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DVDVilla (2020): Best Alternatives To Download all latest movies in HD quality




Watching movies is always the best way to relax and pass the time. With an increase in work pressure and other stress in life, it is still advisable to have some leisure time for your own. But it is seen that most of the people prefer to go to the movies in a significant way. When you all are going for the movies, there are many times when you miss out on a video or want to watch a movie again as well.

So, for all these things, it is now seen that people want to watch free movies in their smartphones and systems. For all these things, it is now a hot debate among all users about where and which is the best download website for the movies. They all go and search for the sites who all offer them the latest movies as well as other old movies easily without any demand for membership. Moreover, the other things that the users look for are about the different types of categories of movies. In this case, you can find all these things in a single top website for movie download, which is DVDVilla.

DVDVilla (2020): Best Alternatives & Similar Websites



What is DVDVilla?



DVDVilla is an online website whose aim is to provide all kinds of entertainment to the users. If you take a look at the user’s need, then each of the users has got their preferences for films. To satisfy all the users of different choices, DVDVilla helps you in it. DVDVilla is a top website for all movie lovers, which regularly uploads all the latest movies of different genres for downloading, browsing as well as watching the same.

When you are going for it, you can see that they all help you in uploading the movies of different genres in two versions. The versions in which you all can get the film to download are the Pirate version and in the original version. It is seen that currently, the demand of the users to visit the site for downloading is increasing excellently. Apart from that all, there are other things as well which includes the upload movies in different languages as well.

You can find all movies starting from Hollywood to Bollywood with great prints and audio quality. The site has always been refreshed, and they keep on updating the movies list with the addition of new movies here. For all these reasons, it is always loved by users to visit here to the website.

So, if you are too interested in going for the downloading of movies of any kind, then DVDVilla is the right website for you all as well. It is the best site that you all can go for without any doubt.


When you are visiting the DVDVilla website, then you all can see that there are various things which only DVDVilla provides to you all. The best part of visiting here to this site is due to the features. Some of the main features of the DVDVilla are here below.

  1. Easy to download

As a user, all want a website where they all can go and download the movies easily. So, for it all, this website is perfect for you all as they help in providing you with easy to download options.

  1. Latest movies 

There are many websites where you can download movies, but what they lack is the latest movies. But here, all the movies which are released recently are uploaded within some days only.

  1. Print and sound quality 

It is always a bad experience to watch movies if the print and sound quality is bad. But here you will find all movies have the original print with the best sound experience.

  1. User-friendly website

When you visit the site, you can see that the browsing for the contents is effortless. Not only that, but you all can also search for other movies and can get the download link for it quickly as well.

  1. No account creation or paid download

DVDVilla doesn’t ask its users to create the account or pay for accessing movies at all. All the movies and contents that are available here are free, and you can access all of them quickly.

How to download the movies?

DVDVilla is a top downloading site for all users who all want to watch the Hollywood, Bollywood as well as Tollywood movies. The site uploads a variety of content in the original or even in the pirated version. The best part of the website for which many users love to visit here is that you can watch the movies online as well as can download the videos from here as well. But to download the movies from the website quickly, many users get confused. If you are new here or can’t understand how to download the movies from DVDVilla, then you can go through the below points carefully.

  • Before going to download section, at first, you all need to search for the DVDVilla online or enter the official website address for the site as well. By that, you will gain access to the DVDVilla website.
  • After you enter the website, you will see different movies under different sections. You can browse through them to search your movie, or even you can search it directly on the website itself.
  • To search for a particular movie in here, you can go to the top right corner of the website. There you can find a search bar, and you can search your movie, thereby putting the movie name. After clicking the search, if the site has uploaded the movie, then it will show here.
  • Then you need to click on the movie, and the download link will pop there.
  • After that, click on the download link, and then it will ask you about where to save the file.
  • You need to choose the destination folder and then click on the start, and the movie will start to download in your download manager.

So, these are the steps that you can follow and can download the movies easily from DVDvilla.

Different categories of movies for you

DVDVilla is a top movie downloading page where you all can find many latest videos. It is the most loved sites among its users as all users can easily download the movies from here with their choice. The website offers you various categories of movies for you. It means that you can visit here and can find many movies under each category. The categories that you all can access easily in here are mentioned below.

