Isaimini (2023): Top 13+ Alternatives Sites Like Isaimini

There is a wide range of websites as well as apps on the internet where the user can get to see a wide range of Bollywood as well as Hollywood movies, but there are very few websites as well as apps that have got a collection of regional movies such as Tamil movies. Most of the websites target the audience of Bollywood as well as Holywood movies as they have got a wider audience base. These websites fail to realize that Tamil movies have also got a very huge audience base. One such website which is very popular for having a huge directory of Tamil movies is Isaimini. This website has also got English and Hindi movies, but it’s mainly focused on Tamil cinema. Here, we will tell you about all that you need to know about Isaimini. 

Isaimini (2023): Top 13+ Alternatives Sites Like Isaimini


What is Isaimini? 

Isaimini is one of the free websites which can be used to download movies. The website has got movies of various genres as well as different languages. On this website, the user can download Tamil and Malayalam movies as well as movies from Hollywood and Bollywood. 

Features of Isaimini 

Before a person buys a car, he or she makes sure that he or she gets to know about all the major as well as minor features of the car. No one buys a car without knowing the features of the car. In the same way before going ahead and using a particular website, you must know about all the important features that are there on the website. Here, we will tell you about some of the most interesting features of the website of Isaimini. 

  1. The website of Isaimini can be used by the people, to watch all the web series. A person can watch his or her favourite web series online and that too free of cost.2. There are a lot of people who don’t have the benefit of uninterrupted internet. For all those people, there is the option to download the movie so that they can enjoy the movie in the absence of the internet.
  2. Isaimini has also got an app. The app keeps receiving the latest updates. The latest version of the app takes care of all the bugs that are there in the earlier version and fixes them. The major bug fixes in the app make sure that the app doesn’t crash when it is used for a longer period. 
  3. There are a wide number of servers on the app of Isaimini which are very very fast. All such servers make sure that, if a user is streaming a video then the video gets streamed at a very fast speed. 
  4. The user interface of the website of Isaimini is very much organized, clutter-free, user friendly as well as simple. The user interface has been designed in such a way that the user doesn’t face any kind of difficulty. 
  5. The apk size of the website of Isaimini is very light and consumes very less amount of CPU. This apk does not consume a large amount of space in the CPU and the best part about this apk is that it is supported by most of the android devices. 

How to download a movie from Isaimini? 

If there is one thing that you should know before using the website of Isaimini, it’s the process of downloading a movie from the website of Isaimini. Here, we will tell you about the steps to download a movie from the website of Isaimini. 

  1. The first and the most important thing that you need to do is, open the website of Isaimini to download your favourite movie or any other form of content. 
  2. After opening the website you will observe that there are multiple categories of movies on the website. You need to search for the category in which you think your favorite movie lies. 
  3. Now, you need to open the category of the movie that you like. After opening that particular category you need to look for the search bar in which you can search for your particular movie.
  4. After you find the search box, you need to write the name of the movie that you want to download and search for it. 
  5. After you find the movie, you need to click on the icon of that particular movie. This icon will take you to the page where a lot of information about the movie will have been provided. 
  6. At last, you need to click on the download button present there to start downloading the movie. 

Categories of movies on Isaimini 

There is a huge directory of movies on the website of Isaimini. All these movies have been categorised into various categories. It has been categorised so that the process of finding the movies becomes easier. Here, are some of the most popular categories of Isaimini. 

  1. Tamil A – Z dubbed movies
  2. Tamil MP3 and video song
  3. Tamil dubbed movies collection
  4. Isaimini Tamil dubbed movies 
  5. Tamil 2023 movies 

Alternatives of Isaimini

If you are one of those people who are looking for a legal as well as a better alternative for the website of Isaimini, then you’ve come to the right place. Although Isaimini is a very popular movie download website still people know that the user of the website will become susceptible to various kinds of malware as well as viruses. Hence, they keep looking for a better website or app which can be used as an alternative for Isaimini. In addition to this, there’s also a group of people who don’t want to use the website of Isaimini because it promotes the act of piracy. Whenever a person uses the website to download a party particular movie, he becomes a culprit of promoting piracy and laying waste to the hard work done by the people who have invested time, effort and money on the making of the movie. Here, we will tell you about some of the most popular alternatives to the website of Isaimini. 

1. 9XMovies 

9xMovies 2020

The very first website that we are going to mention here as an alternative for the Isaimini is 9XMovies. This is a website where you get to download movies and videos from all the cateogries and languages. The best part about it is that you can get both the Bollywood and Hollywood content over here and that too free of cost. The website provides the link for all your favorite videos. One more notable thing that you need to understand here is that all the videos that you watch here are available in different formats like MP4, HD, and all such other formats. 

2. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay

Even if you haven’t heard or used websites that allow you to download movies and other videos, you must have heard about torrent. Now, the pirate bay is one such website which is as popular as a torrent. It is the most popular website known for its flexible bit torrent links in the entire world. You can search for download, add a torrent, for video and movie links and the link for different songs. So, it is a multi-purpose website.

3. Gomovies 


This is one of the websites which has got a very similar interface and looks like the website of Isaimini. The major difference between the two websites is that new movies, as well as shows, keep updating on the website of Gomovies. A user can watch HD movies on the website of GoMovies. There are various categories on the website such as Top IMDB, Top-rated, etc. 

