Index of Money Heist Season 1, 2, 3 & 4 – All Episodes, Cast and Plot

Money Heist has now become the most-watched series on Netflix in any language, and its grand popularity can be attributed to its super cast and storyline. While the original show was named Le Casa De Papel created in Spanish by director Alex Pina, it was redesigned by Netflix and launched on the same platform. All the seasons of the series revolve around some of the biggest and most magnificent robbers of all time and are situated in Spain. The leader of the group and the mastermind of the plan is the Professor. It is a story not merely about a heist but how the team survives when facing tremendous difficulty and potential capture. It truly is a treat to watch. The main cast of the film includes Álvaro Morte as El Profesor, Pedro Alonso as Berlín, Úrsula Corberó as Tokio, Paco Tous as Moscow, Miguel Herrán as Río, Alba Flores as Nairobi, Jaime Lorente as Denver, Roberto García Suárez as Oslo, Darko Peric as Helsinki and Itziar Ituño as Raquel. 

Index of Money Heist

Index of Money Heist Season 1: Part 1

The main plot of the story revolves around the last life of eight of the biggest theives of all time whose names are coded as countries and the mastermind of the heist known as the “professor.” The team is set to pull the biggest robberies of all time in Spain at the Royal Mint of Spain. While planned to perfection, the team commits some fallacies that form chaos that may lead to capturing. It has a riveting cast and 9 episodes in total. 

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Episode 1: “Efectuar lo acordado” or “Do as Planned.”

Money Heist Season 1 Episode 1

After rigorous planning by the professor, the eight robbers Rio, Tokyo, Denver, Helsinki, Nairobi, Berlin, Moscow, and Oslo enter the Royal Mint of Spain in Salvador Dali mask and red jumpsuit. The capture and take hostage 67 people demanding they print €2.4 billion. Meanwhile, Police Inspector Raquel Murillo is made in charge of the case, and she comes unknowingly close to the mastermind in ways she never imagined. 

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Episode 2: “Imprudencias Letales” or “Lethal Negligence.”

Money Heist Season 1 Episode 2

While the team starts printing notes, the manager at the Royal Mint, Arturo Román, plans to escape with his assistant and mistress, Monika Gaztambide, who is pregnant with his child. Monika is caught with a cellphone by Berlin who orders Denver to kill them. At the same time, one mistake by Rio reveals his and Tokyo’s identity to the police. 

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Episode 3: “Errar Al Disparar” or “Misfire.”

Moscow is devastated because he believes that Denver has killed Monika on Berlin’s order and thinks he had failed as a father as he is the father of Denver. At the same time, Raquel develops an intimate relationship with Salva without knowing the consequences of so and the real identity of the professor. 

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Episode 4: “Caballo de Troya” or “Trojan Horse.”

Money Heist Season 1 Episode 4

One of the robbers shoots Arturo, who is now injured. On the other hand, the professor demands that Raquel sends in Angel Rubio as a spy with the medical team on the site. However, Raquel does not know that the professor had planted a bug in his glasses to get an edge over the police. 

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Episode 5: “El día de la Marmota” or “Groundhog Day.”

Money Heist Season 1 Episode 5

The professor is determined to sabotage the police and to ruin a piece of critical evidence and get ahead of the police to destroy a car that was placed at the scrapyard with all of their fingerprints that could potentially end their game, which was supposed to be originally done by Helsinki. Denver keeps treating Monika in a secret location after he falsely executed her under Berlin’s order. The two come closer to each other with time.

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Episode 6: “La cálida Guerra Fría” or “The Hot Cold War.”

Money Heist Season 1 Episode 6

While the professor tries to flee from the scrapyard after having to destroy a piece of crucial evidence, he is discovered by a person whom he threatens to keep his mouth shut. On the other hand, Berlin soon understands that the execution of Monika was fake and decided to kill Denver because his identity has been revealed through this.

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Episode 7: “Refrigerada inestabilidad” or “Cool Instability.”

Money Heist Season 1 Episode 7

The robbers try to stall the police to get some more time and uses the hostages to do so. Raquel reveals a dangerous secret about Berlin that he only has a few months to live because of a fatal illness. This newfound information causes distrust and disarray in the team while the police keep trying to get Rio to surrender. 

