300mb Movies

Do you want to utilize your free time wisely? Then watch different movies and enjoy unique storylines. Sometimes we forget about our real-world while watching various movies and we enjoy the virtual world of that movie. If you want to escape from your stressful life sometimes then watch different movies in your free time.

Watching movies will help you to reduce your stress level and recharge your mind and soul. It provides you positive energy to work more efficiently and helps to improve your lifestyle. It is a good hobby to watch good movies in your free time where you can enhance your knowledge.

After a busy work schedule, we want to refresh our mind which is important to keep work-life balance. Many times we want to spend time with our family, friends or spouse when we return from our work location. Everyone is having a busy schedule in their regular life and might not get enough free time nowadays.

Are you looking for a good movie website? You can try out the 300mb movie’s website. Here you can download the latest high quality Indian and Hollywood films in 300mb only. You can save your device storage as well as your data if you download it from this website.

300mb Movies (2024): Best Alternatives & Similar Sites

300mb Movies

What is the 300mb movie’s website?

300mb movies website is a pirated website that offers a huge collection of latest Hollywood, Tollywood, Bollywood, South Indian films.

This is a proxy website that contains a duplicate copy of original movies which is a legal offense. Therefore downloading or uploading content on such proxy websites can put you in serious trouble.

Here you can download HD quality trending movies in 300mb only unlike other proxy websites. Therefore do not need to worry about data and storage of your device anymore. Many users of the pirated website might not able to download 1 GB or 700mb files due to a lack of data or storage.

This website is a perfect solution to save your data and memory space of your PC or laptop. However, you can download files in your mobile also. A downloading process on this website is very fast and does not contain bugs or viruses.

This is the key reason behind the popularity of this proxy site in the online platform. It offers a different catalog of movie collections for different countries outside India which is another exclusive feature of this website. The 300mb movie’s website provides several dubbed movies also which is another unique feature of this pirated website.

300mb Movies Website Features

Before accessing the 300mb movie’s website you should know about various features of this website. Some exclusive features make this website unique.

  1. This website contains a huger library of the latest movies which you can download in 300mb only. It helps a user to save the memory of the device as well as data usage.
  2. The collection of movies is different for different countries outside India. It offers different catalogs based on search results of users in different countries. This feature enhances the popularity of this website outside India as well.
  3. 300mb movies website contains a great collection of latest movies belongs to various categories. You may find out movies belong to popular categories such as actions, adventure, comedy, etc. A large variety of categories makes it exclusive among some popular pirated websites. 
  4. It is a popular and trending name in the search engine of the online platform. Therefore a user can easily find out the 300mb movie’s website online. The website platform is user-friendly which you can access easily.

How to Download HD Movies from 300mb Movies Website?

On this website, you may find out the latest high-quality Bollywood, Hollywood, and South Indian movies available in 300mb size. This website also provides you links of different pirated websites which you can access directly from here. After entering this website you can observe the “start now” option to download your favorite content.

After click on the “start now” option the downloading process will initiate automatically after a few seconds. Before start downloading you can see some advertisements and then the process of downloading initiates automatically. You need to wait for a few seconds without doing anything which could interrupt your downloading process.

You need to know that this website is a proxy website that contains a pirated version of original content. Accessing such websites is a criminal offense and Indian Government bans such proxy websites.

Therefore you should be very careful while accessing such proxy websites to avoid legal complications. 

Therefore to access this website smoothly and without any difficulties, you should use a VPN. It allows you to change your IP address and provides a protected network to access the contents of this website.

It helps you to avoid any kind of legal complications while accessing pirated content through this website.

Movie Categories Available in 300mb Movies

The 300mb movie’s website offers you multiple categories of latest movies to download at 300mb.

This large scale of categories allows you to watch various movies of different categories. There are several popular categories available on 300mb movies websites that are mentioned below.

1. Horror

Do you like horror movies? Well, most of people love to watch horror movies. Not only kids but adults are also looking for horror films on different proxy websites. On this website, you can get a huge collection of horror films that are available in HD quality.

2. Comedy Movies

If you are upset and having a bad day then you should watch comedy films to refresh your mood.

Some funniest movie collection is available on this website which you can download in HD quality and enjoy the comedy. You can access the latest comedy movie collection from 300mb movies website available in 300mb size.

3. Romantic Films

Adult users are searching for this category movie in various proxy websites on the online platform. Here you can select the latest romantic movies from the catalog of the website and download it in HD quality.

On this website, you will get the latest Bollywood, Hollywood, and South Indian romantic films available in 300mb size.

4. Fantasy & Sci-fi Movies

Most of the users love to watch science fiction movies of Hollywood and Bollywood movies. There are several popular movies belong in this category which got multiple awards in the past. Many science fiction movies are releasing every year which are available on the 300mb movie’s website.

5. Action

It is one of the most popular categories which attracts most of the users of proxy websites. People of different ages love to watch action movies for their entertainment when they get free time.

This website includes several popular action movies of Tollywood, Bollywood, Hollywood, South Indian films and so on. 

6. Sports

Hollywood and Indian film industries are making movies related to famous sports persons nowadays. Audiences across the world love to watch such movies that make such films blockbuster these days.

Many proxy websites users are searching for the latest sport category movies that are available on this website.  

