HDMoviesHub (2023): Top 19 Alternatives & The fleet of Websites for Media Content

Dozens of websites around the internet are now popular for offering free movies and television series. However, it is good to remember that not all sides are trusted. Some of them also published with illegal content that may be full of Malware and viruses. Since these websites let you enjoy your favorite movies and TV shows to totally for free, you can get access to these streaming sites at any time.

Besides,  you can also download the mobile applications for these streaming sites that will give you the media content directly on smartphones and tablets. The websites to not ask you always to sign up and will let you enjoy for free before starting with the paid account.


What is HDMoviesHub?

HDMoviesHub is a pirated website which will give you all kinds of services with new content. You will get access to the required media content for free.  Launched in the year 2017, this website is quite energetic in supplying the newest Hollywood and Bollywood films, Hindi dubbed films and other materials. 

Website features of HDMoviesHub

  • The movie website is free where you can watch and download movies according to your preference. 
  • In the newly launched version, you can watch the latest movies in every language. Besides, you will also get the dubbed movies. 
  • The easy-to-use website is mobile friendly with a supportive interface for the users.  So you can search for the website for the related content quite easily. 
  • The server has an immense speed. So, you will get the streaming videos available on your screen just with a click. 
  • The website size is simple that will not consume lots of space on your mobile. 

How to download movies from HDMoviesHub?

The download procedure is quite flexible. Though the website keeps changing its domain name for the copyright issues, the procedure for downloading remains the same the team upload file on the different servers and get them published for the general public. 

  • In the Google Search Box search by writing HDMoviesHub which will give you the interface. 
  • On the homepage, you will get the Hindi list of the HDMoviesHub 300MB where you have to click. 
  • After following the above step, you have to go to the movie website where you will get options like Hollywood, Bollywood, Hindi dubbed movies and more. You can choose the one according to your preferences. 
  • Click on the selected movie of your choice and go to the story and star cast depending on the quality. You can download the movie in 480P, 720p and 1080p version. The download the procedure is quite easy

Categories by HDMoviesHub

HDMoviesHub has its streaming content and net collection in numerous classes. 

  • Internet Sequence
  • AMC Sequence
  • Motion Sequence
  • Amazon Prime
  • Netflix Sequence
  • Newest Netflix
  • HBO Sequence
  • Hindi Dubbed Motion pictures

Styles available:

  • Bollywood
  • Motion
  • Animation
  • Cartoon
  • Journey
  • Documentary
  • Biography
  • Drama
  • Crime
  • Comedy
  • Household
  • Fantasy
  • Horror
  • Historical past
  • Troopers
  • Sci-Fi
  • Thriller

Alternatives of Hdmovieshub

In this article, you will come to know about the working Torrent websites which will give you the pirated media streaming content for free. You can enjoy downloading them and watching them. The system for download is convenient and free. Since they worked as a reliable source for downloading a huge lot of content ranging from music, games, videos, software, books to numerous other content, you can get everything whenever you want. All you need is a good internet connection with the well working Torrent search engine. The content-rich Torrent websites will give you all the top content you want at your fingertips.

How are we so sure about the list of top working sites?

Considering the fact that the government does not permit the free running of the torrent sites, we have crafted a list of those websites only which offer flexibility to the user without further hassles. 

Categories we look for

  • Year of the establishment- we go through the founding year of the website which indicates the reliability. If the website runs for about 5 to 10 years at a stretch without being shutdown it means that it is a reliable one. 
  • Alexa ranking determines how popular the website is among the internet users.  The higher the Alexa ranking, the more reliable is the website. 
  • URLs/mirror sites- we also go through the mirror sites URL which will help to overcome the geo-restrictions
  • Download speed helps to know the approximate speed of the websites with the help of the required VPN system. Only high-speed websites are considered as a better streaming website. 
  • Banned region- we only provide the list of the websites that are open in most regions of the world.

1. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay

This is the market leader that ranked as the best Torrent site in 2018. The site offers hundreds of torrent files. You can browse through the different categories available in a simple drop-down menu. 


