Hdmovieplus is an online movie platform, where you can watch Bollywood, Hollywood, Tamil, and Telegu movies online, for free. This torrent is known as one of the top torrent sites for years. One of the reasons is that in Hdmovieplus you can watch the latest movies in HD quality. In case of other torrent sites, they are not able to release the HD quality of any movie, as sooner as Hdmoviesplus can. That separates Hdmovieplus from other sites.

A few days earlier, you might have learned; some problematic things were going on with the whole torrent protocol to stream movies. At that time Hdmovieplus was knocked down, and the site along with the application was disappeared for a while. But now it has returned and successfully running with full pride.

HDmoviePlus (2024): Best Alternatives & Similar Websites


During today’s world, when nothing is free, Hdmovieplus provides you latest movies with fantastic quality. Not only that, but you can also watch dubbed movies in different qualities. Apart from movies, you will also have full access to the vast list of documentaries, short films, web shows, TV shows in Hdmovieplus.

Basically, Hdmovieplus is a comprehensive package of entertainment. Some people cannot trust websites as they can content virus. For them, Hdmovieplus had launched application! Hdmovieplus app is available for Android, iOS, Smart TV and PC.  

Features Of Hdmovieplus Website

There are a few categories, in which a website should do its best. Otherwise, first of all, viewers will not like it, and it will not be able to become popular. In that case, Hdmovieplus is a trendy website, which makes us think that Hdmovieplus may not be able to become such a popular website without its user-friendly and fantastic interface.

How To Download Movies From Hdmovieplus Website

You can visit Hdmovieplus.com from Google, but if you face any problems while searching there, don’t hesitate to use other internet browsers like UC browser, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, etc.

Categories Of Hdmovieplus

Hdmovieplus enables customers to choose movies by their category. It not only makes the search easier but also helps movie lovers to stay updated about the latest movies.

Viewers can prefer movies from the significant classifications including spine thrillers, horror, parody, adult, and sentiment etc. apart from entertainment movies; there are also different types of movies shown in Hdmovieplus. Like different types of motion pictures.

In Hdmovieplus, you are allowed to choose your favourite category along with your favourite subject! You can select from Unscripted TV dramas, TV shows, Motion pictures, music recordings etc. Here is the list of categories, listed on Hdmovieplus:

Hdmovieplus is the best-trusted site for downloading movies. This site helps you to avoid defrauding sites. You can have multiple language options along with multiple picture qualities and various size options in Hdmovieplus; all is for free.

Hdmovieplus Alternatives:

For official Hdmovieplus alternatives, you are in the correct place. Now, here we sorted out almost 30 handpicked similar sites than can replace Hdmovieplus.

Our need is pretty simple and straight. We just need some excellent movie streaming sites which will provide us best quality movies along with bests interface in the website and good lag-free service. The name first comes in our mind after listing our demand is, Hdmovieplus.

But Hdmovieplus is a popular website. Increased traffic on the site is not anything surprising. In this kind of situation, it is normal to search for proper alternatives. That is the reason why we made this list.

There are thousands and thousands of online streaming sites. But all of them cannot replace Hdmovieplus as its alternative sites. Very few among them can provide excellent experience as Hdmovieplus.

1. Popcornflix


This website is another illegal, free website as Hdmovieplus. This can provide you with the exact content you are looking for, just like Hdmovieplus. You will be pleased to see their selected list of TV shows and Movies of some genres like comedy, drama, action, suspense, and many more. You don’t have to register on the Popcornflix website while downloading.

2. Sony Crunch

Sony Crunch

Sony Crunch is just another website like Popcornflix. But it requires customer’s registration before downloading any content. You don’t have to worry about that as later it will be much easier for you as you are registered. Sony Crunch application is also available for Android and iOS to make your life easier. It also has an application for PS4. But the sad part is that to access it, you will need a VPN.

3. Ice movie

IcefilmsInfor.net can be a perfect alternative for Hdmovieplus. It is different between these two sites. Apart from the regular movie list, it also has a list that includes the best IMDB movies, which makes the decision of choosing movies, a lot easier for you.

4. Kuttymovies


Sometimes, people can’t make any difference between Kuttymovies.la and Juttmovies website, as both websites, have a lot of similarities. Apart from regular movie categories, you can also find top-rated, best IMDB, Most Favorite movie list on the website.

5. Nitro

The Nitro.me website comes with more than 7000 movies, TV shows and other entertainment contents. It also contains the latest movies with high definition quality. You can access the website from any device.

6. HDO

If you can activate HDO.to in your website, you will no longer have to face any hassles while downloading movies. It comes with a fantastic and user-friendly interface where the movie list is organized beautifully. You can find categories like the most favourite, most prominent; the most viewed today, the most valued etc.

