Isaimini Vs Tamilrockers (2021): Which is the Best Alternatives For Tamil Movies?

In these busy lives, all people are so stressed and tense that they need some relaxation time for sure. But to get that all is not so easy due to work pressure and personal life routine. But for you all, going for movies and series is the right way to get relaxes your mind and have some quality time with yourself. There are many websites, which all provide you with the best movies and series streaming and download as well. Among those all, are you in search of getting the best website for the same? Then you can go for the Tamilrockers website. 

It is the top-rated and free streaming of movie site online for you all. The reason for the same is it is available in multiple languages for all users. It means you all can access the movies and series in more than 25 languages of your choice and can watch it easily here. On the site, you all can find all the latest movies as well as other new TV shows as well. So, if you all are thinking of going for the best one, then you all can go for it here without any issue. To get it simple for you and make it clear about the website, you can go through the below article. 

About the website


Tamilrockers is an online streaming website for various kinds of movies and TV shows. The website is considered to be the best one and is here from 2011. The site is very much good for the users who all are searching for watching the movies for free. The site offers great deals of features to the users for which it is being loved by many people as well. The real reason for such things is due to the user-friendly interface. Moreover, the site offers a lot of content in it, and all the contents are best in it. All the contents that are available here are state of being of good quality and are available in HD as well with perfect sound clarity. 

The site is very good well-known among the users who all are searching for the alternative to the torrent sites. In this site, you all can find a massive collection of both Indian and foreign movies and TV shows as well. Apart from the online streaming options, you all can get the option for the download and can watch it later too. The most beautiful thing that you can get from here and not from other sites is all new movies and series are available here as soon as it gets released. 

If you visit the site, then you can see that it offers you with different categories for you all. There you can quickly get to any categories and can start watching all the movies and series under it easily. 

Features of the website

The next question that many users keep on asking is about the website and its features. In the current scenario, all the users prefer to go for the website, which all provides the best features. So, for all these things, it is seen that the website offers you the best features for you all. Some of the best features are mentioned below. 

  • All the users will get an extensive collection of different content. 
  • The site offers you to stream for free. 
  • There is no sign-up or creation of the account required for it. 
  • The streaming and downloading of different movies and series can be quickly done here. 
  • You can access different languages here. 
  • All the quality of the content is in HD, and the sound quality is good as well. 

With such excellent features in these all, the users love to go for the Tamilrockers website for the streaming services. If you all are wondering about the same and which is best, then Tamilrockers is the one which is right for you all. You all can go for it efficiently and without any doubt as well. 

Categories available for the users

The next thing that is much more important for you all is the categories that all are available here. It is because these categories are the ones that make the site easy to access. Due to the presence of many movies and series in here, so, all users try to go for their preferences. As different users have different preferences, so, it is always a good idea for you all to go for the categories.

In this case, Tamilrockers offers you the best features in these matters. Here on the website, you all can find different categories under which all the contents of movies and TV shows are divided. To make it easy for you all, here is the categories list that you all browse in here. 

  • Hindi movies
  • Hollywood movies
  • Tollywood movies
  • Horror 
  • Hindi dubbed movies
  • Tamil dubbed movies
  • Telugu movies
  • TV shows

These are the different genres that you all can easily access here, and you all can go for it for here quickly as well. So, if you want to search for good content under a particular category, then you all can go for the Tamilrockers website. 

Alternative websites for Tamilrockers

Tamilrockers is an online streaming and accessible site for various kinds of movies and series. But it is illegal and publishes all pirated versions, so it is always at risk of getting removed or ban. If that happens, then to access the movies and other TV shows easily, here is the alternative list of the websites that you all can browse. With the help of these websites, you all can get full access to online streaming in your devices.

1. HiiDude MV

Many people are in love with Asian movies and series. They all search for such kind of sets and films under this category. Are you in love with such a category? Then HiiDue MV is the best site for you all. The site is top-rated as it deals with various kinds of Asian movies and series under a single website. 

The contents that are available here are best as well. They are of good quality as well. All the movies and TV shows are available in HD format, and it can be an online stream as well. It is a free streaming site for you all, so you all will have to experience the ads while watching the show in here. 

The interface of the site is user-friendly. The sound quality of all videos is good, and it is free to access the content without the need for the creation of any account. The loading page of the site is informational and useful as well. 

2. Bolly 2 Tolly

The next best website, which is considered as the alternative to the Tamilrockers is Bolly 2 Tolly. The site is stated to be the best one, which all provides you with various kinds of content. Here on the site, you can get the latest movies to the latest TV shows quickly. The content that all are available here is free, and no need to create an account for accessing it. 

