angry Birds on a phone at work were common. But now, it seems there’s a new approach to work.

According to LinkedIn, online games aren’t seen as wasting time at work anymore. Playing games on LinkedIn could actually help your company’s reputation. When you do well in the games, it helps your company look good too. It’s like showing off your Wordle wins, and your boss might even share it as a company success.

Linkedin to add online gaming to professional tools

TechCrunch made a scary idea about LinkedIn joining puzzle games. They found out about LinkedIn planning three games: “Crossclimb,”  “Queens,” and “Inference.” But they didn’t know much about how the games would work. They did mention that player scores will show where they work, and companies will get ranked by this.

Gone are the days when companies proudly showcased Quiz Night clubs and bowling teams as their top extracurricular activities. Now, with LinkedIn’s upcoming features, professionals can enjoy online games without fear of consequences.

LinkedIn’s decision to introduce games might seem puzzling at first. Typically, websites try to keep visitors around to show them more ads and make more money. But it doesn’t seem like LinkedIn is doing this. It also doesn’t seem like they’re trying to help Microsoft make more money from its gaming businesses.

However, games are often among the most popular smartphone apps every year. LinkedIn believes adding some fun to business on its platform could attract more users. Moreover, the New York Times’ success with Wordle has shown how games can boost traffic to other content.

“We’re playing with adding puzzle-based games within the LinkedIn experience to unlock a bit of fun, deepen relationships, and hopefully spark the opportunity for conversations,” TechCrunch reported that a LinkedIn representative’s email confirmed the new development. “Stay tuned for more!”

Linkedin to add online gaming to professional tools

Besides avoiding getting caught playing forbidden games during work hours, the upcoming LinkedIn features will give an extra benefit to both companies and employees. Unlike TikTok, which has faced threats of shutdown, LinkedIn users won’t have to fear losing the platform due to political pressure. This means people can enjoy using LinkedIn without worrying it might disappear because of what politicians say.

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