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Episode 8: “Tú lo has buscado” or, “You Asked for It.”

Money Heist Season 1 Episode 8

Because of the bug that was planted in Angel’s glasses, Raquel loses trust in him. The manager, Arturo, again tries to make a run from the hostage with other people but is shocked when he finds out about Monika and Denver’s relationship. Angel becomes the first person to understand who Salva truly is, but before he could tell anyone, he meets with a horrific car accident that puts him in a coma. 

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Episode 9: “El Que la sigue la consigue” or “Whoever Keeps Trying It, Gets It”

Money Heist Season 1 Episode 9

With the help of Arturo’s plan, 16 hostages successfully escape the mint while Oslo tries to fight for his life after been beaten up by the hostages. Angel had left a number of voicemails on Raquel’s cell phone and mobile. However, the message instead reaches her mother, who has Alzheimer’s disease and writes down the word, so she does not forget. Not being able to connect to Rachel, she calls Salva himself and tells him what she knows. Salva plans to murder Raquel’s mother, but after he finds out that she has Alzheimer’s, plans not to. Raquel comes to the Robbers Villa with Salva, where the heist had been planned. 

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Index of Money Heist Season 1: Part 2

The ending of Part 1 left many questions unanswered and left the audience hanging to their seat. The relationship between the police, the team, and the professor becomes more complicated, and many need to be cleared. Will Oslo die? Will the secret identity of the professor be discovered? Will Rio finally surrender? All these questions find solutions in part 2 of season 1. 

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Episode 1: “Se acabaron las máscaras” or “Masked No Longer.”

Money Heist Season 1 (Part 2) Episode 1

A team of police, along with Raquel’s ex-husband, who is a forensic expert, reach the Robbers Villa to find the pieces of evidence that have been planned by salve purposefully to detail the investigation. Alberto finds a burned evidence from the chimney and takes it up for a forensic check. Salva joins Alberto towards Madrid with the intention of erasing the evidence. He picks up a fight with Salva, and while he is unconscious, Salva masterfully replaced the evidence. Alberto arrests Slava after gaining consciousness but stops him, who is then freed by Raquel. The team becomes restless at the mint because they don’t hear from the professor, making Tokyo restless, who tries to start a mutiny. Berlin becomes so angry that he tries her up to a table and rolls her out of the mint where she is captured. 

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Episode 2: “La Cabeza del plan” or “The Head of the Plan.”

Money Heist Season 1 (Part 2) Episode 2

After being rolled to the police by Berlin, Tokyo has been taken by the police, which made Rio extremely angry who wants to take revenge on Berlin. He then joins Arturo to plan another escape along with Monika. On the other hand, Berlin intends to kill Rio. 

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Episode 3: “Cuestión de eficacia” or “A Matter of Efficiency.”

Money Heist Season 1 (Part 2) Episode 3

The professor promises that he will rescue Tokyo from the police, which makes Rio join the team again, where he tells them about Arturo’s plan for escape. At the same time, Raquel tries to catch the professor by creating a hoax that Angel has come out of the coma. The professor hires hundreds of clowns to go to the hospital and confirm the news. However, Raquel finds out the real identity of Salva when she meets him at a cafe and finds out an orange hair on his jacket, which must have been shed from the wig of the Clown. 

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Episode 4: “¿Qué hemos hecho?” or “What Have We Done?”

Money Heist Season 1 (Part 2) Episode 4

After the real identity of Salva is discovered as the professor, he is taken hostage by Raquel, who interrogates him at the villa, where  he says that he has fallen in love with her. Arturo is punished for his multiple plans for escape. While at the same time, Moscow tells Denver a terrific truth about her mother, which creates a rift between Moscow and Denver. Tokyo is rescued from the police by a team sent by the professor, who decides to enter the Mint again with a motorcycle. She enters the men’s directly riding on her motorcycle amidst police firing, where Moscow keeps the door open for her. 

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Episode 5: “A contrarreloj” or “Against the Clock.”

Money Heist Season 1 (Part 2) Episode 5

While trying to help Tokyo enter the mint again, Moscow is severely hurt, but the police deny sending medical aid. The time now begins to build a tunnel for their escape. The professor, however, escapes from the villa while held at gunpoint by Raquel cannot stop her because of her emotional relationship with him. The police soon figure out the real identity of the professor and fearing that Raquel is helping the professor in the heist takes her off the case. Raquel takes away Angel’s badge to keep investigating the case on her own and recover CCTV footage from the restaurant to find out which root has been taken by the professor. Meanwhile, Angel comes out of the coma. 

