123Movies: 10+ Best Similar Sites & Alternatives of 2023

All about 123 Movies, its history, features, and similar sites

In simplest terms, 123Movies is a digital streaming platform quite popular among the movie enthusiasts. An interesting fact about the site is that despite being such a reckoned platform for streaming movies online, its address changes frequently. At present, the site is being used around the globe through its mirror sites, and also gets handled by different people.   

The site moved through various changes in terms of its names post being closed, through various domains. However, the initial name of the site was 123movies.to that altered to different domains, prior to getting redirected to Gomovies.to. Then it got the name as MeMovies prior to getting the name of 123Movies.

123Movies Website 2023: Best Similar Sites & Alternatives

123Movies Download

What is it?

The site is a complete platform for enjoying online content. It is here to mention that there is no specific data available about the origin of the site. However, it is speculated that the main site was made available around the year 2015. It is said that the first domain name of the site was 123movies.to. 

In the year 2018, the main site was closed on an official note. But, it is very well known that the site is available in various forms of its clone sites. This means that the site is keeping on providing content through its mirror sites. One can download, as well as have the contents streamed through the site. 

As per the record, the last name under which the site available was 123MoviesHub; this was the name prior to getting officially closed. The post being closed in the year 2018, there is absolutely no detail about its new name; but as said above, the site is available in various clone sites. These clone sites moreover carry names; those are slightly different from the original. Anyway, the user base is still very much extensive and intact.      

According to the status of MPAA (Motion Pictures Association of America), the site’s Alexa ranking at present is 559. As per the report, the site’s local ranking was 386 (obviously in the United States). Most importantly, the site 123moves.to was witnessing a whooping over 8 million global distinct viewers in the year 2016. 

The data was collected from Similar Web Data. In fact, the report published by Business Insider states that the site 123movies.to was the highest visited pirated site in that year. In fact, an exclusive platform was launched in the next year itself post abandonment of the original site. 


123Movies.unblockall.org, 123movies.men, 123moviestv.to, 123movies.net, 123moviess.online, 123movies.best, and 0123movies.com, are some of the mirror links through which one can access the contents of the site. The site is primarily known for its quality full-length movies. However, it can be an equally accomplishing platform for enjoying TV shows, anime, and other contemporary digital content as well. All in all, it’s a complete platform for updated online content.  

Features of 123Movies site

1. Up notch video quality

There are many other well-known free movie platforms available. But, the quality of video at these platforms has never been really up to the mark. However, no need to compromise with quality anymore, just because the concerned platform is free. The quality of video with 123movies is simply up a notch. In fact, one can expect the same quality of the content as it is with the high-end devices. 

Additionally, there remains the option for the concerned viewer to select between different formats. One may go with the 1080p format if having enough data or may come down to lower versions upon having any constraints. In fact, if the device of the viewer possesses the ability, it is also possible to watch contents in 4K Ultra HD. Indeed, it’s tough to expect such superior quality videos from free platforms.  

2. Smooth and flawless streaming

There are many instances seen of people getting annoyed due to extremely timid download. Streaming gets unbelievably slower sometimes at these platforms; no wonder if the video doesn’t even start. Annoying buffering issues of such platforms, even at the peak level quality, certainly ruins the whole interest. Some people opt to lower the quality of keeping things sleek.     

Chances of occurrences of such issues are quite nominal with 123 movies. The streaming speed is simply excellent at the site. Irrespective of the quality of the video one opts for, a smooth experience without any kind of complication is quite guaranteed.   

3. A huge number of options to select from

Everyone wants to stay updated with the content and watch the latest stuff. This is where 123movies has been utterly accomplishing. Here one can explore the largest collection of TV shows, as well the flicks. Be it about the competition or any other reason, but 123movies provide a huge range of options than anyone else. 

It might get a little late for a TV show or flick to appear here on the platform, but it is quite confirmed to appear. The best part is that the platform doesn’t give a scope of complaints regarding variety. Specifically, people in search of classic old content can find it an excellent platform. 