7. Biopic and Documentaries

These days various film industries are making biopic and documentaries on great persons which describe some untold truths.

You will able to know several facts regarding such famous persons through watching biopic and documentaries. This website offers newly released documentaries and biopics available in HD quality for free.

8. Children

Are you searching for movies related to kids? Here you can get a large collection of such movies. If you are finding difficulties to search for this category movies then you can check this website.

It has a large collection of favorite movies of kids available in high quality and dual audio.

Best Alternative Websites of 300mb Movies

There are several pirated websites available on the online platform which is a perfect replacement of 300mb movies website. They offer similar kinds of services and use the same protocol. Some specific alternatives to 300mb movie websites are given below.

1. Khatrimaza


It is another popular name among proxy websites available on online platforms nowadays which offers almost the same features. Here you can watch the latest movies through online streaming or download the movie to watch later. This website also contains a duplicate copy of original contents and it is illegal to access this website.

2. Hd4u

Through this website, users can watch different content of several formats such as HDRip, DVDRip, etc. It allows users to download or watch the latest collection of movies available in HD prints on this website.

It is preferred to use a VPN to avoid any kind of legal complications while accessing such websites.  

3. 7starHD


If you are looking for the latest Bollywood and South Indian dubbed movies in HD prints then this website is ideal. You can access this website through PC or mobile and can download pirated content from the 7stardHD website.

Different TV shows and old song videos are available on this proxy website which enhances its popularity.

4. 9xmovies


This website provides you the latest movies in dual audio and HD picture quality at 300mb size. Here you can find out an enormous collection of latest Tamil, Telegu, Hindi, Hollywood movies available in high quality. This website offers a user-friendly platform that increases the popularity of this website.

5. Tamilmv


Do you love to watch South Indian movies? Then this website is ideal for you. This website offers a great collection of latest HD South Indian films available in pirated versions. You can get South Indian, Hollywood, Tollywood Hindi dubbed movies available on this website. 

6. Filmywap


This website is a huge container of Punjabi, Hindi, Hollywood, Tamil movies and so on. It is a pirated website that follows torrent protocol and illegal to upload or download content on this website. Here you can watch popular TV shows as well that enhance its popularity.

7. Isaimini


Isimini has made it to some of the best Tamil dubbed movie websites out there, and it can be agreed that it is worth the recognition. The website has been providing people with good quality films, both Bollywood and Hollywood genres.

The site is safe and virus-free, and people who have been hooked onto Isdaub for quite some time can try this one out now. The site is quite good for almost everyone willing to go out there and get some good movies to kill time. If you’re using a VPN to hide your IP address, then it will be safer to download movies from this site.

Getmovieslink is a site that has been there for the Tamil speaking people. It has been shown the same amount of love by the Tamil people as well, and you will be more than satisfied with what this site has to offer.

You will find both Bollywood and Hollywood movies here, and the dubbing quality is so good that one will not be able to understand whether a movie has been moderated or not. 

9. Mp4moviez


can you stream movies and other videos here, but also download them in any format of your choice. All of the services the site provides are for free which is why people prefer using this site. The site brings to you all the latest collection of Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Gujarati, Bollywood, and Hollywood dubbed movies.

Apart from that, you can also stream and download web series, documentaries, short films, etc. The site provides you with some amazing and diversified collection of contents which is sure to meet all your movie preferences. 

10. Extramovies


Extramovies site is best for those who can’t afford to pay the subscription fee of the legal movie streaming sites. Extramovies is an illegal torrent site that doesn’t charge money from people.

People can stream and download their favourite Tamil, Telegu, Marathi and other regional films for free. Not only that, but the site also provides viewers with dubbed versions of original films so that they can stream movies in any language of their choice.

Also, the movies can be downloaded in any format. The site’s home page is extremely user friendly, allowing people to navigate through it easily. Besides, the site also provides fast downloading speed and good audio quality. 


There are some popular questions which proxy website users frequently ask in an online platform. Here you can find out answers to such questions.

1. Is it safe to use the 300mb movie website?

It is always better to avoid such websites as these are proxy websites which are illegal to access. As per rules and regulations of the Government of India, it is a criminal offense to download or upload pirated content. It is not a safe option for a user to use a 300mb website or alternative proxy websites.

2. How to access website content without any interruption?

If you are really interested to access such proxy websites then you need to use VPN. The Virtual private network or VPN is a private server that protects you from legal complications. The use of the proxy website is a kind of cybercrime as per the regulation of the Indian Constitution.

3. Is this website is pirated?

The 300mb movie’s website is a popular proxy website which has a large number of daily users nowadays. This specific website publishes pirated copies of original contents which is a criminal offense. It follows the torrent protocol to share the duplicate copies of the original contents to users. 

As mentioned before this network uses the torrent protocol to share directories of contents to users. Therefore it overrules the copyright of original contents which is a criminal offense. In India, the government has identified accessing proxy networks as an illegal offense.


You need to be very cautious about accessing such proxy websites which are a criminal offense. Publishing proxy contents in such websites disobey the copyright rule which is a crime as per the Indian Constitution. Therefore to avoid legal complications while accessing proxy networks you should use a VPN.

The above article is a tailor-made guideline to help you to know about accessing proxy websites. It depends on a user whether they avoid such illegal websites or not. We should respect the regulations and rules of the constitution and should obey it properly. 

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