Cmovies is one of the most popular free streaming services available. It offers thousands of TV shows and movies that you can watch online, as well as access on any device including your PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

However, due to copyright issues surrounding streaming content for free without a license agreement, cmovies has been faced with continuous legal troubles for its services in the past few years.

This is why a lot of users are now seeking alternatives to cmovies that offer similar content but are safer, more convenient and even come with an extra layer of protection from potential lawsuits or other legal issues.

Best 20 Cmovies Alternatives in 2024: Uncover the Best of Free Streaming Services



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One of the most popular alternatives to cmovies, 123Movies not only offers superior levels of performance but is also extremely mobile-friendly. It provides users with hundreds of movies and TV shows of all genres in great quality streaming.

Plus, there are captions, subtitles, and audio descriptions available too, if needed while streaming content on any device, including your iOS or Android smartphone

2. Afdah


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Another great alternative for those seeking cmovies’ services, Afdah provides high-quality movie streaming with HD visuals and sound.

It also touts dazzling loading speed, which allows its users to swiftly navigate between different titles and genres.

Plus, it supports captions in multiple languages along with subtitles as well and it personalizes the user experience in real-time, immersing them into the very world of cinematic adventure

3. B Movies


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One of the best among all cmovies alternatives in the market. It offers an extensive collection of movies and series from various genres, so users can always find something interesting to watch for free.

Its app has been designed to provide its users with large fonts, captions uninterrupted streaming experience and also comes with a rating system that lets them know how others viewed different titles on B Movies

4. Crackle


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Boasting one of the largest collections of movies and TV shows, Crackle is sure to please its users with tons of content.

It has a number of genres ranging from Action, Sci-Fi, and much more in various languages as well, depending on the country you are streaming from.

Plus, it also offers HD quality visuals which bring your viewing experience close to that offered by premium subscriptions like Netflix

5. Duckie TV

 Duckie TV

Destination URL:

This is open-source software that allows users to manage their own list of shows, films, and episodes directly from the internet.

There are regularly updated sections with new content added frequently, and one can also keep track of their watched shows or those that they have left in the middle on this platform.

6. Filmxy


Destination URL:

If you’re looking for a cmovies alternative then this is another great option to consider as it offers hundreds of movies in various dialects, including English, French, Hindi, Tamil and many more, depending on your location.

Plus, it also provides various options for personalizing the user experience as per their interest

7. F Movies

Destination URL:

Another decentralized streaming platform, F Movies, offers a great selection of movies and TV shows from various genres, including Action, Drama, Thriller etc.

It has all the latest content available with different resolutions to choose from depending upon your preference, along with zero pop-ups which makes viewing much more convenient

8. GoMovies

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Just like 123Movies, this platform also provides users with an extensive selection of movies and TV shows with great-quality visuals and sound.

Plus, you can also find special subtitles for playback depending upon the language, along with closed caption services as well

9. LookMovie


Destination URL:

With its endless collection of titles from all genres across the world, LookMovie is a great alternative to cmovie that offers a seamless streaming experience on any device. It also provides 4K Ultra HD resolution in almost all their movies and series so users can enjoy cinematic visuals to their fullest.

10. MoviesFoundOnline


Destination URL:

Offering a massive range of different genres, this is another great cmovie alternative worth exploring. It has several sections dedicated especially to documentaries that not only inform but also educate its viewers on various aspects related to human development, world history etc

11. MoviesJoy


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One of the top alternatives to cmovie, MoviesJoy provides its users with an amazing collection of movies and TV shows from around the world in perfect quality visuals and sound.

Plus, it also supports multiple languages for subtitles and audio descriptions for regional shows

12. MovieWatcher


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Another great streaming site that gives not only you access to a wide variety of new releases but also some rare classics that you may not have had the chance to watch so far. It has a very intuitive and easy-to-use interface, allowing users to get started within seconds

13. PopcornFlix


Destination URL:

Just as its name suggests, it’s all about movie entertainment. This site provides its users with movies from various genres, including old classic films that are no longer available on other streaming services.

Plus, it offers content in both HD and SD resolutions as per your preference, along with some captions depending upon the language used

14. PrimeWire


Destination URL:

With over 28,000 titles, including feature films, this is yet another great streaming service that offers its users a world of endless entertainment. It has an extensive movie library ranging from old classics to recent hits, which are added each week on their platform according to user demand

15. Putlocker


Destination URL:

One of the top contenders for a cmovies alternative, Putlocker has been providing quality viewing experience to its users for several years now.

