Bollyshare (2023): Top 10+ Alternatives To Get HD Bollywood & Hollywood Movies

It is not a surprise to anyone that people in India love to watch movies. After all, it is the heart and soul of the land. Much like Hollywood in the United States, India too has a prominent film industry. However, it churns out almost a thousand movies every year! The love for the matinee runs in the veins of the citizens, and so does their craving for it. 

Although, this attraction of Bollywood is not limited to the country it originates from, but all over the world. With the energetic dancing and gripping storylines, these movies touch the heart of its viewers. Whether you are watching alone, or with the entire family, movies have a way of making everything feel better. 

However, going to the movie halls to watch a movie is not always possible. For movie fanatics, this is a cut to the heart, and the downloading platforms and streaming sites act as the bandage on it. Unfortunately, finding the right site to download from is difficult at times.

Indeed, it becomes difficult to find a website that would allow you to download your favorite movies for free, and safely. Not all of these movies are available on these sites, which is another point of worry. 

However, do not fret- there is an answer to all your problems, and it is Bollyshare. 

Bollyshare (2023): Alternatives To Download HD Bollywood & Hollywood Movies Online


What is Bollyshare? 

When it comes to having a good site to download movies from, you cannot go wrong with Bollyshare. Indeed, the site offers a wide range ofmovies for you to download for every mood that hits you. From Hindi movies to regional ones like Tamil cinema, all are available at this site. In fact, many of the topHollywood movies are also present here. 

From quality to quantity, Bollyshare does not compromise on the concerns and wishes of the movie-loving crowd. You can download your favorite movies for free and without any extra charges. The design of the site is simplistic in nature and thus easy to use. Furthermore, you can find most of the movies in HD quality. 

It is not a surprise why the site is a popular medium to download movies of different types. In fact, the site also provides videos and shows from Amazon Prime for you to download. While the concept is good, the site does provide the pirated versions of these movies.  

The site has been in operation for a long time and is more trustworthy, creating a loyal fanbase. Aside from the main link, there are certain proxy links available for you to download from. These include,,,,,, Bollyshare.fu, to name a few. 

Website features

When speaking of what makes any website popular with the public, the features of the said website plays a huge role. Similarly, Bollyshare too has many features that set it apart from other sites. Additionally, these are the main reasons behind their success.

  • You can download the movies you want for offline viewing. 
  • The interface of the website is not too complicated and can be used by everyone. 
  • Many devices (both smartphones and desktops) can support this application. Specifically, most of the Android phones support the app version. Thus, it can be used by all. 
  • Downloading the movies does not take up a lot of CPU power. In fact, the files are very small in comparison to other downloading sites. Consequently, you can use it quite easily on your phones and nothaveto worry about it affecting the battery. 
  • The speed of downloading is comparatively fast.
  • The most recently updated application has a lot of its bugs fixed, which means it would not crash repeatedly as you watch the movies. 

How can you use Bollyshare? 

Using the Bollyshare site is quite easy and does not require a lot of steps. They have been made purposely easy to suit the need and requirements of the general public.

  • In the first step, you type in the name of the site in the Google search engine.
  • Secondly, the latest version of the website would appear in the search results. When you find it, click the link. It would take you to the site.
  • The third step is extremely simple. All you need to do is choose the movie that you want to watch and click on the download option.
  • Lastly, you must keep in mind that the site is blocked as per the Indian Government’s authority. If you cannot download the movies from this URL, the proxy linksare available as well.


With the huge amount of movies available on the Bollyshare website, sometimes it gets overwhelming. It becomes difficult to choose which movie to watch at that particular timing, as everything looks interesting. Furthermore, you can’t recognize each of the movies andfigure out what the story is just by a glance.  

To make matters simple, the site provides a proper movie library that is labeled into many categories. If you are interested to watch a particular type of movie, you can select from these categories and begin your movie-binge. Moreover, another good point of this site is that it shows the basic information regarding the movies in its link. 

The main categories under this site are as follows. 

1. Bollywood

The latest of the Bollywood movies are available in this category. Lose yourself to the magnificence and charisma of these cinematic gems when you click on this category. You will find many entertaining movies like Dabangg 3, The Zoya Factor, Student of the Year 2, Article 15, and Kabir Singh.  

2. South Dub

The best of Tamil cinema are featured in this category on Bollyshare. If you do not understand the language, that is not an issue as their dubbed versions are available. Some of these movies are Rowdy, Run Raja Run, Ghajinikanth, Maurya,  Guntur Talkies, Airaa, Charusheela, to name a few.

3. Hollywood Dub

Are you craving for some Hollywood movies to enjoy in good quality? You can find them in this Bollyshare category. The movies are dubbed in Hindi for satisfactory entertainment. Some of the titles under this category include Captain Marvel, Joker, 6 Underground, Life, Zoolander, Ad Astra, Darkest Hour, etc. 

4. TV Shows

There are many popular TV series’ available at the Bollyshare website for you to try out. You would surely have a wonderful time enjoying these programs. Some of them are The Kapil Sharma Show, Kanpur Wale Khurana, and many more. 

5. Punjabi

See the best of Punjabi cinema at Bollyshare. The region provides some of the most entertaining and fun-loving cinema for you to watch. Movies like Naukar Vahuti Da, Singham, Shadaa, Lukan Michi, Munda Hi Chahida, etc. are displayed here. 


Top 10+ Best Alternatives of Bollyshare

Not only is Bollyshare one of the best sites to download movies from, but also there are some similar competitors in the market. These sites are good alternatives to go to when you are in the mood to watch your favorite movie. Another reason why knowing sites is simple- Bollyshare is not exactly legal.

