Why are Smartwatches a Must-Have?

Smart watches are gaining popularity. What once was considered a gimmicky gadget is gaining mainstream attention. But why? What has got the public hooked on another, smaller, smartphone strapped to your wrist? Well, there are a lot of perks to the concept. Read on to find out all the benefits to a smartwatch that go beyond “look at all the apps!”

A tracker

Speaking of health, a smartwatch is very helpful in keeping track of many aspects of your health. It starts with a heart rate monitor, sure, but you can also track your breathing, menstrual cycle, stairs climbed, hearing, mobility and more. With aspects of your health tracked, you can adjust over time and see what you need to improve on or spot any worrying patterns fast. There are lots of apps to choose from since most are designed to integrate with smartwatches nowadays.

Never be lost

But the smartwatch doesn’t just track fitness. You and your devices can also be tracked by the smartwatch if you need it. Location alerts can help you find your way, or track down a device that’s connected and gone missing. There are lots of safety features to make sure you’re in one piece. Find a full list of smart watch safety features here to avoid dodgy situations.

A motivator

A smartwatch is a great way to get yourself off the sofa when you really don’t feel like it. If you’re someone who needs to really see progress, and perhaps is too impatient, or doesn’t really care about body measurements, you can track your health and fitness with a smartwatch and get real, tangible evidence of what you’re doing. Tracking steps is helpful when you’re doing a little bit at a time, but motivating when you see that you can get through a few thousand on the treadmill. Track your strength by logging weight on the weight machines, or your heartbeat while swimming. Seeing what you’ve done, and what you have left to do, will prompt you into doing more.


A good smartwatch has more to it than the fitness aspect, however. A smartwatch can connect to your phone so you have all your apps available on your wrist. Make calls, make payments, listen to music, all from your smartwatch. It’s a great help if you’re someone who keeps forgetting to lift your phone in the morning and is likely to get you out of a sticky situation when you don’t have your phone nearby. The best marketing for the smartwatch was the woman who got stuck in a piece of gym equipment in the middle of the night and had to call the police on her smartwatch to get out.

Never be disconnected from home

If you have any smart gadgets in your home, a smartwatch is another way you can control them. Turn on your washing machine while you’re out running, turn on the heating while you’re on the commute from work, and watch your Ring doorbell from your smartwatch screen. 

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