Why Does CBD Cost So Much?

CBD oils are rather expensive, although they do have a number of great health benefits that can help people feel a lot better when used correctly.

For those unaware, CBD oils – which are also known as Cannabidiol, can help patients feel less pain, treat mental health illnesses such as anxiety and depression, as well as help with heart conditions and cancer in certain ways.

Is it a surprise that CBD oils cost so much?

Indeed, with all the health benefits that come associated with it, it could be argued that CBD oils are rightly priced at a high cost, although there are many reasons as to why it is and that is not down to the greed that companies who manufacture it have.

Admittedly, there are ways of getting CBD oils cheaper when purchasing online via the use of a code promo CBD oils can have when researched, but hemp farmers have had to work incredibly hard and change their ways from traditional practices to ensure they provide the cannabis plant in strong supply and correctly.

Challenges presented to cannabis farmers means higher costs

Indeed, the way farmers have had to operate has had to change over the years for those interested in growing the hemp plants needed to produce the oils required.

Firstly, many of them will have found that they will be required to work a lot more than they would have if they were originally producing food crops, such as fruit and vegetables. This is because the cannabis plant being grown requires more inspection than food crops, as well as requiring more time and work ensuring they remain within the legal guidelines.

If a hemp plant produces more than the legally allowed amounts of THC – which is the compound that provides the high that can be obtained from the plant – farmers will then be required to destroy the plant and will not be allowed to use it; this means time, cost and effort will have all been wasted.

Speaking of cost, additional costs will have been felt by hemp farmers as they may have been forced to purchase new equipment that they may not have originally had when harvesting their crops previously. For example, a combine harvester is a serious financial outlay for a farmer to make, however they are crucial to those farming hemp plants.

Distribution and marketing challenges make it hard to keep costs down

Other reasons as to why CBD oils cost a lot of money is that sellers of the product are not privy to the usual forms of distribution and marketing channels that many other product manufacturers may have available to them.

With the cannabis drug still widely looked upon negatively because of its history and the fact that it has been made illegal in many parts of the world, there have been many that do not want to be associated with it, despite all of the alleged health benefits that they provide.

Many of the biggest retailers have decided against stocking it, whilst many online search engines appear to have shadow-banned it and have stopped it from appearing in their list of search results.

With these practices in place, many CBD oil sellers have had to resort to marketing and distribution services that are more labour-intensive and also more costly; therefore meaning the cost of the product has had to result in being upped to cover for the costs incurred.

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