FMovies (2023): Best 14+ Alternatives to Watch Free Movies and TV Shows Online

Movies are a source of recreation in most of the countries over the world. To many, it is the source of inspiration that can easily uplift one’s mood. So like food, movies are one of those things that are as nice to take in as they are to read about.

To a movie buff watching movies is taking supplements for film diet. To them, it is what serves them food for thoughts and entertainment.

So do you consider yourself a movie-maniac? Do you love to watch films but can’t get enough for a busy schedule? Don’t feel sad about that. Here is the solution for it.

For all movie buffs around the world, FMovies were launched by Vietnam. This is a bunch of websites handy for every single person who loves to watch films, but feeling left out from the daily dose of movies. People around the corner can access these websites at any point of time and without any cost.

What Is FMovies?


FMovies is a series of websites that host links and embedded videos. It allows users to stream or download movies for free. Not only movies, web series, and TV shows are also available there. It provides super-rich genres and content to watch and share.

It’s only been a few years that FMovies was launched. But within a short period, it has become hugely popular. This is partly because it is easy to handle, and another reason is the titles it offers. Now it looks like a legitimate site of Netflix.

You may ask why these movie websites have so popular within such a short period. And the answer lies in the rarity this site hold in its features and characteristics. Here you can search for all new movies in HD quality. And beside Hindi, FMovies gives the advantage to watch the dubbed version of Hollywood or South Indian Cinemas in Tamil, Telegu or Malayalam.

Also, accessing the site is quite easy. This site is designed in such a way that navigation every single category of downloading all the movies. You won’t find it too difficult to search Malayalam Dubbed Movies, Hollywood movies, Bollywood movies, HD movies, and so on.  

To expand the movie spectrum for you, here you can find the names of sites that are great mirror sites of FMovies-,,, and, etc.

Website Feature

Here are some of the features of FMovies website you need to know before using it- 

  • The user can stream an unlimited number of movies, documentaries, and TV series programs from a huge catalog.
  • As the contents are streamed online, customers do not have to wait for the DVDs or to download before watching.
  • The catalog of the content differs over different countries.
  •  It is only an online- service.

How to Download Movies from FMovies

Downloading movies from any website from FMovies is easy. But, if you don’t have any clue about the procedure, then there is no need to worry. Here you can go through the steps mentioned, which you may feel very handy at times.

All the information given below are only for demonstration and awareness only-

  1. The first step- Go to any of the active links on the site. It may be or, whatever.
  2. The second step- Then search for the desired movie. You can also select from the featured movies or the series from the home page.
  3. The third step- After selecting the movie you are looking for, click on that. You will find a download link.
  4. The fourth step- In this step, click on the download button, it automatically redirects you to some irrelevant site. Avoid that. But in another window, the process of the download will start accordingly.
  5. Fifth step- At this final stage, the download will be completed, and you will have your desired movie.

By using these above methods, you can download any movie of any genre or language- may it be Tollywood, Bollywood, Hollywood, or any movies of Indian regional languages.


If we run through the categories that FMovies hold, we will find a vast range of categories. Roughly over 3000 unique categories, you will find there. As you go through the website, you will find the following major categories-

1. Action & Adventure- This category includes movies on gangsters, disasters, war. There are almost over 1365 movies you can find, which include popular names like John Wick, The Dark Night rises, Ocean’s trilogy, Escape Plan, etc.  

2. Anime- Action-packed adventures, inspirational stories, offbeat comedies- these TV shows and anime movies have a style. Some famous names fall under this category- Haikyu, Pscho-Pass, Tokyo Ghoul, Castlevania, etc.

3. Children & Family- Whether it’s live-action or animated, there are films for families and children and grown-ups too on FMovies websites. To name a very few are- Journey 2: The Mysterious Island, Baby’s Day out, Ice Princess, I Am Kalam, Chillar Party, Free Willy, Hugo, etc. 

