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Babahd (2020): Best Alternatives To Download Free Bollywood, Hollywood & Hindi Movies




Time is of great essence in today’s world, and it is scarce that you can steal a visit to the movie theatres and watch one with your friends or family. Even for senior citizens who have plenty of time in hand is unable to go out for excellent theatrical performance or a movie like the good old days because there is nobody to take them. But no worries! The modern tech has made life easier for movie buffs by introducing a plethora of torrenting sites. Now, you can stream a wide range of movies anytime, anywhere, and enjoy watching them with your near and dear ones. 

Babahd (2020): Best Alternatives Websites


What Is Babahd?

Babahd is a website that offers pirated Bollywood, Hollywood and Hindi movies. You can download them for free anytime anywhere, provided you have a secure internet connection. The site has in store an assortment of film to appeal to teenagers, kids, adults, and senior citizens. You name it, and you got it! Babahd has its base in the USA, and even after the Indian government’s multiple attempts at criminalizing the running and operation of these pirated sites, there has been no change in the industry. 

Babahd mainly contains the latest additions from Punjabi, Tamil, Bollywood, Hollywood, and Bengali movie industries. It also has in store cartoons and animated movies that are very much loved by kids. Now you don’t have to carry your children to the movie theatres, also, not to worry about their behaviour in public. Instead, hand them a bowl of popcorn and get them seated on the couch across the TV or computer and let them enjoy while you finish your work. 

Babahd has made navigation across the site accessible by categorizing the various types of movies in order of their nature, time of release, etc. 

What Are Some Of The Beneficial Features Of Babahd?

Several sites are offering pirated content on the internet, so what sets Babahd apart from the rest and why should you choose it over the other alternatives. Here is a list of features characteristic of Babahd website:

1. Search Bars And Filters

Babahd offers very specific browsing fitters based on linguistics: English, Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, or Telegu, among others; genre: Action, Romance or comedy, etc.; industry: Hollywood, Tollywood, Bollywood, etc., web series and English show among others. The site also sports a search bar wherein you can type in the name of the movie you want to watch and get started. The filters are so crafted for you to select according to the quality as well. 

2. User-Friendly Interface

The creators of Babahd knows that not everybody is tech-savvy and hence has built an understandable and straightforward user interface that makes it easier for kids as well as senior citizens to use. The home page is white with a search bar and filters. Hence, all you will need to do is type in what you want to watch and get started. 

3. Unique And Premium Contents

As you read the article, you will find out the various categories of movies and TV shows made available by Babahd. This shows the diverse range of entertainment content covered by this website. Not only will you find here mainstream content but also offbeat and informational shows and documentaries. Thus it brings under one roof a range of exhibits. 

How To Download Movies To Your Device With Babahd?

You will be able to directly access this site from your desktop, laptop, smart devices, and other gadgets, but you might need to be clear with the steps if you happen to get misled into some unwanted page or site. Therefore the following steps will guide you through the entire process of opening the site to downloading a movie.  

  • On your computer or mobile phone, open your web browsers like Chrome or Firefox and in the search bar type “Babahd” and hit enter.
  • The search page will show several results, open the official website that has its URL as 
  • As you enter the site, you will be greeted by a white page with written on top with a search bar beneath it. If you already have a movie name in mind, search for it, or find a movie from the drop-down menu on the left-hand side. When you first open the site, you will be greeted by a pop-up that asks you to deny or allow notifications. It is recommended that you to be denying it to prevent spamming. 
  • Once you have made your choice, click on the movie. You might have to go back and forth due to faulty website links. Beware not to fall in the trap. 
  • Next, you will see the movie description, screenshots, and other such details. You will find download links depending upon the resolutions as well as torrent magnet links. 
  • You can directly download or download it via torrent sites like bit torrent or Utorrent. 

What Are The Various Categories Of TV Shows And Movies Available At Babahd?

Babahd has laid down for you various categories of movies to make it easier for you to browse through the full range of films and narrow it down to suit your preferences. The different types you will find are:

  • Bollywood movies
    • v All Bollywood movies
    • v Bollywood 480p HD
    • v Bollywood 700p HD
    • v Bollywood 720p HD
  • Hollywood Dual Audio
  • Hollywood 480p Dual Audio
  • Hollywood Dual 700MB
  • Hollywood Dual Audio 720p
  • Punjabi movies
    • v Punjabi 700MB
    • v Punjabi 720p movies
    • v Punjabi movies 400mb
  • South dual audio
    • v South 480p dual audio
    • v South 720p dual audio
    • South Hindi movies
    • v South Hindi 400MB
    • v South Hindi 700MB
    • v South Hindi 720p
  • TV Shows
  • English Movies
  • WEB series
  • Other Movies
    • v Marathi Movies
    • v Pakistani Movies
    • v Bengali movies
    • v Bhojpuri movies
    • v English movies
    • v Gujarati
    • v Malayalam
    • v Tamil movies
    • v Telugu movies

What Are Some Alternative Sites That Could Be Used In Place Of Babahd?