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Episode 6: “Bella ciao” or “Bye Beautiful.”

Money Heist Season 1 (Part 2) Episode 6

Police officer Suarez is now made in charge of the case who issues and attack on the Mint so as to liberate the hostages and catch the robbers. The team decides to make a run with the money that has been printed in the last 128 hours, which comes to a total of €984 million. Raquel finds out where the professor is hiding, and when she reaches there, she is tied up by the professor. Back from the Angel tries to talk to Raquel. After telling her the truth, Raquel is set free by the professor who then meets Angel and confesses that while she knows where the secret hideout of the professor is, she will not tell the police because she cannot tell the good guys from the bad ones anymore. The cops then catch Raquel and ask Angel about the professor’s secret hideout, but he does not give away this information. The police then pressurize Raquel by making her choose between her daughter and the professor. Unable to make a choice, she gives them the details of the professor’s hideout. 

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On the other hand, while everyone is able to make the escape, Berlin is shot multiple times by the police and cannot escape. All the robbers except him and along with Monica escape with the money that has been printed. The news of Berlin’s death devastates the professor, but before they can be caught by the police at the villa, they escape again. A year passes, and the police are still unable to find the robbers are the money that has been. Raquel has left the job by now and finds a postcard sent by the professor where he has mentioned his coordinates. Raquel reaches the coordinates situated in Palawan, Philipines, when she sees the professor and smiles at him. 

With this, the first heist is completed, but many questions still remain unanswered as to whether they will be discovered later by the police. 

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Index of Money Heist Season 2 Part 1 / Money Heist Part 3

After the success of their first heist, the robbers are with their loved ones with all the money that they had stolen from the bank. However, Rio is captured by the government, which makes the whole team reunite again to capture the Bank of Spain in order to negotiate Rio’s release with the government. What is their plan this time? Will they be successful this time? 

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Episode 1: “Hemos vuelto” or “We’re Back.”

Money Heist Season 2 Episode 1

It had been two years of the heist, and it pays homage to the growth of the characters after the heist had been completed. Arturo has become a motivational speaker who tells people stories of his fake bravery during the Heist. Rio and Tokyo live on an island in Panna where they keep partying. Denver and Monika have settled down in Java, Indonesia, with their child while Nairobi and Helsinki live in La Pampa, Argentina. To shake things up, Tokyo plans to leave Rio and get relocated. Rio gives Tokyo a cell phone purchased from the black market on Casablanca to remain in contact, thinking that it is an unregistered device  before he left. Three days pass, and Rio calls Tokyo when the police trace the call and determine their location. Rio is captured while Tokyo escapes and calls the professor and arranges a meet-up in Thailand, where she finds him with Raquel. The team reunited to save Tokyo and plan another Heist at the Bank of Spain. Three new members are introduced Palermo, Marseille, and Bogota. 

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Episode 2: “Aikido”

Money Heist Season 2 Episode 2

The mastermind is back at it, and they initiate the plan to rob the bank of Spain by dropping money over Madrid using airplanes. The professor, along with Palermo, had decided on using the Aikido style of warfare in the heist where the military or the enemy’s army is used to further the movement. In the same manner, they lure the military into the bank. The public come to cheer for the robbers and protest so that Rio is given up all the while acting as a shield for the team. 

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Episode 3: “48 metros bajo el suelo” or “48 Meters Underground.”

Money Heist Season 2 Episode 3

The team of robbers meet quite a lot of conflict with the guards and the government when trying to enter the bank of Spain. Although Palermo was in charge of the situation, he gets derailed while Nairobi steps up and handle the situation by removing pieces of glass shards from his eyes and constraining the hostages. At the same time Bogota and Denver pigment from the hostages to enter the vault and retrieve the gold. With the help of Bogota expert knowledge and skill in diving and welding, they are able to successfully open the vault and get access to the gold. 

