Wonder Woman 1984 – Will Kristen Wiig Serve Up An Iconic Villain?

Hollywood has served up more than its fair share of exciting blockbuster action in the last decade or so, but it really feels like this year could be one to remember. Top Gun: Maverick at Christmas will see Tom Cruise return to one of his most iconic roles, while Black Widow is the long-overdue moment when Scarlett Johansson will finally get to take the lead in her own Marvel movie.

However, another female superhero is making her return to the big screen as well, with Gal Gadot returning as everyone’s favorite Amazonian princess in Wonder Woman 1984.

Intriguing Elements

The DC Comics extravaganza is set to reach cinemas at the start of October and excitement is already building about a number of elements teased in the trailer, including the change in time period and the mysterious return of Steve Trevor.

Many people will also be looking forward to learning about the villains who are involved, with The Mandalorian’s Pedro Pascal removing his helmet to take on the role of Maxwell Lord and Kristen Wiig playing Barbara Ann Minerva – also known as Cheetah.

Very little is so far known about the plot of the movie and how the pair come into it, although there have been a few suggestions that Wiig will undergo a transformation during the film. As Inverse outlines, one big hint has come from a leak posted on Reddit which apparently shows an image from an official sticker pack.

A Fascinating Move

The role is definitely a fascinating one for Wiig, with it marking her first foray into superhero blockbuster territory. In some ways, the move is perhaps a natural progression for her, as she has proven her versatility by starring in a range of different movies over the years.

As her filmography on IMDB.com outlines, she played a key role in the all-female reboot of Ghostbusters in 2016, while she has even featured in major animated movie franchises like Despicable Me and Ice Age. Wiig has also starred in a couple of notable projects with Matt Damon, making appearances both in 2017’s Downsizing and Ridley Scott’s 2015 movie The Martian.

However, she probably remains best-known to many people for her lead role in Bridesmaids. The 2011 movie directed by Paul Feig proved to be a huge success, with Box Office Mojo stating that it made more than $288 million worldwide. It has also had a lasting cultural impact too, with the official Bridesmaids Shop selling everything from clothing to drinkware based on the movie, and online casinos like Betway making games based on it. The site makes a range of titles based on big and small screen hits available to players, including Jurassic World and Game of Thrones, and its Bridesmaids slot includes imagery of the movie’s stars and integrates a bridal theme into every aspect of its gameplay. In addition, Etsy features a whole host of items related to quotes and other elements of the comedy. It would be unsurprising if Wiig were to bring a similar level of cross-channel popularity to the new DC production.

Extra Pressure

While Wonder Woman 1984 is an altogether different proposition to Bridesmaids, the chances are that the superhero sequel will have a similar, massive impact across the entertainment industry when it finally reaches cinemas.

After all, the first Wonder Woman movie was a major success and that will mean Wiig may once again prove to be an inspiration for all manner of merchandise and products. Some have even been unveiled already, with Mattel for example revealing a figure based on Cheetah. Superheroes and their associated villains also do well in video gaming, with Iron Man for example starring in a VR game and the rest of the Avengers joining that character in an upcoming console title too. It will be intriguing to see if Wonder Woman and her enemies get similar treatment going forward.

All of this perhaps means there is an extra element of pressure that comes with being involved in such a high-profile project. With superhero movies featuring some pretty memorable villains through the years, it will be interesting to see how Wiig has risen to the occasion to create a compelling foe for Gal Gadot’s Diana.

A Key Talking Point

Wonder Woman 1984 is undoubtedly a different type of movie for Wiig and her performance is sure to be a key talking point when the movie is finally launched.

It will be exciting to see her performance and how the movie progresses the Wonder Woman story when it hits cinemas in October.

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