Apunkagames (2023): Top 5+ Best Alternatives for Apunkagames & It’s Features

If you have to label something as cross-generational in our time that would be gaming. Regardless of your age, gender, nationality everyone likes to play games that are appropriate to their position and characteristics. More than a billion people play games on a regular basis in a global context. Still many of us believe but playing games can be a huge waste of time. Playing games is no less than a time spent productively. In this context games which are played online or on PC can be a great mind exercise. Games indulge a positive emotion and imprints it in your mind. It tickles your curiosity, optimistic behaviour, and gives rise to your creativity. The feeling that you get after winning a game is no less than a heroic moment. A game played well would work as yoga for your mind and slows down your aging process. There are Millions of websites that let you download games for PC for free. A lot of them have different agenda rather than just providing you with the game. Some are more expensive than the others and some just give away the games for free of cost. Landing with a website that can provide you the games that you require can be challenging sometimes. In fact, some websites can also download Malware and viruses in your system along with the games. So being careful is something which will not hurt when it comes to downloading games. ApunKagames is a website that lets you download all the games for free.

What is Apunkagames?


Apunkagames is an illegal website which provides you with a full version of games along with the cracked passwords on the website. This website is well known for its elaborate and extensive collection of games on the website. They have more than 769 pages full of games that are waiting for you to download and play and be played with. The basic look and feel is very straightforward in the website. The website sits on a basic off white background. This website has elaborate rules and regulations to follow. That does not allow multiplayer games and you can play One game for free for the day. The basic characterization it follows in contact with game types are action, Fighting, shooting, sports, racing, others, GTA games, game under specific size, and PC game list. Here you can download games under hundred MB, 200 MB, 300MB, 400mb, 500MB, 1GB, and 2GB. They have three passwords and total which can be used for any game on the website. The basic approach of the website is pretty straight forward. The mission of apunkagames is to provide its users with the best gaming experience.

Website features

The website has a pretty straight forward approach when it comes to downloading and playing games. They have a basic set of rules which needs to be followed otherwise you can get banned from the website. Some of the features of the website have been written below.

  1. If you click on the password icon you would find three passwords written which are the basic passwords used to crack the game.
  2. The website provides you games under a specific size if you are concerned with the disc space of your system.
  3. The basic look and feel of the website is very simple with your game popup which is on the popular side to attract the user.
  4. No multiplayer games are provided.
  5. Under the game request icon it provides all the basic set of rules which needs to be followed and the format of how you can submit your comment in case you want to and all the recent games are listed there below


The website does have a very elaborate category list from where you can download all the games according to your choice. The categories are listed below.

  1.  Action
  2. Fighting
  3. Shooting
  4. Sports
  5. Racing
  6. GTA games
  7. Game under specific size
  8. PC game list
  9. Other games


There are many alternatives for ApunKagames which can be tried and used in the place of this website for an alternative. Some of the websites are listed below along with the specifications of those websites.

1. Ocean of Games

If you want to download free games without much hassle this is the website for you. Ocean of games also provides us with some hacks to benefit from some added bonus. Regardless of the operating system you have like Linux, Mac, or Windows you can still download any game you want. All the games are compatible with all three operating systems on the website. The categories that are provided in the website to download games are Churi Kore Dilam hack, action, adventure, Arcade, fighting, Horror, puzzle, racing, shooting games, simulation, Sports, war strategy, mystery, fantasy, Sci-Fi, RPG, survival and trainer. This website provides single and multiplayer games both. There are an elaborate 673 pages containing games on the website. Which website has a very high speed server that allows you to download single file games which are very large in size as well. You can download games of 60 GB and larger from this website. It provides speed upto 1mbps for high speed game downloading. The website aesthetics elaborate imprints its impression of a game dedicated website with Warzone background. Regardless of the piracy website the popularity of the website is top notch and is counted among the most eligible and free game downloading websites in the list.

2. Origin

With a very promising and elaborate library of games that too in a premium ones, origin is another alternative for downloading PC games. Electronic art develops this website which has previously developed many other Global games which are very successful in the market. One of the most vivid features of this website is it provides social features like chatting or sharing videos by twitchtv along with profile management etc. Sharing your game library  and community integration via many social media websites like Facebook, PlayStation network, Xbox live etc is possible with origin. Starting from FIFA to some original PC games, classics like Plants versus Zombies are available on the website. Another feature called on the house allows the users to download the free trials of a game of premium games so that the customer can decide whether he or she wants to buy the game or not. This feature is very impressive as well as efficient as well. The streaming feature of the website is outstanding. The website often promotes many sales and most of the time you’ll find a sale of 75% off. There are 20 languages options provided on the website for better customer service. It works well on Mac and Windows both.

