Anime-Planet (2023): 8+ Best Alternatives for Anime Planet

Are you an anime lover? You might have grown up watching some popular anime like dragon ball z, Pokémon, etc. Then you might be a true anime lover and passionate about watching and enjoying these shows. These days apart from watching cartoons most of the children loves to watch anime regularly.  

Anime has a large fan base across the world nowadays and fans are passionate about watching anime regularly. Not only kids but adults also love to watch anime from different websites with the help of subtitles and dubbing. This was invented in Japan in 1917 and gradually increases its popularity outside the country.

High graphics, style of anime characters, colorful pictures attracts a huge number of people to watch anime episodes. A unique storyline with dynamic characters creates a large fan base of anime who watch episodes daily. Several games related to anime have been launched on the internet platform due to its popularity. 

Are you looking for a website contains anime episodes? You should check out the Anime-Planet website. It provides a large variety of latest anime episodes in high quality for free of cost. You can watch your favorite anime directly from online streaming and no need to download episodes. 

Anime-Planet (2023): Best Alternatives To Watch Anime Online Free

Anime Planet

What is Anime-Planet?

Anime-Planet is a popular website where high-quality anime contents are available for users to watch online. You can watch some popular anime episodes available in high quality and discover the latest anime through this website. You can sort the anime contents based on popularity, most-watched, name, year, date added, etc.

A user can make a list of anime that he or she wants to watch in the future. Anime lovers also read popular Japanese comic Manga which is also available on this website. There is a huge collection of contents available on this website that you can enjoy for free. 

Is it illegal to watch content on this site? No, this is a legal website and safe to use. This website is an industry-supported site through partner organizations such as Hulu, Crunchyroll, and Viki. Thus a user does not need to get worried about accessing the website contents. 

What is the reason behind the popularity of this website? The reason is quite simple. It offers an enormous collection of high-quality anime content to stream online for free of cost. You might not find out such a variety of anime content on other popular anime websites.

Different Website Features 

Here you can check out different features of the Anime-Planet website. It will help to understand the platform more deeply.

  1. This particular website contains the latest anime and available as online streaming. It does not allow users to download content from this website.
  2. Here you can access the content of various categories such as comedy, actions, adventure, etc. The libraries of contents are different for different countries.
  3. This platform is legal and safe to use as it is an industry-supported website. 

How to Download Contents from Anime-Planet?

At first, you need to search anime-planet in the search engine and then create an account to access free videos. Then you need to copy the URL of a particular video that you want to download. Then you need to paste that URL to some video downloader available on the online platform.

Here you can set the resolution of the video that you want to download. After selecting the resolution you need to click on the download option. There are certain video downloaders is available on online that used to download anime from anime-planet.

Categories of Anime

Anime-Planet website contains a great library of anime contents that belongs to various categories. You can select a particular anime based on a specific category or type. There are some popular categories that you can check out.

1. Romance

Adults also love to watch anime series and this category is famous among adult anime lovers. You can find out some trending and some popular names of anime belong in this category available on this website. Therefore anime lovers can enjoy romantic anime from the large library of this particular website.  

2. Comedy

You can watch some funniest anime contents through this website that surely make you laugh. An anime lover can search for dark comedy or romantic comedy anime in this website. Some top-rated anime such as comedy skit 1989, barakamon, etc is available on this website.

3. Actions

Most of the anime is all about action and it attracts anime lover to watch action related anime. You can enjoy some legendary action anime shows through this specific website. There are some popular action anime such as Gintama, one-punch man, my hero academia, etc available on this website. 

4. Drama

Youngsters and adults love to watch drama related anime series. Thus you can check out drama related anime in Anime-Planet. Here you can check out some popular names such as a silent voice, your name, etc.

5. Fantasy

If you want to watch sci-fi or fantasy-related anime then search it on the search bar of Anime-Planet. You can search results through the filter where you can add fantasy then search. You can find out the best sci-fi anime also on this particular website.  

6. Supernatural

This specific category is most popular among kids and you can watch several supernatural anime on this website. Adult anime lovers also love to watch such anime series and search for such anime. You can search the most popular names belong in this category such as erased, death note, etc.

7. Adventure

This is another most popular category of anime that most of the anime lovers are looking for. You can observe a huge number of animes in the search result that belong in this category. Some popular names such as demon slayer, spirited away, and so on.  

8. Shonen

This particular category is most popular among teen males between 12 years to 18 years. This specific category is also known as the shounen category which is a Japanese term. You can check out some popular names such as full metal alchemist, haikyuu, etc on the Anime-Planet website.

Best Alternative Websites

Some other websites offer a large collection of latest anime content to anime lovers. Those websites also provide the latest high-quality anime series that belong to various categories. A user can check out some best alternative websites that offer similar services.

However, some popular websites are available online to fulfill the demands of anime lovers throughout the world. Here you can find out the best alternatives of Anime-Planet available in an online platform.

1. Animeflv

This particular site is one of the best alternatives available on the online platform. The user-friendly menu of the category is available on this website which is easy to access. A user can easily navigate to various categories of anime through this menu.

