ATOZmp3 (2023): Top 11+ Best Alternatives & Similar Websites of Atozmp3

Music is something that we relate to in our everyday lives. It is an excellent pastime and helps us stay entertained. There are tons of different genres available in the market, with new music coming up for each genre almost every day. Thus finding new songs to listen to is something that we all look forward to. ATOZmp3 is one such website that serves our musical needs. 

ATOZmp3 (2023): Best Alternatives & Similar Websites of Atozmp3


ATOZmp3 is a website that helps you download all the latest Telugu songs in MP3 format. It is free to use a platform that allows the users to listen to and download their favorite Telugu and Telugu movie songs in high-quality audio files. It is a great option for those who are looking to download Telugu songs for free, and not looking to use a paid service to download the songs. It is one of the best alternative options for downloading music. 

The ATOZmp3 website comes filled with multiple features. Each of these is designed to make your user experience optimized and something to enjoy. 

  • Well categorized music: one of the key features that make ATOZmp3 a popular destination among music lovers is how well the music is categorized on the website. Any user who wants to download a song can browse through the different categories present on the website, and select the particular category that he prefers. 
  • A large number of songs: the website hosts a larger number of songs from different singers as well as multiple Telugu movies. So you can look for all your favorite songs from your favorite Telugu movies. The large collection of songs on the website means you don’t have to visit multiple songs websites for your choice of songs.
  • An example efficient search engine: the website uses a Google-based search bar to find the different songs available on the website. This means you can easily find any Telugu song that you want. It is a much easier process than scrolling through the endless list of songs trying to find the one you are looking for.
  • Alphabetical search: the website also comes with an alphabetical index of the different songs available. This makes it easy for you to find a particular song if you know its name. Finding and downloading your choice of music has never been easier than with ATOZmp3.
  • Minimal ad interference: one of the most annoying features of many free to use music websites are the constant pop up ads on the screen. This can be very distracting and deters you from using such websites. The ATOZmp3 website works very differently in how it uses ads for revenue. In this website, the ad is displayed via a URL shortener. This is a very useful feature as the ads are displayed in the URL itself. This helps both the website in gaining revenue through the advertisements while helping improve the user experience by making ads easier to view.

How to use ATOZmp3

Using ATOZmp3 is very easy to access for newcomers as well as those who have used the website earlier for downloading music. The first step in the downloading process is accessing the website. ATOZmp3 operates under several domain names, which can often change from time to time. The most commonly used domain name is the “.in” domain. Make sure you get the domain name correct before you enter the website to download your music.

Once you have entered the correct domain name and entered the website, go to the search engine that is powered by Google. Use the search engine or the alphabetical index of the website to search for the songs you are looking for. Since the website has a large number of Telugu songs in its database, it is more than likely that you will find the song you are looking for. The search engine can be used by simply entering the name of the song that you wan. 

After you have identified the song you want to download, there are two easy to use processes to download your music. The two processes are:

  • Using a Zippy link
  • Using a direct link

The two processes differ only slightly and are equally effective. Using a Zippy link takes the user to another third party website, from where you can download the song you are looking for. This third party website may have some additional advertisements. Using a direct link, on the other hand, allows you to download the song in a high-quality MP3 format from the servers of the ATOZmp3 website itself. If you are a new user, it is recommended that you use a direct link to download the music of your choice. 

Once you have clicked on the link, the MP3 file of your chosen Telugu song gets downloaded. It is usually downloaded into the ‘downloads’ folder of your computer, or in any other folder, you may have assigned for downloads. You can then simply go to the file location and click on play to start playing your music. 

What Are The Categories Available 

The music on ATOZmp3 website is categorized in several different ways. Firstly, it is categorized alphabetically. Where one can view the songs starting based on which letter the song name starts with. This means under the alphabetical index of ‘A’, you’ll be able to see all the songs available which start with A. This is very easy for a quick browse to find the song that you want to download. 

Alternatively, the songs are also categorized based on albums and movie names. If you are looking for Telugu songs from a particular album or a movie that you liked this is the best way to specifically search for that album or movie. It is the best process to find specific songs, which can otherwise be difficult to browse from the general index. All the major albums and recent movie albums are present in the ATOZmp3 index and can be accessed by any user looking to download Telugu music for free. 

If you are looking for new releases, ATOZmp3 has a separate section for that too. Here you can find everything you want regarding the latest and hottest releases from the field of Telugu music. So if you are looking to find new music to try out, this section is best suited for your needs. 

The popular section lists all the most popularly downloaded songs on the website. It includes new as well as earlier released songs which are the most popular with the users of ATOZmp3. If you find the hottest music in the Telugu industry, this is the section made for you. 

