123Movies (2023): Top 22+ Best Alternatives & Similar Websites

There are a lot of people who are looking for free-content online. People keep searching for movies, web series and a lot of stuff online to download and watch. There are some really good sites which have got a huge collection of movies of various languages, web series, documentaries, TV shows as well as award shows. One of these websites on which you can find a large of stuff such as movies, series and a lot more is 123Movies. 123Movies has got a huge library of movies, series and much more. It is one of the most popular online movie streaming and downloading sites. 

Online streaming and downloading movies are really helpful for a lot of people who can’t go to the movie theatres to watch movies. Also, the other popular movie and web series streaming sites such as Netflix and Amazon Prime charge a monthly or yearly subscription fee to provide content for your online streaming but from 123Movies you can easily stream as well as download a large number of Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu movies and movies in other languages along with web series, television series, award shows and a lot more and that too free, without paying a single penny. 

123Movies (2023): Top 22+ Best Alternatives for 123movies

123Movies Download

The majority of the people go to 123Movies to download movies because it has got a huge library of movies and that too of different genres and categories. The site has got movies from old to new, from Bollywood to Hollywood as well as regional movies. The biggest benefit that 123Movies gives its users is that here not only you can stream movies, but also download movies and other stuff for future offline viewing. Some time ago the site was banned for providing content that was prohibited, but it hasn’t ended it’s operations completely. You can still download as well as stream movies and a lot of other content from the mirror sites of 123Movies which are active nowadays. Here, we will tell you all about 123Movies, how it works, how you can download movies and other things from there despite the site being banned.

What is 123Movies? 


As we have already told you that 123Movies is one of the most popular websites for streaming as well as downloading a large number of Bollywood, Hollywood, and movies of a lot of other languages along with series of different genres and languages and various kinds of shows including award shows. Although, there is a large number of websites online that can provide you free content for streaming as well as downloading, but it’s difficult to find a site that has got a library, as huge as 123Movies. This website is not just a single website, but is a combination of twelve websites that provides the users with a strong network to download movies. 

The best thing about 123Movies is that on this website you will get all the content in High Definition. The site went offline for w short period due to legal reasons some years ago. This happened primarily because the website is based on the protocol of torrent to stream as well as download the movies as well as other content. Due to this, it came into the eye of movie producers and creators who then put their focus on taking the website down. 

The original website was 123Movies.to but it was taken down and blocked in the year 2018 because the producers and creators of movies wanted it to be taken down because it was hampering there business. Despite this, these people were not successful in keeping the website down for long. Very soon the owners of the website created 123Movies.co to provide all the similar facilities to the users which the earlier website was providing. There are multiple advantages of using the website 123Movies instead of other popular streaming apps such as Netflix as well as Amazon Prime Video. 

One of the major issues with these popular video streaming websites is that there are a lot of movies on these streaming channels which do not have subtitles in any language and in addition to this the loading speed too on these streaming websites leaves a lot to be desired. Another major issue with these popular content streaming channels is that they consume a lot of bandwidth. The people who have wifi installed in their homes might not have a problem with this, but people who have a measured data plan cannot enjoy the benefits of these popular content streaming websites due to this reason alone. 

Even on wifi, you cannot completely enjoy any movie or content on these channels because the video starts lagging, buffering and the content stars suffering from cuts whenever the speed of the wifi takes a dip and the connection is not very good. The best solution to such problems is that you can download movies and content completely to your device and then enjoy watching it even in the absence of the internet. The best part about 123Movies is that you can very easily and conveniently download all the movies and content that you want to download in your preferred quality. The content, including the movies on this website is available in a wide range of qualities to download. 

Is downloading content from 123Movies illegal? 

If we talk about legality, privacy, and security on websites such as 123Movies, then you should know that it is an illegal site. This was the major reason for the site getting banned some time ago. The website provides pirated content that has copyrights from other people and is not to be available for free streaming and downloading. The creators of these content and their producers keep looking for this type of site to ban them and stop them from making their copyrighted products available to the normal public for free of cost streaming as well as downloading. There is a wide range of websites just like 123Movies which got banned in the last few years due to the same reason. Some of these popular websites which got banned because of streaming illegal copyrighted content are Showbox, Moviebox, Gomovies, etc. 

The website 123Movies got banned but that didn’t stop it completely. The website changed its name as well as extension and came back very soon. Some of its mirror websites are 123Movies.co, 123Movies.pro, etc. 123Movies and other such popular websites do not manage intellectual as well as industrial properties. There is a lot of content on 123Movies which is banned in many regions or have intellectual as well as individual property issues. 


What is the reason behind the popularity of 123Movies?

