8XFilms (2023): Top 10+ Best Alternatives & Similar Websites of 8xfilms

Out of the many online movie streaming sites, that have emerged in recent times, 8xfilms is one such site. It has been gaining popularity rapidly ever since it has been introduced. The site hosts several Tamil, Telegu, Malayalam, Marathi, Punjabi, Bollywood, Hollywood movies, making them available to viewers for free downloading and steaming. Not only that, but the site also provides other types of content like web series, documentaries, etc. Despite this site having so many advantages, people are advised not to browse through 8xfilms because every time they surf through it, all their device’s information and data are out at stake. They can be stolen anytime. Not only that, but their devices can also become infected with viruses. Read below to know more about this pirated site, leaking duplicated contents. 

8XFilms (2023): Top 10+ Best Alternatives & Similar Websites of 8xfilms


8xfilms 2023

With the emergence of the digitalised world, a lot of legal and illegal online movie streaming sites and apps have come updo that people don’t have to visit theatres every time they look forward to enjoying a film and spend some quality time with their families. Movies are a source of entertainment, the relives us of our tedious daily routines and workloads. Due to busy schedules, people find it very difficult to make out time to go to theatres. With the emergence of these online sites and apps, it has become easier for people to binge-watch content till late nights and download them anytime they want to. 

8xfilms is a public pirated site that is notorious for leaking the latest movies and other content. According to the latest reports, 8xfilms is considered by many as among the best of its type. All latest contents are available on this site, on the first day of their theatrical release. Movies available here are of several languages like Hindi dubbed, Hollywood dubbed, Tamil, Telegu, Marathi, Punjabi, Gujarati and what not. Apart from movies, one can also stream and download web series, documentaries, tv shows, award functions, etc. All contents are available for free download and streaming in HD resolution. What attracts millions of traffic to 8xfilms is the fact that it provides all movie streaming and downloading services for free. Contents can be downloaded and streamed in any format like 1080p, 360p, 720p, HDRip, Bluray, DVDScr, DVDrip, etc. 

8xfilms provides its users with a vast collection of movies that comes from all genres like animation, romance, thriller, horror, science fiction, erotic, crime, comedy, action, and whatnot. This is one of the best to go site for streaming and downloading any movie of your choice. This site won’t disappoint you at all. 

Categories of films available on 8xfilms. 

The 8xfilms site is very neatly categorised. It has innumerable Tamil, Bollywood, Hollywood and other regional films that have been classified on various bases, like their year of release, genre, etc. Let’s see the various classifications: 

  • Tamil latest HD movies free download
  • Hollywood dubbed movies
  • Bollywood latest movies
  • Tamil movies free download
  • New Malayalam movies
  • Telegu HD movies free download

8XFilms.com Features

The salient features that have made this site so popular have been listed below: 

  • Any movie or web series, documentary, TV show, etc. can be streamed and downloaded free of cost. 
  • Users don’t even need to register on this site.
  • The site even has an amazing collection of old movies, that generally can’t be found nowadays.
  • The interface of this site is user friendly and engaging. 
  • The films have been categorised on various bases, making it even easier for viewers to find their desired film.
  • The site offers standard downloading speed and good audio quality, provided you have a steady internet connection.
  • 8xfilms also has been an app version, which can easily be installed into your device as its size is small. The app can be installed on any android or iOS phone.
  • With every content, you get details about the content. Hence, you don’t have to Google about the content separately. 
  • Several movies are available in dubbed versions. As a result, you can watch the movie in any language you like. 

How to download films on 8xfilms?

8xfilms providers users with the downloading links of all movies at a single click. If you don’t know how to operate your device well, worry not. The following steps mentioned below will help you stream and download your favourite content.

  • Firstly, visit the active site of 8xfilms. 
  • Search for your desired movie in the search bar. You can also find it out from the categories. 
  • Click on the movie you want to download or stream. On doing so, you will be redirected to another page. 
  • On this page, you will get two options: stream or download. Click on download for downloading.
  • Now, choose the format in which you want to download the film
  • After clicking on the format, again, you will be redirected to another page, containing several downloading links. 
  • Click on any one of them. Your movie starts to download. 

While streaming or downloading movies from 8xfilms, you might come across several unwanted ads. Keep clo,sing all irreverent ads and enjoy the film. 

Best Alternatives for 8xfilms

As we have already told, that 8xfilms keeps changing its domains for its functioning, people have now become fed up with its frequent change of domain names. As a result, they are searching for better reliable alternatives. 

Below given is a list of the legal alternatives of 8xfilms. 

1. CmoviesHD

As the name goes, all movies on this site are available in HD resolution, for free downloading and streaming. All contents are absolutely free. Besides providing viewers with innumerable films, the site also hosts web series, documentaries, etc, keeping in mind the interests of the public. Users are however required to access this site through proxy or VPN servers, as many times, the site faces infringement issues. 