4. Comedies- This category comes in many forms, be it Romantic, action, or black comedies. Fmovies has got all the best comedy movies that will tickle your funny bone, like- Mr. Bean’s Holiday, We are the Millers, The Parent Trap. 

5. Documentaries- Documentaries come with truth untold. Sometimes it’s inspirational, scary, sad, and funny, and sometimes it hurts. So websites of FMovies gives viewers a wide range of such movies- Conspiracy, World War II in Colour, Minimalism, etc.

6. Dramas- From gritty crime thrillers to heartfelt romances to riveting real-life stories, here is what FMovies serves us under this category- Mowgli, Bird Box, The Sky is Pink, Dear Zindagi and so on.  

7. Horror- Vampire, Ghosts, Zombies and what not- this category on FMovies serves the terrifying movies like The Shining, Oculus, The Ghoul, House of Wax, and many more.  

8. Romantic- If romantic movies are your thing, find a couple of popular names on FMovies- Titanic, The Perfect Date, Ek Ladki Ko Dekha to Aisa Laga, etc.

9. Sci-fi & Fantasy- Experience the best Sci-fi from Hollywood on FMovies- Arrival, The Circle, The Hunger Games, etc. 

10. Sports- Do you love sports? Then FMovies have good sport Movies- The Game Plan, Dangal, The Zoya factor, Back to the Net, and lots more. 

11. Thrillers- FMovies are here to serve you movies that will surely you adrenaline rush- Murders, heists, disaster, noir. Here are some of the movies- Madras Café, Argo, Snowden, Rajneeti, etc.

12. TV Shows- Nowadays small screens have big things to offer, and FMovies feels it, so here are some of the popular you can find- Stranger Thing, The Big Bang Theory, Little Things, etc. 

14+ Best FMovies Alternatives Websites

Watching movies is one of the favorite pass-time for any movie lover on the weekends or during leisure time. After getting back from work, at the end of an exhausting day, anyone will be willing to see good movies. It has a charging capacity that will uplift your mood within a few minutes.

Recommended alternatives:

So here we are with a curated list of best and safest alternative movie websites just for you. Here you can find a bunch of good movies without any worry. Here is the list-

1. GoMovies


This one website may be unknown to many of the users who are aiming to watch free movies online. The reason behind this is this site tries to avoid any copyright infringement. Another issue that may bother the site is the user interface.

However, this site is such that you cannot overlook it. This site serves extremely fast streaming speed, and movies in most of the cases can be found in HD quality. Even on this site, you are allowed to watch a movie offline in case you have kept the file downloaded to your device.

This website contains different categories of movies. You can search the movie file easily by selecting the language or genre of your preference. Though there will be no ads during the movie, if you want to avoid the ads, otherwise you can use an ad blocker.

2. WatchFree

This is one of the alternative streaming sites that allow you to watch any movie or TV series for free. And the user interface is very intuitive and organized. 

What makes it simpler to use is that it doesn’t involve you in any matter of signing up for watching or downloading a movie. This further indicates that you don’t have to pay a single penny to watch your desired movie.

WatchFree does not hold a store of a good amount of foreign movies. Apart from that, there you can search for various popular movies that can be found in HD resolution. Another interesting feature of this website is that it has Top 100 Classic Movies. This section showcases the movies that everyone calls “Must Watch Film”.

3. MoviesJoy

This is another one among the best alternatives to FMovies that you can choose. Though it hasn’t gained that much in popularity, it has that worth of giving a shot. It doesn’t require any signing up, meaning that it costs you nothing.

This interface is also very clean, free of unwanted ads, and well organized. Movies are divided into different categories like IMDB rating, Genre, Country, Language, etc.

One of the most plus points of this website is that you have an option for old classic films in HD quality as well as the movies that are playing in the theatre. And what makes this best is along with the movie, you are getting thumbnails containing the information about the quality of the video. This is where this site is giving a tough competition to FMovies.