A user can check the best anime from the “Anime of the day” which is available on the website’s homepage. Some remarkable episodes of different anime series also show on the home page of the website. It will also provide you some external anime series that is not available on this website.

2. Animeid

Animeid is another potential replacement of the anime planet website. This specific website also contains anime of different categories and a user can access it for free. The homepage of this website contains the last chapters of various anime series and separated date wise.

Through the homepage, you can see some recently added anime series and some upcoming anime series. You can see most watched anime of a particular day from the list of “Most watched chapters of the week”. From the home page of Animeid, you can observe the categories of anime and choose a specific category easily.

3. Animeyt

Another potential alternative website of the Anime-Planet website which contains a great collection of anime. From the home page, you can find out the most popular anime available on this website. You can check out the latest anime series from the homepage of this website as well.  

You can observe the release date of the upcoming anime series on the home page of Animeyt. If you want to search a specific anime then you just need to search it from the search bar. On the home page, a user can check out the search engine where he/she can search for a particular anime.

4. Animelab

This is one of the best alternatives of Anime-Planet where the latest anime available in high quality. This website provides you a user-friendly interface to watch your anime without facing difficulties. The interface is mobile friendly so you can watch your favorite anime in your mobile also. 

A search bar is available on the homepage of the website where you can search your favorite anime. From the homepage of this specific website you can search anime series, movies, dubbed episodes, etc. You can check today’s schedule of streaming anime series through the homepage of the Animelab website.


You can consider this website as the best alternative to the Anime-Planet website. It is the fastest streaming platform available for the online streaming of anime. You can get a user-friendly platform that is easy to access and provides high-quality content to users.

This specific website is accessible from both mobile as well as PC or laptop. You can find out a vast collection of anime content available in HD quality. Here you can find out contents available in English dubbing which is an exclusive feature of this website.

5. Anime planet

Anime planet contains about 45,000 legal anime episodes, which are one of the best of its kinds all of Times. This site was launched back in 2001 and has emerged to be one of the favourite movie sites for both manga lovers and anime. There are neat categories given on the home page of this site. Some of the categories are popular manga this week, newest anime recommendations, etc. All anime collections are of HD resolution and all manga episodes can be accessed for free streaming and downloading anytime. 

6. Chia-Anime

This site is another popular anime streaming and downloading website where viewers get the best anime collection of all times. All services are available for free. The subtitles are available in Japanese, but all videos are also available in their dubbed versions where subtitles are given in English. So people don’t have to worry about understanding the contents. The site’s interface has been beautifully and cleanly designed. It hosts thousands of anime and manga videos including movies, shows, series, drama, soundtracks, and everything. It’s very easy to search for your favourite shows on this site. You can either search for it in the search bar or browse through the categories. 

7. KissAnime


This is an entirely free anime streaming and downloading site which strives to bring to you the best of all anime episodes, on your devices and PCs. This is one platform where you can get all anime series and episodes of all times at full length for free. You can browse through the site and search for your favourite anime series. Viewers can stream and download these anytime. Mainly meant for people residing in Australia and New Zealand, this site can also be accessed by others through a VPN server.

8. GoGoanime

GoGoAnime 2020

Gogoanime provides viewers with the trending and latest anime shows, series, and movies, for free streaming and downloading. The homepage of this site is beautifully designed. Anime shows have been categorised differently, allowing people to get their desired shows and contents easily. The contents are even arranged in alphabetical order for enhanced user experience. This site brings to you everything starting from new anime shows to old ones to the best ones of all times. Gogoanime provides you with everything for your entertainment. Surely this site isn’t going to disappoint any of its users. 


On the online platform, you may check out some FAQs. Here you can observe some popular FAQs and check the answers.

It is completely legal to use the Anime-Planet website and the website is industry-supported. Therefore it is completely safe to use this website. Some official videos are also available on this website, unlike proxy websites.

2. Do you need to pay money for anime-planet?

An admin and few volunteers run this Anime planet website which provides free online streaming. This group of individuals is also anime lovers who provide free content. However, you can also purchase a premium membership to enjoy more features.

3. How to use anime-planet?

You need to create an account and sign in to access free anime videos on the anime-planet website. However, to access some contents you need to purchase a premium account and have to make some payment for that. It allows users to watch HD, ad-free content.

4. Does anime-planet have viruses?

Anime planet contains a database of the latest anime and manga comics. Developers are always checking out this website and upgrade it accordingly. It does not contain any kind of bugs or viruses.

5. How to read comics on anime-planet?

You can read Manga, manhua, webtoons, etc comics for free through this website. Top-rated comic series are available on this website. Anime planet also allows you to share the Manga list with your friends.


Although the anime-planet website is free and safe to use, you may face some complications while accessing. At the time of streaming online, you have to face some ads for a few seconds. You can use add blocker and VPN also to use it more conveniently.

The above article is a tailor-made guideline to help an anime lover to know about this specific website. Here you get information regarding the alternatives that you can access to watch the latest anime. It also suggests you the categories that are popular among the anime.

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