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HDFriday (2020): Best Alternatives To Download Hollywood & Bollywood Movies Free




Are you someone who loves watching movies in different languages that you like in your free time? You must be worried about watching movies and films online because there are so many advertisements that keep coming and wasting your time. All your mood gets ruined by the 2-minute ad that keeps interrupting your movie time with your friends or family. You can now easily download your favourite movies to your computer, transfer it to a hard drive or pen drive and watch it comfortably on your large tv screens with beautiful sound effects thanks to the home theatre. You will no more be craving to go to the theatres when you can have the same experience right now right at home! 

HDFriday (2020): Best Alternatives


What is HDFriday?

HDFriday is one of the top websites from where you can download the latest movies or films and television series. HDFriday is one of the top websites from where you can download the latest movies or films and television series. You can now get a chance to download your favourite movies, even if they are a few years old in high definition quality. These tv-series and movies are uploaded to the website as and when they are available for release, and you can easily download whichever movie or tv series you would like and watch it with your friends and family! Sometimes you can’t go to the theatres and spend almost 200 to 500 bucks on a movie, especially when there is more than one movie you want to watch. Why will you waste so much money and time on going to the theatres just to watch a movie once when you can now easily download these movies in full high definition and watch it as many times as you would like from HDFriday now! 

Special Features Of The Website

HDFriday is one of the most special websites to have been released in the market today. With the increasing prices of movie tickets, it is becoming almost impossible for the people to keep up with the new and latest movies and TV series. One movie just ends when another has already released and is waiting. With HDFriday, you can sit back and relax because every new film becomes available for download in absolutely no time at all! You can now watch all the big blockbusters by simply downloading it onto your personal computers and watch it all day, and at any time you would like. You must be thinking about why you should choose HDFriday to download and watch the movies of your choice. This website has some of the most amazing features that will make you get hooked to it even before you know it!

  • This website named HDFriday uploads movies and tv series as soon as they are released for you to watch them. 
  • It also offers many new features besides the ability to watch all the movies. You can also download and watch tv series if you can just give it some time to load. 
  • Another important feature of this website is the design. This website has one of the unique designs you must have ever seen. Unlike other websites that allow you to download and watch movies, HDFriday lists the series and movies by their language. This allows every online visitor to get an easier and simpler view of the movies belonging to each language so that you can first choose which language you want and then select the movie of your choice. It is that simple!
  • HDFriday also releases the latest Bollywood films so that you can stay in constant touch with the various Hindi films releasing across the country. Not only will you get your hands on the blockbuster superstar films that are released, but you will also get a chance to get exposed to new and talented actors and the new movies they have been working on. These movies might not be very famous due to fewer promotions, but they are far more natural and move your emotions to a greater extent. 
  • The movies that belong originally to other languages of the world are also available in their respective Hindi translations so that all those who do not understand other languages will be able to watch it and have some fun while entertaining them. Some English movies are also translated into different languages like Tamil, etc.  
  • The website also shows you clearly what percentage of people have liked or disliked the movie or the show so that you have an idea of how good or bad the show or film is. 
  • You can easily browse as many films and shows as you like and surf through the variety of languages available on the website. 
  • You can also find links to different categories of movies like comedy, WWE Fight movies, action movies, Punjabi movies or movies of any other language. 
  • Such categories are also available for Hindi or Punjabi tv shows such as Bigg Boss, Tu Aashiqui, Roadies, Splitsvilla, you name it, and you will be able to find it on the website immediately!
  • Not only will you find these categories mentioned above, but you will also be able to find moves that are going to be uploaded to the website, which will be open for viewing or download very soon. 
  • The website also automatically arranges the movies according to the best or top movies according to the people across the country. 
  • You will find a wide range of genres on the website that makes it easier for you to find what you want to see and which one you want to download. 

How To Download Movies Or Shows From HDFriday

If you are a crazy fan of movies and TV shows and are absolutely bored with sitting at home, then HDFriday is going to be your favourite from now on! You can now easily watch your favourite tv shows or movies without any sort of interruption from unnecessary advertisements or breaks on HDFriday. Let us take a look at how you can download and watch the latest tv shows and movies on your personal computer!

