Since the emergence of easily accessible internet worldwide, there has been a substantial hike up in the availability licit as well as illicit patent content suppliers. Besides legal, there are several illegal content suppliers too.

Along with this, the local websites that are supposed to provide particularly industry entertainment have increased rapidly as well. One such website is HDPopcorns.

It provides you accessibility to all the latest Bollywood, Hollywood, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam as well as South Indian movies and that too just on one single platform. 

This website makes use of one of the finest user interfaces which are easy to work with making this website very engaging. Apart from the wide variety, it also offers you a great range of video qualities such as 360p, 720p, and 1080p.

According to your preferences, you can browse all your favourite movies together on this website. This extract contains all the necessary information you must have regarding this easily accessible website.



There are a handful of eminent features of HDPopcorns that distinguishes it from the other websites. Mentioned below are some of the best features of this website:

On this website, you can effortlessly access all such movies you want to watch. You can avail the movies in high definition and you can download them for offline watching.

The high definition movies downloaded from this website provide you with an excellent watching experience. You can download all the movies in different video qualities such as 360p, 720p, and 1080p.

This website uses one of the most convenient user interfaces that offer you the preferred downloadable content you are searching for. With the help of this user interface, it is becoming more and more popular among the viewers.

This website tends to be one of its kind that lets you request for your preferred movies if they are not available on the website. This can be counted as one among the USP of this website.

The on-request movies are a great advantage for the viewers who are not able to find their preferred movies. They can put up a request on the website for their desired movies and the movies get uploaded as soon as possible.

Although this site is not a legitimate one it is one such website that can be accessed easily. The contents available here can be accessed through all devices such as mobile phones, laptops, tablets, and many more.

Now, this turns out to be a superior aspect of this site. Anyone can reach up to this website and download their preferred content from Hollywood, Bollywood, Telugu, Malayalam as well as Tamil Film Industry.


This website is subdivided into many categories based on its content. On your first visit to this website, you will be assisted by the user interface through the various categories. Some details of the categories available are as follows:

This website contains all the old Bollywood movies starring veteran actors from the Bollywood Film Industry. 

All the newest Bollywood movies can be searched under this category and downloaded from this website.

There is also a wide range of Bengali movies available on this website in this category for downloading among which you can find both old as well as recent ones.

All-time famous Tamil evergreen movies such as Anbe Sivam, Raatchasan, Nayakan, Vikram Vedha, Thalapathi, and many more are available for download on this website. Besides, the latest ones such as Dharala Prabhu are available too. This category is solely dedicated to just Tamil content.

In this category, you can download popular highly rated Malayalam movies such as Oru Vadakkan Veeragatha, Vaishali, Paithrukam, and many more.

Must watch Telugu movies such as Devadasu, Neramu Siksha, Sitaara, Rudra Veena, and several others that can be found and downloaded under this category.

This category provides you with the best of South Indian movies dubbed in Hindi such as Anasuya, Athadu, Jai Lava Kusa, and many more. 

This category offers you the best Hollywood movies of all time such as Bonnie and Clyde, Airplane, The Deer Hunter, Up, Rocky and so many more.

This category is the most significant one as it offers you the option to post the name of your desired movie if it isn’t available on their website and then they reach up to you with the apposite link to download the movie.

List of 10 alternatives

Many other popular websites can serve as an alternative to HDPopcorns. They also offer you nearly the same content as this website. Many of these websites are illegitimate as they contain pirated copies of movies.

If by any means, you get reported you may have to face serious consequences. So, we suggest you change the VPN before choosing any such site.


This is an illegitimate one because it contains copyrighted content. Although the movies here can be easily downloaded for free, this counts under the plagiarism law. You can download your desired movie from this website but it is advised to use it the lesser you can.


HDPopcorns is a website which offers you a great entertainment package. However, many times it creates a dilemma amongst the users. To end the dilemma, we are listing below some of the frequently asked questions:

Is HDPopcorns a legal website?

This is not an authorized website at all. According to the rules of the government, it is illegal to supply any sort of patent content on the internet without proper permission from the original site. This issue falls under plagiarism law and if you get reported you may get grave concerns.

Is there any specific consent needed to download content from this site?

No permission or subscription is required to download content from this website. But, as because it is an illegal site that provides free entertainment, you should not forget to take precautionary measures before accessing this website.

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