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Episode 4: “Boom, Boom, Ciao”

Money Heist Season 2 Episode 4

Alicia and Tamayo are appointed by the government to negotiate with the professor. However, Tamayo plans to launch an attack on the bank with the help of Suarez while Alicia keeps torturing Rio. The robbers bring to light that they are aware of the second vault and threaten the governor to open it who outright denies it. Denver, getting angry, hits him that causes a seizure while things get totally out of control. 


Episode 5: “Las cajas rojas” or “The Red Boxes.”

Money Heist Season 2 Episode 5

Helsinki and Palermo fall in love for each other, while the team is successful in opening a vault that contains of a number of red boxes with sensitive information and secret documentations of the government. Tired of the torture and the bloodshed, Denver opens up about the red boxes in public causing Sierra to stop her attack on the bank. However, she is successful in producing differences between Raquel (Lisbon) and The professor from her statement. Nairobi then expresses her true feelings for Helsinki  

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Episode 6: “Todo Pareció Insignificante” or “Everything Seemed Insignificant.”

Money Heist Season 2 Episode 6

Alicia now tries to release false information in the media in hopes that it would gain leverage on the professor blackmail. At the same time, Tamayo plans a breach inside the bank with the help of Suarez. When the professor and Lisbon learn about the offense that is going to happen, they try to communicate and inform the team members about the anticipated events. However, their communication is hampered because the antenna of their RV was destroyed by a tree. They somehow take the help of villagers and escape and can inform the team about the breach. The police team fails the plan that they had prepared, which makes Sierra release Rio in exchange for some of the hostages and the fallen team. 

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Episode 7: “Pequeñas Vacaciones” or “A Quick Vacation.”

Money Heist Season 2 Episode 7

Alicia arranges for Rio’s release in a military hospital. While the exchange happens quite smoothly, Rio is surprised to see how much support the people are pouring in towards the robbers. The team then performs a surgery on Rio to check if the police have inserted any physical device to track them in his body. When we find out the equipment, Rio and Tokyo act normally during the internet Times and let the police hear them in order to confuse them further. While talking to Rio, the professor tells him to take a vacation, which is coded with the message confirming the existence of a device in his body. Rio then breaks up with Tokyo in privacy; meanwhile, the police can locate Lisbon and the professor with the help of a drone. While trying to escape, the professor hides on a tree, and Lisbon tries to stay protected in a cottage inside the jungle. 

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Episode 8: “La Deriva” or “Astray.”

Money Heist Season 2 Episode 8

After the shocking breakup, Tokyo is devastated and insults Rio in a blaze of anger. A team of police enters the forest in order to look for the professor and Raquel. A farmer and his family find Raquel inside the cottage and decide to give her up in exchange for the prize money. However, she is somehow able to negotiate with them by offering a more significant sum of money than the price money. At the same time, Alicia uses Nairobi’s sun as a bait in order to emotionally weaken her. Being driven by emotions, Nairobi comes to the window to get a look at her son when Alicia orders to shoot her. Nairobi is shot in the chest and severely injured, while the team hurries to get medical aid for her they are attacked by the police. The police are finally able to find Raquel, and the professor hears a gunshot on her microphone and automatically assumes that she has been executed. Shattered by the news, along with the announcement of the attack on the team by the police, the professor orders Palermo to declare war on the state. Tokyo and Rio rush to fire at the armored car, which they manage to destroy. It is then found that Raquel is alive, and the gunshot heard was from a fake execution and a trap laid by Alicia to emotionally torment the professor. 

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Index of Money Heist Season 2 Part 2 / Money Heist Part 4

This is an extension of past 1 of season 2 that left the audience with a number of mind boggling questions that need answers. Will Nairobi be alive? What is the deal with Berlin as seen in the trailer and more.?

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Episode 1: “Game Over”

Money Heist Season 2 (Part 2) Episode 1

The team gathers around to perform emergency surgery on Nairobi, who instead wants to plead surrender so that she can get proper medical help. The professor is shattered and is not being able to process the death of Raquel. Marseille lures the police away from the professor and helps him escape the forest. The professor is able to negotiate with Tamayo so that Nairobi can be released. In a flashback, It is seen Nairobi convincing Tokyo to consult with the professor to make her the leader of the heist. However, since it was Palermo’s idea, he was made the captain. 

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Episode 2: “La Boda de Berlín” or “Berlin’s Wedding.”