Illegal sites like Babahd often have some annoying protocol for us to follow, like click here and there. Also, some annoying inappropriate ads looming over the movie screen, etc. there are various other alternative sites like Netflix, HBO, or Amazon that do not have these problems but require some amount of money to become a member. If you are unwilling to put in some money, then all you have to do is look for legit sites and stream the contents online or download them for free. 

1. PopcornFlix: 

You are likely to find original and public domain content on this free streaming website by Screen Media Ventures. Not only will you find here movies and TV shows categorized based on their genres like horror, comedy, action, etc. but also view the complete collection of National Geographic series. 

2. Crackle

Owned by Sony, Crackle is a free movie download free website that is great and easy to use. Here you are most likely to find premium content for absolutely free, which would otherwise be a hard find, although, you might need to download a few ads here to continue. Whether you want classics, documentaries, comedies, or action films, Crackle is the one for you. Besides downloading, you can also stream TV shows and movies online. Please note that this site does not include videos that infringe copyright. Hence, this could become your go-to site to access original content without breaking any copyright laws. Moreover, it is compatible with Smart TVs. You can download Crackle from Google Play. 

3. Oh, Free Movies

Tired of Ads? Do not worry; Oh Free Movies will let you download a wide variety of films and TV shows, including drama, romance, comedy, thriller, tragedy, etc. without bothering you with loads of advertisements. All you have to download the free app to meet your desires at any time of the day from wherever you want and from whichever device deems you fit. You can connect this app to your television as well for ultimate convenience. 

4. Streamog

Streamog updates its assortment of moves almost every day to give you the very latest content from all across the world. It is mainly operable in France, and you can stream your favourite French movies. It also offers a brief introduction to the cinema and criticisms to give you a heads up. Unfortunately, it might not support translation into all languages. 

5. MyDownloadTube

MyDownloadTube can be referred to as a complete entertainment package because it not only comes with a simple user interface but also packs in a large variety of movies and TV shows from all over the world. The contents are available in high definition format. In addition to movies and TV shows, it also hosts the complete version of the PRO games for any PCs with Windows, Apple, and Android. It also offers torrent links, previews, movie descriptions, screenshots, etc. 

6. Netflix

Netflix is one of the most popular online streaming services out there, with not only offering shows produced by other companies like Breaking bad, Vikings, and Dexter but also its original content like Stranger Things, Narcos, etc. You can become a Netflix subscriber and avail of their 30 days free trial.

7. HDPopcorns

If you are the one who will settle for nothing less than the best movie quality with high definition graphics and animation, HDPopcorns is your deal. Here, there are two versions available- 720p and 1080p or full HD. You can download the best quality premium content for free at HDPopcorns. You can even filter your searches based on movie quality besides the regular filters of rating, latest, genres, etc.

8. ShowBox

The ShowBox APK is a free movie download app available to Android users, which can be installed on your phones. You can browse through 20,000 movies and TV shows if not less, and downloads the highest quality. Make sure your phone has space to accommodate the downloads. Furthermore, you can also stream music for free or download music in the MP3 format. 

Some Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Babahd A Legal Website? 

The government has banned Babahd for being a torrent site, owing to the different piracy issues. Yet, you can still access this site for they keep changing the URL, which makes it difficult to trace your records. You can also use the VPN that will not allow your internet service provider or the legal authorities to keep track of your record. 

2. What Are The Various Resolutions Of The Movies?

You will find here high-resolution content starting from 480p to 720p. The resolutions are quite reasonable, and hence you can enjoy it across a range of devices, from phones and tablets to computers.

3. Is There Any Limitation For Downloading?

There is no limitation for downloading. It all depends upon how much space you have on your device. You will find content requiring as minimum as 300mb to higher depending upon factors like resolution, quality, etc. 

4. Is Any Registration Required On Babahd To Download The Movie Or Show?

You do not need to make an account or register yourself with Babahd to download movies. You can directly visit this website form your browser and select the video you want to download and get on with it. 

5. Are English Movies Available On Babahd?

You will find at Babahd, a vast collection of English movies, both classics and as well as the latest additions. You can type the name of the film if you have one in mind on the search bar or go through the list from the drop-down menu on the left. 


So now use these whether you are stuck in a jam on your way to or back from work. Also, bored to the core with nothing much to do, you can watch a movie or a series. You can enjoy it alone or with your loved ones without having to move out of your haven. 

Grab a romantic dinner with your significant other at home over your favourite movie over some comfort food and wine or watch that nasty chick flick with your girlfriends as you sleepover. It is all on your phone, so download it, view it, and delete it if you are having space crunch and repeat!

Mary is the Junior Writer at GadgetFreeks. She has previously worked at Alnsights, ExitEvent, and InterpidMedia. She loves to read stories of startups and share it with the Audience.

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