  • Tollywood
  • Bollywood
  • Hollywood
  • Telugu dubbed movies
  • Kannada movies
  • WWE Shows
  • Telugu Dubbed Hollywood movies



Under each of the categories of the movies, you all can find that there are many other genres as well. So, if you want to search for any movie under a particular genre, then also you can easily do it here without any trouble.

Alternative domain and download sites

As you know that DVDVilla is a pirated website and is not an authorized one. For all that reason, you can find all pirated versions of movies in here easily. To stop all these things, now the laws are getting strict, and many new rules are coming to effect as well. So, for all these things, it is always a danger for the DVDVilla that it can get a ban at any moment for pirated movies.  

But in case it happens, there is no worry about it as it has got some legal alternatives to it as well. There are many legal alternatives that a user can visit to download or to watch the movies online. Here are some free alternative sites for you to stream and download movies and series easily.

1. PopcornFlix

It is the best free online movie website for you all after DVDVilla. Here in PopcornFlix, you all can get the best movies and series, which all are the latest. The best part to come here to this site is that it offers you the best selection of movies and TV shows for you all. It does not require you to create the account or to pay anything to access different content on the site.

2. ICE Movie

The next alternative site for you all to download the movie is the ICE movie. Here in this site, you will find all kind of film here easily. The additional thing that you will find here is the rating for movies as per IMDB. It will help you in choosing the right film for you all without any kind of extensive search for the best movie to search for download. Apart from these categories, you can also choose the movie as per the country. All the downloads and access to different movie and other content is free, and you need not have to create an account here as well.

3. Kutty Movies

If you are in search of a movie website where you can go and watch the HD print movies, then Kutty Movie is the best site for you all. Here you all can get all the latest movies and series easily as per your preferences. The significant advantage and why the users love to visit here is that all the movies are in HD quality. Here you can find different categories of the movies by which the website divides for you all. You can easily browse through it and can go for the movies under that you want to watch here. The site is very user friendly.

4. HDO

To start viewing all the latest movies and TV series comfortably in your browser, you need to activate the HDO in the browser. By doing it, it will start to feature all the latest and recently uploaded movies for you all here easily on its website. Apart from that all, you all can go and search as per categories in the film in the most viewed manner. HDO, too provides the option for you to choose the country as well as the type of video that you all want to watch here.

5. Sony Crunch

The next best alternative website for the DVDvilla is a Sony crunch. The site allows you to watch the movies as well as series online without any interruption. The best part of it all is that you need to create an account here and to register yourself. Without that, it will difficult for you to browse the contents here as well. After you all created the report here for free, you can easily watch the contents here online in any of your Android or iOS devices. The main problem that you may face in it is it is accessible to certain areas only. So, to access the same, you need to put a VPN and then open it.


1. Can you download movies and series both from DVDVilla?

Yes, DVDVilla allows you to download both movies and series easily from its website.

2. Is it free, or you need to create an account to pay to access the contents in DVDVilla?

DVDvilla is the top movie downloading site for all users. To visit here and to access the contents is very much easy. To download or to browse the contents here, you need not have to create an account or need to pay for it. It is Free for you all.

3. Are there any alternative sites to download movies and series?

If you are in search of getting an alternative site, then there are some top sites for it. They are Sony Crunch, HDO, Kutty movies and many more.

4. How is the quality of movies is good at DVDVilla?

When you are going to download the movies from the DVDVilla, then you will find that the movies are all in the pirated version. But the quality of videos and sound is good, and it will not let your spirit down to watch it.

5. Is DVDVilla is a legal site?

No, it is not a legal site as all pirated versions of movies are uploaded here for download purposes.


Piracy of movies and other TV series is a serious offense. Under the IPC law, piracy is a punishable offense, and you can land in jail for many years. You may download or stream from these alternative sites, but you need to be careful during these whole process. 

Mary is the Junior Writer at GadgetFreeks. She has previously worked at Alnsights, ExitEvent, and InterpidMedia. She loves to read stories of startups and share it with the Audience.

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