Downloadhub (2023): Top 22+ Best Alternatives & Similar Websites

We all are going through busy schedules in our daily work-life, and sometimes we need refreshment that charges up our mood. Sometimes we hang out with friends, watch sports, movies, or listening to songs in our free time. 

Watching different movies in free time is a very popular option for mind relaxation. Sometimes we plan to watch movies with our friends or family or spouse. But many people prefer to watch movies in the home with family or friends or alone.

In our busy schedule, most of the time, it is also difficult to gather companions to go out for a movie. So it is a good idea to watch your favorite movie in your house. Sometimes we pay money to get the subscription of different online sites that offer the latest movies and web series. 

In India, people usually search for the latest Bollywood movies to download on their PC or laptops for free. People search for a secure website that contains the latest collection of Bollywood movies that offers good picture quality. Downloadhub is the best place to check out the latest Bollywood movies to watch online or download.

Downloadhub (2023): Top 22+ Best Alternatives & Similar Websites


What is Downloadhub?

It is a secure website that contains the latest and trending movies with good picture quality and offers the dual audio feature. Your favorite movie is available in different resolutions like 720p and 1080p with dual audio. You can also download the movie within 300 MB only that takes a few minutes if you have a high-speed internet connection.

The website not only contains movies, but it also enables users to watch video songs, trailers, web series online, or offline—the latest Mp3 Songs, PC games, movies with other languages also available here. The simple design allows users to explore through the site and find out the content they want.

Unlike other website, this site does not contain any kind of bugs or viruses that can corrupt your device. You do not have to face any kind of trouble if you are using a VPN. You don’t need to pay any amount to watch your content in online streaming or to download it in your device.

Now you may wonder why Downloadhub is so popular? Well, the answer is simple. It has one of the largest collections of contents depending on categories. You can watch a dubbed version of movies with other languages like Telegu, Malayalam, English, Marathi, and Punjabi.

Website Feature

The following website features that the site offers to you-

  1. As a user, you can have a huge catalog from the website that contains the latest collection of movies, songs, web series. All types of categories such as comedy, thriller, actions are available in the list on the website.
  2. Along with download option, online streaming is also available for a user. So a user does not need to waste device storage watching the content.
  3. The website is a trending name in the search engine of Google, and one can easily find out.
  4. The list of contents is different in different countries. Hence people with different languages can easily access the website. For this reason, the website is also famous outside India.

How to Download Contents from Downloadhub

A user needs to follow few steps to download movies or other content from the website. 

1. First Step

You need to open Downloadhub in your browser. To find out the website, just type “Downloadhub” in google search engine, and you get the result. You can download the apk file from the browser to make it more simple to use.

2. Second Step

After getting the result of the search engine, you need to open the web page of Downloadhub and click on the search bar. Then you need to type the valid name of the movie or any other content and click on the search button. From the search results, you can check out the content that you need to watch or download.

3. Third Step

While you access this website, you may experience some pop-up ads that might be annoying. You do not need to worry about it as you may face 5 ads and easily escape through it. However, if you are a PC or laptop user, you have an option to block these ads.

There is an ad-blocker extension you can find out in the chrome extension tool. You just need to search for it in your chrome browser and can find out the option easily.

4. Fourth Step

After blocking the pop-ups, you just check out the icon showing the name you have searched for. Just click on that icon, and it shows two options. You can either play it online, or you can download it.

5. Fifth Step

To download the content, you need to click in the option showing download. After a few seconds, the downloading process will start automatically. For a PC or laptop user, there is another option to use IDM software that accelerates the download process.


You can find out a large variety of categories through the website. Almost all kinds of categories you can check out in the list. The following names are the major categories that you find out from the catalog-

1. Comedies

This category is a popular option that most of the users looking for on various websites. Comedy movies are very popular among people of all ages. You can find out many popular examples of comedy movies or shows on this website, like Hera Pheri, Friends, Johnny English, etc.

2. Action

We all love action movies or web series, and we are always looking for action related content. Here you can find out the huge number of action movies. The popular names you can find out from the website like Rambo, James Bond, The Dark Night, etc.

3. Children

The contents that normally kids love to watch you can get from this website. Cartoons and other tv shows which are popular among kids belong in the list of categories. A few popular examples are- Doraemon, Tom, and Jerry, Baby’s day out,  etc.

4. Horror

This is another popular and major category that we all love to watch. From our childhood, most of us have watched so many horror shows and movies. Even adults also love horror movies and shows and can find out different content that comes in this category.