4. One-stop platform for top-rated flicks 

At the same time, providing excellent quality, 123movies, is known for its top-rated contents as well. Those who trust upon best rated IMDB movies can find it as a one-stop destination. No matter it’s about classic old contents or hot-off-the-fire contents, the site provides contents in terms of IMDB ratings. It means people who want critically acclaimed content can find it as an exciting platform. 

Apart from the mentioned above features, the site assures from issues of malware. One doesn’t even need to worry about the ads and all.  

Alternatives options for the site

1. Putlocker


Putlocker is, no doubt, one of the best alternatives for 123 movies. It is currently among foremost online streaming platforms for movie enthusiasts. At the same time, enjoying excellent content, one can download movies absolutely for free as well. The interesting part is that the color pattern of both these sites is quite equivalent. The site involves the least interruptions in terms of advertisements. The range of collections one can find is immensely high. 

Irrespective of the choice of content, the site can be exciting for all.    

2. Vumoo


Vumoo can be an equally excellent alternative of 123movies for those who are enthusiastic about the flicks. It is one of the most user-friendly platforms as well for online content passionate. Simplicity of the design of this site makes it even more exciting on many levels. One can get the desired content from the homepage itself. Buffering time is negligible; in fact, content streaming starts in absolutely no time. One doesn’t need to worry about any kind of disturbance from outside of the platform. 

In terms of variety, Vumoo is quite satisfying. Irrespective of the taste of the content, the site can be accomplished for all. The only concern about the site, though, is its theme. It comes with a black and maroon shade theme, which makes it even more enchanting. No need to waste time here; finding the desired content is a matter of negligible time through Vumoo.

3. FMovies


FMovies deserves to be there in this line-up. It is one of the very popular online platforms for movie enthusiasts. Being one of the oldest yet managing to maintain the popularity proves that the site is actually praiseworthy. The design of the site is nice and user-friendly; collections are fairly good. However, the distinguishing part has been the keyboard control it offers to the user through the course of enjoying the content.      

4. Yes Movies


Yesmovies is enriched with some absolutely excellent features; most of those are equivalent to e123movies. The best part is that here a user can rate a movie, and moreover, the same rating will be evident over the landing page of the site. In fact, the rating is made evident along with the user’s name. As the site provides contents from different resources, the number and variety of contents one can find is much higher.  

5. YIFY Movies

YIFY, aka YIFY Torrents, is a renowned P2P platform known for its ability to provide a massive collection of flicks, absolutely for free. In comparison, YIFY Torrent site is quite new, being established in the year 2010. Founder Yiftach made the platform while pursuing his studies. As far as the design of the site is concerned, YIFY is quite simple yet elegant. It flaunts one of the finest user interfaces. The home page makes it absolutely clear on how to move through the site for reaching the desired section to find the desired content. However, the difference between it and 123 is that here the user doesn’t get the privilege of streaming the shows. Rather, it provides links for the users to have the content downloaded. In terms of the quality of the content, it’s absolutely high-end. The content files of YIFY can be distinguished through their comparatively smaller size.          

6. WatchFree


Though WatchFree is comparatively new, but already quite popular among movie enthusiasts. The reason is the excellent features it provides, along with a smooth user experience. In comparison to all other top platforms, the site provides excellent features. The site is equally competitive in terms of quantity of contents on the site as well. It is here to note that one can find more than 16k flicks on the site. Moreover, the contents belong to all genres starting from thriller to action.    

In terms of look, the site is quite equivalent to that if 123movie. The theme is very much attractive. However, the best part about the site is its simplicity. It is quite straightforward in nature with a simple mode of navigation. The speed of streaming is quite good. The exciting fact about the site is that it provides numerous servers for every flick to get streamed over the web to ensure that no inconvenience is experienced by the user. In fact, it’s just a matter of a click to have the streaming page of any flick get accessed without any hustle.    

7. Popcornflix


This is another fine platform at the moment for movie passionate. Screen Media Ventures is the owner of the platform. It provides an excellent collection of flicks. However, what makes it distinguished from others of its kind in the collection of web series. To be specific, the platform is known for streaming independent full-length flicks. Well, most of these contents can be explored over the library of the Screen Media Venture. 

