Top 20+ Best Gbwhatsapp Alternatives & Similar Apps

One will get various versions on the modded application of the WhatsApp application apart from GBWhatsApp. Most of the people are aware of GBWhatsApp as it has been used globally among different social media users. There are several other applications or alternative that you can use in place of GBWhatsApp that will offer you with more functionalities. As we all know that GBWhatsApp has been recently shut down so you won’t be able to use it anymore.

GBWhatsApp application is used to have features like video call along with the privacy feature that will help you to enjoy messaging app without any worries. When you download GBWhatsApp you will get WhatsApp Plus and WhatsApp in the same Android devices. It will offer you with more functionality like the ability to send video files or audio files that are larger than the usual size, possibility of hiding notification, increasing the letter count in the status and many more themes. One can also set a password for their WhatsApp chat as well. 

After downloading GBWhatsApp application you will be able to use some distinctive options that will surely surprise you. There are many more alternatives that are discussed below that you can easily switch to when you are no longer using GBWhatsApp. 

Top 20+ Best Gbwhatsapp Alternatives & Similar Apps

Best Gbwhatsapp Alternatives

1. Telegram

Telegram is a very famous messaging application that has been created by the former VK  creators. This messaging application is focusing more on the security and speed and it is very simple to use. This application will look like just a simple messaging app but it is very powerful. One can easily share messages, videos, photos to people with whom they have contact. One can also create a group that can have 20000 participants. 

The chat will not be encrypted by the default settings and hence all the other people will be able to see whatever you are writing but you can use the end to end encryption if you enable the secret chat option. Telegram will also provide you with various types of Telegram bots and they have AI features that will enable you to perform anything like searching, broadcasting, playing, teaching, connecting, reminding, integrating and it will offer other services. Here is the list of the best Gbwhatsapp Alternative

2. Skype

Skype is a very popular instant messaging application that will help you to exchange text messages or video chat online. People are using it for a long time and Skype has been used for making some voice call over IP and this application is serving people globally. One can also make calls to mobile and landline at a very competitive price if they are using Skype credit or if they have a subscription to the premium accounts. All the people who are there in your Skype can be instantly reached by using this application. You can make calls to any corner of the world without paying any price and the voice quality is also impressive.

You can send photos, send videos, record voice, share location, share any web content and any other types of stuff with the help of this application. If you are using any Apple watch then you can also use this on it for chatting and for getting the notifications. It is compatible with your tablet, smartphones, mobiles, PC, Mac and also TV. You can also carry out a Skype meeting for business purposes where you can have 250 participants.

3. Signal

RedPhone and TextSecure have merged together in order to create this application called signal. It will help you to communicate instantly by creating groups for sending individual SMS. The server that is used in the signal will not have any sort of access to the communication of the user and it will never store the data of the user.

It will enable you to send high-quality pictures, video and engage yourself in the exchange of text, group messages, MMS without paying any charges. One can use it for making some phone calls of crystal clear quality. You won’t have to use any username, login or passwords for using it so you just need to provide your phone number or address book.

4. Wire

The wire is a private and secure messenger for the desktop, tablets, and phones. It will provide you with a voice call which is of crystal clear quality and you can easily make video calls or perform group chat, send video and audio messages. File sharing and everything is enabled in this application with end to end encryption. It will work seamlessly on various platforms like Android on Windows 10, Mac OS and many modern browsers.

As it is always using end-to-end encryption so it is an application with great privacy. You can perform video and voice calls that are having great quality. Wire clients can be easily built by using this application and it is open-source software. You can create a group chat that can have up to 128 people.

5. Tox

Tox is a very simple application that you can use easily for connecting yourself with your loved ones and friends without including any third party in it. One will not have to sacrifice their privacy when it comes to connecting with their family and friends. There are many messaging applications where you will have to pay some extra amount in order to unlock some new features. Tox is free software in terms of liberty and price. You can use this application on your Android, Mac, Windows, Linux, iPhone, Android tablet and many more.

6. Hangouts 

Hangout is a great messaging app that will enable you to receive and send messages, videos, photos and many more and one will be able to perform voice calls or make video calls with more than one person. Hangouts is definitely a great application which you can use if you want to perform video chat with 10 participants. 