Money Heist Season 2 (Part 2) Episode 2

Tokyo is able to perform the surgery on Nairobi and successfully removes the bullet from her chest and appoints himself the leader of the heist. Palermo being an egoist, tries to walk out of the bank but is withheld by the team who is tied up to a chair. Raquel is transported outside the police tent of the bank for further interrogation, while Tokyo informs the professor about her fake execution. The professor gets a flashback of Tatiana and Berlin’s wedding. Alicia demands that Lisbon co-operate so that her jail sentence be reduced from 30 years to 10 years.

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Episode 3: “Lección de anatomía” or “Anatomy Lesson.”

Money Heist Season 2 (Part 2) Episode 3

Marseille and the professor managed to break into Tamayo’s assistant, Antoñanzas’ house, and offer him €1 million to make him their alibi. The professor gives him his watch so that Raquel knows about the fact that the professor is aware of the fake execution and the interrogation. At the same time, Raquel’s ex-husband finds a burned sim card in the RV, which was used by them to communicate. With the help of this, he is able to locate Raquel’s mother and daughter. As Raquel is almost about to surrender, she sees the watch and understands the message and immediately stops. In order to step up as leader again, Palermo helps Gandia to escape the bank, and Nairobi finds consciousness. 

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Episode 4: “Suspiros de España” or “Pasodoble.”

Money Heist Season 2 (Part 2) Episode 4

The team rashes to find where Gandia is, while he tries to kill Nairobi with a pillow. However, Nairobi attacks him with a needle and somehow survives. Gandia then tries to kill Helsinki by hanging him, who is discovered by Nairobi and Bogota, who manages to save him. Gandia then cuts the camera wire before he enters the panic room and establishes contact with Tamayo. Antonanzas tells the professor about Gandia’s movement, who informs the same to Tokyo. But before any move is made by Tokyo, Gandia attacks her. 

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Episode 5: “5 Minutos antes” or “5 Minutes Earlier.”

Money Heist Season 2 (Part 2) Episode 5

Gandia holds Tokyo hostage in the panic room while he announcers in the intercom that he has taken Tokyo hostage and that Palermo had helped him in his escape. The professor lets everyone know that Palermo will be punished for this later on. Nairobi and Bogota develop a relationship and decide to get married after the heist. At the same time, Rio and Denver are in a lift, where Gandia throws a bomb; however, they are able to survive the explosion. Gandia then escapes through a vent and attacks on Nairobi. 

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Episode 6: “KO técnico” or “TKO.”

Money Heist Season 2 (Part 2) Episode 6

After hearing gunshots with the team rushes towards Nairobi; however Gandia keeps her restrained. She takes the help of Nairobi to make his escape and shoots her in the head, which kills her instantly. Denver threw a grenade at Gandia, which injures him. The professor then sends Palermo where Rio was kept to gather inside intel. The police attack the bank. 

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Episode 7: “Tumbar la carpa” or “Strike the Tent.

Money Heist Season 2 (Part 2) Episode 7

Palermo informs the professor about Nairobi’s death, and the professor asks the team of robbers to create a hole in the panic room and fill it to the brim with narcotic gas in order to capture Gandia. The professor then publishes a poster of Rio being Buried alive and several footages of his torture on national television. Tamayo then cancels the attack on the bank and orders Alicia to own up to the blame. Gandia then and ties Tokyo in order to remove the shrapnel from her, but she attacks him instead when the team is finally able to free her. 

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Episode 8: “Plan París” or “The Paris Plan”

Money Heist Season 2 (Part 2) Episode 8

Alicia takes the blame of Rio’s torture on herself in a press conference and decides to locate the professor. She then discovered the truth behind Antonanzas. While being taken to the court, Lisbon is liberated by Marseille and Benjamin. Gandia asks Tamayo to send a helicopter to the roof of the bank so that he can escape, but the professor sends his helicopter instead. The team and Lisbon reunite on the roof while Alicia finds the professor and holds him at gunpoint. 

The ending of the last released season of Money Heist leaves much unanswered, and the public is already hungry for more. This brilliantly scripted and well written story is packed with action and drama and one of the best series on Netflix ever. Watching this series is truly worth every second, as it keeps you gripping the edge of your seat.


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