20 Zoro.to Alternatives for 2023: Unveiling the Best Streaming Sites for You

Zoro.to is a website that has been popular among anime viewers due to providing free access to video content from various sources without registration or other process involved in it.

It came into existence a few years ago but unfortunately had to shut down recently after receiving numerous complaints regarding copyright-related content-related issues. This has left anime video streaming fans wondering which platforms offer the best alternatives for divine entertainment.

Best Zoro.to Alternatives

Therefore, in this article, we will unveil 20 of the best Zoro.to Alternatives to watch great Animes videos and dramas on your device in the year 2023:

1. Crunchyroll


Destination URL: https://www.crunchyroll.com/

It offers one of the widest selections of Anime series content with languages such as English dubs and Japanese subbed versions.

This website comes with the great feature of customizing your profile and finding new content through its Crunchyroll Explore section. Available on both the web and mobile, this is a good option for anime series streaming in 2023.

2. Funimation


Destination URL: https://www.funimation.com/

Funimation includes Anime from Japan and dubs them into the English language making it easier for Western viewers to approach their favorite shows without having any language barrier issues while watching anime specially meant for Japanese viewers.

The site allows users to sign up through different portals including Facebook and Twitter accounts with a free monthly subscription for more content but there is also a premium version available against a cost

3. AnimeHeaven


Destination URL: https://animeheaven.ru/

Although Anime Heaven does not require any registration or sign-up process, it offers a wide range of online anime content that can be watched on various devices having internet access capability along with extra features like location targeting filtering from its library based on the IP address.

4. Kissanime


Destination URL: https://kissanime.ru/

This is a great source to watch the latest anime episodes in HD quality and supports a website with multiple mirrors for each episode streaming along with less advertisement compared to other websites available on the internet like AnimeFreak, Animetoon, etc.

5. GoGoAnime

Destination URL: https://www.gogoanime.pro/

The famous website is known as GogoAnime has been endowed majorly due to its huge range of Anime series episodes in different genres.

It has the feature of HD streaming and offers a great user experience as well with options like filters by genre or rating along with subtitles is available which makes it easier for the viewers

6. AnimeFreak


Destination URL: https://www.animefreak.tv/

For those who are looking for new anime content, there could be no better option than this website due to its large repository, including subbed and dubbed animes, as well as mangas and many more genres offerings. Moreover, the easy navigation allows users to search for animes across different seasons and sources

7. Hidive


Destination URL: https://www.hidive.com/

This website is known for its user loyalty reward program which includes membership activation bonus points, watchlist list notifications so that its patrons can stay updated with what content they were last watching along with other programs rewards like weekly contest prizes & much more in addition to topnotch animes streaming

8. AnimeNova


Destination URL: https://animenova.org/

This website includes things like music, quizzes, and a forums section as part of its offerings to anime viewers which has gradually made it one of the best endearing sources in the online community for watching anime series

9. Animetoon


Destination URL: https://www.animetoon.org/

If you are looking for classic or classic-style animations, then this site is perfect for you. From adventure to romance, this website provides its patrons with funny and creative content with user-friendly back-office options for visitors

10. Animepahe


Destination URL: https://animepahe.com/

This is a great platform when it comes to streaming anime movies as well as series in HD format over the web along with complete control of subtitles such that lingual barriers can be overcome easily while watching video content

11. 9anime


Destination URL: https://9anime-tv.com/

This website comes in the top four when talking about streaming animes as apart from offering high-quality content, it is also known for its attractive interface which includes different collections like “Top Airing”, “Most Popular” etc across categories

12. YugenAnime


Destination URL: https://yugenani.me/

Amongst many animes online streaming platforms available on the web, this one stands out due to providing a best-of-both-worlds experience of free as well anime streaming services by offering monthly subscription packages at remarkable prices

13. Gogoanime.io


Destination URL: https://gogoanime.io/

This is also one option amongst the top four online anime streaming sites due to its feature-rich library, availability in multiple languages & easy navigation via a variety of filters available on this platform

14. Animestreams


Destination URL: https://animestreams.cc/

One nice pick in the list of top anime streaming platforms offer a wide range of features such as English Sub and Dub availability for most of its content, the ability to bookmark favorite shows episode & overall good user experience is what they bring to viewers

15. Animania


Destination URL: http://animania.cc/

Last but not least, this website provides unlimited Anime content with subtitles along with a great interface allowing users to find desired watches using advanced search options like finding “Ongoing Airing Shows” & choicest ever animes movies for online streaming

16. Anime Digital Network

Anime Digital Network

Destination URL: https://animedigitalnetwork.fr/

This is a website exclusive to France, delivering French dubs and English Subs as well as a wide range of anime content with several interactive features like personalized recommendations based on watched shows, etc through its “Discover” section making it one notch better in terms of user experience compared to others.