4. CineBloom

Cinebloom is again one of the alternatives of FMovies, and it bears no similarity to FMovies. However, undoubtedly it is another best website in terms of the movie-size you find on the website. 

The thing that makes this website best is that none needs to open any account meaning that this site is free for use. All one has to do is enter into the website address and you can easily access your desired movie. 

Here the user interface is very clean and has a clean design. That makes it easier for you to use the site. It has filters that you can easily use to select movies based on the release date or the genre. It also uses a search bar where you can search for the movie you desire to watch. 

5. YesMovies


Yet another site that has gradually become one of the most go-to-places for the movie buffs. It is happening due to a movie-quality and interface that is well-designed. Like the previous ones, it allows everyone to watch movies without signing up for an account.

It showcases a ginormous collection of movies. Besides, it holds a well-maintained layout and quality where it offers movie lovers to watch great quality movies. If the website library doesn’t have the movie you are searching for, then you can send requests for that. 

It has a problem with the ads popping up out of nowhere, but it does contain a lesser amount of it compared to the other sites. In this case, you can use an ad-blocker.  

6. Hindilinks4u


If you are looking for a website consisting solely of Bollywood, then here it is. is a better place for streaming and watching the latest as well as old Hindi movies. It is a very old but reliable website for watching documentaries, dubbed movies, and HD movies.

Just the same as the others, there are some ads and pop-ups on the website. The more bothering thing about this is that when you start streaming any movie, the ads pop up. All you can do is to cancel all the pop-ups.

7. 123Movies

This one website is a very organized one for streaming movies, and TV shows free of cost. For that, you don’t need to register on this site. All you need to do is to go to the website and start streaming the movie of your choice.

There are several categories for the movies, and you can choose from those present categories. There are categories of Top IMDB, movie requests, genre, language, etc. this site also allows us to download HD quality movies. It also allows streaming on more than one server link.

8. Putlocker


Putlocker is such a website where you can browse, search, watch, and stream movies from a big index of streaming links. Here the database is automatically updated and also offers fresh movies as soon as they are being uploaded online.

This website has the same pattern of features compared to FMovies. You don’t have to register on the site, so this is free for the user. You can find movies in different qualities- SD, HD, and CAM quality.

There are several different sections where you can find the movie that you have a desire to watch. Just before watching, you have to go through a page where you get to know about all the information related to the movie. 

9. Freeflix

The name itself suggests that it gives you full freedom to watch and stream movies at a free cost. Like others, it also doesn’t require any signing up or creating an account.

Though the library is not as big as the other ones, you can find movies dated back to 2009. Still, it is a popular site among the user because it doesn’t contain any pop-ups and ads. To explore this site is thus very easy.

This site contains a search filter and search bar. All you have to do it to search for the movies you are interested in. And there is no lag while streams as long as you are sure about the strength of your internet connection.

10. Vumoo


Vumoo is one of the best alternatives to FMovies. Here you can watch any movies of your choice for free. Here a big range of TV series is available, and that is also for free. The user interface is clean except the fact that a few pop-ads will be there to bother you.

There is a drawback you should before starting to use it. It is regarding the search filter. How much you are using the feature, it doesn’t come with the search filter. In general, the filter makes it easier for new movies like genre, production date, country, but this facility is not available here. 

It comes with a search bar through which you can search for the TV series or movies you want to stream. This indicates that the search bar only useful when you know what movie or TV series you have chosen to stream.

With a new update, Vumoo, however, has come up with a new makeup for the lack of search filters. You will find a landing page after you click a movie you want to watch. On that landing page, you can find the information about the movie- IMDB rating, the director name, release date, etc.