  • It offers fast download speeds depending on the speed of the internet connection. 
  • Although it is blocked in different countries, you will get it up and running in lost regions. 
  • You can browse quickly through the Pirate Bay software totally for free 

Year Established: 2013

Alternate URLs: ThePirateBay.red, Tbp.tw, TPBMirror.org

Alexa Ranking: 224

Banned in countries: Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Germany, Iceland, China, Denmark, Finland, France, India, Indonesia, Iran, Ireland, Italy, Kuwait, Malaysia, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Spain, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Netherlands, Norway,  United Kingdom.

Download Speed is 2.9 MB/s 

2. LimeTorrents


The famous torrent website has the biggest database with over 9.8 million torrents. 


  • offers multiple categories including TV shows, apps, games, movies, anime, and software.
  • It has a vast content library
  • The website has superb download speed and thus takes less time for completion of the download.
  • The entire list shows the size, seeder, leechers, date added and health.
  • The information page is easy to understand and not cluttered

Year Established: 2009

Alternate URLs: limetorrents.info, limetorrents.Asia, limetor.club,

Alexa Ranking: 1294

Banned in countries: Australia, United Kingdom, France.

Download Speed is 3.1 MB/s that falls under good download speed.

3. Torrentz2

Torrentz2 is an old torrent site. This site holds an enormous amount of torrents along with games, movies, and TV shows. Though this website doesn’t host the own content but manages millions of torrent files.


  • You’ll get a plethora of music or movies that make the site a good pick along with a good peer ratio. 
  • With an update, the site has fixed the malware injections and malicious bugs that have made it super impressive.

Year Established: 2016

Alternate URLs: Torrentz2.is, Torrentzwealmisr. onion, Torrentz2.me

Alexa Ranking: 696

Banned in countries: None yet

Download Speed is 1.9 MB/s that falls under the category of Below average download speed.


YTS or YiFy has always proved itself as a great addition to the torrent world. Since its advent in 2011, it has been offering quality movies. 


  • The user-interface is marvelous and customized just like Netflix. 
  • clean and admirable homepage of the torrent site.
  • Enormous movie library with the newly added movies land that gets summed to the list just after the release.

Year Established: 2011

Alternate URLs: yts.unblocked.MX, yts.unblocked.MX, yts.am

Alexa Ranking: 696

Banned in countries: Ireland.

Download Speed is 1.3 MB/s that falls under the category of Below average download speed.

5. 1337x


1137x, the benchmark for torrents provides magnet links along with the plethora of torrent files. 


  • The website presents a high engagement and has been providing relevant content for almost 11 years 
  • You will get a panel of games, books, movies, and music.
  • 1137x started proving itself right after the shut down of infamous site KickAss. 
  • the community of torrent uploaders. 
  • The use will get a range of latest files.

Year Established: 2007

Alternate URLs: 1337x.st, x1337x.ws, x1337x.eu

Alexa Ranking: 257

Banned in countries: Austria, Ireland, United Kingdom, Australia.

Download Speed is 501 Kb/s that falls under the category of Good download speed.

6. iDope

iDope provides torrent files when it fetches direct magnet links to the torrents. 


  • You will get a list of over 18 million torrents
  • The simple user interface gives users the flexibility to download torrents on many devices.
  • Great collection of TV shows and movies 
  • You will get trending, classic and newly added media content for classic to pop enthusiasts.

Year Established: 2016

Alternate URLs: idope.bypassed.bz

Alexa Ranking: 2,141,372

Banned in countries: none

Download Speed is 3.7 MB/s that falls under the category of Good download speed.



This website provides about 300,000 torrenters daily with a significant content library.


  • You’ll get movies available from different categories making it a significant site
  • Availability of ten different categories including TV Shows, movies, anime software and more.
  • Download speed varies depending on the internet connection. Only a reliable connection lets the website work smoothly.

Year Established: 2008

Alternate URLs:

Alexa Ranking: 7542

Banned in countries:  Bulgaria, Ireland, Morocco, Denmark, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Portugal, United Kingdom.

Download Speed is 1.9 MB/s that falls under the category of Below average download speed.

