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LimeTorrents (2020): Best Alternatives & Similar Sites




How can have a better browsing experience through Limetorrents?

What do you do after a tiring day? You must have your ways to put an end to your schedule. Entertainment is considered to be the best alternative to have a relaxing experience. The methods of entertainment may vary for different people but movies, games, and kinds of music are almost liked by every individual. Whatever might be your profession we spend most of our time browsing on the internet. The purpose can be different but whenever it comes to movies or games or some videos we surf through various torrent sites.

You can gift yourself a wonderful time going through different torrent sites and spend your leisure time in a meaningful way. If you haven’t planned anything for your weekend then can you utilize it in the best possible way? You can call up your group and have a gala time by viewing through the contents of these sites whereas you can enjoy a solitary experience as well. 

LimeTorrents (2020): Best Alternatives & Similar Sites


What is limetorrents?

If you are an internet expert or if you consider yourself gadget freak then you must have heard about limetorrents. It is one of the most popular torrent websites that have come up rapidly. Though this emerged quite a few years ago but within a very limited period this gained popularity. You must be thinking what made such a simple site so popular or you must be thinking what contents do torrent sites have? 

Torrent sites are normal websites with contents based on your favorite movies, games, music, videos and other modes of entertainment. Similarly, this generation also did the same and started enjoying the contents that the site had. Though alternative sites have now come up and you will be able to access through such sites but a few years back limetorrents were the sole recognition.

Website features

Till date, you must have browsed through numerous websites and the most liked ones have been those with some unique features. No matter whatever the thing is, features of that particular product makes it appealing. Similarly, limetorrents must also have some unique features for which it has been able to invite a large number of audiences down the line. The following points will give you a brief outlook.

  • User-friendly interface – Since 2009 the interface of this website has been a very simple one. Nomatter whether you are a tech-savvy person or a non-tech savvy person the interface will suit you and you don’t have to make a fuss regarding its usage.
  • Informative and well-crafted home page–Many torrent sites don’t have a well-organized home page, as a result, audiences tend to lose interest but limetorrents website has a very organized homepage. You will get every piece of information that will allow you to experience a smooth and entertaining browsing journey.
  • Separate filters – Being one of the most liked torrent sites some of the features have made this site ahead in comparison. These filters are based on specific languages, specific genres, specific areas of interest and separate filters for movies, games, and music. As movies have separate genres games and music also have such genres. So you will be able to choose according to your wishlist.
  • Special feature – If you have not been able to download any content from the site due to any date error or if the download process has remained incomplete then you will be able to download that from the point where the download had stopped

How should you download limetorrents?

One thing you need to remember is that you will not be able to enjoy online streaming with the help of this website rather you will be able to download movies, games, anime, and kinds of music. So without downloading the website, you will not be able to have access to it. The following steps will help you to download this on your computer or laptop.

  • 1st step –You have to download rather install BitTorrent for your system. You need to download your software depending on the operating system of your computer or desktop.
  • 2nd step –After visiting the LimeTorrents site you can download any torrent file of your choice. In the prescribed search box you will find several sites.
  • 3rd step – After the entire downloading process you have to copy the URL of the torrent file.
  • 4th step – You can just make a right-click on the specific file and then come down again to copy that one. 
  • 5th step – As mentioned earlier if the download process is complete then you need to install BitTorrent. Your job is almost done as now you have to make a click just on the hyperlink and paste the previously copied URL of the Limetorrent file. 
  • 6th step –Now you can click ok to download anything of your choice. The download duration will depend upon your internet connection. 


The category is a very vital feature and when the category is of a website moreover of a torrent website then it acts as one of the primary keys. You will get to see many categorical differences. The categories are made for the benefits of the users.