5. Romantic

Many people love romantic content, and they are usually looking at different websites for content. Those users can select their content here and can also find out different names belong to this category. Some popular names belong in this category- A walk to remember, Notebook, Titanic, etc.

5. Documentaries and Biopics

There are several documentaries and biopics of famous persons that we usually watch. We can find out some unknown truths regarding those famous people. Here you can find out many documentaries and biopics of famous persons.

7. Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Sometimes we are looking for science fiction movies based on some fictional facts. Those movies and shows are really popular among kids, students, and even adults. Some of the popular content we can have- the Martian, Inception, Tomorrowland, etc.

8. Sports

Another popular and on-demand category is sport-related content. Many people love to watch sport related movies and shows, and they can find out many names from the website.


Best Downloadhub Alternatives Websites

As we already know that watching movies can cheer up our minds and it is a popular way to spend our free time. We talk about a website called Downloadhub, which is a convenient process to watch movies and tv shows. However, several websites offer the same services.

Here you can have those alternative website names-

1. 1337x


This is one popular website that contains different types of entertainment content such as games, tv series, music, movies, and software. The website also offers a large scale of the content that you might be looking for. It launched in 2007, and since then its popularity becomes huge.

In 2018 this website became the third most popular website of torrent and famous worldwide. It supplies the directory includes the torrent files following the BitTorrent Protocol. The procedure it follows is peer-to-peer sharing of the directory that contains the entertainment contents.

The website is a proxy website, and you can access it free of cost. You can find out the latest Bollywood and Hollywood movies and shows on this website. But this website is illegal in India, and you might need a VPN to access such kind of websites.

2. Fmovies


The website first introduced in the year 2016 and quite famous in the world of the internet. This particular website is a streaming website where people can watch different content online. However, you can also download the file through this website very easily.

It contains the link of the series of different proxy websites and enables users to find content through different sites. This platform is available in the English language, and you can access it throughout the world. However, it is illegal in India as well as Australia and Sweden.

The creator and owner of this website are unknown so far. The website is running successfully as a pirated website and a popular option for free users. You need to use VPN  if you are in those countries where the website is illegal.



This website is similar to 1337x as per its structure and features. This website also offers categories like movies, games, music, etc. You can get your content without paying any kind of money, and thus, it is so popular since 2015.

Almost 300k users regularly use this website since 2015, and numbers are growing day by day. Just similar to 1337x, it also shares the directory contains digital content and the magnet links. The website follows the BitTorrent Protocol and allows peer-to-peer transfers.

This website is also illegal in India, and you directly can’t access the website. You can directly access the website in other countries, and a user needs a foreign IP address. A user needs a VPN and requires the IP address of another country and can smoothly use this site.

4. 123Movies

123Movies Download

It was launched between 2015 to 2016, and now it emerges as one of the most famous pirated websites. The website is also known as Go Movies supports file streaming where users can watch content for free of cost. However, this site is currently unavailable on the browser, but clone sites are still operating.

The clone sites you can check out as Go Stream, MeMovies, or 123movieshub in the browser. Almost 98 million users accessed this particular website in its highest record.  In 2018 it was nominated as the most popular illegal website in the world.

In recent times the main website is completely shut down, but clone websites are still active. A user can use those web sites through a VPN, and the process is not so difficult. The key reason behind the shut down of this website is it does not have any license.



This popular website is also known as YTS that launched in 2011. The creator and the owner of this website are Yiftach Swery, and the name “YIFY” comes from his name. The website is available in the English language.

This website is also a part of Torrent and also follows the BitTorrent Protocol. It also shares the directory of contents in a peer-to-peer manner. The structure and the mechanism are overall the same as the other websites of Torrent.

It has headquarters in two different locations, one is in Auckland, and another one is in New Zealand. The users prefer this website as it offers HD quality of contents in small size. This website is also illegal as other proxy sites and also banned in India.

6. Popcornflix 


It was first introduced in the year of 2011, and from then it was successfully running the network. The parent company of this website is Screen Media Ventures, which has to headquarter in New York. It offers us a huge collection of movies, web series, trailers that belong in the various categorize.

You, as a user, can access free content through this website and can find out the latest shows and movies. Several sponsors supplies fund to continue the website, and you can see ads of such companies. Although it also belongs in the category of pirated websites and illegal in India.

You need to use a VPN, and with the help of other IP addresses of another country, you can smoothly access this site. You can find out the apk file from the browser for better use of the site.

7. Putlocker


The main website is currently unavailable, but the clone sites are still present on the browser. The website first builds in the United Kingdom in 2011 and gains huge popularity since then. It offers to stream and downloads the media files to the daily users. 