If you take a look at the quality of the video and sound, then all the videos are of good and HD format. The sound clarity is loud and clear. You will find plenty of content here, and most of the content is related to the Asian category. So, when you are a lover of Asian content, then it is the best site for you all. 

When you visit the site, you will find that the loading time of the page is long, and you all need to wait for it. The quality of the video, too, will vary according to the movies, and there is no fixed quality. The ads will appear at regular intervals in between the films and series as well.

3. Online Movie Watch 

For all the movie lovers who are all searching for the website for accessing the different genre movies, then you can visit Online Movie Watch. The site deals with various kinds of latest and old movies as well. Many users love to go for it, because it is the place where you can get both Bollywood as well as Hollywood movies quickly.

The site is very much well-known for the movies, and all movie lovers want to visit here. In the site, you all can find all the movies and newly released movies as well in here easily. When you come to the quality of the video, then you all can see that the quality of the video is not good. The reason is for the pirated version, and it is uploaded as soon as it gets released in theatres. 

So, if you want to watch the latest movies, then visit here. There is no need for the creation of accounts here, and the loading time of the page is excellent as well. As access is free, so you all will face many ads while watching the movies here. The best thing here is that it helps you in streaming as well as downloading of movies at the same time as well quickly. So, all users love to come here to access all the latest movies.

4. Netflix


It is the most popular and top online streaming site for you all. It is a legal site, and there is no danger of getting a ban here. All the content here available is a paid version, and all videos are in HDR format as well. When you are planning to access the content in here, then you all need to create the account with Netflix and then can access the contents.

All the latest series and movies are available here easily. Apart from that all, there are some series and movies which are directly get released in Netflix itself as well. There is no piracy on the site for which you will not get any ads here as well.

So, if you love to watch the movies and series easily in good quality and ad-free, then Netflix is best. But it is not free, and you need to pay monthly or yearly to access the contents of the Netflix. 

5. Putlocker


For all the users who all are in search of getting their hand in the free and useful quality content, they can visit here. The following alternative website that is easily accessible for you all is Putlocker9. 

It is the most famous site among the users, and you can easily access the content inside it. 

In the site, you all will find all the latest movies and other TV shows here. The site is best for Hollywood movies in here. But whenever you are in search of going for the Hindi movies and other Asian series and movies, then you may not find plenty of content related to it here. 

The best thing to visit here is that the site is regularly updated, and you will find new content at regular intervals. The user interface here is as well straightforward and user friendly. The loading page time is very less, and you will find some ads here as well.

6. 1337x


There is no need for any type of special training to use this website. This website was launched in 2007 and from that day, it has emerged as one of the top-used websites for the download of movies of any language. Another best feature of this website is that you need not fill any form or create an account to download movies from this website. All contents of this site are categorised based on various specifications, which makes it easier to find out your desired content. If you are looking for a site that would provide you with everything free of cost, 1337x is the one. The site provides fast downloading speed and good audio quality as well. 


No, Tamilrockers is a pirated website for you all. Here all the movies and series that you all browse here are in pirated version. So, for all these things, there is always a danger of getting ban or losing access to the website due to the pirated versions of the movies and series. It is suitable for you to access the site carefully so that you will not lose your access to it.

2. How are the sound and audio quality of the videos?

The next thing that matters a lot to almost all users is about the video and sound quality. If that is not good, then the mood of watching it will also be not there. So, for all that, all users search for the best audio and sound quality. In these matters, you can get a good variety of movies and series here, but there are some movies where the condition may differ as well. 

3. How to access the Tamilrockers if I lose my access to it?

As there is constant checking online by different authorities for piracy, so there is always a high risk of losing access to it. If that happens, then there is no worry about it as there are many other alternative websites for it.

  • Netflix.
  • Popcorn Time.
  • Online Movies Watch.

4. Can you access Tamilrockers on mobile?

Yes, the user interface that is being used here is best. The website is designed in such a way that it can access the site easily without any trouble in PC as well as smartphones. So, it does not matter which device you all are holding, and you can access the site easily from here without any problem. 

5. Is it safe to go for Tamilrockers?

It is a pirated website and many movies and series are uploaded here in pirated versions as well. For all that reason, it is always under the risk of getting a ban from the government authorities. So, for all that reason, it is not at all safe for you to go and access the contents from there always. For all that reason, you can have a list of alternative sites or can use the proxy address to access the site and its content easily. 


Tamilrockers is a pirated website, and all the movies and series that are available here are in pirated versions. According per the Law, there are ten years of jail for piracy and fine for circulating the pirated movies and series. So, we will recommend you to avoid such websites and go for legitimate sites to watch movies and series without any piracy problem. 

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