Khatrimaza is a very popular website as well as an application where a user gets a wide range of content including movies, web series, tv series, web shows, award shows and a lot more to watch as well as enjoy without paying a single buck.

Although, there are a large number of options available nowadays to watch movies, as well as award shows and a variety of other content but all of them, come with some kind of restriction. The first and the most popular one of these is going to the theatres to watch movies.

Everyone is not so financially sound to afford movie tickets to watch movies. In this time when the price of everything is skyrocketing movie tickets are being no exception.

In addition to this, another major problem which is faced by a lot of people is the non-availability of time. Many people don’t have the time to go to the theatres and watch a movie in one go. 

Another popular way of watching content nowadays is online video streaming apps such as Hotstar, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and many more like that.

Although these video streaming apps provide the convenience to watch your favourite movies as well as shows in the comfort of your home still there are some issues that the majority of the users face with these online video streaming apps.

The biggest problem is that these video streaming apps charge a monthly or yearly subscription fee from the user to give them the chance to watch their favourite content.

On the other hand websites such as Khatrimaza don’t charge a single penny from the user and all the content that is available on this website can be very easily downloaded to the device of the user without having to face any kind of trouble.

Moreover, streaming your favourite movies as well shows on these popular video streaming apps consumes a lot of internet data and it is only suggested to watch any kind of content on these popular video streaming websites using only wifi. 

Khatrimaza (2024): Top 10+ Best Alternatives Sites of Khatrimaza


On the Khatrimaza website, the user has the freedom to watch as well as stream all of their favourite content, including newly released movies, web shows, tv-series and a lot more without facing any single difficulty or having to pay any amount of money.

You also don’t need to do any kind of sign up process for watching your favourite content. The user can download and watch his or her favourite movies, tv-series, web series, award shows and many more in any of the formats that they want to.

There is a wide range of formats available ranging from High Definition to MP4, AVI and a lot more. 

What is Khatrimaza? 

As we have already told you that Khatrimaza is one of the most popular websites amongst people used for streaming as well as download latest movies, tv-series, web series, award shows and a lot more in a wide range of languages such as English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi, Bhojpuri and many more.

In addition to this movie of all forms of genres such as horror, emotional, romantic, comedy, thriller, suspense are available on this website. There are direct links available for all the movies as well as various kinds of shows on this Khatrimaza website.

The movies, as well as the shows, are available in all the audio as well as video formats such as 1080p, 720p, etc. The website disappeared some time ago for a short duration of time because of legal reasons.

This happened because the website is based upon the torrent protocol to download as well as stream movies. 

Due to this reason, the creators of these movies are always on a lookout for such websites so that they can take them down so that the piracy of there own content doesn’t happen and it doesn’t suffer financial losses.

There are a wide range of movies available on the Khatrimaza website and that too dubbed which means that if any person is unable to watch a particular movie due to language barrier then he or she can watch the dubbed version of their favourite movie, tv series, web series, award shows and many more. 

Features of Khatrimaza 

Before we discuss every other thing and tell you about how you can have the Khatrimaza app on your phone, you need to know the features of it.

By the time, you must have understood that this particular app comes with some amazing features and that is the reason that people love it so much. If you have not used it ever, here is the list of the features that will answer all your questions regarding it. 

  1. With the help of this particular app, you can watch any video series of your choice and that too free of cost. You will have to watch it online. 
  2. If for some reason, you are not able to watch these videos online, then you can download them as well. The best part is that they are free even if you want to download it.
  3. One of the best things about the website is that the interface of the website as well as the application of very simple and can be understood by any particular person because it has been designed in a very user-friendly way. 
  4. The website, as well as the application, keeps receiving due to which will such bugs are fixed because of which the app, as well as the website, keeps crashing multiple times. 
  5. There is not just one but many super-fast servers on the website of Khatrimaza which makes sure that the user can watch as well as download his or her favourite movies, web series, tv-series and a lot more. 
  6. One very big issue which a lot of users face is the shortage of space on their phones. Khatrimaza consumes very less amount of CPU storage making sure that the users don’t face any similar kind of problem. 

How to download movies from Khatrimaza? 