This proxy website is available in the English language, and the clone site is known as Putlocker123 Power. However, this site has changed the domain address with it several times in past years. It was banned and blocked in 2016 as per order from the high court of the United Kingdom.

It uses several other proxy websites that attract millions of users to use this website. It gains the ranking among the top most-visited popular websites. You can find out various URLs present the following website that supplies the huge collection of contents.

8. Dailymotion

This site is one of the most popular sites that provide digital content for entertainment purposes and can serve as an alternative to Downloadhub. It has approximately more than 300 million users who access the site regularly. The owner company of this website is Vivendi, which is a french media-based organization.

It was launched in the year of 2005 and still active on the worldwide platform. However, the site contains a huge collection of entertainment files includes music, webisodes, movies, etc. A user can access those files without making any payment.

As you can access many contents without paying money, it also belongs in the category of proxy sites. This website is also illegal in India as it offers the content for free. The co-partners of this website are Hearst Digital Media, BBC News, and Bloomberg.



This particular website is available in many languages such as German, English, French, Italian, Turkish, Japanese, and Russian. In 2013 the site was closed due to some copyright issues. The site is removed in some countries like the UK, Australia, and Denmark.

There are some proxy websites still available to serve a similar purpose. These sites use the link on other sites and share the file to users. The huge collection with multiple languages, attracts a huge number of users to follow this site.

In 2013 it was ranked in the top 20 most viewed sites in Germany before shutting down. It was one of the largest portals for streaming before shutting down the main website. The website is still popular and one of the most viewed in the browser.

10. Web Torrent

It is another trending peer-to-peer streaming system that’s available in JavaScript. We know the javascript is a well-known web development platform. The idea follows the BitTorrent protocol as well as Github and can operate the serverless network.

It also contains the enormous collection of the media files that present in the directory. The directory can share to different users without the involvement of any third parties. The Web Torrent contains movies, music, games, software, etc. Any user can avail of the files and access them free of cost.

It also marked as the proxy server and illegal in many countries in the world. Therefore the website requires VPN to use it smoothly. Users can share files among themselves as it supports peer-to-peer file sharing; therefore, no other parties can interrupt.

11. Stremio

This particular site is very recently launched in the market, and it also offers similar services. It uses different links of other sites that enable a similar platform. The collection of proxy websites offer a user a huge collection of music, movies, webisodes, online courses, etc.

It does not support downloading, which is the main drawback, but a user can follow streaming. It also offers free access to the streaming and one of the popular proxy sites in current days.

12. Extratorrent

If you want a free torrent site, then Extra Torrent is the right choice for you. You can seed several files on ExtraTorrent. One of its kind, you will be getting a lot of options to choose from. No matter what the movie is, you can find it on this website. All the newly released movies in Hollywood and Bollywood are available on this platform. Apart from this, you can also download and read e-books from this website. You can get access to documents and software as well on ExtraTorrent.

13. 99HDFilms

For all the viewers out there, who like to only watch movies in HD, 99HDFilms is the best option for them. Apart from the usual Hollywood and Bollywood movies, you can also get dubbed movies on this platform. No matter what the movie is, there is a link for its dubbed version in the language that you are comfortable in on this platform. The catalog of this website is quite extensive. Hence, you will be spoilt for choice as there are a lot of movies available on this website.

14. Movie Ninja


The last but not the least alternative website for the user is Movie Ninja. Here in the site, you all can get access to several movies and other series as well. All these series are the latest and are very recently released as well. The user loves to go for it as it has got many massive databases of movies and other series. It, too, has got many attractive interfaces on the home page, and the best part is that all are divided into different categories. 

The site is such that you can find different movies as well in here from its search bar. But to make it easier for the users, it put all the movies as per their genre and category. So, you all go for it, and you can have a good time here. When you are going for it, you need not have to go for the creation of an account in it. You can access the site for free, and all the contents are free to access for all users. So, there is no need for money in it for you all to go and access the site to stream and download. 

The users love to visit the site as it provides them with the best user interface. The interface is designed in such a manner that it is user friendly and anyone can access the site in a layman way. The next thing that makes it suitable for you all is the quality of the videos. All the videos here are of good quality, and some are even available in HD format. The sound is clear and no disturbances in it. With so many things, you all can come and try streaming or download it. 

15. Extramovies


Extramovies is again a pirated movie site that is easy to use and handle. Similar to other torrent sites, it provides a huge array of movies, web series, tv shows and documentaries in HD format allowing users to stream and download them for free. The site contains all contents in categories. You can either search for your desired content in the search bar or find it out from the categories. There is no need to create an account or register yourself on this site. Neither do you have to share your card details? The contents of this site come from every genre like horror, thriller, crime, romance, and everything. The site provides good downloading speed and audio quality. 

