There is seldom a person who doesn’t connect himself to music. Music can do wonders when it comes to a person’s mood. When you are happy, you can listen to joyful songs with your mood.

When you are sad, melancholic, traumatized or heartbroken, you have innumerable deep sad songs to listen to, that will provide you with solace. This is what music is about. Every vision that you have in your mind will surely fit into anyone or the other song.

Music enables you to be more imaginative, which is good for your health and creativity. Many times doctors have been seen playing soft music in the operation theatre, to relieve themselves of the stress.

Studies have shown that doing so renders better surgical results. In short, music therapy has been playing an indispensable part in healing every aspect of human life and will forever do so. 

In the recent past, the music industries have received a great boost and several mp3 and mp4 streaming and downloading services have come up, to allow people to relax and rejuvenate themselves during their leisure hours.

Various apps have especially been designed for Android and iOS phones, whereas others are some websites. These sites and apps have enabled people to listen to their favourite songs whenever they wish to.

What is Funmaza?


Funmaza is one such online audio and video streaming and downloading site, that you can avail for free. On this site, you can listen to any song of your choice, any video you wish to watch. Songs and videos in almost every language from every genre is available here.

You can stream and download them on your device or google drive or Dropbox cloud folder. Mp3 and mp4 songs and videos can even be shared on Facebook, from Funmaza.

The most important advantage that the site provides you with is it can convert any mp4 video link into its mp3 audio version, that you can stream and download. 

Features of Funmaza:

Funmaza site has the following features:

How to download music from Funmaza? 

Categories of songs available on Funmaza

As you already know, you can get a plethora of songs and videos on this site, ranging from old to new ones, covering all genres. Below mentioned are some of the popular categories of songs available on Funmaza

Alternatives of Funmaza

Here are several ways of downloading mp3 and mp4 contents into your device. But not every way is a legal one. Funmaza is illegal music and video streaming and downloading site, that provides services for free.

If you are someone who isn’t willing to break the laws, we have brought to you the following 8 alternatives of Funmaza, which is completely legal. 

1. PureVolume

Pure volume can be said to be an online community of music maniacs. Various artists sign-up and upload their original music compositions on this site. Listeners can stream these songs online or can download them.

On this site, every Artist uploading songs has their profile, containing details of them, their pictures and description of the songs they have published. Now, the artist might not want to allow everyone to download his songs.

It’s up to him. One can download songs of an artist only if he permits so. Mostly have their downloads enabled, so that users can enjoy free music.

Apart from .mp3 songs, mp4 videos are also available on this site, from various artists and genres, which can similarly be streamed and downloaded. On pure volume, some artists only allow their music and videos to be streamed for free. So for downloading such contents, you need to subscribe.

2. Gaana

Gaana is the present-day top solution for all your music needs. The app offers you free, uninterrupted and unlimited access to all Hindi, Hollywood and regional songs on your device, at any point in time.

The app provides you with a plethora of music collection ranging from old and latest classics, Indian regional music which includes Marathi, Punjabi, Gujarati, Malayalam, Tamil, Telegu, Oriya songs, Bollywood music to devotional songs, English songs for free.

You only need to have a steady internet connection. If you are a subscribed user, you can even download the songs of your favourite artists and favourite albums. 

3. SoundCloud

Similar to amazon, it offers free streaming and downloading services. A lot of artists, popular and unknown upload their songs and videos on this site, allowing people to download them for free. Upon searching for your favourite song, you can stream it online.

If the download option is available, it means you can download it for free. If not, it means that you need to subscribe to the site for downloading that artist’s songs. He has not enabled the free downloading option for unpaid users.

Generally, all popular artists do enable the download option for its users. Again, there isn’t any specific downloading section on this site. Creators are however trying to develop it in their next update. 

4. Wynk

This is an application that provides similar services to the sites mentioned above. The app is sponsored by My Airtel and provides free music downloading services. Not only can you download songs for free, but also can organise and manage them easily.