8. Torlock

Torlock, the good torrent site for mac users is now focusing on small torrent files that are available for download at all times. 


  • This is the hub for the TV series and movies.
  • The content is available with HD quality.

Year Established: 2010

Alternate URLs: torlock.unblocked.mx

Alexa Ranking: 5990

Banned in countries: Australia, United Kingdom, and India.

Download Speed is 3.3 MB/s that falls under the category Above average download speed.


EZTV, the popular site that had its origination in 2005, presents a flexible interface of the website.


  • it’s cluttered with immense content and pop-up ads
  • The EZTV proxy site is quite upgraded and flexible. 
  • The quality is superb, and the library is extraordinary.
  • This website works like an extraordinary alternative to the BitTorrent website Mininova.

Year Established: 2015

Alternate URLs: eztv.unblocked.mx, eztv.unblocked.bet, eztv.red,

Alexa Ranking: 912

Banned in countries: Australia, the United Kingdom, and Ireland.

Download Speed is 4 MB/s that falls under the category of Above average download speed.

10. Torrent Downloads

This website has all the features to fit in our list. It hails with the massive torrent library with millions of content for the users.


  • Holds more than 16 million torrents
  • Categories included in the website are games, software, movies, TV Shows, and more. 
  • Perks can be accessed from anywhere. 

Year Established: 2007

Alternate URLs: torrentdownloads.unblockall.org

Alexa Ranking: 2981

Banned in countries: United Kingdom

Download Speed is 2.1 MB/s that falls under the category of Above average download speed.

11. Bit Torrent Scene

BitTorrent Scene with the updates now hails as a newer site for providing a variety of content to internet users. 


  • The site is a good alternative to extratorrents and vs torrents. 
  • The download speed is exceptionally fast.

Year Established: 2017

Alternate URLs: btscene.unblocker.cc, bittorrentstart.com, btsproxy.com

Alexa Ranking: 2981

Banned in countries: none

Download Speed is 3.8 MB/s that falls under the category of Above average download speed.

12. YourBittorrent

With its launch in 2009, YourBitorrent has always built a close association with BitTorrent. 


  • The website is a beacon for torrents 
  • You will get reliable torrent downloads for day to day tasks.

Year Established: 2009

Alternate URLs:

Alexa Ranking: 28022

Banned in countries: Portugal, and the United Kingdom. Previously it was partially banned from being accessed. 

Download Speed is 1.5 MB/s that can be categorized as Below average download speed.

13. Google

Google, the famous site is quite popular among masses for the 3 million torrents.


  • You will get all the categories; especially movies and TV series. 
  • It works to fetch torrent links from different sites like Katcr and Torrenthound
  • The content library is widespread.
  • Simple to use interface that makes it flexible for the user to maneuver
  • clutter-free that makes the website easy to handle without hassle.

Year Established: 2013

Alternate URLs: zooqle.unblocked.mx, zoqle.bypassed.org

Alexa Ranking: 2086

Banned in countries: None yet 

Download Speed is 4.2 MB/s that can be categorized as Above-average download speed.

14. KickAssTorrents

This site hails with a good variety of torrent files.


  • You will get the content available in HD format.
  • Easy to use interface.

Year Established: 2008

Alternate URLs: Kickasstorrents.pw, Kickasstorrent.cr, and Sitenable.pw

Alexa Ranking: 2425

Banned in countries: None 

Download Speed is 3.0Mb/s that resembles good download speed

15. Demonoid


The website comes with the 800000 torrent files for the users. This huge amount of media content has made the website qualify as a top-ranked torrent site.


  • Plenty of movies, music, TV shows, and software. 
  • Though the interface is not easy to toggle, you will get your requirements fulfilled in the needed time.

Year Established: 2003

Alternate URLs: Dnoid.me, Demonoid.unblocked.bet

Alexa Ranking: 255,927

Banned in countries: Ukraine, and the United Kingdom.

Download Speed is 2.1 MB/s that falls under the Above average download speed.