You can use this application in both the laptop and desktop environment and it will enable you to use its features like group chat, synchronize view of YouTube videos, sharing the Google documents and many more. It is a free application that is compatible with your android and iPhone.

7. WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp Messenger is quite a popular mobile messaging app that uses a cross-platform and will help in facilitating the exchange of messages. Here you won’t have to pay any charges in order to exchange messages but you need to have some mobile data. It is compatible with your Blackberry, iPhone, Windows phone, Android and it will allow you to create groups that can have several WhatsApp users as participants. This application will help you to send unlimited images, audio media, and video media.

It will enable you to use the WhatsApp application on the web browser and it is just a simple extension of the phone’s WhatsApp. It will help in mirroring the conversation or messages from the mobile devices to any other device. You will have to connect the 

 WhatsApp account on your phone with that of your web client. One will have to keep the phone connected to the internet in order to use this application. Always ensure that you are installing both the latest version of WhatsApp on your phone and web browser.

8. Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is one of the most famous messaging platforms that will enable anyone to reach their friends on their phone. One will be required to have a Facebook account in order to use Facebook messenger. It has several vital features like messaging your friends or group of friends and it will also enable you to contact anyone who is in your contact list. 

You can also share your location with our friends and find them. Whenever there is a message you will be notified immediately so there is no chance of missing out. You will be able to send photos and videos and you can use it on your Android applications.

9. FMWhatsApp Apk

FMWhatsApp Apk is a modded version of the WhatsApp and it has several killer features when you are comparing it with the other available modded versions. One can send near about 1GB of the file and it will offer you with 30 different types of tick styles and bubbles. By using a single click you will be able to copy the status of any person and it is very handy to use.

10. WhatsApp Plus Apk

WhatsApp Plus Apk is a great alternative and this is one of the most popular customized versions of the WhatsApp application. In the year 2012, it released the first modded version of the WhatsApp. It has already crossed 1 million downloads and it has users from different corners of the world. It has the feature of no ban which indicates that nobody will have the ability to ban you when you are using WhatsApp.

11. YoWhatsApp Apk

YoWhatsApp Apk is a very popular modded version of the WhatsApp application and it is loaded with a lot of functionalities. If you want to use three different types of WhatsApp account simultaneously on your mobile phone then you can use this application. It has users from different countries of the world and it has already crossed near about 2 lacs download. It will offer you with several features like hiding the blue tick, hiding the last, hiding the second tick and different types of features that any other WhatsApp APK modded versions would have.

12. OGWhatsApp Apk

OGwhatsapp Apk is another alternative of using the modded version of the WhatsApp. It will offer you a lot of amazing features and customization and it has already crossed 100000 downloads. It has users from different corners of the globe. In terms of modded WhatsApp version, this application ranks the third. It will have all the features that you would like to use whenever you are using your WhatsApp.

13. W A Tweaker

W A Tweaker is another tool with which you can swap the GBWhatsApp if you are not using the original version of WhatsApp. It will enable you to tweak the original Whatsapp application and add some more functionalities. It is loaded with a lot of cool features. This tiny app will enable you to use the hidden features and it is very easy to use. It won’t take more than two minutes for you to enable all the interesting features that are hidden. 

15. Viber

Viber is quite a popular messaging application that will help you to connect to every person in this world. Till now there are 460 millions of Viber users who can make some HD quality video and phone calls, send messages, send videos and photos by using the 3G network. Viber will also enable you to make calls to landlines or mobile numbers at a very low rate. 

It is compatible with various platforms and when you view will create a Viber account your phone number will be the ID and it will automatically synchronize with the contact list of your mobile. It will allow you to send text messages to your friends, make free calls or video calls. You can create a group that can have up to a hundred participants.

There is a sticker market from where you can download the stickers and make the messaging more fun. The push notification will ensure that you do not miss out any messages or call when the application is off. It can be easily installed on your Windows, Windows 10, Linux and Mac.

All the applications that are mentioned above are easy to use and come with better functionality when compared with that of GBWhatsApp. They will allow you to use the application seamlessly and you will no longer miss GBWhatsApp. One can easily download them for free and start using them. As these are messaging applications so make sure that you are picking the one that is going to provide you with end to end encryption or proper privacy. Each of them is loaded with features which you can use without paying some extra charge. When you are looking for any Gbwhatsapp Alternative then do refer to this list.

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