All categories of songs like Bhojpuri, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Hindi, English, Hollywood are available here. Also, you get devotional and classical music on this app.

This application is the best for those who want a global variety of tracks and videos. One gets to explore a wide range of 2.5 million tracks on this app that includes MP3 music and MP4 videos. 

5. Jamendo music: 

Another popular audio and mp4 videos streaming and downloading site in the list is Jamendo. It has been providing such services for years now. All contents on this site are asking for free downloading.

Jamendo’s online site is protected by creative commons license, which means that the creators of this site have enabled users to stream and download music and mp4 videos of their choices, whenever they want to.

The site is mostly filled with audios and videos of independent artists. The site has playlists that are. Updated with the latest songs by the creators. Every song that you download into your device can be played when you are offline.

To download songs from Jamendo music, no app needs to be installed. You can also avail of paid services. If you are a paid subscriber, you get access to a lot more songs and videos that unpaid users can’t access. Also, the subscription fee is affordable. 

6. Amazon music 

The site besides providing you with millions of tracks, music, albums, MP4 videos also offers a music downloading section, that is continually updated by the creators. Tracks of all popular domestic and international artists are available here.

Songs and videos come from all genres, covering all categories. Some devotional and meditative songs are also available. Songs of famous artists and bands like Blondie, Carole King, the rapper, foo fighters, the philharmonic orchestra, etc. are available.

The creators of this site intend to increase their traffic base by making more and more latest songs snd tracks available to the users for free.

After downloading the songs, from the amazon mp3 site, you can listen to them offline and share them anywhere. But you need to have a good music downloader app for organising and arranging the songs. 

7. Soundclick

The site provides you with hundreds of tracks of artists for free streaming and downloading. Contents of independent artists, signed, unsigned and everything in between is found on this site.

SoundClick allows any struggling independent artists to upload his albums or songs or mp4 videos to make it available to the users. You can fetch your favourite music on this site easily.

You can either search by the artist’s name or click on the particular category the song belongs to or directly search for the song on the search bar. You will also get songs similar to the searched ones. 

8. ReverbNation

The site brings to you innumerable songs and videos of international artists, coming from all genres. You can even discover unknown artists, who are as good as the popular ones but somehow has remained underrated.

The amazing song collection found in the ReverbNation might as well change your taste towards music. Every user can listen to songs online but some contents can be downloaded and some cannot be depending on whether the Artist has enabled the downloading option or not.

ReverbNation is similar to SoundCloud in its operation snd functioning. Just like SoundCloud, various artists upload their videos and music on this site, but it’s up to them whether to allow users to download their content. Some enable the downloading option for free, some don’t. Presently, there is no particular music downloading section in ReverbNation. 


1. Will streaming and downloading music and videos from Funmaza affect your device? 

Yes, it will. Every time an individual accesses the services of the illegal Funmaza site, the individual puts his device’s information at stake. All of your device’s information can be stolen. Apart from this, your device might also become affected by malware. 

2. What are the steps in which music can be downloaded from Funmaza? 

The steps have already been mentioned above. They are simple and easy. You need to visit the site online and search for your favourite song. Once you get the song, click on it. You will be shown several downloading links. Click on anyone. 

3. Is there any limit on downloading music from Funmaza? 

There is no such limit known as to the number of songs users can download from this site. 

4. How much time does it take to download music from Funmaza? 

The amount of time required for downloading songs from Funmaza depends on how good your internet connection is. The site offers fast downloading speed and good audio quality. But you need to ensure first that you have a steady internet connection. 

Yes, it is. Since, Funmaza is an illegal site, every time you access its services, you commit a crime, according to the anti-piracy law of your country. It is considered to be an illegal act, which stands punishable under the laws against piracy. 


This article was purely meant for educating the masses. Neither do we promote piracy of any sort nor do we support the piracy business.

We urge our readers to understand the dangers associated with browsing through such sites and request them to make others aware of this issue too. With time, better alternatives have come up. It’s high time that we start using legal alternatives. 

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