7. MovieNinja


MovieNinja is not just another similar site like Hdmovieplus but also much better than Hdmovieplus. The database here is more massive than Hdmovieplus. The movie content in the MovieNinja site is divided into sections and categories. Viewers don’t have to sign up to continue streaming.

8. Moviezwap


Moviezwap is another worthy name in the alternative list. In this site, movies are also divided impressively. The difference is that this site will not allow users to access it without signing up.

9. Movies4U

This site does not store its content in the server. Movies4U provides a link from other sites. Though it has a lot of contents, it is not a very great alternative for Hdmovieplus. But overall, it is good to site for movie streaming.

10. LookMovie


With an attractive design and user-friendly interface, it provides you with vast content to fulfil the need for entertainment. But you will not get subtitles for every motion pictures or TV shows.

The incredible thing about the site is that you will get to watch free movies with almost an advertisement free condition. Yes, you will see a few video advertisements, but they are not much bothering.

11. Zmovies


Users are offered to watch a wide range of movies in Zmovies.cc. This site also allows viewers to watch the most recently uploaded films here. And you don’t have to do registration before watching films.

11. Movieswood


One of the best torrent movie downloading sites this lets you download all the latest movies that are released. It is great in the sense that it has movies from all genres of movies.

It even has varied languages, and movies from Hollywood, Bollywood as well as Tollywood. You can enjoy movies of old and new eras on this site. It has movies that have just released and as well as a finger-licking stock of movies from the 90s as well. 

12. KatmoviesHD


This site is known in the market for its great video qualities and range of movie sit provides. It is quite easy to operate as well as it has an easy to understand user interface. It even has a web series and TV shows that you may watch.

The best part of it all is that it provides all of these for free. It might be a problem as to when the advertisements keep disturbing your film-watching experience. But you can always solve that problem, by installing an Ad Blocker. 

13. Jiorockers


This site is mainly known for Telugu movies. Side by side, it provides other South Indian movies as well, such as the ones in Tamil and Malayalam. It has varied genres fir the users to choose from.

This site also provides dubbed and subbed versions of movies as well. It further has a stock of movies of other languages even. 

14. Filmyhit

Another torrent downloading site, this is quite a popular one. It not only provides movies, but also provides a range of songs, web series and TV shows for you to choose from.

The best thing about the site is that it has a lot of video qualities that you could choose from according to the quality that your device can support. Even if your device is not able to support High Definition qualities of videos, there are always other options for you to choose from. 

15. Limetorrents


This site is a fairly new one. However, it has gained a lot of popularity over a short period. First and foremost is the fact that it has a great stock of movies of all genres and qualities and languages.

Along with that what is mention-worthy is that it has a very well described home page that is quite helpful for first-time viewers as they can know exactly what kinds of movies they can hope to watch. Besides all of those, the site has a great user-friendly interface as well. 


Almost every week Hollywood and Bollywood are launching many movies and web shows. But there are many people who want to enjoy the original element for free. So they prefer sites like Hdmovieplus, a lot. 

But according to the law of India, this is completely illegal. Uploaded and watching the copyright of the original content is the same crime according to the Indian copyright act, because it’s not easy to make a movie and launch it.

When the movie gets uploaded, the producers and directors face many loses. But apart from the latest content if you want to watch or download your favourite movies, Hdmovieplus should appear at first of the movie download websites list.


1. Is It Safe To Utilize Hdmovieplus?

Since Hdmovieplus is an illegal free website, there is a high chance you can receive malware or another virus. But that is normal if you unwantedly touched on specific content or advertisement, which is the source of the virus.

But every free and illegal site have this risk. Another thing that can cause your device damage is that you may find your device running slow after streaming in Hdmovieplus for a while. That is because the site is utilizing more GPUs to have options to stream. The disclaimer is that Hdmovieplus may harm your device.

2. Why Websites Like Hdmovieplus So Popular?

Before, there were only a few options for entertainment for us. But now, in this age of internet people are trying to maximize their entertainment.

Also, they are bounding it on the internet. That is why free online movie streaming sites and websites are so popular today. The answer to the question is not a better user interface or something like that; the answer is people’s thirst of entertainment.

3. What Is The Traffic Rank Of Hdmovieplus Website?

As Hdmovieplus slows down and starts buffering more often, this question appears naturally in people’s mind. Hdmovieplus ranks 701,029 globally in term of traffic.

4. Which Countries Did Hdmovieplus Receive Most Of Its Visitors?

In India, most people believe in free services. That is the reason why in India, Hdmovieplus is the most popular among all other countries. Apart from Hdmovieplus receive maximum visitors from Pakistan and Bangladesh.

5. What Web Server Software Does Hdmovieplus Site Use?

Hdmovieplus is powered by “Cloudflare” webserver, and the interface.

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