11. IMDb

Watching movies through the site or the products of Amazon Fire gives you an awesome experience. The IMDb is another way where you can watch several types of interesting movies at free of cost with the enjoyment of the comfort of staying at your own house. With these special streaming websites or apps, you can watch Hollywood movies free. IMDb is the site where all the ads are supported. Here the social offer comes. If you have certain apps like Amazon Prime, then you can see the films free through Amazon Prime. In the IMDb TV without any types of ads, if you want to watch various types of movies, you require an IMDb TV and an account of Amazon fire, and you will be able to watch your most favourite and new movies. But the IMDb is not an easy thing to use or browse through. But it has the Top-Rated section of films that takes you to search for your favourite movies and share them with others.


Some libraries can give you several types of excellent services. Your library can help you to access hoopla and will enable you to watch newly launched Bollywood, Hollywood or your choice related special movies. Hoopla is especially a digital service of the Midwest Tape. It is a company that gives some selective products of media and assistance like CDs and DVDs and some special audiobooks to the archives. So right now log in or sign up for hoopla with the library and your email id. You will then have to select several categories of films and web series and daily TV shows. So, the special offer is that you will get the chance to utilize the hoopla application on your android phone, laptop, tablet, the device of Amazon prime, Chromecast, Apple TV, Roku and the devices of Android TV.

13. The Roku Channel

If you are a movie freak and you love to watch different types of Hollywood and Bollywood movies, then we have a special offer for you. The Roku channel gives you a library filled with Hindi, English and several languages of movies for free. Nowadays, nothing is free of cost. If you go to the theatre for a newly released movie there also you will have to get tickets, and you will have to pay money. But those movies you can get for free in this Roku channel, and also you can see several types of live TV programs and web series hassle-free means ad-free. If you have a Roku channel installed at your home, it is the moment to move beyond the manual of institutions. Click or tap on the tricks of 8pro. You can easily select the premium subscriptions to Roku Channel. So you can watch so many shows of HBO and AXN on your Roku Channel. You can get the free contents ready on this. Also, you can find so many alternatives on FilmRise, Vidmark, Popcornflix, YuYu Movies, and American Classics.

14. Tamilgun

TamilGun 2020

People don’t have to worry about bad picture quality because the site keeps updating its contents to the best resolutions. Also, every time a newly uploaded content comes up, the users receive a notification. The site’s cool, well managed and user-friendly interface has extremely enhanced user satisfaction, as people can navigate through this site easily. Furthermore, its well-classified contents, have made finding out their desired contents from the lists even easier. If you are a movie lover, looking for a free movie providing site, this is the one. Downloading movies on this site is easy also. You get all the downloading links at one click. Not only that, but the site also provides its users with fast downloading speed and good audio quality. 

Other alternatives for Fmovies

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Regarding FMovies

1. Is it safe to use FMovies?

In reality, it is not safe to use FMovies as its a torrent website. And that website was banned by the Indian government. So using any websites like this is considered a crime in India.

Again, no, it is not legal to download movies from FMovies. If you are using this site, you might land in trouble. Even Motion Picture Association of America claimed that such websites are notorious ones as they make all the latest movies available for the HD download.

3. Is FMovies pirated?

FMovies websites don’t promote pirated content directly. But indirectly, these provide users link to those websites which host pirated contents. Once the US government identified FMovies website as one of the top piracy sites. 

4. How to unblock FMovies?

To unblock any piracy website, you will have to use a VPN or other country proxies. There is a lot of tutorials regarding that, and you can easily find those out.   


It’s important to keep in mind that watching or downloading from any site of this FMovies platform is like an illegal action. The reason is you are infringing copyrights. Users that are found guilty will be warned. In the past, in rare cases, legal action was taken against the guiltiness found.

Large numbers are still using and will continue using these FMovies sites for movies without cost. Therefore, it’s up to you whether you will use it or not. We are nowhere in an attempt to promote any piracy. We, with our utmost respect, the Indian constitution and know how dangerous it is to download form FMovies website.

The content above is solely dedicated to providing a heads-up to the readers about the important information about illegal activities. We do not intend to encourage our4 readers to use pirated content from the website. 

So we are urging our readers to stay away from any such websites. It’s an earnest request to use other legal and safe alternatives to FMovies.

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