World Environment Day 2019: Activities & Themes

God has a gifted human being a beautiful nature. It is the duty of every human being to protect nature at any cost. In fact, World Environment Day is often termed as Environment Day. Every year 5th day of June is celebrated as the Environment Day. This celebration started in the year 1973. This day is celebrated in order to create awareness about the importance of a healthy and green environment in human lives. This day also has a special significance because it is necessary to solve the environmental issues by implementing some positive environmental actions. Each and every person should know about their individual responsibility to save the environment.

Short History about Environmental Day:

Before commencing deep into the study it is very important to know about the background behind this day. In the year 1973 when this day was first celebrated the actual theme was “only one Earth”. Then from the year 1974, different countries started celebrating this day with great pomp and show. The United Nations General Assembly was one of the most important bodies that took the main initiative to celebrate this day.

During this period, it was a big celebration that was started by the United General Assembly to engage millions of people from different countries of the world. They also took the initiative to engage various political and health organizations to take some effective steps for this day.

World Environment Day 2019: Activities & Themes

World Environment Day Activities & Themes

Why this day is celebrated?

It is also important to see that every person to know about the importance of the day and why this day is celebrated. This day was basically celebrated to raise voice against matters like deforestation, loss, and waste of food or global warming. The main motto and aim of this day is to

  • To make people aware of environmental issues.
  • Encourage the common man to create awareness about the environment and to take active participation in protecting it from any odds.
  • Each and every person should also know about the positive steps to be adopted while protecting the environment.
  • Human beings should also take good steps to keep the whole environment clean and safe. They should equally try to keep the whole environment clean under any circumstances. It is very important that they should maintain such things at any cost.
  • It is seen that to celebrate this day people organize the various type of functions like planting trees, make the environment habitable for living and to strongly protest against the cutting of trees.  Time has changed and now people should come more and more cautious about protecting the environment. According to scientists, it is the human being who can save the mother earth from any type of big disasters.
  • There are many organizations who also promote for using solar power, developing new drainage system, restoration of mangroves and other related matters. It is believed that with these objectives in mind it can be quite easy to save the environment very smoothly and easily.

Different Themes on Environment Day:

Themes on Environment Day

Every year there are different themes that come with up with Environment Day. Most of the themes carry different significance to the common man. It is equally important that people should understand the value of the themes of each year. Themes have great importance. It enables people of all age to understand the concept quite easily. At the same time, many youths actively take part in this type of celebrations. The themes help to motivate people in a tree- plantation, organizing various types of exhibitions, participate in writing competitions. Even most of the educational institutions also celebrate the themes of the environment through various types of functions.

Now let’s have a glimpse at some of the themes of the previous year and also of this year.

  • In the previous year, the main theme of environment day was “Beat  Plastic Pollution”
  • “Connecting people to nature” was the theme of 2017.
  • The most attractive theme was in the year 2015 that stated” One World One Environment”
  • The celebration of Environment Day that started in the year 1973 carried the main theme of “Only One Earth”.
  • Most of the themes are mainly decided so that it looks attractive and carries a special significance at the same time.
  • It has been known from various sources that the main theme of the year 2019 is “Air Pollution”. There are many initiatives that are being taken by various institutions and organizations. People from various trade and sectors are also taking part in such programs. It is presumed that it will be a big hit this year. As it has been noticed that global warming is also taking a big twist and day by day it is becoming ferocious, so it is very essential that people should take prompt action against it.

Main factors that affect the environment:

There are some important factors that equally contribute to affect the environment greatly. The main factors are:

  1. Air Pollution
  2. Over Population
  3. Deforestation
  4. Climate Change
  5. Global Warming

To describe it vividly, overpopulation is taking an alarming shape day by day. Each and every person often remain crowded with people. So people should try to control the population as much as possible. The whole things depend upon the people.

On the other hand, regular cutting of trees is also contributing to this problem. People are cutting trees and erecting new buildings. This is very bad for people and their existence.  Due to the erection of high rises and overpopulation, people are facing a lot of problems. They are also contributing to global warming.

Environment Day is really creating a lot of awareness among the people of mother earth.  In fact, this is the day when people perform various types of activities to make it more important. This day carries a very vital message. It is equally important to see that more and more people participate in such functions and make it a successful one. Let’s take the initiative and make our earth a beautiful place to live in.

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