17. MyAnimeList


Destination URL: https://myanimelist.net/

MyAnimeList is one of the largest online community manga and anime content libraries as this website contains a huge user base with its active users discussing the latest animes added to it almost instantly after release due to the wide range of features offered such as reviews, streaming, etc.

18. Tubi TV


Destination URL: https://tubitv.com/category/anime

This app offers something more than just watching entertainment, it also delivers meaningful learning through its educational content making it available to a limited extent in the form of various animes, whilst some are exclusive on tubi tv.

19. Anime-Planet


Destination URL: https://www.anime-planet.com/

This website offers a stack of H D anime content with English Subs or Dubbed language selections as well as interactive features like forum discussion boards along with multiple user-created lists for improved understanding and experience about different genres & show applications

20. Chia-Anime


Destination URL: http://www.chia-anime.me

This website is known for its unique feature related to a description generator that allows users to access movies & series content via search engines and find information such as plot summaries, image depictions, etc without worrying about any sort of unexpected pop-ups or ads that could hamper user experience while watching animes online on this platform in 2023

Tips to choose a safe zoro.to Alternative:

1. Check for the availability of closed-captioning, audio descriptions, and other accessibility features which help viewers to learn and enjoy streaming experiences with ease.

2. Always make sure the subscription price is reasonable compared to its peer platforms in terms of features like an ad-free environment, content variety, etc

3. Also check customer reviews about a particular place you are considering before subscribing to it as this shall give an idea about the quality, loading peroration & aesthetics experience offered by that platform

4. Ensure the app or website is operated with due consideration to laws related to copyright policies and other means of accessing streaming services, such that personal safety & experiences can be maintained while watching animes etc online.

5. Lastly, always favor legal options in order to contribute to the production of quality anime series along with less chance of cyber security breaches as well.

Protect yourself With VPN

A Must-Have For Safe Streaming: One should use a reliable Virtual Private Network ( VPN) for secure streaming experiences in order to protect user privacy whilst watching different videos online. A VPN encrypts traffic flow thereby ensuring that the activities are not traced & downloads can be done safely without worrying about any copyright infringement issues.

NordVPN Pros and Cons:

NordVPN is a top-notch choice when it comes to keeping your identity hidden while browsing online as it has an extensive range of servers spread across multiple locations worldwide, so one does not have to worry about anything related to IP-related problems.

Since it owns its servers, the chances of any leak in terms of sensitive information shared over the sessions are highly low thus making one’s browsing safe and protected from hackers or other mischief-doers. However it does not offer many payment options such as PayPal & other leading international currencies, this could be a letdown for some users.


Anime streaming in the year 2023 is not limited to a few sources, viewers can have heaps of options while seeking their favorite shows via multiple alternatives mentioned above which are safe to stream online and also fit into people’s budgets in some cases.

Many elements should be taken care of before accessing these websites like copyright laws, legalities & safety issues related to settings etc, so that one can enjoy online anime content without any worries and with a secure experience.

Zoro.to FAQs:

A1. Zoro. to is no longer a legally operating website and thus streaming content through it could be considered an infringement of copyright laws, which should be avoided at any cost

Q2. How Safe is zoro.to Site?

A2. Due to copyright-related issues, the website has been shut down completely & hence can not guarantee user safety in terms of online activities taking place via this platform

Q3 . Which are the top zoro.to Alternatives?

A3. Crunchyroll, Funimation AnimeHeaven, Kissanime, GoGoAnime, AnimeFreak Kodi, Hidive, Animenova Animetoon, and Animepahe are a few of the many good quality alternatives available compared to zoro.to.

Q4. What happened to zoro.to?

A4. Due to legal concerns regarding copyright messages-related issues and content streaming online through different sources in an unofficial capacity after receiving multiple complaints, which eventually led to its shutdown

Q5. What happens if I get caught while watching zoro.to and its alternatives?

A5 . Depending upon the severity of the breach in copyright laws, animes viewers can be fined or imprisoned for streaming any sort of content over illegal websites like Zoro as well as some of its alternatives mentioned above

Q6. Is Zoro.to Down ?

A6. Yes, it is no longer available online for Anime fans as it has been shut down earlier.

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