It offers an extensive selection of movies and TV shows in various genres along with iconic IMDB ratings letting them know how others enjoyed watching their selected titles

16. Soap2Day


Destination URL:

If you’re looking forward to catching up on the latest episodes of your favorite TV shows, then Soap2Day is the perfect streaming service for you.

It provides high-quality streaming with captions and subtitles available in various languages, so no one misses out on their desired dialogs.

17. SolarMovie


Destination URL:

Boasting over 12,000 titles from different countries across the globe, they offer an extensive selection of movies that cater to all sorts of genres, including drama, family and much more. They also provide 3GP, MP4, and other formats for their users to choose from.

18. StreamComplet


Destination URL:

As the name suggests, this streaming site provides an extensive library of both movies and TV shows with a minimalist user interface offering great convenience while finding your desired title or genre faster than ever.

Plus, they even tout some popular original titles that are available on no other streaming platform right now, as far as we know

19. Vudu


Destination URL:

This is yet another great alternative to Cmovie, featuring some unique titles that are otherwise difficult to find on other popular streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu etc.

It offers content in both HD and UHD resolutions along with favorable IMDB ratings, so you never miss out on a good or bad Oscar-nominated movie.

20. WatchFree


Destination URL:

Lastly, if you’re looking for an ultimate free streaming experience, then you may want to check out WatchFree, as they provide thousands of titles across various genres that are available for free with no subscription required.

Plus, their collection consists of some rare classic movies, including cult classics such as The Godfather, Rocky etc.

Protect Yourself with VPN – A Must-Have for Safe Streaming

One thing is clear – cmovies and its alternatives aren’t legal in many countries due to the legal issues surrounding streaming content for free without a license agreement.

That’s why it’s very important to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) while doing your online activities, especially when using any of the sites from our list above, in order to stay safe from potential violation notices or other lawsuits coming after you.

By using a VPN, your internet traffic is transferred through an encrypted network which makes sure that no one can track it down until they have access to its private key.

This way, you only access what’s true and legitimate content without endangering yourself by unknowingly getting involved in something illegal. Therefore, having a solid VPN is an absolute must if you want your privacy to remain intact while using cmovies or any of its alternatives.

NordVPN Pros and Cons


As one of the most widely used consumer-centric VPN services on the market right now, NordVPN includes numerous advantages along with certain downsides as well. Let’s explore some of the pros and cons that come with this service:


Cmovies is no longer an option for streaming free movies and shows, but thankfully there are many alternatives that provide a safe user experience without having to worry about any potential legal implications or issues.

The 20 Cmovies Alternatives in 2024 presented here offer an extensive selection of titles from various countries with captions, subtitles, and audio descriptions for the audience to enjoy.

Plus, having a reliable VPN like NordVPN in place is highly recommended if you wish to stay safe while accessing any of these services.

Cmovies FAQs

A. No, legally speaking cmovies and its alternatives are not legitimate streaming services as the content available on them is commonly pirated from other sources without any licensing agreements in place, which makes using it a punishable offense in some countries.

Q. How Safe is cmovies Site?

A. Although it’s much safer when compared to downloading or streaming pirated content directly, the use of cmovies and its alternatives is still considered a risky activity. It also requires you to have a solid VPN service in place for an extra layer of safety.

Q. Which are the Top cmovies Alternatives?

A. The top 20 best alternatives listed above provide a safe, seamless, and convenient way for users to stream content from various genres and countries from the comforts of their own homes.

Q. What Happened to cmovies?

A. Due to copyright issues surrounding streaming without a valid license, cmovies was not able to operate legally in many countries across the world, which forced it to shut down under legal pressure.

Q. What Happens if I Get Caught While Watching cmovies and its Alternatives?

A. Depending on the country you live in, using cmovies or any of its alternatives can lead to a number of legal issues, including hefty fines or even imprisonment. That’s why it’s best that if you plan to use such services, you get yourself covered by a reliable VPN first.

Q. Is cmovies Down?

A. Not since its shutdown in 2019. However, some of the alternatives available offer similar content as well, which users can enjoy safely while keeping their identity and activities hidden with a VPN service.

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