In terms of quality, the site is quite gratifying. However, the number of contents is not as high as of the other names mentioned here. Though the movies are good, it may not be a fulfilling option for those who want a huge variety. It can be claimed that the site is not for those who want to explore the contents of different genres. 

Otherwise, the quality of the video, streaming speed, etc., is quite satisfactory. It doesn’t give any scope to complain about any disturbance with streaming. One doesn’t absolutely need to worry about advertisements and all. Anyone with mild experience of browsing can easily reach the desired page of the movie; in fact, it’s just a matter of one click here. 

Though the contents are not in bulk, the good news is that it comes with regular updates for its loyal viewers. The newly updated contents can be easily distinguished from those already present. 

8. Prime Wire


Prime Wire is another excellent option to fulfill the appetite for movies. It provides a huge collection of flicks and TV shows one could ever wish for. The best part is that the contents here are from all genres. It is among the few streaming sites that are equally excellent for children, as well as adult viewers. However, it is true that many people are not too impressed with the platform for its design. It’s not that the design creates any issue; rather, it is old fashioned for many. 

Specifically, there is no customized feature available here for doing a quick search; all that one can find is a simple search bar. As a tip, it can be recommended that one should put IMDb ID over the search section to find the desired result sooner; in comparison to the traditional search way, it is easier this way. The quality of the content is fine, and the streaming speed is equally excellent. But reaching the content or having access to is not tough; it’s just a matter of one click.


Tubi TV can be another fine recommendation for those in search of a new and regularly updating platform for movies. However, it is quite distinguishing from all others in the line-up being available as an app for streaming the movies online. The best part about the platform is that it offers content absolutely for free. 

In fact, the premium service is also offered absolutely for free. Along with movies, the site can be equally excellent for watching TV shows as well. Above all, it is available for all operating systems, starting from android to iOS. At the same time, it can be enjoyed over Apple TV, Samsung Smart TV, PlayStation, etc., as well. No need is to worry about streaming speed and quality of the contents; these are all quite accomplishing.     

10. Cinemavilla


There are hundreds of online movie streaming sites on the internet. But when it comes to the quality of service they provide, some are poor. Cinemavilla is a movie providing site that offers top-notch services which is sure to never leave its users disappointed. The site simply remains unbeaten when it comes to the number of contents. It provides its users with a huge library of movies, web series, documentaries, short films, TV shows, trailers, music videos, etc for people’s entertainment. Cinemavilla is an illegal torrent site that provides all services for free. All contents are available in HD resolution for free streaming and downloading at a single click. Besides all, the contents of this site are cleanly categorised, making it easier for people to find out their desired films. 


1. Is it possible to set a resolution of the contents posts downloading from 123movies?

The answer is absolutely yes. One can avail of a whole range of scopes for setting the desired resolution or varying it post download. However, one must have it in mind that the contents of greater resolution take more time to get downloaded.

2. Is the site reliable for finding top-rated old movies?

Yes, 123 Movies can be the perfect recommendation for all those who are enthusiastic about watching top-rated old movies. Specifically, those who trust the IMDB rating can find it excellent.

3. Am I liable to be punished upon using 123 movies? 

Most probably, yes. Considering the fact that it is a piracy website, using or downloading content through it is never a legally accepted option. Naturally, this makes the practice liable to be punished.   

4. Am I putting my device under threats of damage upon using the site? 

One can’t totally rubbish the possibilities of any harm. Though there are many users accessing the site without any issue, still, the chances of a device getting damaged can’t be ignored.  

5. Does the site charge anything?

Absolutely no; it doesn’t charge anything to use the site or browse the contents.


This post and the site do not support illicit content or the platforms publishing the same, whatsoever. The sole purpose of this post is to provide useful information for movie enthusiasts. We always emphasize and suggest that no one should take the help of illicit sites or contents. In fact, we also firmly believe that taking the help of illicit sites like 123movies holds every possibility of affecting the concerned device as well. Moreover, we want to make it clear that the users should pay emphasis on authorized platforms for their movie desires. 

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