Why Do Men Like Going To Casinos So Much?

Gambling is as old as history itself. As far back as Ancient Egypt and Ancient Greece, people enjoyed games that depended solely on chance. This hobby has not changed to this day. Entire cities like Las Vegas or Macau are dedicated to gambling. Gambling is very popular in Canada. Although the proportion of female visitors is constantly increasing, gambling is still the domain of men because they are magically attracted to the gaming tables and the slot machines. There are many reasons for this.

What fascinates men about gambling?

Men take more risks. A direct comparison with male gamblers showed that women place lower stakes and spend half as much time in casinos. For more than 70 percent, the possibility of winning was the deciding factor for going to the casino. Right behind that, with 53.5 percent, is enjoyment of the game.

Thus, men are looking for monetary success in a casino, while women see it more as a leisure activity. While men are willing to risk larger sums, women play on smaller limits and allow themselves to pay out faster and for smaller profits. Thus, the higher the entry limit, the fewer women there are usually.

Women are also more likely to accept bonus offers. This minimizes risk, and their own losses remain manageable.  Casinos have long recognized this and use this fact to improve their promotional offers. Special offers for women and “ladies’ nights” are common casino promotions.

Of course, this statistic cannot be applied to all men who like to visit casinos. However, the trend toward greater willingness to take risks is clearly toward men. From a purely economic point of view, the more women who participate in the game, the more profits the casino makes.

Fire Joker & other fun games

Meanwhile, slot machine games have become especially popular. By the way, Fire Joker is one of the most popular slot machines. Fire Joker is a classic retro slot with “3×3” reels, which is played very often.  Online slot machines tend to be some of the most popular gambling games in the digital age, far ahead of blackjack and roulette.

Therefore, the choice of online slots is extremely large. There are currently thousands of different new slots available online. Various manufacturers and game developers have made a name for themselves.

As before, men dominate the field when it comes to slot games. More than 75 percent of all gamblers here are men. However, due to the advent of the online age, that number is changing somewhat. Unlike land-based casinos, there are more women in the online gambling world. Above all, the decisive factor for this trend is probably anonymity.

Poker reshuffles the cards

Poker has become a social game. With the appearance of poker on domestic TV channels, the popular card game has become socially acceptable. Smoky back rooms with dubious personalities are a thing of the past and have given way to the glitz and glamour.

The annual World Series of Poker, in particular, draws thousands of visitors to the gaming tables in Las Vegas. Women are also enthusiastic about this skillful game. In the popular card game, however, it’s not just luck that decides victory or defeat. Strategic thinking and mathematical knowledge greatly increase the chances of winning. Many women know this and take advantage of it.

There are still more men than women at the poker tables. Nevertheless, the number of women playing poker is constantly increasing. Because of the skills that can be acquired, the appeal of this game is growing among women as well.

It’s not just luck that decides here, but also one’s own abilities. This means that women do not take as much risk, especially when compared to other gambling games. With the ability to control success or failure, this trend is moving from the male sphere to a more mixed audience.

Which type of man gambles most often?

In various studies, a clear picture emerged. Men who tend to gamble are on average 30 years old and often smokers. This group is also not averse to alcohol.   Accordingly, 80 percent of pathological gamblers are male. On average, women start gambling ten years later than the opposite sex.

In these studies, however, every form of gambling was included. This also includes scratch cards, lotto and sports betting. Sports betting in particular is dominated by men. Women are very rarely represented here.

This may be due to the fact that women’s enthusiasm for soccer and other ball sports are limited, at least in comparison, even though an upward trend can also be seen here. Men, therefore, combine their enthusiasm for sports with gambling and in this way additionally increase the adrenaline kick.

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