  • Year bars – If you have a fetish for retro movies then you can have a very good watch time because with the help of the year bar filter you can have access to the movies of postcolonialism as well. You can also get to download black and white movies as well.
  • Movie genres – Movies are largely categorized depending upon their types and the specific genres are
    • Drama
    • Fiction
    • Documentaries
    • Women Empowerment
    • Sports
  • Game genres – Games  also have diversified categories and some such categories are
    • Action
    • Race
    • Mission
    • Casino
  • Music genres – Music can also be classified into several categories
    • Albums
    • Moods
    • Movie songs
    • Folk
    • Classical

Though the genres are endless these are the few mentioned ones that will help you to understand the different categories.

  • Recommended movies – The recommendation of the movies are largely classified into several categories and certain such recommendations are
    • Popular movies
    • Award winners and nominees
    • Recommended by viewers
    • IMDB rated movies
    • Most watched

The list of recommendations actually can be huge and very huge.

  • Noticeable movies –This fulfills the viewer’s thirst as to which content should be downloaded and not and such noticeable contents are
    • Ben Hur
    • Dear Zindagi
    • Mechanic Resurrection
    • Little Miss Perfect
    • If Cats Disappeared from the World

Alternative Websites

Everything has its competition even popular websites like LimeTorrents have such similar websites. These websites can also be considered as alternative ones. Though the purpose and the functional procedure are the same still thing is different from the other. 

1. Kickass Torrents

This is also a very popular site and you can also browse through it to see the contents that kickass torrent has. If you are a go-getter kind of person and you frequently download kinds of stuff like movies and games then you can take a permanent leap from your preferred site.

2. The Pirate Bay

People who have already used say that the name justifies the site because the entertainment content of this site is huge. Your access through this site will probably allow you to find those movies are games that you might have been searching for quite some time. So if you want to become a pirate then you need to browse through the pirate bay.


This particular alternative is mainly for English movie lovers. If you have a fetish for Hollywood movies or Hollywood tv shows then you will definitely like this.YIFY’S USP is to bring out the brand new movies and tv shows.

4. Torrentz2

If you have used torrentz2 then you will already be aware of this but if you are a novice geek then you should know that this is not a torrent site and you will not be able to download any entertainment content from here rather this website will work as a search engine and will provide you different torrent links from where you can download such kinds of stuff.

4. RARBG  

The users of LimeTorrents will be very satisfied with this particular one because both the sites competed since the torrenting sites started becoming popular. These two sites can even be termed as the pioneers of the torrenting fraternity. So you can fulfill your need here as well.


You may not be aware of any such question but if any questions have crept upon you will get your answers

1. Is LimeTorrents accessible?

This is a very contradictory question and the answer will vary to different parts of the world. If you are not being able to access this site then you need to understand that your government has banned this site in your area. Though this may not be the case for some other place as you might able to enjoy its access in some other area so the accessibility depends on the vigilance of the government of that particular area. If the government has very strict measures then you have to look for an alternative.

2. What is a primary block and a secondary block?

You may face difficulty either to access through this site or you may face difficulty in downloading a particular content. Though again this depends on the place where you reside and how strict are your government measures.

The primary block is such a condition when you will not be allowed to access the site or there will be a blocked message while opening the site.

Secondary block means when you have already accessed through the site but you are not being able to download any particular content. You might get frustrated but in this case, you either need to use a proxy URL or a VPN service.

3. Why will you use an URL or a VPN service?

If you are not being able to access or download anything from the LimeTorrents site then you will have to use either an URL or a VPN service to get free and fair access. Using this will not allow your internet service provider or copyright sharks to understand about your access history. You will also be saved from not letting your data getting visible to such authorities.


You must have learned from this informative piece about the whereabouts of LimeTorrents. So now you have a one-stop solution. No matter you are at home or you are out for some work you can always keep yourself entertained. You can even download the most popular tv content that is making a buzz and be the first among your friends to avoid spoilers.

Joseph is a CEO at GadgetFreeks. He manages the entire news site. He is basically VP of Engineering at Brandwatch. Apart from tech, he likes to write about anything with interest him.

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