16. Lookmovie


Mainly an online video streaming site, providing users with a huge collection of movies, web series, TV shows, documentaries, the site ranks on top among the sites of its kind because it makes streaming simpler. The site is popular for other reasons too. It provides all services for free and in HD resolution. Users may or may not create an account on this site for accessing its services. The contents of this site have Been categorised, making it easier for people to find out their desired contents. Due to its diversified collection of contents, it is attracting huge traffic every year. The interface of Lookmovie is extremely user friendly, another reason for its being popular. 

17. 9xmovies

9xMovies 2020

9x movies is a trending movie providing a website that offers good audio quality and dual audio features. You get your favourite movies here in various formats so that you can download them in whatever format you like. Not only movies, but also the site provides you with a large number of web series, documentaries, short films, tv shows, etc. The site’s directory of films is huge and its diversified collection of movies has contributed to its huge popularity. The site also contains MP3 songs and trending videos. If you are a movie lover and searching for a reliable movie streaming and downloading website,9x movies are the one. 

18. Moviemad


The movie offers a huge catalog of contents to viewers containing the latest movies, web series, songs, TV shows, documentaries, etc. Not only are Bollywood and Hollywood films found here but also are regional films. The site has contents covering every genre, be it romance, thriller, crime, horror, etc. A user can stream or download contents as per her choice. The downloading speed offered by this site is pretty good. Various formats are available in which one can download a film. All users love this site’s interface as it is extremely user friendly. Additionally, the site never asks for any kind of payment to be made, nor does it require anyone to register on this site. 

19. Worldfree4u


Another site that you mustn’t miss if you are a movie lover is worldfree4u. This site hosts some unique and rare contents that are hard to find somewhere else. Apart from hosting the latest movies Bollywood and Hollywood and regional languages, it offers some of the old movies that are generally not found anywhere else. While accessing this site, you don’t have to create an account, neither do you have to make any kind of payments. Despite the site being a pirated one, it still functions smoothly and people prefer this because of its features. Providing good audio quality and downloading speed, this site must be visited once if you wish to enjoy a great movie watching experience. 

20. Madrasrockers


There are hundreds of movie streaming sites available on the internet these days. Some are legal ones while others are illegal. Madrasrockers is one such illegal movie streaming sites that are especially beneficial for those who cannot afford to pay the subscription fee of the legal sites. Madrasrockers provides all those services that the legal sites do, except that the latter ones are safe. You can get a wide range of movies, web series, videos, documentaries, trailers, etc. on this site. The site’s interface is extremely well-designed ad simple so that everyone can explore it through it. Also, the contents are categorised, making it easier for people to find out their desired films. 

21. Bolly4u

Bolly4u 2020

The site’s interface is extremely cool and simple, which is why people prefer browsing through bolly4u so much. Also, the site’s well-classified contents based on their language, genres, year of release has made it convenient for people to find out their desired films. Moreover, people don’t have to provide their card details or register on this site. The site brings a huge collection of regional as well as Bollywood and Hollywood movies to be streamed an downloaded for free. Also, it provides the downloading links at one click. This site also provides users with good audio quality and fast downloading speed. 

Other Alternatives are the following:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Regarding Downloadhub

Here are some FAQs that you might look for.

As we are already aware that these websites provide content in HD quality for free thus, it is illegal. However, if you use a VPN, then you do not have to face any kind of problem. The  Motion Picture Association of America has marked such websites as a proxy network, thus illegal to use.

2. Is this website is safe to use?

In practice, you should avoid these kinds of websites to keep yourself safe from any kind of legal complications. The use of these websites is considered a crime as per the instructions of the Indian Government. 

3. Is it a pirated website?

The Downloadhub website is marked as a pirated website. Thus it is illegal to download or upload any kind of content. Indian government already marked illegal this site.

4. How to unblock contents on this website?

The easiest and smooth way to do that is to use a VPN. You might not be able to access the website directly.


You should be careful about using such websites as those are marked as proxy sites. Downloading or online streaming from such websites overrule the copyrights. From history, you might find some cases when legal actions have taken against some users.

There is a huge number of users still using these websites at free of cost. We need to obey the rules of the Indian Constitution with utter respect, although it is up to you whether you avoid or use these websites.

From the above discussion, there is a motive to guide a user about the website. What they should follow and what are the consequences that a user might face. It depends on users how they want to use these websites and how they should avoid legal complications.

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