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Isaidub (2020): Best Alternatives To Watch & Download Free HD Latest Tamil Dubbed Movies




Amid the paramount stress that you often find yourselves in, it is necessary to take a breather and break away from the heavy workload. And what could provide more relief than watching movies? Movies not only take your mind away from all the tension but also help you spend some time in your fantasy land. Whether alone or with family or friends, movies can make you laugh, cry or, even ponder like no other.

Sometimes, we find little time to catch up with movies, and even less time to visit a cinema hall. In that case, the various sites on Torrent can help us immensely. They help you to browse through their diversified section of movies and download according to your preferences. Not only movies, but you can also download TV series, songs, and even games. The distinct lack of ads is bound to put a smile on your face. With the help of these sites, you can easily enjoy movies in between office breaks, traffic, and even when you are commuting using various types of transportations. 

Isaidub (2020): Best Alternatives & Similar Websites



What is Isaidub?

Isaidub is one of the most popular sites to download different genres of movies in Torrent. It primarily provides movies that are dubbed in the Tamil language. Apart from movies dubbed in Tamil, the website also offers Hindi, Malayalam, English, Kannada and Telegu movies. It is also famous for uploading the original Hollywood movies as well as their dubbed version. It provides you an opportunity to download the movies that you want at absolutely no cost. You just need to exert efforts in going through the list of movies and download the one that you prefer. Isaidub also has many other domain names that are subjected to frequent changes. You must use the latest domain name to download the movies. Some of the domain names of the website are:


Website features of Isaidub

Isaidub has quickly garnered its popularity owing to the various features that it possesses. These features enable the users to download movies with ease and also attract the inline traffic towards this website. Some of these features are given below:

1. The quality of the content is high

The main attractive feature that pulls users to this particular website is the quality of the movies that you download. The movies are available in HD quality, enabling you to have an enriching visual experience. There are various resolutions in which the movies can be downloaded in. These are 420p, 720p, and 1080p. You can also download movies in various formats, which include DVDRip, HDRip, Bluray, and DVDScr. 

2. It is easy to navigate

The website is specially designed in a way that makes it easy for users to navigate it. This is one of the most likable qualities that make Isaidub accessible. It is easy to download movies without facing any complicated issues. Hence, people not wholly adapt to the language of modern technology can still access it and enjoy the service that it provides. 

3. New content

The presence of recently released movies makes Isaidub one of the most sought after sites used to download movies. You can find almost all the movies at the time it reaches the cinema halls.

4. Categorization

There are different categories in which movies are distinguished. You can choose the varied range of categories that are available and choose the one that you like the most.

5. High speed

You can download the various movies at a speed that is quite high. However, this is also dependent on the type of internet connection you have. If you have a fast internet connection, chances are your movies will be downloaded in a concise time.

6. Unique feature 

The unique feature is that the movies you download are best suited for viewing on phones. So, you can easily watch movies whenever you get a little break or when you are stuck in traffic. 

How to Get movies from Isaidub?

You can download movies from Isaidub with relative ease. It is not that difficult, but you can refer to the following steps:

  • To access Isaidub, you can go about two ways. The first way is that you can type in the space bar of your specific search engine. It will lead to the official page of the website. Another way is that you can type the newest domain name on the Torrent and avail the website.
  • Once you open the official page of Isaidub, you will see that the movies are categorized under various names. Click on any of these categories that you desire.
  • As you click on the various categories, you will get a list of movies to select from. It is advisable to right-click on the movie and open it in a new tab.
  • The page displaying the movie opens with all its details. From there, again right-click on the name of the movie. This will open to another page.
  • Again, clicking on the file showing the name of the move leads to another page. There, you get the option of downloading the movie, and you click on it. 


Upon accessing Isaidub, you will find that the films are duly categorized. The different categories that can be seen on the official page of Isaidub are:

  • Tamil HD Dubbed Movies
  • Tamil A-Z Dubbed Movies
  • Tamil 2016 Dubbed Movies
  • Tamil 2017 Dubbed Movies
  • Tamil 2018 Dubbed Movies
  • Tamil 2019 Dubbed Movies
  • Hollywood Movies in (English)
  • Tamil Dubbed Collections
  • Tamil Genres Dubbed Movies
  • Tamil Yearly Dubbed Movies

1. Movie genres

The wide diversification of the site is what makes Isaidub so popular among the masses. You can find different genres when you browse for movies in Isaidub.  Some of the genres that are found are – romantic, thriller, horror, comedy, action, drama, etc. 

2. Movie languages

Although Isaidub provides films that are mainly dubbed in the Tamil language, many other language films can also be found. This increases the range of viewers and is a great USP for the website. Films in Hindi, Malayalam, Telegu, English, and Kannada are also found. Apart from that, Pakistani, Marathi and Bhojpuri movies have also found its way on Isaidub.

3. Latest Movies on Isaidub

Isaidub offers the latest worldwide released movies on its site. Some of them are given below:

  1. Chhapaak.
  2. The Call of the Wild.
  3. Guilty.
  4. Baaghi 3.
  5. Parasite.
  6. Captain Marvel XXX.
  7. Operation Parindey. 
  8. Joker

Best Alternative Websites

There are several other websites that you can opt for while browsing for movies and downloading them. Some of them are:

1. Tamilrockers

Tamilrockers have a massive palate of content that attracts users to its site much. It also provides HD quality content along with subtitles. It provides a lot of competition to the other movie downloading sites.  

2. Filmywap

This site mainly focuses on Hindi, Punjabi, and English films. But, the quality of the content is good and is frequently accessed by users.

3. Moviezwap

It is one of the most popular sites where you can download movies. It provides Hindi, Pakistani, Malayalam, Tamil, Telegu, and Kannada movies. The movies are found in various formats like HDRip, DVDrip, Bluray, and DVDScr in different resolutions like 420p, 720p, and 1080p.  

4. Kuttymovies

It offers films that are in Telegu, Tamil, and the Malayalam language. It is best known for its extensive collection of movies. Apart from movies, the site also provides the option of downloading songs. You can also download web series form here.


1. Is it legal to use Isaidub?

Isaidub is a pirated website from where you can download several types of movies. It is banned by the Indian government owing to several piracy-related issues. It is not legal to use Isaidub.

2. Can I watch films on my desktop or PC using Isaidub?

Isaidub is mainly suited for watching the downloaded movies on phones. If you view it on desktop, the quality may be compromised and not be as per your expectations.

3. How safe is it to use Isaidub?

It is important to remember that Isaidub is a free but pirated website. As such, Google does not provide any ads on this website. However, that doesn’t necessarily exclude the possibility of ads. Several other ads can be seen popping up. These ads may contain malware and have the potential to harm your device.  

4. How can you access Isaidub?

Isaidub is a pirated website, and hence, you will have to use a VPN or any other proxy extensions to access it. 


Piracy is an illegal severe offense and is punishable under the laws of the Indian government. This article solely focuses on providing information related to Isaidub. If you want to download movies through Isaidub, you must do it knowing the punishment that is likely to fall on you if you are caught. Instead, you can also opt for several other legal websites that also provide you the opportunity to download movies.

Joseph is a CEO at GadgetFreeks. He manages the entire news site. He is basically VP of Engineering at Brandwatch. Apart from tech, he likes to write about anything with interest him.

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