As we have already told you that downloading movies or any other form of content from Khatrimaza is completely free and the user doesn’t 5 have to pay a single penny to watch his or her favourite movies and content. For downloading movies from the website you need to follow the steps which are given below. 

  1. The first and foremost thing to do is opening the Khatrimaza website. After this, you need to search for your favorite movie in the search bar of the website. 
  2. After you find out your favourite movie you need to click on the link provided there for downloading the movie. This you can do based on the quality of your choice.
  3. After you have followed the above-mentioned steps, 10 to 15 links will appear on your screen from which you can select anyone for downloading the movie. 
  4. If one of these links doesn’t work then you can go for the next link. You will always download the movie that you want to watch. 

Categories of movies on Khatrimaza 

There are a wide variety of categories in which the movies are divided on the Khatrimaza website. You can very easily select your favourite movies from these categories. Some of the most popular categories of movies on Khatrimaza are:

  1. Dual audio 480p movie download 
  2. Bollywood 720p movie download 
  3. Hollywood movies download 
  4. Hindi Dubbed movies download 
  5. Old Bollywood movies download 
  6. Punjabi movies download 
  7. South Indian movies download 

There is a wide range of alternatives to the Khatrimaza website which are popular and are easily available on the internet. We have told you earlier too that the site Khatrimaza is illegal and if you download anything from this website then it is nothing but a promotion of online piracy.

The website is an illegal way of downloading you favourite movies from all languages along with other different variety of content such as web shows, tv shows, award shows and a lot more and there are multiple legal alternatives available which you can use and avoid this site for the sake of the safety of you as well as your device. 

With the help of the legal alternatives, you can do everything that you can do with the Khatrimaza website. You can download any type of content as well as stream it online too if you want to.

Despite, having a large number of popular alternatives the number of alternatives having a user-friendly interface and Clean design is very few. The following are some legal alternatives of the Khatrimaza website which can be used by you to download as well as stream your favourite content online. 

1. Zmovies


One of the most popular alternatives to the Khatrimaza website is Zmovies. There is a wide range of movies available on Zmovies. All of these movies are classified according to the genre to which they belong.

A user can get all of the latest movies that he or she wants to see, here. This happens because the website keeps updating regularly with fresh as well as new content.

The movies which are present on the website are not very old and date back to only the year 2012. The best part of the website is that you don’t need to register before using it. 

2. LookMovie 


This is one of those sites which is not only a good alternative to the Khatrimaza website, but also way better than the former. The best part about this website is that it has got a huge directory of movies.

In addition to this, the interface of this website is also up to the mark and helpful for the user. The homepage of the website has a very clean design and is helpful for the user.

Once you find the movie of your choice and click on the thumbnail, then there you will get all the information regarding the movie, including the release date, rating, genre, and duration. 

3. Movies4u

This is another popular alternative to the Khatrimaza website. All forms of movies, as well as tv and web series, are available on this website. The website doesn’t store files of its own and provides a link from other websites.

Although the website is banned in some of the countries still it can be used to watch HD quality videos. This can be done without the need for signing up. 

4. Moviezwap


There are tons of movies as well as other content such as web series and tv series which are available on this website for the users to view. The only thing that you need to keep in mind before using this website is that you need to sign up before using it.

The interface of the website is really clean and user-friendly. Unlike other similar websites, it won’t bombard you with harmful ads. The database of the website has been divided into a wide range of categories as well as sections. The content available here is mostly third party content. 

5. MovieNinja


This is one of the alternatives to the Khatrimaza website which is in many ways better than the original website. The database of movies, as well as other content on this website, is really big.

The interface of the home page of this website is user-friendly and helpful for the user. The content that is available on the website has been categorised in multiple categories as well as sections.

The best part about the website is that you don’t need to sign up before using the site. 

6. HDO


The first thing that you need to do is activate HDO to on your computer. After you are done activating it, you can easily watch all of your favourite movies as well as shows. One of the salient features of this is, all the movies are present on the main interface.

There are various categories on the website with the help of which you can search for movies such as most viewed, most favorite and a lot more. In addition to all this, a user can search for a movie by using the gender as well as the country category. 

7. Fmovies


This is one of those websites which has got an appearance very similar to the Khatrimaza website. The major difference between the two is that Fmovies remains up to date with new movies as well as shows. This website is alive as compared to the Khatrimaza website.