  1. You can now watch a random episode of your favourite tv show or start watching an old Hindi movie that you have forgotten and catch up with those lost scenes and memories by simple watching it live on the website. If you do not have enough space in your laptop or personal computer, you can just watch it online on the website. All you have to do is click on the movie icon you wish to watch, and it will appear right in front of your eyes on the next page. 
  2. If you are interested in downloading the movie and watching it whenever and no matter how many times you feel like, the steps are extremely simple. 
    • Simply click on the movie icon you want to download. 
    • Once the page opens with all the details about the movie, such as the duration of the film, the ratings it has received from the people who have already watched it, and how much people have liked it, you will have to scroll down the page slowly where you will find a few options for download. 
    • To download the movie you have selected that belongs to the language you wish it would be, you just have to scroll down the page where you will be able to see a few options for downloading the movie. Another special feature of the website is that you will be given a range of download options. Whether you want to download the full movie at high speed, that would take approximately 630 MB, or download the full movie in 720 HD quality which will take about 630MB, download it from Torrent Download Server 1 or 2, both of which takes about 876.9 MB respectively. 
    • The most convenient option for you would be to download the full movie in 720 high definitions as it would provide you with a movie quality and print so good that you will have one of the best cinematic experiences right there at home! 
    • Once you click on the second option to download in full HD at 720, you will see another confirmation message that shows the option to download. Click on download again to begin the process. 
    • The progress of the download will be visible to you on the browser which you are using. 
    • You will also get a chance to download a sample of the movie you want so that you can check the quality or print of the movie you are going to download. 
    • You can download the movie directly to your hard drive or find it saved automatically on your personal computer or laptop and enjoy your movie now!

Categories that you will find

HDFriday has a long list of genres based on which the movies are uploaded. Whether you are looking for action thrillers, dramas, romantic movies, psychological thrillers, horror, comedy, sci-fi, mystery, animation, war, crime, biography, sports, and many more such genres are available on

You will also find a separate section that shows the different categories of movies that are available on the website. These categories include the different languages under which again several movies are uploaded that you can easily watch and enjoy at home! Even the most uncommon of languages can be found here on the website such as Chattisgarhi, Dogri, etc., and some of the most common languages like Gujrati, Marathi, Punjabi, Tamil, Malayalee, Telugu, Bengali, etc. 

Alternatives to HDFriday

With the advancement of technology, you no more have to depend upon anyone website to download your favourite movies. If you are having difficulty in downloading movies and TV shows from HDFriday, you can do so now from other websites like x-movies8, Bolly2Tolly, Join4Films, and many more such websites! 


Some of the most common questions that are asked online about HDFriday are- 

1. How do I know the movie quality is good?

All you have to do is download the sample of the movie you want to download. The movie has the same print like that in the sample as it is a clip taken directly from the movie.

2. Does the download take a lot of time?

No, it does not. If you are connected to good wifi that has a sufficient amount of speed, then you can download the movie easily within no time at all!

3. Can I watch the movie without downloading it?

Yes, you can definitely watch the movie without downloading it. You can simply click on the movie icon and watch the movie live on the website if you have a strong internet connection for your personal computer or laptop. 

4. Is it safe to use?

Yes, HDFriday is absolutely safe to use as it comes with high protection to the data entered by the visitor or a customer who has agreed to follow the rules provided by the website. 


You now can get a chance to spend some amazing quality time with your loved ones by watching some of the most entertaining contents available to you on the internet! It will no more matter where you are or what you are doing as long as you have access to HDFriday. With an experience that is as perfect as watching a film in a theatre, HDFriday is the number one website you can rely on for your beautiful experiences! Make the time you spend absolutely worth it and valuable by watching these movies live on the website or by quickly downloading these movies. Don’t allow yourself to get bored anymore when you have access to such a huge variety of movies and tv shows right here at HDFRIDAY! 

Mary is the Junior Writer at GadgetFreeks. She has previously worked at Alnsights, ExitEvent, and InterpidMedia. She loves to read stories of startups and share it with the Audience.

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