4. HDO

The first thing that needs to be done is, this website needs to be activated in the browser. It gives you access to a wide range of TV shows as well as movies which can be watched on the computer. The interface of the website is quite simple as well as easy to understand for the user. There is a specific section called the TV section on the website for TV shows.

5. Moviezwap 


This is also a very good alternative to the website of Isaimini. There is a wide range of options regarding movies as well as TV shows on this website. You don’t get to see a large number of ads on this website. The database of this website has been divided into various sections as well as categories. 

6. LookMovie 


This is one alternative which is way better than the website of Isaimini. There is a huge database of movies on this website. The website has got a nice interface into the streaming segment of free movies. The website has got a very nice design and the user gets to see a slider of the latest movies. 

7. Zmovies


Movies on this website are categorised according to their genre. The website is updated regularly. The website was started in 2012. There is no need to register before enjoying your favourite movies on this website. 

8. Netflix 


This is probably the most popular as well as the best alternative of the Isaimini. It has got a great collection of movies. In addition to movies, there’s also a great collection of web shows. Netflix has produced many of the shows and movies which are featured on it. It has produced some of the best web shows of these times such as Stranger Things, Sacred Games, etc. There’s only one catch that you need to know about. Netflix charges a monthly or annual subscription fee from the users. 

9. MoviesDub

MoviesDub is a vintage website, but still, it works amazing if you want to watch good content movies. The visitors that this site gets daily are quite amazing, and the site will offer you full length dubbed movies in a fast download speed facility. 

10. Filmyzilla


Here is a site where you will find dubbed versions of movies from almost all parts of the country. The place is filled with contents from Punjab, Hollywood, Bollywood, etc.

11. Bollyshare


When it comes to providing the latest movies and videos in HD format, for free Bollyshare is the one. Bollyshare offers a wide range of movie collections, from old to new ones. Punjabi, Marathi, Gujarati, Tamil, Telugu and other regional movies are found here besides Bollywood and Hollywood movies. Apart from movies, the site also provides web series, documentaries, etc. The site is an illegal torrent site that has been blocked and banned by the Indian government but continues to operate via proxy servers. People too are using this site, despite knowing it’s illegal because of its features. The site is sure to never disappoint you with its diversified collection of contents. 

12. Tamilgun

TamilGun 2020

Are you in search of a site that provides you with the latest movies for free streaming and downloading? Tamilgun is the perfect destination. Mainly providing the best Tamil movies of all times, the site also brings to you Telugu, Marathi, Gujarati, Punjabi, Malayalam, and Hindi and Hollywood dubbed movies. Apart from movies, the site also hosts web series, documentaries, short films, etc. The site is an illegitimate torrent site that is still being used by people because of its attractive features. All contents are available in HD resolution. The site provides good downloading speed and audio quality. There are other similar movie sites too, but when it comes to the quality of service, Tamilgun remains unbeaten. 

13. Moviezwap


A lot of movie streaming sites have come up in recent years to cater to people’s need for entertainment. Many of these are legal, while others are illegal. The legal movie streaming sites and apps charge a subscription fee which a lot of people cannot afford to pay. Movieswap is an illegal torrent movie site that provides all streaming and downloading services for free. Users can stream and download the contents in any format of their choice. Apart from movies, the site also delivers a wide range of web series, documentaries, short films, tv shows, etc. The site’s interface is very simple, allowing everyone to browse through it easily. The site’s contents are categorised, making it easy for users to find out their desired content. 

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No, the website of Isaimini is not legal. The major reason because of which the website isn’t called a legal website is that it hosts pirated content. Promoting piracy of any kind is a criminal offense. 

2. How does the website of Isaimini works? 

This is a torrent site that is free and is run by more than five website developers who are Tamilians. The website is run by them by changing the name of the website regularly. This helps in the prevention of the website being banned from the government. One of the most important facts worth remembering is that the website of Isaimini can be accessed only with the help of a Virtual Private Network or VPN. A virtual networking system is created with the help of a VPN and this includes both public networks as well as a private network. 

3. What are some of the recent movies which have been leaked by Isaimini? 

The website of Isaimini has leaked a large number of recent movies. Some of the biggest names in this list are The Grudge, Virus, Jurassic Thunder, Luca, Oru Addar Love, Lucifer, etc. 

4. Is it safe to use the website of Isaimini? 

No, this kind of website is not safe. They are popular just because of the ease with which they can be used. There are a lot of malware as well as various kinds of viruses on the website of Isaimini which can affect the device of the user. 

5. What is the one thing which makes the website of Isaimini special?

The website of Isaimini is popular because it shares a wide range of content such as documentaries, movies, TV shows, web series, etc. All these contents which are available on the website are available in Full HD quality. In addition to all this content, the website of Isaimini can also be used to download lyrics, apps, wallpapers, movie subtitles, etc. 


As we have already told you that the website is illegal because it hosts content that is pirated. The government has declared piracy as a punishable offense. Piracy lays waste to the hard work of multiple artists who have paid an immense amount of time as well as effort into making movies as well as other web series. There is also one more issue on the website of Isaimini and that is the vulnerability of the user to various kinds of viruses as well as malware. All of these viruses as well as malware may get into your device if you are trying to download any kind of content from the website. Once, these viruses or malware get into your system, then they’ll make your system slow and will eventually destroy it.

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