To be precise, the site gets these movies without the necessary licenses and provides them to the viewers. The government of India blocks these sites, but it re-emerges constantly with a different link id. Thus, the fact that you would be able to access the site at all times is not guaranteed.

Keeping this in mind, knowing some of these alternative options would help you immensely. 

1. LookMovie 

One of the best alternatives to the Bollyshare site is LookMovie. This site is popular among movie fans because of how easy it is to use. In fact, much like Bollyshare, this too showcases the necessary information to help you decide which movie you want to watch. The site is free to use, and the quality of the movies is also satisfactory.  

Furthermore, you can watch the movies without any ads interrupting you, which is a major plus point. The market for this site is huge and is used in many countries around the world like India, Canada, and the UK. If you are in the mood for Tamil movies, this site is the one for you. 

2. GoMovies 

If you are looking for good alternatives which you can use easily, GoMovies is a proper choice. One good thing about the website is that Bollyshare users can easily operate the site. This is because the interface of GoMovies is quite similar to the former, making it familiar to the Bollyshare regulars.

Aside from that, the arrangement of the movies is also very easy to access and understand. With all these features and HD quality movies, the popularity of this site is inevitable. 

3. PopCornFlix 

For those with a love for TV shows, PopCornFlix is a good option. It includes many different types of genres when it comes to TV content and movies equally.  If you are looking for a site to enjoy your favorite programs that are free and accessible, you cannot go wrong with this site. 

Watching movies here does not require you to subscribe from the get-go. Of course, all these features make PopCornFlix a satisfactory option. 

4. Zmovies 

For the movie lover in you, Zmovies is a good site to try in place of Bollyshare. Indeed, there is a vast variety provided at this site for you to choose from. There are many different movies on this site, irrespective of their release date. Thus, you can enjoy both the newest releases and old-time favorites here. 

On the positive side, the movies are demarcated into its appropriate categories to make your viewing experience better. Also, the site is constantly updated with the newest releases, ensuring you enjoy the best products of the movie industry. 

5. Moviezwap

When speaking of good sites to download movies from, it is hard not to mention Moviezwap.  In the scope of downloading Bollywood movies and content, this site is a major competitor. Quality is key in this site when it comes to its featured library. Not only Bollywood but also many Tamil films and TV series’ are available here.

Most of the time, unwanted ads are a major complaint of the viewers-this is something that this site keeps in mind. Also, the site’s interface is very user-friendly, with the library separated into different sections and genres.  Truly, Moviezwap is a great alternative to Bollyshare. 

6. Ice Movie 

Last but not the least, another major entry into this list is the Ice Movie website or The reason for this popularity is simple- the movie section possibilities. In fact, these movies are classified with their IMDB score in mind. Thus, finding the best movies is easy and quick in this website. 

If you are looking for your favorite Tamil movies and also newly released ones, you can visit this website. With its easy-to-use design, Ice Movie is one of the most notable alternatives of Bollyshare. 

7. TodayPk

Among the topmost alternatives to Bollyshare is TodayPK. In fact, it is quite commonly used by those who love to watch movies online. TodayPk boasts of a number of Bollywood and Hollywood movies; even the latest releases find a place in this website. Moreover, you need not worry if you have missed an episode of your favourite TV show because you will certainly find it on TodayPk. Over the past few years, it has gained popularity because of the diverse content available on the site. Not only can you watch films and shows online, but this site also allows you to download them and watch it at your own convenience.

8. UWatchFree

One more alternative to Bollyshare is UWatchFree, which as its name suggests is a website where you can watch movies for free without any registration. The reason why it is so popular and one of the best alternatives to Bollyshare is because it provides a wide range of movies and TV shows in HD video quality. You have both Bollywood movies and TV shows, and also Hollywood movies dubbed in Hindi. In case you don’t find a movie you want to watch on this site, then you can give in a request, and they will make it available for you.

9. HdPopcorns

Another alternative to Bollyshare is HdPopcorns.  They started off with only Bollywood and Hollywood movies, but with growing demand by their viewers, they have also added movies in regional languages such as in Tamil, Bengali and Telugu. All the movies enlisted on the website are available in pirated forms. You can find the latest blockbuster hits and many cartoons and animated movies on this site.

10. MP4Moviez

All the movie buffs should definitely check out MP4Moviez since they have a stock of the latest movies on their list. Moreover, they keep updating the list on a regular basis. On this site, you will find everything from Hollywood movies to regional movies as well as TV shows.  This site also allows you to download the movie you want to watch in HD quality, and watch at your own convenience.

Other Alternatives are the following:


Q1. Why do people like using Bollyshare?

Many people in India do not understand English or Tamil but want to watch these movies. In this site, they can find the dubbed versions. 

No, Bollyshare is an illegitimate site that provides pirated content to its viewers. Thus, it is considered an illegal site in the streaming and downloading business. Under Indian law, this is a crime.

Q3. Is the Bollyshare website not working anymore?

Since the Indian Government has banned this site, currently it is not working. However, proxy sites are available. 

Q4. Is using Bollyshare safe?

Bollyshare provides copyright content to its viewers, which means that you are susceptible to legal issues. Furthermore, the link to the movies can sometimes be unsafe, and your device can get affected by a virus.  


There are many reasons why you should be careful while downloading movies from Bollyshare. While the content availability is high, they are not licensed. Copyright issues are a concern here, which you should avoid for safety. It is against the legal policies of India to use or distribute pirated content which is harmful to both the site and you.  

Furthermore, due to these issues, Bollyshare is constantly under the possibility of getting blocked. Thus, it is an unreliable source for downloading.  Also, the links of the movies are not safe to use and can possibly give your device malware.

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