16. Moviezwap


Moviezwap is an illegal torrent site that brings you downloading links and unlimited access to all of the latest TV Shows, Movies and more! With Moviezwap, you can have an exciting evening. People love Moviezwap because it allows them to escape from a dull day. Moviezwap is the site where you can get HD videos of the latest movie releases, and more importantly, you get Tamil, Telegu, and Bollywood movies. Browsing through the Moviezwap website is extremely easy. Upon visiting the website, you will find a list of movies available on the website. From the latest TV Shows and movies to classic favourites, you can find anything you want. All you have to do is click on the title that you want, and you will be able to see several different links from where you can download the HD version of any content. 

17. Khatrimaza


Khatrimaza is an online movie providing site that allows you to access unlimited latest shows, movies, web series, documentaries, short films, award functions, etc. Not only can you stream your favourite videos anytime online, but also download them in any format of your choice. All downloading links are available at a single click. The site provides all services free of cost. You don’t need to register on this site, nor give your card details. The site contains more than 10 thousand Tamil, Telegu, Marathi, Gujarati, Punjabi, Malayalam and Bollywood and Hollywood dubbed films. The site brings to you a diversified collection of contents that is sure to enrich your movie-watching experience. 

18. Mp4moviez

Mp4moviez 2020

Mp4moviez is a popular torrent site that was created a few years back and has been providing users with the latest releases within a few days of their official release. Mp4moviez being an illegal site was banned by the Indian government, but continues to operate via proxy servers. People too use this site because they can avail of all its contents for free. The site brings to you an amazing collection of Tamil, Telegu, Malayalam, Bollywood, Hollywood dubbed movies in HD resolution. Apart from movies, you can also stream web series, documentaries, short films, etc. The site’s interface is extremely user friendly, which makes it easy for everyone to explore this site.

19. Filmyzilla


This again is a great torrent downloading site. It has a great collection of movies one could choose from and gives the user the freedom to choose the video quality that he or she wants and the one that their devices could support from the different qualities of videos available on the site. It may be tricky to at first reach the site as it is a movie pirating site, it needs to constantly change its domain address. But once you reach the site, it has easy to understand user interface that helps you download movies with ease. 

Since Torrenting is a copyright infringement, you must refrain from using faulty or fake torrent sites. 

PassThePopcorn, Torrent9, SUMOTorrent, and IPTorrents are some sites that you just stay away from. 

To identify the fake sites, please mind the following entities:

  • Always check the Seeder/Leecher Ratio. Only the ones with the smaller leechers and large seeders are recommended.
  • While browsing users don’t be ever tempted to run behind brand new movies. Some of them come with copyright infringement that will end up with a virus.
  • Stay Away from outdated versions like WMA and WMV Files
  • Download only ‘Verified’ Torrents
  • that will be devoid of malware. 
  • Double-Check the files like RAR, TAR, and ZIP because they behave like archive files. Most of these files contain malware.
  • Ensure whether or not you are downloading the Password-Protected Torrents. Such torrents might ask you to visit another website. 
  • Double-Check the EXE Files because there are the areas that the malware seeks to hide in. Most of the malicious torrents utilize EXE files for hiding the virus-infected codes.


Though the procedure isn’t legal completely, the police will not take severe legal action against those who use it. But there is a ban on creation of such websites

2. Why hdmovieshub provide access to the leaked movies?

Entertainment is a large industry that breaks the law of encryption too. It’s not possible to always download the movies at high prices always. So, these torrent sites leak the movies.

3. What are the formats available on HDmovieshub?

HDmovieshub offer movies in HD, 140p, 240p, 360p, 720p, and 1080p quality. The file sizes are 150MB, 250MB, 350MB, 450MB, and 700MB.


The privacy of any original content is punishable.  Our website strongly opposes such privacy. The content has been created for educational and awareness purposes only. Choose to purchase the original content because piracy is an illegal activity.


You can download the movies with flexibility from the HDMoviesHub. But, its always recommended appreciating the hard work of the people involved in the media industry. The download of illegal and pirated content, makes the future of torrent website shattered.  However, it does not stop users from downloading torrents. The above-mentioned list of torrent websites will be up and running for providing good seeds. These sites will give you the required content in a hassle-free manner!

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