3. Game top

If only gaming is not your agenda in life then you should probably visit this website. This website is for casual players and for someone who is looking to play for timepass. There are many interesting features in this website. They put a timer on when they will release another new game on the website. They have a section called the hidden objects from where you can download over thousands of unlimited full version games with no time limit which are both legal and safe. The look and feel of the website is pretty simple and straightforward. The topmost panel shows a few categories like free games, PC games, news followed by a search bar from where you can search the games you want to play. Just below the panel there are few more categories in terms of the nature of game. The categories are match 3, hidden object, time management, puzzle, racing, action, Arcade, and daily top 100. The daily top 100 section displays the top downloads of the moment and rank it accordingly. The endless number of free games in the website which works for both windows and Mac. All the games are free from Malware and viruses so you won’t have to worry about it. You would find games which are small size around 100 MB in the website unlike other websites which provide large games. Game top has many interesting games like time machine, Treasure Island etc. These games do not take up much of your disk space and they do regular updates of the game which keeps the list going up.

4. GameSpot 

Sitting on a white background this website has a very different approach to its audience. They have been Indus business for around 16 years. If you are one of those who would like to know about the game before you download and play this is the website for you. This website not only provides you with the gaming setup but also enlightens few with reviews and gaming Strategies and gaming guides along with launch views before launching the game. Gamespot is basically a video gaming website that allows you to read the review of the games, preview the game, download the game, and get specific news about the game as well. On the top panel you would get categories like games entertainment, news, reviews, video, deals and forum. Under the game drop down menu you would find all game news, game Tech, PC, PS4, Xbox one, Xbox 36, switch, Stadia, 3DS. They also provide the latest edition games. This website also provides you with a gaming manual or game guides. It regularly updates itself with software updates and provides patches and fixes. This website is an all in all competitive in the list and can be easily used as an alternative for all the other websites. By one look you would understand that this website is pretty serious about what it does. They have their hands on every bit of information which is published on the website.

5. GameHouse

Are you looking for games that are high quality but you are not ready for the commitment of downloading those games in your system then game house is the perfect option available for you. With a collection of more than 350 games you can play all the games online. Available for PC and max, iPhone iPad and Android phones and tablets, these games can be enjoyed anywhere anytime. The graphics and sound effects of the games are exactly like the downloadable ones. Along with PC games they provide mobile games as well. With an offer of a free game for the day this website is one of the most eligible ones in the list. They also do a sale of around 2.99 dollars for a single game under sale of 6.99 dollars for a bundle of games. Look and feel is pretty simple with few categories on the top panel like a search but you find your favourite game along with that you can find a genres option which dropdown too many other types of games like action, card, hidden object, Mahjong, puzzle, strategy, and time management. Followed to that there is a my game panel where you can look for all the games you have enjoyed before. Before you start playing you would get a preview about the game which would make the game easier to play for you. They have many high quality games as well.

6. Free ride games

If you are a flash game junky then this website free ride game is for you. This is a website but let you play Flash games. The look and feel of the website is like no other in the list. They have about more than 200 games in the website vichar full version. The games on the website are completely free and can be played for as long as the user wants. They also promote many offers along with the games and have hosted many contests as well. The main motto is to keep the audience entertained from time to time and to increase the database by providing such invitations which would allure more people on the website. They have a 3D background going on in their website with bits and pieces of every game on the background clustered together sitting on the shade of blue. The top panel characterizes the website into a few categories like genres, new game, all game, club games, play without ads, and club sign in. They also have a panel which states the most played games in recent time. They feature many types of games as well from the family of puzzles, time management games, hidden objects, cards/casino, white boards, Arcade, strategy/Sim,and online games. There is some debate going on about the legality of the website and if it downloads viruses and malware to your system or not but overall it has good reviews. The fact that they provide full versions of PC games and unlimited gameplay takes over millions of hearts. They get their maximum footfall from the contest.


How much download speed can apunkagames offer?

Based on the file size and the quality of the game the download speed can be higher or medium. But it still claims to provide 25 MB+ speed as they upload their files on thefirstlockers.com, which is said to help to download the files faster and easier.


The files attached to the website can contain Malware and viruses so we recommend downloading games from a legal website.

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