You can watch High Definition movies on your computer through this website. The best part about this site is that the movies are all sorted by genre. 

8. Yesmovies 


On the main interface of this website, there is a search bar. This makes finding your favourite movie or shows part very easy as well as simple. There is also a list of the highest-rated movies on the IMDB.

This means that you can search for the best movies of all time very easily. The user gets a choice to register or not according to his or her will. You can also very easily jump to a different country section. 

9. M4ufree


M4ufree happens to be an online portal where a person can conveniently view his favorite television programs, films, and video clips. The great thing regarding the Platform is that the interface is clear and simple.

Any customer can reach this website instantly and comfortably enjoy their favorite stuff. For viewing their favorite film, television shows, episodes or some other things online, people don’t need to pay subscriptions, login, sign up or pay extra charges. Moreover, this platform also operates faster than others.

10. 9xMovies


It is a platform where you’ll be able to access pirated copies of all recent shows, episodes, and videos. Whether it’s new Hollywood movies or new Bollywood films, all materials can be available in different formats. It is truly a popular alternative to Khatrimaza at present.

11. Tamilrockers 


Tamilrockers is a popular movie providing site where users can get a wide range of movie collections for their entertainment. Not only movies, but the site also brings to people trending web series, documentaries, tv shows, trailers, music videos, etc.

All these contents available on this site can be accessed for free in HD resolution. There are other movies providing sites too, but Tamilrockers allows people to access this site for free, making it the most preferred site. The site’s interface is user friendly, which makes exploring this site easier. 

12. Madrasrockers


On the Madrasrockers site, users can stream and download unlimited bike of movies in HD resolution for free. Besides providing users with movies, old and new, the site also hosts trending web series, trailers, videos, documentaries, etc.

This is the best site for anyone who’s looking for entertainment free of cost. The site, with its huge library of contents, is sure to satisfy your requirements. Also, the site’s contents are cleanly classified into various groups based on their genres, language, year of release, etc.

which makes it easier for people to find out their desired contents. Also, users don’t have to register on this site or provide their card details. 

13. Movievilla

Another popular alternative to Khatrimaza is Movievilla. People prefer using this site because of its amazing and unique content. The site aims to make people aware of various social, political and other issues through movies.

Hence, the site has some rare collection of non-commercial films that have messages to spread among people. The site contains more than 10 thousand movies, web series, documentaries, short films, tv shows, etc.

The contents cover every genre, further enriching its collection. People can available all its services for free. To allow viewers to navigate through the home page easily, the contents of this site have been categorised.

FAQs Regarding Khatrimaza

1. What is Khatrimaza? 

Khatrimaza is a very popular website that hosts free movies in various languages as well as other different content. It hosts the pirated version of newly released movies and other content. 

2. Is the Khatrimaza website illegal? 

No, the Khatrimaza website isn’t legal. As the website puts up a pirated version of newly released movies on their website for free download, hence it is declared illegal. Filmmakers are always on a lookout for such websites so that they can take them down. 

3. How do Khatrimaza works? 

The thing that Khatrimaza does is that it incorporates popular movies across the web due to which they get the ability to host any kind of content from popular video streaming websites such as Netflix, Hotstar, Amazon Prime Video, etc. It doesn’t need to host any of these contents. 

4. Is this website safe to use? 

No, the Khatrimaza website is not safe to use. As this is a pirate website, hence there is always a chance that the user might get some kind of malware or virus into his or her device which might damage the device temporarily or even permanently. 

5. What happened to Khatrimaza? 

The website was taken down by the government. This happened because the website hosts pirated movies as well as the content. 


As we all know that piracy of any type of content under the law is a criminal offense. Hence, we must boycott all these kinds of sites which ruin the hard work and labour of various artists.

In addition to promoting piracy, the website is also a threat to the people who are using it as there’s always a chance that the user might get some kind of virus or malware by getting some infected file in his or her device through the website. This usually happens when a user clicks on one of those flashy links. 

In the end, we would like to tell you that the decision of whether to use this site or not solely depends on your shoulders. The website provides free content for sure and saves a lot of your money but on the other hand, it also poses a threat to your device. So think for a while before using any such site just to save a few bucks. 

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