There are multiple reasons which make 123Movies one of the most popular websites for streaming as well as downloading movies from different languages and genres along with a wide range of other content at absolutely no cost. One of the prime reasons behind the popularity of 123Movies is the ease with which you can navigate the categories of all the movies which are available on the website for downloading. The category of movies available on 123Movies for downloading as well as streaming is huge. 

There are movies from Hollywood and Bollywood in addition to dubbed movies of a large number of other languages. Although there are multiple ads on the website which keep coming on the screen once you get to know how to browse the available categories on the website, you can easily avoid them and reach the movies of your choice. Another major reason for the immense popularity of 123Movies is that the content available on the website is free of cost. There are no charges for streaming or downloading movies and other stuff. 

Another reason due to which users love this website is the wide range of choices that the user gets on this website. There are multiple qualities in which you can download your favourite movies as well as shows and series. You can download your favourite stuff in Super HD quality or you can download it in lower qualities to save your data. You can download movies and other content in HD qualities such as DVDrip, Bluray, etc. This is one of the best ways to pass your leisure time. If you have wifi with an unlimited data plan then you can watch a movie by streaming it online and if you have a limited data plan in your device then you can download that particular movie and then watch it.

How can you download movies from 123Movies? 

We have discussed a lot of things about 123Movies and now we will tell you about the most important part. We will tell you about how to download movies from 123Movies. The best way to download movies from 123Movies is by using the 5k player. 5k player is the easiest and hassle-free way to download movies from 123Movies. We will tell you about 5k players and how to use it. 5k player is a very useful tool that helps in downloading movies of various qualities from 123Movies. You can get your favourite movie downloaded in your device or your PC with just one click. The software, 5k is legit as well as free to use and the user will not face any kind of issue while using it. Here, we will tell you about the steps to download movies from 123Movies using the 5k player. 

The very first step that you need to do is download the 5k player. After downloading the 5k player you need to install the software. After you have installed the 5k player software all that you need to do is search for your favourite movie that you want to download and enjoy on your device. After you’ve searched your favourite movie you need to copy its URL. Once you’ve copied the URL of the movie you need to paste in it the search bar of the 5K player. After pasting the URL in the search bar you need to choose the format in which you want to download the movie and then you are good to go. 

Is 123Movies safe to use?

If we have to tell it directly, then we will say no. Talking in technical terms, it is not safe to use 123Movies or any website which is similar to this. The major reason behind this is that it is illegal as well as a pirate website that takes copyrighted content and puts up it for public streaming and downloading for free without taking any kind of permission from the original owner of the content. The website, 123Movies is also not very safe to use because there is always a chance that your device may get some kind of harmful virus or malware that can damage your device very easily. In addition to this, multiple ads constantly keep popping on the screen throughout the time you are browsing the app. If by mistake you click on any of these ads then it will take you to another website which is dangerous to use. These websites where you reach accidentally are too dangerous to visit. Your phone or the device which you are using can very easily get a virus or malware from such places.

Moreover, the website 123Movies can also damage the device that you are using in many ways. There have been many instances when due to using the website, 123Movies people have experienced their devices being heated up. In addition to this, many times browsing this website or any other similar website can slow down the working of your phone significantly. The major reason behind all this is that the website, 123Movies has got more than one GPUs. The major reason for this kind of websites having multiple GPUs is that they need to be able to stream a large number of videos for their viewers to watch. If you keep using websites such as 123Movies for long then you can face severe consequences because regular usage of such websites can lead to the processor of your mobile phone or the device that you are using, including your PC getting damaged. 

The pop-ups that appear while using the website on your device can prove to be very harmful if clicked on. These pop-ups use the wrong scripts which get installed on your phone or PC when you are browsing websites such as 123Movies as soon as these pop-ups are opened. These pop-ups are so flashy and deceptive that a majority of the people click on them. A large number of people have been affected due to clicking on these pop-ups. Your device or phone becomes highly vulnerable once these scripts get into your phone. Any person who wants to get in the device that you are using can very easily inject harmful as well as spammy codes in the file of the film that you are downloading. These codes get downloaded in your device along with the movie. As soon as you run the movie on your PC or your device these codes get auto-installed in your device and then will start to affect your system and PC. Due to these reasons, a lot of people will recommend you that you shouldn’t be using websites such as 123Movies regularly.

Best Alternatives of 123Movies

There are many alternatives to 123Movies which are available on the internet. As we have told you that 123Movies is an illegal site, so if you want to download movies from a legal alternative of 123Movies then we will tell you the correct sites which are legal and from where you can download your favourite movies. There are very few websites which have a hassle-free as well as user-friendly interface such as 123Movies. Here, are some of the websites which are a good alternative to 123Movies.