Best Alternatives to ATOZmp3

ATOZmp3 is a great site for downloading music. But in case you want to look at alternate sites for downloading and listening to Telugu songs, here are some of the popular alternatives. 


it is a similar website to ATOZmp3 and hosts a large number of songs in its server, as well as in third-party websites that are accessible via links on the MP3juices website. The website is free to access but displays advertisements.

2. Naa songs:

if you are looking for exclusively Telugu songs, Naa songs is a great website for you. It caters to a huge collection of Telugu songs in rich MP3 quality and is a must-visit for any Telugu music lover. 


Gaana is free to use the streaming website. It is very convenient to use and can be used for listening to millions of tracks, including the most popular Telugu songs. It also has advertisements. It also has a mobile app that provides an added advantage. 


Hungama is a platform where you can stream and listen to all the latest Bollywood and Telugu songs whenever you want to. Downloading facilities are also available for MP3 files, so you can download any song that you want to. 

5. Mp3Clan

mp3Clan is a unique platform that allows its users to search for all the popular Hindi and Telugu songs in their database. These songs can then be played online, or be downloaded in the MP3 format. It is a great option for anyone looking to search for a particular song. 

6. songsPk

songsPK is one of the oldest and most popular platforms for obtaining free mp3 music downloads. It has a huge collection of songs, from Bollywood to Hindi to Telugu songs. Whichever genre you prefer, songs pk probably has everything that you need. 

7. SongsMP3

another free to use website that has a large collection of Bollywood and other genre music. It is also home to a lot of remixes of Popular Bollywood and Telugu songs. This makes it a must-visit for anyone looking to sample their favorite music in a new way. 

8. MP3skull

a standard free to use music download service, the MP3skull website can help you download the song of your choice with minimum hassle. A great option for beginners, it has a simple to use interface that any layman can comfortably use. 

9. Beemp3

the beemp3 website comes with a dedicated search bar that allows you to easily search for any music that you like. It displays a large number of available download links, any of which you can use to download your favorite songs in MP3 format. 

10. Jamendo music

Jamendo Music is an online music streaming site which needs to be subscribed at a very nominal rate. You can get here the latest trending songs, music tracks, albums, etc. for unlimited streaming and downloading. The site mostly comprises of independent music. Also, the site contains a radio station and a playlist that continually gets updated. You can download your favourite songs from this site so that you can listen to them anytime, being offline.  The best part of using this mp3 site is that people don’t have to come across unwanted irritating and irrelevant pop-up ads on their screen. 

11. SoundCloud

One of the most preferred online music streaming platforms is SoundCloud. This site can be availed for free. However, if you subscribe to it, you will get access to even more varied a diversified collection of music, tacks, albums, etc. that are restricted from the unsubscribed users. You can choose songs of any language of your choice, any genre, old and new according to your preference and stream and download them. Also, you can share your favourite songs to Facebook and other social media.  The site enhances its user experience by limiting the ads on the screening. You can also use an ad blocker to allow unrestricted streaming and downloading of songs and albums. 


1. What Is The Cost To Download Music From The Atozmp3 Website? 

Nothing, The ATOZmp3 website is completely free to use. The users do not have to pay any money to use the service to download their favorite music. However, short URL ads can maybe be displayed, which helps the website to generate revenue. 

2. Does The Atozmp3 Website Use Ads?

Yes, but only the ones along with the URL. This means you are not constantly disturbed by the presence of ads on your screen, which adds up to the user-friendly interface. 

It is not legal per se to download music from free to use websites such as ATOZmp3 since there may be some copyright issues. However, it is often very problematic to use a paid service simply to listen to songs. Thus it is much easier to use a free to use streaming and downloading service such as ATOZmp3.

4. How To Download Music From Atozmp3?

It is easy to download your favorite song from the website. Simply search the name of the song through the search bar present on the website page. Alternatively, you can also browse through the directory of songs available directly. Once you have found the song you want to download, either uses a direct link or a Zippy link to a third party website to get your download completed. 

5. Which Format Is Music Available In Atozmp3? 

The music files are available in the MP3 format to be downloaded. They can be easily downloaded to your computer or mobile and listened to at your own time.  


Listening to music is something that we have done almost every day of our lives. With the arrival of the Internet, it has become easier for us to access the wide array of different types of music that is available for us to consume in the market. ATOZmp3 symbolizes that movement to the online market by offering its users a selection of Telugu songs from all popular artists and movies, which can be downloaded for free. It helps you bypass the need to pay for a music streaming service and dive straight into enjoying your favorite artists and songs. 

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