2. Zmovies


One gets a countless number of movies on this site for free downloading and streaming. You can get movies of any language, Hindi, English, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and what not. Web series, documentaries are also uploaded here. The site doesn’t charge people for using it, neither does it ask for registration or other details. This is one of the best legal alternatives of 8xfilms. 

3. Movierill

Moviezion, also known as Movierill is again a completely legal site offering free services to all its users. Similar to other sites, Movierill too has a great collection of movies, web series, documentaries, etc. Users don’t have to sign into this site for accessing its services. The site also doesn’t ask for any kind of personal details. 

4. Flicksmore

Flicksmore can be considered to be one of the safest platforms for streaming and downloading content. The website is completely a legal one. The site’s home page has been designed quite stylishly. Users, however, need to keep this in mind that Flicksmore charges its users for availing its services. The subscription fee is however very less. Viewers can only get a trial period of 30 days for free streaming. After that, they have to subscribe to use this site. 

5. BestHDMovies


The next website, that’s legal is BestHDMovies. You are sure to get all your favourite movies, web series and everything on this site for free. The site can be accessed from any device and lets you download any film on any device. With all the amazing features this site is equipped with, it will give you unparalleled services and experience. All movies are available in HD resolution. The downloaded video from this site can be played on DVDs without having to change its format. 

6. Movie4u

Movie4u is again a legal alternative offering similar services. Needless to say, like others, the site allows viewers to stream and download all the latest movies, web series, documentaries in HD quality. The site also has some old and rare movies. Hollywood and Bollywood dubbed movies are available too, allowing people to stream and download them in any language they want. 

7. SabWap

Sabwap, unlike others, is a search engine like Yahoo, Google, etc. You must be thinking about how can this search engine help you in getting your desired films. Well, this search engine shows you the list of sites where your search film is available for streaming and downloading. You will get ample options from where you can watch your desired movie online or download it, as per your choice. This Search engine can be used free of cost. 

8. Moviezwap


Another legal alternative to illegal 8xfilms is Moviezwap. You can stream and download a wide array of movies, dubbed and original on this site. The site lets you avail of its services for free. Also, the site doesn’t ask for personal details like adhaar card, debit card numbers, etc. Mostly the contents on this site are non-commercial. It uploads mainly those contents that have a purpose. The site aims to educate the masses through its uploaded contents. 

9. Moviewatcher.io


One cannot skip Movieswatcher.io. It has been providing commendable services, as a legal movie streaming and downloading site. Not only are movies found here, but also tv-series and originals. All contents are available for free streaming and downloading. Users don’t need to register themselves. Go this site to avail of its services. Lastly, the user interface of Movieswatcher.io is great. 

10. Tamilrockers


Once you enter this website, you will be surprised to see how well designed is its interface. The site is well managed, with its contents cleanly categorized based on their genres, language, etc. People are satisfied navigating through this site because its well-classified contents and user-friendly interface has made it convenient for them to find out their desired contents. The site covers contents from all genres, era, language, culture, and theme, bringing to you an entirely diversified and varied collection of contents, ideal for your entertainment. With every content, the site provides a short piece of description, that lets the users know about that particular content. This is especially helpful when users stream unknown content. 


We already know that 8xfilms is a pirated site. Browsing through it is an act of crime in India. We don’t intend to support the piracy business, nor do we intend to promote it. In fact, we urge our viewers to stop using such sites, because if we use such illegal sites, it means that we too are supporting the piracy business. Being responsible citizens, we plead everyone to take this piracy business seriously, as it is affecting our film industries. We must stop using such sites, keeping in mind the dangers associated with it and should make others aware too. These days, a lot of legal alternatives have come up, as we can see. We must use them for streaming and downloading movies.



1. What are the various categories of films that are available on 8xfilm? 

The site provides movies under categories like Tamil HD free download, Hollywood HD Movies, Bollywood dubbed movies, etc. 

2. Is downloading movies from 8xfilms illegal? 

Not only downloading movies but using any such pirated torrent site is illegal in India. 

3. What is the latest website link of 8xfilms? 

It’s difficult to provide the latest link of 8xfilms because this site constantly keeps changing its domains, every time the previous domain becomes banned. 

4. What can happen to a person if found guilty of using 8xfilms? 

The culprit will be arrested and jailed for 3 years. Also, he might be net with other stern measures according to the anti-piracy paw, if the authorities feel the need to do so.

5. What are the various movie sizes that can be downloaded from 8xfilms? 

There are various sizes of films available on this site like 1gb, 400 MB, 2 GB, etc. 

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