1. Sony Crunch

This is one of the most popular websites which will allow you to watch unlimited shows as well as movies and that too in good qualities. Here, you need to register before enjoying your favourite movies. Once you’ve registered you’re good to go.

2. Ice movie

This is another website that proves to be a good alternative to 123Movies. This website has got a category of the highest-rated movie on IMDB, which means that it’ll be very easy for you to search your favourite movies.

3. 123Movies.la


This website has an appearance very similar to 123Movies. The major difference between these two websites is that the former one has got an updated list of movies. There are multiple lists such as most highly rated movies, most popular movies, etc.

4. MovieNinja


This is another good alternative to 123Movies. The site has got a very well organised and helpful user interface. The movies on this website are categorised very conveniently in various sections. Users can enjoy movies without signing up.

5. Yesmovies


On this particular website, you can search the movies of any country by selecting your country. In addition to this, there is also a collection of movies according to the IMDB listing. 

6. Nitro 

This is a website which has got more than 7000 movies as well as TV shows. The movies available here are in HD quality. The best part of this device is that it can be accessed from any device. 

7. HDO

You will have to activate this site on your computer after, which you can get to enjoy a wide range of movies as well as TV shows just like 123Movies. The biggest benefit of this site is that it comes with a very nice interface. 

8. Moviezwap


There is a wide range of content available on this website for the users to enjoy. The only catch with this website is that you have got to sign in to get access to the main site and download the content. 

9. Lookmovie 


It is one of the best alternatives to 123Movies. We are saying so because the library of movies on this website is simply huge. The homepage of this website is very clear as well as user-friendly. 

10. Zmovies


On this website, you will find movies categorised according to there genre. The best part about this website is that it is updated regularly. The website has got movies from the year 2012. 

11. Kanopy


Are you a die heart fan of classic movies or art house? So you should try Kanopy, the best website where you can watch free streaming. Here you can watch high-quality cinemas, and you don’t have to pay any cost if you are a user.

12. Popcornflix


Are you the kind of person who loves mainstream movies than other movies? Then Popcornflix is flawlessly perfect for you. It has a service that supports adds and helps to generate a lot of movies, web series, and several live TV telecasts. You can browse through the web, but also you can download this app on Apple TV, Roku, Amazon, Google Play, and Xbox if you want to watch on a proper screen of the TV. 

13. Vimeo 


Vimeo is a platform where you can watch several types of videos. This app is something like YouTube. Vimeo gives a chance all it’s viewers to upload their self-made cinemas and documents. But it must be uploaded in the HD quality. Here, you need to pay some money to watch the films on this site. But so many films you can also see as free of cost. These are mainly short films.

14. Internet Archive

Internet Archive

Are you in addiction to classic films? If you love to enjoy these types of films, then this site is perfect for you. There are a lot of golden age films. You can get these films on living at the site of the Internet Archive. Every type of old movies you can get here free.

14. Losmovies

Here is a website that all the old school people recognize. The website has been there for a considerable period of time and people who have been watching online movies know what they are going to be offered when they visit this site. The contents are genuine, and the Bollywood movies uploaded here are all the latest and in good quality. 

15. Khatrimaza


Khatrimaza is one of the most visited places on the internet by people who love movies. The website has got more visitors than any other website out there, and you will totally fond of the contents that are being offered on this site. The site uses a VPN system, and almost all users can access it. 

16. Moviemad


With this site, people can watch and download huge varieties of movies, in the language they prefer. The site hosts dubbed movies too. Various regional movies like Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Gujarati, Malayalam can be streamed and downloaded. Apart from that, the site also hosts the latest Bollywood and Hollywood movies. In addition to all these, people can find web series, documentaries, TV shows, etc. Also, with every movie, there is a description given, so that you don’t have to goggle about the content. You can stream and download any content of your choice in any format for free. Neither do you need to register on this site mot do you need to give your details. 

17. Moviewatcher


This site is another popular alternative to primewire. The website provides you with some great content that you will enjoy watching. The website has got some great visuals. More than 1p thousand movies are found on this site, allowing you to stream and download any of your choices in any format. Also, all services are available for free. The movies cover every genre like horror, crime, thriller, romance, comedy, etc. The interface is quite user-friendly, which is mainly why this site is so popular. In addition to all these, the site has the good audio quality and provides high downloading speed.  

