World Environment Day 2019: Quotes, Slogans, Wishes, Status, Greetings

Every year 5th day of June is celebrated worldwide as the World Environment Day. Thousands of people participate in the various events that are organized by many organizations and other places. Apart from this, there are many platforms that equally contribute to this celebration. Take for instance with the assistance of many advanced forms of technologies people are using them as the correct platform for Environment day celebration. It is really a very great initiative that is taken by the modern man. If this process is continued then it is for sure that one day we will successfully save our earth and make it a habitable place.

Role of Slogans and Quotes in the celebrating Environment Day:

“Let’s nurture the nature so that we have a better future”. Isn’t it an interesting quote? Yes, there are numerous such world environment day quotes that are very inspiring and contribute largely to the celebration of Environment Day. Most of these types of quotes are written by experienced people or writers. If required people should learn more and more about the quotes. It will encourage them to indulge in this concept and make it a successful one.

This year World Environment Day will be celebrated in China. The main theme of the day is “Air Pollution” that carries the slogan of “Breathing can’t be stopped, but we can change and purify the quality of the air that we breathe”. This message is very interesting and quite convincing at the same time.  Any type of quotes or slogans is quite important. They are important in the sense that,

  • They make the people advanced and updated about the current situation of the world.
  • They also enable people to participate in any type of celebration and become a part of it.
  • The quotes are very motivating and so they motivate normal and common people to a great extent. They can also take an active part in any type of events.

World Environment Day 2019: Quotes, Slogans, Wishes, Greetings

World Environment Day Quotes

We must join hands to save our beautiful planet as there is no other place in the universe so beautiful, so vibrant and so lively. Let us be more responsible. Happy World Environment Day 2019.


We cannot imagine life without environment…. We cannot imagine success, money, prosperity without environment….  It always comes first and we must take charge of making it our priority…. Wishing a very Happy World Environment Day 2019!!!

World Environment Day 2019 Wishes

World Environment Day 2019 Wishes

Mother Nature has always been kind to us and now it is time to return all the favors by showing a responsible attitude towards the environment. Warm wishes on World Environment Day 2019 to you.


It is our responsibility to keep our surroundings clean and green and we all must make the best of the efforts to do so, to save our Mother Earth and live happily. Happy World Environment Day.


World Environment Day 2019 will keep reminding us of the wrong we did to our environment and the right we need to do to correct it all.


World Environment Day 2019 is a reminder that we must take good care of our surroundings. Let us make a promise to make our planet greener and healthier place for us to live and enjoy life!!


On the occasion of World Environment Day 2019, let us pledge to work hard in making Earth a greener and healthier place to live. Let us come together to plant more trees and spread greenery.

World Environment Day 2019 Quotes

World Environment Day Quote

Act Today, Save Environment Today!!!


Planting more and more trees is one of the best ways to make the world a healthier place to live and save the environment. On World Environment Day 2019, let us pledge to plant more trees.


If you will pollute water, you can never expect to find clean drinking water. Save environment and save our planet.


Save the trees our ancestors planted and plant new ones as a gift to our coming generations…. This is the best way to have a greener environment….. Make World Environment Day more successful by planting more trees!!!


God has gifted us with Mother Nature who nourishes us at every point…. And the responsibility of saving Her lies on all of our shoulders….. On World Environment Day, let us promise to fulfill this responsibility!!!

World Environment Day 2019 Slogans

World Environment Day Slogans

Focus More on Greenery and Goodness for a Healthier Environment.


Let us take a pledge to make our environment healthier and greener on World Environment Day 2019.


Earth is like our home and we must make efforts to keep it clean and green…. On the occasion of World Environment Day, let us promise to make it a better place to live!!!


Celebrations of World Environment Day come with a promise to save the environment and the world.


Those who ignore their surroundings will soon have to face the agitation of Mother Nature…. Let us act and take care of our environment.

World Environment Day 2019 Greetings

World Environment Day Greetings

By caring for the environment, you care for yourself and for your coming generations. Let us be more responsible towards our environment to make it a better place. Happy World Environment Day 2019.


On World Environment Day 2019, let us stop harming the nature, let us stop polluting it… Let us join hands to bring a positive change to make Planet Earth a much healthier, greener and happier place to live.


Let us do our small bit to make world a cleaner and healthier place… Happy World Environment Day 2019.


Harmony with environment is the need of the hour.  With discord, we will soon be left with nothing in our hands.


The onus of saving our environment is on us and World Environment Day is a reminder.

World Environment Day 2019 Whatsapp Status

World Environment Day 2019 Whatsapp Status

We must come together to protect and save our planet in order to make it a healthier and happier place to live for our generations to come. Wishing you Happy World Environment Day 2019.


Let us give our coming generations a healthier and happier environment to have a beautiful life… Best wishes on World Environment Day 2019.


Do not pollute water, land, air and environment because once it is lost, it is lost forever….. Sending warm wishes on World Environment Day with a promise to take care of our environment.


Never blame environment but always blame yourself for not taking care of the most precious gift God gave us.

Importance of other factors in Environment Day Celebration:

Apart from all this, world environment day wishes are equally important to make this day more special and attractive.

  • Now you can easily wish all your near and dear ones through beautiful messages. This type of wishes can be downloaded from various websites which maintain a long list of it. They will easily provoke a person about the importance of the day.
  • Now a day’s wishing a person on World Environment Day is a very easy matter. It is important in the sense that there are ample websites that carry good and meaningful world environment day greetings. Once downloaded from the websites it can be sent to any person.  People will obviously have a good reaction after going through the greetings.

The emergence of various types of media has really contributed a lot on Environment Day celebration. This day is a very vital day in each and every person on earth. So they should actively participate in any type of celebration relating to Environment Day and make it a great success.

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