Will More Tech Companies Incorporate Crypto Over the Next Decade?

One of the most complicated discussions of our time is the role of cryptocurrency in everyday life. Everybody has an opinion as to what will happen to crypto as technology continues to grow and develop. Some people feel that tech companies will begin to incorporate crypto into their existing software over the next ten years.

This is not an unrealistic idea, but it does hinge on a few different concepts. What we thought we would do is talk a little bit about the prospect of crypto being used by big companies because it’s already starting to happen in everyday life now. From your typical Bitcoin online casino to video game outlets accepting crypto as a valid form of payment, it’s clear that the wheels on the juggernaut have already started spinning.

Digital Currency for Digital Assets

Digital Currency for Digital Assets

It should be obvious that if crypto is going to be implemented in any big tech company over the next ten years, it will be a way to purchase digital assets. That is the most logical and feasible application of the currency because it builds on a very firmly established concept. People pay money for virtual assets all the time, so it makes sense that people might use digital currency to do so, regardless of where they are in the world.

Giant companies like Meta, who control Facebook and Instagram, may find that introducing crypto is the next logical step for the business. If they create a virtual marketplace where special features or ideas are locked behind a paywall, then it’s possible for users to get the kind of experience that they want by paying. With the widespread adoption of these new digital spaces, companies will be looking to implement tech to keep up.

It’s definitely not a perfect idea, and it would require crypto to be a lot more public-oriented, but it’s just a thought. We think there are probably countless applications, but it depends on who’s willing to make the first real investment. At this rate, it could be Elon Musk, who raves about Dogecoin like it’s going out of fashion and wants it to be part of Twitter.

Future Loading, Please Wait

Future Loading, Please Wait

It’s important to remember that none of this is guaranteed to happen right now. It’s clear that there are lots of different applications for crypto in the modern world, but they hinge on the idea that the industry and community need to be a lot more willing to come into the public eye. With the explosion in interest in crypto over the past half-decade, people were wise to be cautious over the new pioneering tech, with vocal critics and advocates on both sides of the spectrum. While the currency did see a strong couple of years between 2020 and 2021, the interest after its global peak has diminished somewhat lately, but this downward trend is not expected to last. The heavy social presence of the currency online, coupled with more and more sectors adopting the digital currency could soon see the rates skyrocket once again. It will be this upward trend that will excite both the owners of the various digital coins on offer as well as perk the interest of companies who could potentially implement the currency or even aspects of the tech that powers it, such as the actual blockchain technology into their own digital assets. This uncertainty coupled with the promising ways that this tech could be implemented in future leaves the door open for many companies to possible incorporate digital currencies into their products or brands over the next decade and beyond.

That’s not something we’ve seen happen massively. A lot of crypto users are often keen to stick to their circle and stay away from the general public, who are still just a little bit dismissive of the idea of someone sitting on millions of dollars’ worth of currency with a meme plastered across it. You can’t blame them, but it’s a roadblock to proper implementation.

Final Thoughts 

It’s hard to tell with any real certainty what will happen to crypto with regard to tech companies. It could grow a lot, but we’ll have to wait and see what happens – it may take a while. 

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