18. Movie4k


Online streaming and downloading movie sites are really helpful for many people who can’t spend time in theatres. Other popular movie streaming sites, such as Netflix and Amazon Prime charge a certain amount of subscription fee. Using Movies4k for your entertainment will cost you no money. The site lets you stream a large number of movies in various languages along with web series, television series, award shows and a lot more for free. There are multiple reasons which make Movies4k so popular among viewers. One of the prime reasons behind the popularity of Movies4k is the ease with which you can navigate the categories of all the movies which are available on the website for downloading. 

19. Fmovies


Fmovies is one of the most popular movies streaming and downloading websites that offer hundreds of films for free watching and downloading. Apart from Hollywood and Bollywood movies, the site also provides you with regional films. All contents are cleanly categorised enabling people to find out their desired movies in no time. You can either search for the movies on the search bar or find them out from the categories. The site has a well-designed home page which at the same time is very engaging. The movies on this site cover every genre like romance, science fiction, horror, crime, thriller, etc. If you are a movie lover and are in search of a free online site, Fmovies is the best. 

20. Downloadhub


People prefer this site because of its huge library Bollywood, Hollywood, Marathi, Gujarati, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu films. The movies are from various genres and categories. Downloadhub provides you with old and new movies, that are sure to provide you with an extremely satisfying movie-watching experience. The biggest advantage of using this site is that it allows viewers to not only stream movies, but also download them in their preferred formats. The site’s interface is great which makes surfing through this site very easy. The site despite being illegal continues to operate through proxy servers. The site offers good audio quality and downloading speed. 

21. Tamilrockers


Are you looking for any movie streaming site for free? Tamilrockers would be a perfect destination. The site brings to you a plethora of old and new Tamil, Telegu, Marathi, Gujarati, and Bollywood, and Hollywood dubbed films for free streaming and downloading. All links are available at a single click. Contents can be downloaded in any format of your choice. Also, the contents are classified based on their genres, language, year of release, etc. The contents cover various genres like horror, crime, thriller, comedy, romance, etc. The site also provides fast downloading speed and good audio quality. However, one disadvantage of this site is that one has to come across several pop-up ads, which one needs to keep closing. 

22. Limetorrents 


It is one of the more recent torrent movie downloading sites. However, in a very short period, the site has achieved quite a lot of name and fame and not without good enough reasons. The site has very easy to use and understand the user-friendly interface. The types of movies that one can watch on the site are mentioned on the home page itself. There might be some issues regarding pop up ads. This is because the sites are illegal and hence cannot use Google ads and rather have to use pop-ups. They tend to create a break in your movie-watching experience. You can install an AdBlocker to stop the pop-ups from annoying you further.  

Here are the most popular alternatives:

Other alternatives are the following:

123Movies is one of the most popular websites for downloading your favourite movies as well as web series and TV series along with shows such award shows. 123Movies has got one of the biggest libraries of movies and you can get most of your favourite movies here. You can get movies from all categories such as Bollywood, Hollywood and dubbed movies as well. 123Movies has also got a very user-friendly user interface. You can visit the site for your favorite movies, but don’t visit the site regularly as it may harm your device.  


1. How Does the 123Movies Website Work? 

Are you a movie freak? Do you love watching several types of movies free of cost? There are so many types of websites where you need to enter your details, and you will have to register there with the email id and password. But on this site, you do not have to do any registration. You just need to open your favourite browser and visit our page and select the recent your favourite movie you love the most. Now, you can see the movie online with your mobile data or Wi-Fi connection or else if you can watch it later with your friends and family. Then there is another option you can save that downloads the movie. Yes, you can download the movie on your smartphone and watch it later. Whenever you are free, go to the downloaded section and enjoy the movie. Here, you will not get any type of ads. You will also be able to see the HD quality videos. For the people who want to watch some local films in their language, we offer the dubbed section of all types of those movies. You can download the deadest image in the dubbed edition and obtain the full advantages.

2. Recent Movies you can see by 123Movies

This website broadcasts the deadest films very soon when they are just released in the cinema halls. Periodically, it moreover uploaded the movies a few minutes ago. They are not released in the halls. Here are some recently released pictures you can view from this particular site are Angrezi Medium, John Wick, Jawaani Janeman, Baahubali 2, etc. Whenever your most awaited picture is released, don’t waste your time buying tickets or visiting halls. Open our site and get the same picture here. 


There are some streaming sites. These sites are not as famous as Netflix or Hoichoi. They have a vast library, and that library is also far better. But these are not always free. Sometimes it had subscription charges also. These sites are always strong and filled with a lot of surprises. But you cannot see them for free of cost. But there are some sites also those are subscription free. Here you can see newly released movies free and also add free. So, what are you waiting for? Visit our site and select your favourite movie and download it. 

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